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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Moyes has been sacked after a season of blue results. He spent just ten


months in Hello, welcome to the progr`mme


coming up tonight, elderly residents fear for their future as two care


homes in Northampton says closure. What it is going to do to us, we


just do not know. Swans are decapitated at a lake in Milton


Keynes, the RSPCA is investhgating. And later, the Greens get their Euro


campaign going as they hope for a breakthrough next month.


And can turn to a classic, how a veteran Newmarket trainer is getting


ready for beginning festival. `` for the racing festival. First


tonight... The families who have just four weeks to find new care


home places for their loved ones. Relatives were told last wedk that


the company behind two nurshng homes in Northampton has gone into


administration. There are now concerns about what will happen to


the elderly residents at thd cedar`wood and Redruth homes, if a


buyer can't be found. Our rdporter Stuart Ratcliffe is outside the


Redruth home now. Good evening, I spent a few hours


here at this nursing home today and I spoke to some of the residents and


families of those residents and I also spoke to the staff and what was


repeated to me was the word family, because they said that this place is


like one big family and closing it would be like breaking up that


family. Francis has been cldared for here since 2012, care that she says


has been at the highest standard. From day one, I had been made to


feel at home and I have had absolutely fantastic care. The care


that I have had has been, jtst the slightest thing is that it has done


for me, I am helped in everx way that I want to be helped. And the


news is that it is closing has been greeted with shock and disbdlief but


only by the other residents but also by their families. She's 80 years of


age, she knows everybody, they are like family and friends, and all of


a sudden, you are uprooted `nd you have to try and settle in somewhere


else. When you are older it is not the same. It is a lovely falily


atmosphere, the nurses are `mazing, you could not do more in yotr own


home. Across town, it is thd same situation in the Cedarwood nursing


home. This woman is worried about how she will find a new homd for her


husband. The nursing homes `re not therefore these people to go to


because they need nursing 24/7, and it is just not there. Rather than


closing down the homes, the nursing homes, the council should btilding


more. The council 's problels began when the Care Quality Commission


raised concerns about the local homes, which meant that no new


residents could be registerdd, meaning fewer patients, makhng the


business unviable. Today, the administrators have said th`t their


priority is now to make surd that the needs of the residents `re


prioritised and handled in the most sensitive and professional lanner


possible. But nobody is unddr any illusion that finding spaces for all


of the residents will be easy. It is not great swathes of care home


provision is out there, it hs something we are going to h`ve to


manage and manage carefully and it will take a period of time to do


that in a sensitive manner that we wish to follow. Time is now of the


essence. If no buyer is found and these homes close, it will happen in


less than a month. We have heard from Northants County


Council and they have said they re hoping to double the closurd


period, perhaps taking it up to two months, so perhaps that is some


small crumb of comfort for the staff and also for the families. What


everybody really wants is for a buyer to be found, but at the


moment, having spoken to be administrators, that seems


increasingly unlikely. Thank you. Ian Turner, Chairman from


the Registered Nursing Home Association, he joined us now, just


listening to the report, it is the fear of disruption and the fear of


change, I know that you run six nursing homes yourself, how damaging


can that be? It can be very damaging and upsetting to all those concerned


and to the relatives, of cotrse What we really need to do in these


situations is to yes, ask for more time to start with, but really, for


everybody to be reviewing the reasons for the closure. Th`t means


asking the Care Quality Comlission to look at how serious the


allegations and deficiencies are in the service, if there are any, to


ask the County Council to look at supply and demand and if thdse homes


are needed in the medium and long`term asking the administrators


to actually prolong that period whilst the discussions go on. Does


have the big question is, what practical advice can you give to the


relatives at the moment at those care homes? The best thing that they


can do is approach those three bodies, the regulator, the local


authority, approached the administrators, and basically give


their views as to what they think should happen. How common is this?


This is happening quite quickly isn't it? Distancing to be puite


quick. It happened in a big way last year with one of the major


operations when everybody got involved, and none of the homes were


closed in these periods of time The system managed overall to m`ke sure


that nobody actually had to move out and find new accommodation, and in


the ideal world, that is wh`t we would try to do in all of these


situations. Is this down to a lack of long`term planning? A lack of


strategy for an ageing population. The shorthand is, yes. The care bill


that is currently going through its Parliamentary process, that should


come in next year. That places a duty on the local authoritids to


actually create a market for services and one of the things that


is happening at the moment hs that we are developing, the local


authority is developing market position statements so that the


providers and the local authority can have guidance on what sdrvices


should be there now and in the future. Thank you.


Police in Bedfordshire are `ppealing for witnesses after a 12`ye`r`old


girl was attacked at Beech Walk in Kempston. It's believed the girl was


pushed to the ground and threatened with a knife just before nine


o'clock this morning. She is said to be frightened but unharmed.


The decapitated body of a swan and three severed swan heads have been


discovered by a lake in Milton Keynes. The local angling club fears


it may be the result of a sdries of attacks carried out by someone using


a knife. The RSPCA has started an investigation.


I was walking around couple of weeks ago past year, and this is where we


found the first severed head here. That was the first four grudsome


discoveries in the past month. Stephen, an officer at the @ngling


club, has discovered three severed heads and one body. Almagro I


believe it is somebody that has taken the head clean off, bdcause no


animal was taken. It looks like a pure, clean cut, so I believe it has


been taken for food or maybd somebody's idea of a sick joke. This


is read the decapitated bodx was found, and we have been givdn


pictures of the swans, but they are too graphic and distressing to


broadcast. The RSPCA says that most cases like this are natural cause by


other predators, and they confirmed that the RSPCA would be looking into


these attacks, but until thdy have seen the bodies they cannot comment


on the exact cause of death. The area is popular with Angers, parents


and children and since then, patrols have increased. It has been very


distressing, you would not want any child to see it, because it would be


very distressing, like it would be for any one. We would like to say


that assembly actually comes across somebody doing this, what c`n


actually happen if they are disturbed? What is to stop them


turning the knife on a membdr of the public? You can see just how tame


these Swans are here, and it is against the law to kill or hnjure


them and it carries a maximtm fine of ?5,000 and up to six months in


prison. Any body with inforlation is asked to contact the RSPCA.


If someone collapsed in front of you ` would you know what to do? Well,


those first few minutes can be vital. And can quite literally mean


the difference between life and death. The Cambridgeshire b`sed


medical charity Magpas says more of us need to be better equippdd. It's


now urging people to take up the offer of training in how to perform


CPR. Louise Hubball reports. CPR, compression is 100 timds a


minute, in the centre of thd chest. The question is, if somebodx that


you knew had a heart attack, would you know what to do until


professional help arrived? Do you know how to do CPR? No. What is it?


First aid? I probably would if I had to. I did when she was about nine


months, I did learn, and for small children as well, why probably could


remember. If pushed. And as any medical telemetry, you never know


when you might need CPR. `` and as any medic will tell you. If somebody


is showing no signs of life, we recommend that you start CPR and if


you call 999, the ambulance service will talk you through how to do that


while you are on the telephone, but that is not necessarily the best


time to learn, it is better to come and do some training beforehand so


you are prepared for that eventuality. The basics are simple,


even a young child can learn, this man would like to see it tatght to


every teenager. I have taught a lot of young people, 14, 15, life`saving


type scenarios in a swimming club environment, and they are more than


able to do CPR or certainly on people of the same age as they are.


Ideally, somebody at that age in school as part of the curriculum,


that would be perfect. Six`xear`old Aiden has a special reason to learn


the technique after his mother saved his dad's life when he had ` heart


attack at home. My wife did not allowed to do CPR, so she tdlephoned


999 and they talked through it and it saved my life. Red the ahm here


is to save more lives and so medical charity Magpas will be holdhng a


special training day at the end of June.


Tourist attractions in the region have been reporting good news over


the holiday period. A late Daster and dry weather meant that venues


like the Woburn Safari Park saw a 70% increase in visitors colpared to


last year. Managers at Audldy End House and Gardens near Saffron


Walden said it had been fantastically busy with over 7, 00


visitors. Those are your


Later this year the rescuers will be presented with a coin made from the


silver recovered. Still to come. Why are Newm`rket


filly is favourite for the Guineas. And Luton Town celebrate a return to


the football league with ch`mpagne and the champions later in the


programme. There's exactly a month to go before


the European elections and the campaign has started to hot up. The


Prime Minister has spent thd day on tour while UKIP has ruffled feathers


with its posters on immigration Today one of the smaller parties


launched its campaign in thd region. The Green Party came very close to


winning a seat here last tile round. So they are hoping for a


breakthrough this time. This from our political correspondent Andrew


Sinclair. The venue was a church in the centre


of Cambridge, the turnout is not brilliant but the greens ard going


into this campaign feeling very confident. Last time their top


candidate came within 1% of winning a seat. This time his party leader


thinks he can do it. The grden message is proving popular with


young people and supporters of other parties, she says. There is a lot of


disillusionment with the Lib Dems over the issue of tuition fdes and


nuclear arms. Lots of labour people believe the final straw was Rachel


Reeves seeing baby be toughdr on benefits and Tories. There `re also


issues like green belt and financial regulation for the Tories. Not


surprisingly, the party is talking a lot about green transport and energy


but it will also focus on the growth of foodbanks in the region. It will


publish figures showing how many people rely on them. The Grdens may


be a small party in this cotntry but in the European party `` European


Parliament the our big playdrs. Keith Taylor has been a Gredn MEP


for the Southeast. The Greens in the European Parliament at the fourth


largest political group. We sit on every committee. We cannot win every


argument but we are certainly pushing the European Union hn a


bullying direction. Over thd last decade they have built up a notable


presence in the East, espechally Norwich. Since the last European


elections, they gained their first MP at Westminster and have


counsellors on to Essex county council for the first time. They


have also started to lose some of their seats in Norfolk, leading


critics to wonder if support is starting to Weaver. So to whn a seat


this time round with silencd critics and be good for party morald.


It was a day of joy and despair for two of our football teams ydsterday.


Stevenage were relegated from League One after a fairy tale rise from the


non league. But Luton Town `re looking forward to life back in the


football league. Ten thousand fans were at Kenilworth Road yesterday


for the game and a celebrathon. It is a prize which has eluded Luton


year after year, one of football's toughest trophies to win. This time


the result didn't matter. Already conference champions, but in fandom


president could bask in the glory. This will do. Greatest day of the


year. Michael Owen and his fellow directors, players, managers and


fans all rallied to recover Luton Town of `` Luton Town's lost


status. The secret of success was called and lots of them. `` Nick


Owen. In years to come, whatever the club may go, I may not be hdre but


to look back and think I was part of getting this club back on the map


and back up the leagues, th`t will make me feel very proud and


hopefully my grandchildren very proud. This was in contrast to the


struggle of Stevenage. Relegation from the one was confirmed following


a 3`1 defeat at Bristol citx. There was an air of resignation around the


club. Everybody for a now h`s been preparing for the job ahead.


Clearing the decks, getting together and building what is on herd to make


sure we get this club back to winning ways. Four years ago but I


beat Luton to the conferencd title now they will lock horns next


season. This club can definhtely move forward, especially with the


foundations and has now. Big Afro has brought a family feel to the


whole football grounds now. `` began after. With its fan base, wd can go


further I think. `` with thhs gaffer. Few will want to face a


revived Luton Town next season. So one promotion and one relegation


confirmed but for lots of f`ns the waiting goes on. A quick rotnd up


now with Shaun Peel. Ipswich's play`off hopes suffered a


setback over the Easter weekend The lead twice thanks to goals but the


visitors deserved their rew`rd. This deflected free kick secured ago ``


secured a draw. Two penalties took his tallx to 29


for the season. Colchester `re walking a tightrope, just one point


from Easter. This goalless draw at Crewe. One manager says one win from


two will keep them up. `` their manager. So friends had just about


secured their play`off placd at the top. Courtesy of one nil win at


Accrington Stanley. If you're a cycling fan, 2004 looks


good. The Tour de France passes through Cambridgeshire and Dssex in


July and before that there's something else to look forw`rd to.


The first ever Woman's Tour of Britain is now just two weeks away.


The best female riders in the world and five days of racing. And the


organisers hope it will help put women's facing on an equal footing


with the men. Cyclists freewheeling into berries


and Edmonds after testing a section of the women's course. In the pack,


Emma Trott, sister of Laura Trott. What do you think of the cotrse


where is my it is up and down and rolling. People think it is flat


here but it is not. How important is the women's tour for the sport?


Mathers is the only word yot can use for that. It is the first ever


women's tour of Britain. Thdy will be reading for the same prize money


as men. It will be massive for women, not just for those r`cing but


at grassroots level. The disparity between women and men in sport is


shocking. Less than half of 1% of sports sponsorship goes to women and


we want to change that in the UK. We have taken everything which happens


in the men's tour and copying it for the women's tour. Writers lhke Tanya


say it is about time. Tanya is a landscape article `` landsc`pe


architect but says she is ddtermined to become a professional wrhter She


says the level of competition is incredibly high. You just h`ve to go


out there and watch the professionals when this tour comes


through. Watch what the womdn put themselves through to see that we


have as good as the men. Thd first stage in May the 7th ends in


Northampton. Stage two ends in Bedford. Stage three ends in


Clacton. Stage four ends in Welwyn Garden City. The two ends in Bury St


Edmunds. Move over Sir Bradley, it is time women's cycling got the


intention `` got the attenthon it deserves. Some nice pictures of


those mountains in Suffolk. Newmarket is getting ready for one


of the most important weekends in the racing calendar the 1,000 and


2,000 Guineas. Trainers comd from all over the world to pit their


rising stars against one another. But the favourite is a local filly `


trained by one of the most experienced men in the business


Emerging from her stables in Newmarket this morning, could this


be a superstar horse in the making? Rizeena is her name and she is


favourite to take the 1000 Guineas classic a week on Sunday. That could


bring a lot of pressure, but her trainer has ways of dealing with


those worries. That doesn't make any difference. I don't shoot it with


the horse so she doesn't worry. If you think it is sugar cubes which


get them on side, things have moved on. I checked them at 830 in the


evening. If they do not appdar, I go in the box to see why. I dish out


about a hundred parliaments every month. Some cheeky ones get more


than one. `` polo mints. Rizeena is being weighed every day to see she


is at her perfect weight. Attention to detail is everything. Rizeena is


on the left, who sits on thd right? Her companion. You think having a


companion or boyfriend has `nything to do with how they perform? It


does. It makes her more rel`xed This horse is a great walker. Her


action is a lot down to him because she wants to walk with him. She


extends her length of leg. 30 years ago Pebbles was the one to watch and


did not disappoint, taking begin his title. He also had a winner in 993.


The best of you will be on show next weekend to deny a British wdnt. For


the man who still thinks of himself as an apprentice, there is `lways


next year. `` to deny Clive Brittain a win.


What a lovely man. The weather now! Good evening. It might have been


cooler today and there have been some showers but the prospects are


quite reasonable. There will be sunshine and some showers. Ht is


unlikely we will see any frost. There are still a few showers across


the western half of the reghon. They are starting to fade away. Ht is


looking largely dry with cldar spells and some mist patches


possible. Not a cold night. A light southerly winds. Into tomorrow, we


have a week what their front which will move into the West Country


slowly. `` week weather front. It will make slow progress tow`rds the


east. Cloudy for the afternoon. We should get off to a bright start,


especially across the eastern half. We will eventually get rain but for


most of us not till after nhghtfall. A bright picture for the morning


with patchy cloud. Norfolk will do better for sunshine during the day.


The cloud bubbling up could produce an isolated showers here and there.


Warm temperatures across thd western half. Peeling comfortable in the


sunshine. `` feeling comfortable. The winds will keep temperatures


down on the coast. It was the end of the day, we see increasing cloud.


After dark, this rain will lake its way east towards across the region.


Perhaps just the odd heavy burst. This weather front should bd quickly


out of the way on Thursday lorning. It might mean the eastern h`lf will


remain damp first thing. Right across the West. The next fdw days,


there might be an isolated shower tomorrow. Eastern counties remain


cloudy with early rain. Rishng up from the West. Temperatures reached


18 degrees. On Friday it looks largely dry with sunshine around. A


warm day with highs of 17 ddgrees. We have the risk of an isol`ted


shower towards the afternoon and cooler towards the app `` towards


the weekend. These overnight temperatures are not very low,


around seven Celsius. We should all be frost free this week.


Thank you very much. Best temperatures are midwedk!


That's all from others. Good evening. Goodbye.


Some people don't think real change in Europe is possible.


Some people don't think real change is necessary.


Some people don't think it's worth fighting for.


But we want to make Europe work for Britain,


and give you the final say with an in-out referendum in 201 .


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