18/04/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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on the BBC News Channel. I'll be back with the late news at 10pm.


Now, Good evening. Special "amnesty bins"


have been installed at the Sixfields football stadium in Northampton to


try to stop fans taking smoke grenades, flares or fireworks into


the ground. Nationally, there's a growing trend for so`called "pyros",


which are widely used on thd Continent. The police say it's


against the law, and want f`ns to bin their flares with no qudstions


asked. The away team arriving at Shxfields


today. Most football games `re friendly, but increasingly `cross


the country fans light fireworks and flares in stands. Some even throw


them onto the pitch. I think the danger of flares is massive, because


it is a chemical reaction, so there's a chance of burns, smoke


inhalation. There's panic alongst the fans who might find thelselves


surrounded by smoke, which can be upsetting for some. This afternoon,


police reminded fans of the dangers. They were also warned that taking


fireworks into a stadium is a criminal offence. Anyone carrying


pyrotechnics was urged to h`nd them in. They can get rid of thel. The


police won't take any action with anything that is found in the bins.


They'll be thrown away and discarded. We will see it as a


positive because they won't be going into the ground, and hopefully it


will avoid any youngsters gdtting into trouble later on. They think it


is fun, really, and it is not, it is dangerous. I think it is a good idea


because it is a dangerous thing bringing in flares, especially when


you are bringing children whth you. It could be potentially


life`threatening. The initi`tive will carry on for the next three


games. There've been calls to improve a


road in Norfolk, after a wolan died following a three car collision


yesterday. It happened on the A 46 at Loddon. Three air ambulances were


called to the scene. The ro`d was closed for six hours, and three


people remain seriously ill in hospital.


At this time of year, the E`ster holidays, rush`hour is terrhble It


is very difficult to find a gap to get onto this road. It is obvious we


need to slow down this traffic, a 60 mile per hour road. The onlx


solution, I think, can be a roundabout. You can only sax this so


many times. We can't allow lives to be lost like this.


Six people in Colchester have now received envelopes full of cash in


the post. No`one knows wherd it s come from and the only link so far


is that some of them live, or have lived, in the same street. Felicity


Simper reports. Two envelopes of cash, no note, no


name. Dennis Barnes is stumped. Receiving ?300 in total, he did have


a theory but now is back to square one. I racked my brains and then


realised there is more. That has got me thinking. It is definitely


elderly writing. Probably a woman's writing, so I've been told. Now the


mystery of the anonymous money doner has deepened with around six


residents having received envelopes of cash in the post, three of whom


are reported to live, or have lived, here in Wycombe Road. A mild away,


war veteran Charlie Williams is also trying to identify the anonxmous


benefactor who sent him ?200 in the post. I thought it might have come


from an old lady I used to look after. I don't know, but now I find


out more people have receivdd ? 00, ?300. What can I say? I havd put the


money to one side until the press or police, or whoever, finds ott who


sent it to me. Both Dennis `nd Charlie say the money is st`ying in


the bank until they find out who it has come from.


Football, and just our Leagte One and Two teams were in action this


afternoon. In League One, Colchester went down 1`0 at home. They're just


two points above the drop`zone. And MK Dons lost away at Port V`le.


Peterborough and bottom sidd Stevenage both play tonight. In


League Two, a great away win for Southend. They stay in the play`off


places. But a draw for Northampton couldn't get them out of thd


relegation zone. In the Championship, Ipswich could move


into the playoffs with a win at Watford tomorrow. And in thd Premier


League, the relegation zone beckons if Norwich lose against Livdrpool on


Sunday. Let's get the weather now. We had a


little bit more cloud this afternoon. Not the best of days but


we see an improvement tomorrow. It is looking dry tonight, and there'll


be some clear spells around. Into tomorrow, a better day with


brightness and sunshine. Thdre is a chance of one or two isolatdd


showers, but the big change will be the wind direction, coming from the


east. In the sunshine, tempdratures around 11 or 12 degrees. Watch out


for an isolated shower for the afternoon, but generally quhte a lot


of cloud around. We should see some sunshine, but then it goes downhill


on Easter Sunday. This is the pressure pattern. Low presstre


moving in, which means we won't all wake up to rain, but showers


spreading in, particularly `cross those serving counties, so dveryone


sees rain. As for the start next week, maybe some sunshine btt also


showers. I will be back with an update at 10:20pm. Goodbye.


Today we have seen temperatures rising if Scotland but again


tonight, with the clear skies and light wind temperatures will fall


sharply, and for many of us, we are looking at a touch of frost. The


satellite picture tells a story nicely. This belt of cloud is


sitting in the far north-west of Scotland, we have had this cloud


bubbling up across eastern areas and with the northerly wind it has felt


cold in East Anglia. That cloud is going to melt away, we will get an


easterly breeze picking the cloud back in again later in the


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