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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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The appeal from Luton's Muslim community as police launch `


campaign to stop potential fighters heading to Syria. The policd have to


have the support of the comlunity, and there has got to be a


multi`agency approach. An elderly patient is locked in the loo for


more than an hour. The hosphtal says sorry. We Preparing for 26 larathons


in 26 days to raise money to help troubled families through football.


`` And make, do and mend, the largely forgotten skill of sewing is


making a comeback. The challenge to stop young Muslim


men living in our region from going to Syria to fight. Today as part of


the national campaign, membdrs of the police and community gathered to


hear about the risks facing those who may be planning to go to war.


Tonight, community leaders `re very clear that if the campaign hs to


succeed locally, the police have to work with them.


This food Parcell will help keep a family in Syria ally for a lonth. It


is one of thousands being donated by generous members of the public. This


is the way to have the people of Syria, say UK authorities who are


trying to stop men going ovdr to join in the fighting against the


regime. These harrowing images are fuelling a big rise in the number of


men doing just that. This charity agrees. What they are doing is


wrong. They are saying that they do not need men to fight. What they


need is food to feed their families. By doing this work, you


are for filling the religiots obligation and helping people where


they need help. Luton was the focus of the national counter terrorism


campaign to encourage Muslil women to be more involved in deterring


their husbands and sons frol going to war. These men see their children


far more than many of the f`milies, said they will see this mord


effectively than their fathdrs. The conflict in Syria is becoming an


increasingly complex and worrying situation. Increasingly, yotng man


from here are going there and running the risk of death, kidnap


and returning here radicalised, which in turn is eight thre`ts to


homeland security. In recent weeks, two and from Luton were arrdsted on


their return from Syria. It is an issue not restricted to Luton. It


can affect families from across the region. Luton has the highest


Islamic community. Fund raising for Syria permeates across the whole of


the Eastern region and the whole of the UK. The women in the colmunity,


we want them to come forward and talk to the police and their


partners if they have any concerns about family members. Authorities


say the most effective way to help the people in Syria is by


contributing to registered charities.


Earlier I spoke to a chairpdrson and the Luton Council of faith, and they


asked him if he thinks therd are young Muslim men in the town who are


prepared to go out to Syria to fight. I do not think there is


evidence as far as we are concerned. But we have to bd


careful. Do you think this campaign that has been launched todax has the


potential to do more harm than good, because it is being fronted by


the police, and that has thd potential to send out the wrong


message. I think you have a point. We need to be careful, we nded to be


sensitive. Obviously, we nedd to ensure that there is peace `nd


harmony in our communities, but I think the idea of engaging directly


with the community is a good idea, and Muslim families need to be


empowered and supported. Wh`t do you think about the approach I've


specifically asking Muslim women to inform or give information to the


police about family members? Is that a constructive and positive


approach? No mother or wife would want their loved one to get in


harm's way, and if approachdd appropriately and properly, there is


something in it, and it is ` question of sensitivity and being


appropriate in terms of eng`gement. I think that is necessary. Do you


think the police can make that appropriate approach? Should it come


much more from the communitx and perhaps people like yourself? I


think the golf that a potentially exists or does exist generally, the


police and communities, it somehow has to be narrowed, the gap, and


there is a great deal of work to be done by all concerned, and the


police need to work proactively with communities and community


organisations. Three people have been arrested following the death of


a man in Peterborough. Officers were called to a flat this morning.


From the heart of Peterborotgh, there has been a cordon herd. One


witness said an ambulance arrived here at 6:30am in the morning and he


then saw a man let away in handcuffs. Three men have bden


arrested, and they lived in that flat there. That is where the dead


man was found and it is belheved he lived there too. Shopkeepers here


say that the men were Polish and lived here for some time. Forensics


have been there all day and have been out on the street, and across


the street to the cash point at the bank across the road. They have done


swabs of DNA to see if it w`s that about it is believed to be was


beaten to death. A porous modem will be done `` a parsed modem whll be


done that and we will know lore then.


And investigation is being done to find out how I'd utterly patient got


locked into a hospital laboratory for over an hour. She says she is


still haunted by her recent stay in hospital. The 87`year`old from


Northampton is back at home being cared for by her family. Whhle being


treated at a general hospit`l for a fractured pelvis, she was


accidentally locked in the toilet. It took staff more than an hour to


realise she was his thing. H was scared. I've thought, I am never


going to get out of here. I was ever so nervous. Yeah. Unable to walk,


she pulled the emergency cord. But it was not working. She had to crawl


to open the door. I'm managdd to crawl to the door and unlocked the


door and open it and they crawled and crawled and crawled. No`one


answered. Northampton Gener`l Hospital says it is sorry for her


ordeal, and it has apologisdd for the distress caused. It has a full


investigation is" read out to ensure it doesn't happen again. Her


daughter once the hospital to take urgent action. In a hospital, you


expect the patience to be s`fe all stopped the whole point of people


eating admitted to hospital is for 24`hour care, not to be takdn to the


bathroom and to be left werd misplaced. Her family say hdr ordeal


has not hurt confidence. Thdy are now determined to give her the best


care they can at home. Tanks called anaerobic digester 's,


with plans to be built, and our reporter has been to a farm which


already has one to see how ht works. Traditional farming. Or is ht? Seeds


are being sewn on this farm, but when they are harvested, many will


be used for energy rather than food. This is last year's crop, which we


have harvested back in October. Instead of buying electricity, they


are using this to create thdir own. This is the chopped up corn from


last year's crop, and it has quite a sweet smell from it. It gets


transported into these tanks, where the digestion takes place, `nd after


60 days, it becomes gas, fertilizer, and ultimately,


electricity. It is sent to 3000 houses and little port. We `lso use


the electricity ourselves to run the plant and as a by`product wd use it


to heat the 24 tunnels for the mushrooms. A plant like this costs


around ?10 million to set up. Supporters say it is a greener


source of energy. It also mdans that mushrooms can be grown locally


rather than relying on imports, and they say it helps farmers kdep costs


down. Instead of buying electricity comic they can even sell sole back


to the grade. The owners of this farmland want to build their own


digester, it's similar to the one I have seen, but it has left people


here locally worried about how imposing the tanks would look in the


potential for extra noise and smells, and some people are worried


about the loss of good agricultural land being used to grow crops for


energy rather than food. It is a debate that is only just beginning.


It was announced today that a civic reception is going to be held for


the Luton football team on Sunday, May the 4th. It follows to blend


scenes last weekend as fans supported the return of the football


after a rogue return to the Football League after five years. Thdre will


be an open top bus parade that will end in St. George's swear. Those are


your top stories tonight. like Colchester or smaller places.


So getting that right is important. Still to come, a marathon challenge


by one club director to bring forward all into the communhty. And


tips from the best, now that sowing is back in fashion.


It is often said that this hs the most Eurosceptic region in the


country. So it is perhaps strprising to learn that the Liberal Ddmocrats,


the most Euro`friendly partx, chose this region for the launch of their


national Euro election camp`ign The European elections are on M`y 2 nd


and most of the region is in the Eastern constituency. There are


seven seats up for grabs and currently the Conservatives hold the


most. But the UK Independence Party is putting everyone under pressure


and there have been predicthons that the Lib Dems won't hold thehr seat


this time around. Andrew Sinclair was at the party's launch in Essex.


They hope it is not an omen. The national campaign launched delayed


by 35 minutes because the Ddputy Prime Minister's train was held up


by an accident. Whilst they waited a car with dispatch to pick hhm up and


bring him to Colchester. Nick Clegg has decided to be unashamedly


pro`European. Britain is stronger, safer and richer because of Europe,


he said. In these elections there is a lot at stake. Later at thd local


football club he told reporters why even in this region it is worth


putting the positive case for Europe. When millions of jobs depend


on our continued existence hn the European union it is worth fighting


for. If you look at the recdnt election results for your p`rty


around here, people are not listening to your message. The


message may be controversial with some but that does not mean we


should stop saying you do not win an argument unless you're prep`red to


have it. Andrew Duff has bedn the MEP for the region for many years.


He is a committed federalist. It is true I will not get everyond to


support me but there is a solid minority of around 30% of the


British electorate who insist that Britain is a European place. But the


party has lost a lot of traditional supporters, something evident during


a question and answer session. How can you justify being in government


whilst you have almost conthnually lied to the electorate regarding


University tuition fees. It is losing us a lot of money. This is


why the Lib Dems may struggle in these elections. With his p`rty


barely polling double figurds there have been dire predictions that Nick


Clegg could lose all his MEPs in this election. But the Lib Dems


believe there is a strong pro`European audience even hn this


region and they are now tryhng to win them over.


Cambridge United's director of football Jez George is about to


embark on the challenge of ` lifetime. He's going to walk 26


marathons in 26 days, taking in every single Premier League ground.


It's to raise money for the Community Trust, which helps local


young people. In a moment wd will speak to Jez. But first a look at


where the money goes. Are you ready? Once a week they meet to fine


tune their skills, catch up with friends and enjoy a run. Thhs is one


disability session laid on by the community trust. There is enjoyment


and team bonding and the socialising side of it is massive as well. It


gets them out of their day centres and doing something they re`lly


enjoy. Every professional foot will team in the country runs sole


community programme. But Calbridge United do not receive funding to


help pay for things like pictures or coaches. Have you had fun today ?


We were together as a team. We are out in the fresh air and with


friends. To help people jealous George will zigzag across the


country to try to raise ?200,00 . `` Jeff George. We can go out `nd do


more projects in the communhty and I think everyone will see the


benefits. Jez George is in Cambridge now. You did not think of rtnning


them then? ! Just a gentle stroll! I thought football clubs put loney


into the community, why do xou need to raise this money? I think a club


of eyelevel, we have worked hard to develop our youth structure and we


do not get funding for the @cademy or scholarship system but wd punch


well above our weight compared to the size of the club. We want to do


something similar with the community scheme and we have a huge l`ck of


funding. We want to be proactive making an impact on the comlunity.


And projects such as the ond that you showed, it is really hulbling to


see that. It is the vision that the club has, to play a big part in the


community, but to do that it needs funding. You were starting hn the


North East? Starting at Newcastle. The team play at Gateshead on


Saturday and then Peter Beardsley is going to kick us off at Newcastle


United on Sunday. Then we h`ve a big gala fundraising dinner in


Cambridge. And I will visit all 18 in the league clubs in Engl`nd in


the meantime. The weekend bdfore that Cambridge United could actually


be promoted. By the time yot go to knowledge, Norwich may have been


relegated. Well I hope that they stay up and I hope we are promoted


because with the status of being in the football league, it does help us


in terms of funding with our youth development programme. We h`ve


struggled outside of it. We have done some fundraising efforts in the


past and now this is somethhng positive that we can do to benefit


the whole of the community hn Cambridge. And what training have


you done? Just as many miles as I can around fundraising and visiting


a lot of people. I have got in a few miles and I just have the whll to


succeed and to finish. Knowhng so many people are behind us and so


many local companies have stpported us. I will get through thosd 26 days


and make a big difference, hopefully.


Experts believe that by 2050, some of the key tasks in farming could be


carried out by robots. Anything from checking crops in the field, to


pruning plants in a vineyard. "Farmbots" may be the futurd, but at


the moment the industry needs people. The average age of ` farm


worker is 55, so it needs to recruit. It reckons it will need to


find 60,000 people in this country over the next ten years. So a


special event in Suffolk today is very important.


They come by the coachload to Trinity Park near Ipswich. 4000


youngsters aged seven to nine years old. Their desks give way to


discovery zones in this anntal Farmer country fair. Everything from


the majestic and captivating two men dressed as cows. Surveys show that


one in five of us think that a parsnip rose on trees. But this is


about engaging with youngstdrs to get them to think about farling and


food production as a possible career. The reality is this industry


desperately needs new recruhts. This is the first step on the ro`d and we


can interact with them and `s it do what to live and work in thd


countryside. We can show thdm what a lovely place it is to work. I love


it and would not go back to anything else. I spoke to one school teacher


a few years ago and she was impressed. Agriculture has `lways


been at the heart of the economy in East Anglia. The combined f`rming,


and food sector is worth solething like ?400 million in Suffolk. It is


surprising what they do not know. They need to learn and we hope some


of them will become involved in agriculture. It is fun to sde how


they use stuff. I learnt about the combined harvester. At their age it


is probably too early to know what career they fancy but the organisers


will be helping that perhaps they have helped to sell a few sdeds for


the future. We all know that a big TV sdries can


make a lot of difference to almost anything. Strictly did it for


dancing. Mary Berry did it for cakes. And now the Great Brhtish


Sewing Bee is doing it for sewing. Today in Essex a new sewing school


opened, hoping to capitalisd on those re`discovering the skhll or


taking it up for the first time A finalist from the TV progralme has


joined the team as a tutor. Her name is Chinelo Barry. She is


selling superstar. Today Chhnelo opened the sewing school run by two


sisters who hope to capitalhse on the new craze to make do and mend.


It has sparked a new interest in selling and with fantastic


programmes like the Great British Sewing Bee, people just want to get


back to selling their own clothes and having the satisfaction of


making something to wear th`t no one else will be walking around in.


Chinelo Ridge the final of the hit television series the Great British


Sewing Bee. You should be proud of yourself. It is a lot of work in a


short space of time. She has not looked back since and is now the


setting up own clothing range. We are doing mainly the spoke `t the


moment and eventually will grow into supplying two boutiques and


hopefully the bigger shops. One thing I could not help noticing at


the launch today, the sewers were all women. I am feeling a lhttle


uncomfortable. There are not many blokes here. But apparently there is


no reason why men should not join in. We have some men joining one of


the classes next week. We are doing a course on cushions and already


have a couple of men coming. Despite having some obvious talent, I cannot


see me ever selling cushions, quite frankly. But if you fancy it then


Chinelo will be one of the children at the new sewing school. `` one of


the tutors. I did a little bit when I w`s at


school. I lived in fear of needlework!


Good evening. There will be some showers around over the next few


days. Today we had some isolated showers that they were quitd slow


moving. They should fade aw`y this evening but it will turn quhte


misty. A lot of mist and low cloud moving in from the North Se` later


in the night and also the rhsk of some showers running up the coast by


the end of the night. So misty start to the day and quite in places. Then


the risk of these showers rtnning north quite swiftly through the


morning. We should be done with them quite quickly though they m`y be


heavy in places. Quite a variation in temperatures tomorrow. In the


north of the coast it stayed cloudy and misty holding temperatures back


at around 12 degrees. Elsewhere in the sunshine, 17 degrees or perhaps


even higher. And that could spark of some thunderstorms come the


evening. So looking ahead, the forecast remained an unsettled with


low pressure on the scene. So if you are inking about weekend pl`ns, do


be aware that you may see some showers and longer spells of rain.


But there will always be sole sunshine. Looking at the outlook,


for Saturday and will be a band of rain crossing the region whhch is


likely to linger in some pl`ces The load does pull away so for Sunday


and Monday both showers shotld be fewer and larger.


`` lighter. That is all frol us Have a very good evening.


All across the country, millions of families are waking up


to a Britain in which they find it harder to get on.


Whilst the Government keeps telling people everything is fixed,


no longer stops the pound in their pocket getting smaller


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