21/04/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello. A controlled explosion has been carried out this afternoon in


Suffolk as police continue their investigation following the


discovery of a cache of weapons The police say they have destroxed a


number of items found in Wyverstone near Stowmarket at the home of the


parish council chairman Jamds Arnold. Mr Arnold, who's 49,


appeared in court today where he faced four charges of possessing


banned firearms and two charges of assault. Police say this afternoon's


explosion at his home was c`rried out as a precautionary meastre.


A man's appeared in court charged with murder, following a dotble


stabbing in Essex. Two men were attacked in Braintree last week


This 24`year`old man from Southend is appealing in court chargdd with


murder this morning, speaking only to confirm his name, date of birth


and address. As well as the charge of more dirty faces another charge


of possessing an offensive weapon. He was remanded in custody tntil his


next appearance at Chelmsford Crown Court. The man who died was a young


father. He suffered fatal knife winds. The


man made no application for bail. Work has begun to demolish what many


regard as an eyesore in Northampton. Contractors are tearing down the old


bus station, once dubbed as "the mouth of hell". The work is due to


be completed by the end of the year. It's costing ?4 million.


A boxer dog missing for six days in the Lake District is back home in


Suffolk thanks to a social ledia campaign that went viral. More than


a thousand pounds was raised to help find Murphy after he slipped his


lead to chase sheep last Monday His first walk four`day week.


Murphy, a one`year`old boxer at their home near Bury Saint Ddmunds.


One week ago they were out walking in the Lake District when Mtrphy


slept his lead and ran off. The first port of call was mountain


rescue who were very good and helped us to look for Murphy every single


day. I am a member of the Yorkshire boxer rescue Facebook page `nd I'll


let them know and it was from there that it really took off. A social


media campaign to find Murphy went viral. Clare Balding and actress


Jessica Biel both re`tweeted the missing dog poster. There w`s times


I thought he would be dead `nd never found again and people thought he


would have been taken because he was so friendly. ?1000 was raisdd to


help hire a helicopter to sdarch for Murphy. We saw him after about 0


minutes lying down and he looked up at us and stood up and it w`s when


he stood up but I knew he w`s alive. After six base, Lewis and Mtrphy


were reunited. He is a little underweight and very tired but


otherwise well and pleased to be home.


A clutch of tawny owl chicks has been ringed today. Not on a nature


reserve, but in a garden in the middle of March in Cambridgdshire.


For the garden's owners it's another milestone in a 30`year history of


observing the birds. They've been nesting all winter and


now they've got something to show for it. These tawny owls have spent


the tough winter period bredding in Linda and Stephen Butler's garden.


This walnut tree has been home to breeding tawny owls for somd 30


years. I'm a real bird`watcher and I think it's important that wd pass


that love on to younger gendrations. It's my nana who got me intdrested


and I think I've interested my children, my grandchildren, and now


I've got my nephews here today, so for me that's everything. Once out


of the nest box they were mdasured and weighed by trained experts


before having a very small ring put on their legs. If found in the


future they can then be identified by this number. Last year there were


three youngsters and in the previous year there were two and the previous


year one, so this is the second year we have been doing three yotngsters.


They can also be monitored hn real`time on a tablet computer and


smartphone linked to Interndt connected video cameras, but today


those toys were for the grown`ups. What did they feel like? Thdy feel


really soft and fluffy. Is this the first time you have seen a baby owl?


Yes. Linda and Stephen watch these babies


take their first glimpse of the outside world and they now hope to


inspire others with their p`ssion too.


In football, Ipswich's play`off hopes are still alive. They drew 2`2


at home against Bournemouth and remain just a point off the top six


with two games to go. But it's all over for Stevenage, who are


relegated from League One after being beaten soundly by Bristol


City. It ended goalless for Colchester away at fellow strugglers


Crewe. MK Dons drew 2`2 agahnst Brentford while Peterborough took


all three points, beating C`rlisle 4`1 to consolidate their pl`ce in


the play`offs. In League Two, Northampton `re


second from bottom after losing against Portsmouth, while Southend


are all but certain to be in the play`offs after beating Accrington


1`0. Weather now. Hello, Julie.


Overnight, we have had cloud and outbreaks of rain from the North


Sea. Some of this could be on the heavy side and we should sed some


mist and fog developing as well Some sports could drop to around


seven Celsius. Tomorrow morning misty with further outbreaks of rain


but eventually they should pull to the north and we will start to see


bright conditions spreading from the south. At the same time, sole


showers and some of that cotld be heavy and underlay. Temperatures up


to around 16 Celsius. Modern winds. `` moderate ones. A scatterhng of


showers and some of those could be heavy. Whether the state is


unsettled again with a dry start and showers pushing from the sotth`west.


Longer spells of rain on Thtrsday. That's all for now, back with an


update after 10pm, good evening


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