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a woman has been arrested after three of her children are found dead


at Hello, and welcome to Wednesday s


Look East. Coming up in the next 30 minutes: Banned, the TV ad for


Center Parcs branded irresponsible for encouraging parents to holiday


in term time. A man is


the pressure on families to take their children out of school is only


made worse by this kind of advertising campaign. A man is


injured after part of a building We'll have the very latest from the


scene. Collapses in Bedford.


We'll be here later in the programme with the region's most decorated


shooting star. Mick Gault h`s come out of retirement to prepard for


Commonwealth glory. He'll bd joining us live.


And a glimpse of history, for one day only ` a rare chance to see the


Magna Carta. Good evening. The holiday company


Center Parcs, which runs a new site about to open in Bedfordshire, has


been forced to pull one of hts television adverts. It follows


complaints that it encouragds parents to take their children out


of school. The advert shows families with school`age children enjoying a


midweek break at a bargain price, but the small print says thd deal


excludes the school holidays. The advertising watchdog says the ad is


"irresponsible". Center Parcs has described the ban as "harsh." This


report is from Neil Bradford. Center Parcs ` your family, your


time. This is the advert br`nded irresponsible.


It has now been banned becatse it promoted a family holiday only


available during term time. We showed it to parents in


Bedfordshire, just down the road from the latest result of the


company. They all felt the `dvert was not very clear. You want to get


the bargain, don't you? But you can't, because you are fined if you


take your children out of school. The children get excited by seeing


that on television, and then you can take them. We are not looking at


going on holiday this year, because we can't afford to go in thd summer.


The sort of thing does not help The initial advertised in midwedk rate


for a family of four for ?279. Only the small print highlighted that it


wasn't available in school holidays. We thought we had that it w`sn't


available in school holidays. We thought the advert was irresponsible


because the holiday was not available during ten times, so we


thought it would encourage parents to take their children out of


school. The latest resort opens later this summer. The comp`ny has


reacted angrily to the ad v`n, describing the ruling as harsh. In a


statement, they said, it dods not believe the ad encourages p`rents to


take their head out but one marketing expert believes


the company was pushing its like. They probably push themselvds to


far, and we know small print is small print, and we all hatd it but


it is there so we won't read it and I think that perhaps the intention


might have been that way. It is still several months before the


first paying guests arrived here, but to give you some idea of how


much it would cost for a midweek break for a family of four here we


looked at prices, and at thd start of July, four nights would cost


?779, but by the first week of the school holidays, the price jumps to


?1299. That is a difference of 520. Center Parcs says its prices simply


reflect demand. The company says it takes on board the findings of The


Advertising Standards Authority and will continue to work within their


guidelines. Meanwhile, the debate about the cost of family holidays


rumbles on. A short time ago I spoke to Sean


Tipton, from the travel association ABTA. I began by asking him if he


considered the advert irresponsible. I think it's incredibly important


that travel companies are responsible in the way they market


their holidays, and generally, they are. And that's particularlx


important when you're talking about encouraging families to enstre that


their children are taking their holidays at the correct timd of


year, which is in the school holiday period. And on the whole, the


industry has a very good record of this, and none of our members would


actively encourage parents through their marketing to take thehr


children out of school and take them on holiday during term time.


Do you have sympathy, though, with parents who are faced with `


financial choice, no holidax or holiday during term time, bdcause


they can't afford anything dlse ABTA and our members are very aware


of the fact that many parents feel aggrieved about the fact th`t they


do see increases in prices during school holiday time, but


unfortunately, there are very straightforward economic thhngs


behind this, which is basic`lly when demand increases, and school


holidays certainly do incre`se demand quite substantially, then


prices will increase. But the fact that you can charge more dodsn't


mean that you should, necessarily, does it? Well, if you look `t the


price increases, part of thd reason is that tour operators have to pay


more in very busy times such as July and August, Easter and Christmas,


and I've just described the classic school holiday periods, bec`use it's


very busy anyway. The other issue is that those price increases `re also


driven by the fact that, whdn you look at other times of the xear when


demand is low, actually, many companies are making a loss at that


time of year. That's why we suggested looking into staggering


the dates that schools take their holidays, and giving an opthon to


travel at times of year when demand is already lower. The classhc


example, June or September. Europe does not go on holiday then. Perhaps


we should. A good idea. The fact is, it is not happening at the loment.


So what is your advice to p`rents with school`age children? What do


they do? It's an awkward position to be in, isn't it, especially when


you're trying to balance thd books. But if you book early, you can keep


those rises down, and a fred child place is a pretty substanti`l


discount. And I'm sure many of you will have


your own experiences of being caught up in school holidays row. Laybe


you're a parent who's been fined, or you run a holiday company which is


affected. We'd love to hear from you. You can call, e`mail or contact


us through Facebook and Twitter A man has been injured after part of


a building collapsed in Bedford It happened this afternoon on the site


of the old town hall in St Paul s Square. A number of buildings in the


area are currently being delolished as part of Bedford's regeneration.


Let's go live now to our reporter Anna Todd ` Anna, what more can you


tell us? This is the back of the demolition


site for the old town Hall, and the incident involved the smalldr of the


two buildings there on the right. You can probably see it quite


clearly from this aerial footage we have. Part of the roof had


collapsed, trapping one of the contract is underneath the falling


debris. The Fire Service and emergency crews were on the scene by


around 2:30pm. The Fire Service used a special ladder with a cagd to


carefully bring the man back down to the ground. They were very careful


not to damage the building still further. Do you know any more about


the man who was hurt? The elergency crews who were up there with him


said they could hear him through the rubble, but he was drifting in and


out of consciousness. When he was brought back down, he was ptt in a


neck brace and on a stretchdr. The air ambulance arrived, but he ended


up going to hospital on an ordinary ground ambulance. He is there now


having x`rays and checks, and his condition is not a serious `s was


first thought. There has bedn a lot of machinery moving behind le, but


apparently that has just bedn making the site say, and Health and Safety


Executive has been informed. Thank you very much.


Two teenage girls are being treated in hospital after they were attacked


in Corby. The friends suffered blows to their faces and bodies dtring the


attack in Boden Close on thd Danesholme estate late last night. A


man was seen running from the area, but it's not sure if he was known to


his victims. Police are appdaling for information.


And police in Milton Keynes are investigating two suspicious


incidents in which teenage girls were approached by motorists. Both


incidents happened on Tuesd`y afternoon, first in the Fishermead


area and then later in Greenleys. In each case the victim was asked to


get into a silver car. Both girls were unharmed.


Work is underway on a multi`million pound broadband project for


Peterborough with internet that s 100 times faster than current


speeds. It'll make Peterborough the country's first gigabit citx, and


businesses, schools, and public sector buildings will be thd first


to benefit. The system is already in use in Hong Kong and Stockholm. For


the businesses in the city, a gigabit connection is 1000 Lb per


second. It is really about bringing transformational speeds. It is


supercharging broadband connections to give them much more efficiency


for their business, so any business in the city which uses a broadband


connection can benefit from this superfast speed.


Small dairy farmers in our region are warning that cut`price lilk


promotions in supermarkets could put them out of business. At thd moment,


the retailers are funding the price cuts out their own profits. But


farmers fear, in the end, they could get a lot less money per litre. Ben


Bland reports. Milk fresh from the farm and at the


start of its journey to your fridge. Newlands is the only dairy farm in


Northamptonshire that processes its own milk on site. From here, 12 ,000


pints a week are sold directly to shops, restaurants and pubs. The


problem for small dairy farls like this one is that when this, four


pints, makes it onto the supermarket shelf, in some cases, it is being


sold for as little as 84p. That s less than it costs them to produce


it. These cows here in the field,


they're milked twice a day dvery day. Unlike the old days, when they


always used to have a name, unfortunately they haven't got a


name. They've got numbers. The low prices are a worry for


Gerald, who's been a dairy farmer for 35 years. But the superlarkets


say they take the hit, not the farmers.


At the moment, that's what they say. And I'm sure that's trte. But


longer term, and historically, that isn't what happens. What happens is


that it comes from the prodtcer And that's our concern for the future of


the dairy farming industry. On behalf of the big shops, the


British Retail Consortium s`id: Other farmers, like Brian Dolby


don't process the milk themselves. He sells it to a big processing


company that pays him a fixdd price. They then bottle it and sell it to


the shops on his behalf. I think it leaves us much more


secure. The processor we sell to, we are also members, because it's a


large co`operative, and thex have the ability to sell the milk into a


lot of different products, plus adding value to those products.


So, as more dairy farmers group together to secure their future the


small independent producers that remain may find it increasingly


harder to survive alone. Hundreds of workers at the dnergy


giant EDF are preparing for strike action next month in a disptte over


pay. The union Unite said 500 of its members in four regions, including


the East, will walk out on Lay th and 8th. And it hasn't ruled out


further industrial action. Ht's expected to cause delays in fixing


and installing meters. EDF Dnergy says it has made a pay offer of 2%.


Those are your top building work is all but down.


Principal Mark Evans knows he now has to deliver results.


Now it's back to Stewart and Susie for the rest of the programle.


`` but done. Still to come on Look East tonight:


The Magna Carta, close up. And I will be chatting to a


record`breaking sports star. The sharp`shooter hoping to be on


target at the Commonwealth Games. Four weeks tomorrow, voters go to


the polls to choose their Etro MPs. Today, St George's Day, the


Conservatives went to Cambrhdge to launch their regional campahgn.


We only get the chance once every five years to decide who represents


us in the European Parliament. Polling day is May 22nd, and most of


the region is in the Eastern constituency. There are sevdn seats


up for grabs. As you can sed, last time round, the Conservativds came


top of the poll. But this ydar, they are under increasing pressure from


the UK Independence Party. Our political correspondent, Andrew


Sinclair, was at today's latnch There are a number of commentators,


even some party members who expect the Conservatives to do badly in


these elections. But today, the hierarchy was having none of it


Anybody goes `` anybody who goes into an election half`heartdd should


not going to an election. Hhs party manifesto Mrs to deliver ch`nge in


Europe and it pledges a refdrendum on the membership of the EU ``


promises. Dividing the Torids win the next election. `` providing


Conservatives have had a visible residence in Brussels. Writhng for


money for the region and trxing to stop Europe having too much of a say


in our lives `` fighting for money. They say they have strict to wait


red tape and given local colmunities more of a say over fishing policy.


`` stripped away. Europe nedds to change and our relationship with it.


I am winning those negotiathons and they are worth a lot of mondy, is


because the other people around the table though we want a bettdr deal


for Britain. Official party policy is that being here is benefhcial for


Britain but the EU needs to loosen its grip, but not everybody agrees.


This man wants us to leave altogether. But two Tory MPs have


decided to hold their own rdferendum now.


You can see why the public light get confused about your policy.


Everybody in Parliament has their own views, I differ from official


government policy on some things but overall, I would advise `` hnvite


people to look at the big phcture. We want change in Europe. So does


this party and it has done well in recent elections. The Conservatives


argue that while UKIP can t`lk about change, only the Conservatives can


deliver. They know it will be a tough month but they say thdy are up


for the fight. Andrew is in Cambridge now. We don't


often hear from the Local Government Secretary. What else did he have to


say today? If anybody can fire up the


activists, he can and he sahd there was a lot of things at stakd and


these are the most important Euro elections for a long while. He


admitted last year put my `` last year 's had been a disappointment


and this was a grudge match. He said, Conservatives have fire in the


alleys, and they need to because I keep hearing stories about `ctivists


who are so disillusioned, they do not want to campus. `` bellhes. ``


to campus. And he spoke for the first time


today about the King's Lynn incinerator?


Yes, a controversial scheme dropped because he was taking so long to


make a decision. He said he knew had promised `` he had promised to make


a decision but there had bedn far more complaints so it took longer


than expected. It is controversial, it is ` big


scheme, there has been a lot of representation. And it is possibly


unrealistic to have expected an immediate rubber`stamping of the


decision given the amount of controversy and representathon.


When will you make that dechsion? When I am satisfied that all the


questions have been answered. He would not drawn on whether he felt


responsible for saddling Norfolk with a ?30 million will, he said


these things take time and no BD should put pressure on him. `` bill.


On Look East tomorrow night, we report on the launch of the Lib


Dems' Euro campaign. Some sports news: Mick Gault, the


record`breaking pistol shooter from Norfolk, has been named in the


England sqaud for the Commonwealth Games in July. Mick is Engl`nd's


most decorated Commonwealth Games athlete. Susie has popped ott of the


studio to see him. We are thrilled you will be


competing in Glasgow but it has been a roller`coaster. After Delhi, you


decided to give up, why? Thd enjoyment went out of it, the


pressure got to me and I saw no point carrying on. I became the most


successful sportsmen for England and I thought that was job done, but I


decided it was not. The pressure is the record of the most succdssful


Commonwealth shooter of all time. Was that too much pressure? Did you


feel expectations were too high I think so. In retrospect, I lade


mistakes and the pressure got to me. I could not take it. What h`s


changed your mind? I love the sport. I just missed it so much. I had to


come back and give it anothdr go. I have one more goal and that is to


get at least one more medal to equal this Australian chap who has the


most! It would be nice to epual or to beat him. In Glasgow, do you


think you will feel the pressure or will you enjoyed being therd?


I am determined just to havd a great time, that is what it is all about.


What is the point being frightened? Has it being a problem getthng back


to the same level? `` has it been. My scores were low and it w`s hard


to get back winning again. H am almost there and I am certahn I will


be there by Glasgow. You have so many medals, we could not hold them


all! You have a selection. Which is the most important? That is the


first one, I won that in Victoria in 1994 and I still remember whnning


it. I could die happy after winning it. I felt like that. Just being on


the podium for the first tile, can you describe the emotion? The hairs


are still standing on the b`ck of my neck, it was a wonderful fedling to


have moved myself at being the best at something. And in the run`up to


Glasgow, are you looking forward to that or do you feel trepidation as


it gets closer? Trepidation, no Looking forward to it. Everx day is


a different day. One day at a time and see how it goes. It is great to


have you here, thank you, and good luck with your training.


Now, what do you know about the Magna Carta? It was signed nearly


800 years ago at Runnymead. It was written on parchment and was later


divided into 63 clauses. And, of course, it changed everything. It


gave us trial by jury and things like the measurements of wine and


beer. But did you know it h`d strong links with this region?


It is mid afternoon in Bury and pulling into the cathedral car


parked is an ordinary looking band. In the back is something prdtty


extraordinary. `` VAN. One of the earliest copies of the Magn` Carta,


and there is excitement for the team who spent two years arranging for it


to arrive. There is a mystery about it and you do not think of ht as


being real. Coming to Bury Saint Edmunds? Lovely!


They are very important doctments because even though they were


designed to prevent a civil war unsuccessfully, overtime, they have


become the document that most of western democracy is based on. It


belongs to Lincoln Cathedral and is on loan for a month. This is the


spot where it is thought to 25 of those rebellious barons met as anger


over King Jon grew. It was not the only history being celebratdd today.


On St George's Day, the man himself was touring town on a mobilhty


scooter! They believe here that owned the love that Edmund hs the


rightful patron saint but Gdorge got a warm welcome! `` they belheve that


Edmund. A perfect day, a lovely reception. Happy St George's Day!


Back at the Cathedral, the Lagna Carta copy is ready to view.


Lighting is dim to protect ht, temperature and humidity ard also


critical. Queueing in May is free but by ticket only and the first


couple of days is already booked. `` viewing.


That is amazing. Time for the weather.


Good evening, what a lovely Day We have seen fine and sunny and warm


weather. A number of parts of the region got to 18 Celsius. Btt


changes are on the way, with rain in places. This weather front hs


responsible. It has made slow progress today. The cloud is


starting to develop from thd West into the afternoon. Western counties


are seeing cloud. And eventtally, some rain. It will head East this


evening and overnight. If you live in places like Norfolk, Suffolk and


Essex, you may not see it until later. Some heavy rain along it And


divide in weather conditions by the end of the night. Western counties


may develop clear spells and there could be mist and fog patchds that


could be dense in places. It stays cloudy across the East, with some


rain. Temperatures probably not drop in very low. Robert Lee eight


Celsius is the lowest for tonight. `` probably. Tomorrow, the weather


front will get away quite qtickly but across the eastern half, there


could be rain first thing. Cloudy for many of us with sunshind and


showers developing. Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex stock with a little rain


and the West starts dry and bright. `` start. Showers will develop in


the afternoon and they could be heavy in places. Winds should be


light. Temperatures likely to get to around 15, 16 degrees. And showers


for the afternoon and into the first part of the evening. This is the


pressure pattern. It is unsdttled for the weekend. This low pressure


will bring showers. Friday, showers and sunshine. But looking unsettled


towards the weekend. Thank xou very much.


That is it, thank you for your company, see you tomorrow nhght


'The last two generations have been robbed


'of an opportunity to vote on the EU.


'And yet it has a greater impact on our everyday lives


'and not leave it for another generation.'


I want a Britain that is free to control its own destiny.


'It's estimated there'll be another 3 million people in Britain by 020.


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