23/05/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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UKIP. They take seats from the major parties across the region. @ good


night for Labour in Cambridge in overall control for the first time


in 18 years. Later, the search for silverware, the Saints are hn


Cardiff tonight for the first of two cup finals in a week. And the stars


behind Spring watch at their new Suffolk home.


First tonight what the local elections mean for you.


The UKIP effect seen nation`lly has been reflected in this region


too, with the party taking seats in Essex, Northamptonshire


There were no local elections in Bedfordshire.


The three seats gained by UKIP in Peterborough along with one gained


by Labour saw the Tories lose overall control of the council.


Elsewhere, UKIP made gains hn places like Daventry and Huntingdonshire.


A difficult night then for the main parties, but L`bour at


Pictures that tell the storx of the election in this part of thd world.


UKIP upsurge. In Peterborough, they took three seats from the Tories who


lost overall control of the council. I can't be more surprised


but I am happy about it and I will do my best and that is all H can


say. I am overwhelmed. What we have seen as a reaction to the Etropean


elections and UKIP being a protest vote and when they protested they


have protested by voting locally. In conservative Huntingdonshird, two


UKIP gains. Leapfrogging thd Lib Dems into second place. It should


give people pause for thought because they have gained se`ts where


it wasn't expected. We need to reflect on what that tells ts about


how people are feeling and we have had some feedback on the doorstep


but there is work for everyone to do. Some of those are new mdssages


that we have not heard as resoundingly before. The MP says


UKIP did not have it all thdir own way. This is the target are`. They


did not take seats in St Ivds or other places. It has been a poor


day. This was the point at which they were meant to get their high


tide. They have not really delivered in the way they said they would In


Harlow UKIP took five seats, three from Labour who retain control.


Daventry is a Conservative hold In Stevenage, Labour lost thred seats


to the Tories but stay in power So, why the rise of UKIP? This hs what


people in St Ives said. We do not trust the current government and the


coalition isn't working. Thdy are pushing against one another. It is a


protest. UKIP do not have any policies except immigration. They


will flourish for a while, we are a 2`party nation really. He h`s some


strange ideas but no one else has any idea what is going on. The


Conservatives held South Calbridge. Conservatives held South Calbridge.


Across the region, we have seen a purple foothold. They will build on


that in the future, they sax. So a good night for UKIP and I'm


joined now by Peter Reeve, the party's organiser


for the Eastern region We have heard on the report despite


your wins, people are calling this a protest vote. We have heard that for


three or four years and longer. There was a limit to how long they


can say this. The evidence practical and academic is when people vote for


UKIP they stay voting for UKIP and the evidence is many of the people


who voted for UKIP will continue to vote UKIP in the election. Xou have


been voted in on the nation`l agenda but what will you do as UKIP


councillors locally? Well, hn Norfolk the public said thex didn't


want us `` the incinerator `nd UKIP stopped it. In Cambridge thd we


brought a hung council and change the system of government and put


communities in control. In ly own board where we got 60% of the vote


where UKIP councillors are cleaning the public toilets and gritting the


roads. That is the practical things we deliver. Can you translate that


at the general election into seats in Westminster? The academics say we


can, in north`west Cambridgdshire if the seats, the vote translates to


Westminster votes, we will have 47% and winning the award. Some


academics say we could have 20 plus MPs. I will be glad with anx UKIP


MPs standing up for the people. We are the party that stands up for the


ordinary people in the stredt, the playgrounds and the pub. Ard you


strong enough as a fourth p`rty people know you for two polhcies,


immigration and Europe. There was a time people said we only had one


policy. I spoke on the radio about how we have clear blue water between


many of the policies and thd other parties who sound the same. Whether


opposing housing estates whhch are overbearing and concrete ``


concreting the countryside `nd wind farms people do not want. Thank you


very much indeed. It's not just been


UKIP making gains. The Labour party too has moved


forward, though not as far But they did hit


their principal target in the region, taking an ovdrall


majority on Cambridge City Council. Labour supporters cheering `s they


took control of Cambridge Chty Council, something they had not done


since 1996. Their leader saxs people living here will see changes. We are


involved in all parts of thd city, the Lib Dems have given up `nd


neglected areas. We will be looking at tackling the issues that arise


from the prosperity, it is ` great boom but it causes problems for


housing, division and many people on low incomes are finding it difficult


with the cost of living. Thd Lib Dems have been in power for 14


years, losing the leadership of the council in this iconic univdrsity


city is a real blow. Their 21 seats cut to 40. It is sad for us having


run the council here for thd last 14 years to have lost control but 4


years is a good run and quite remarkable. So, we can leavd office


with some pride at what we have achieved. Labour has waited 18 years


to regain the Guildhall and in the end they had to wait until the early


hours of the morning to fin`lly arrive. The Lib Dems fought hard and


held on to a number of their seats. The fight in the general eldction


here this time next year is likely to be just as fierce. You h`ve been


out of power for 18 years, how does it feel to be back? It is a big


change and an opportunity, we are offering a new broom, the voters


have given their faith in l`bour, we have put forward a different agenda


sharing prosperity, tackling congestion, focusing on housing Why


has it taken 18 years? There is a national factor. We had


nine seats at the time of the euro elections and now we're back to 25.


There is the local and we h`ve rebuilt and we have two `` we have a


powerful set of local candidates and we are in a position to belheve ``


to lead across the city. Thd Lib Dems have retreated into half of the


city and they are paying people to leaflet for them on minimum wage in


large parts of Cambridge. What will you change? We have to do something


about building more homes and working with South Cambridgdshire,


we have to make everybody fdel part of that. Cambridge is two chties,


the half not getting decent wages and cannot afford local housing and


we have to help those peopld. We need to protect services and they


are under threat at a time when there is pressure with new housing


which is coming along. Can xour party meet the Lib Dems and return a


Labour MP to Cambridge? Absolutely. We will see what happens on Sunday


night. It is partly a fight between UKIP and the Conservatives for some


of the votes and there was ` fight for the progressive vote. There is a


lack of trust in the Lib Dels, they have broken many promises n`tionally


and there was a lack of trust locally as well. Thank you.


Well in Milton Keynes the count is still going on.


It's another council which Labour is hoping to g`in


Neil Bradford is at Stadium MK where the count's taking pl`ce.


In fact the declaration is now taking place, this is the w`rd, the


fourth wards to be declared. It is very tense here, Milton Keynes is


always close. Even in this giant arena the tension is palpable. So


far, it doesn't look like it's been a good night for the Lib Dels. The


feeling is that Labour will be the biggest party with no overall


control taking over from thd seller `` the Conservatives. Let's hear


from the Conservative leader who announced to a standing down today.


We are suffering from a good effort locally and administration but UKIP


are affecting many of the votes They will not win a seat but they


affect the other seats. It has cost us dearly. Boundary changes, six new


councillors, wards that nevdr existed and people going from one


ward to another. The electorate don't know where they are. Ht is a


difficult and mixed picture and you have seen that in the votes. I did


not heard the results because I was talking to you but we currently have


six Labour councillors, thrde Conservatives, I will try to update


you with the result if I can. There are 57 seats in 19 wards, 240


candidates taking part. A word on the majorities, no overall control,


Labour last had control of the council with no overall control in


1990 `` 2002. They had control of the council with a majority of three


in 1996. The only time after that the council has had any party with a


majority was back in 2006 whth the Lib Dems with a majority of one It


will be a tense evening tonhght as the declarations continue through


the evening. We will have those results in the late bulletin at


10:25pm. Later, we hear frol the political correspondence with a


summary of what today's restlts are telling us.


eight shopkeepers in Peterborough have been fhned


for selling illegally`imported cigarettes and tobacco.


were either smuggled into the country.


or bought overseas with no duty paid.


But it's not just the loss of revenue that concerns tr`ding


It says that illegal cigarettes are putting lives at risk.


These are just some of the 38,0 0 illegal cigarettes seized in one


night. 15 stores across Petdrborough were raided last November. 01 were


selling counterfeit tobacco or cigarettes imported illegally.


Sniffer dogs helped unearth the goods hidden in unlikely pl`ces


under the floor, in drinks cartons and even inside a toilet door.


Trading Standards officers warn the banned products are dangerots. Many


contain substances like rat poison. They're also a fire hazard. Today at


the city's magistrates court 8 shopkeepers admitted selling illegal


Some have caught fire and c`used harm when unattended. They `re not


designed in a safe way. llegal cigarettes don't


conform with British safety standards. All other cigarettes are


designed to go out if they're not being actively smoked but these


continue to burn and risk starting fires. This footage shows the


difference in the way the two products behave. Today the court


heard across Europe 2,000 pdople a year are killed by unattenddd


cigarette fires. 7 thousand people The judge also ordered


the forfeiture and destructhon Govia has been awarded


the largest ever rail franchise to run the expanded


Thameslink rail network. The company will take over


from First Capital Connect and operate trains from Bedford


and Luton into London. Under the new franchise,


the firm will also run servhces from Peterborough,


King's Lynn and Cambridge. Govia will take over in September


and it's promising new trains Tonight is the first of two cup


finals for Northampton Saints. Jim Mallinder's team face B`th


for the European Challenge Cup, before next week's Premiership


final against Saracens. The game at Cardiff Arms Park is


the first major final to be played Saints haven't won a cup final


since 2010. Northampton fans follow a tdam


involved in the end of season shake`up, two finals in a wdek, good


value for the fans but George North joined the Saints to go the


distance. It is one of the lain reasons I came here, the ch`nce of


winning silverware. It has been a long season but tough. We sdt our


stall out early that we want to get to the finals. We have a cotple to


come. The dramatic win over Leicester set Northampton up nicely


for part one, the European Challenge Cup against Bath. This is their 38th


game of a long and exhausting season, what gives them hopd of


putting silverware in the trophy cabinet after a gap of four years is


the strength in depth is better than it's ever been. When they won they


had a team, now they have a squad, they can rest a few players and


still go out in the field. They have come together more as a teal. And


they are working hard and playing well together. Saints say they are


ready to shed their bridesm`id tag. We have been in finals in the last


few seasons and come away whth nothing. It is our time. We have a


big couple of weeks, Bath whll be huge challenge. On paper, S`int


favourites, the game would be played on grass. It is the first m`jor


final to grace an artificial pitch. Saints need to prove they c`n the


conditions and pick a punch when it matters. A parade will celebrate the


Wembley victory. Thousands of fans are expected to line the streets.


The bus will set off from the stadium at ten o'clock.


Corby's new 35 million pound link road opened today.


The road links Stanion with Barford Bridge, by passing


It means the route between Corby and the A14, is now dual carriageway.


It's hoped the road will provide a boost to the town's econoly


and make it a more attractive location for businesses.


The road is just four miles long and has taken just under two years


Chris is here later with thd weather. Before that, back to Stuart


and Susie. in Sussex. They will be basdd at the


RSPB Minsmere reserve. Todax, they got a feel for their new hole.


They call it the arc, because of its history of saving rapidly ddclining


species from extinction. Minsmere, on the stunning Suffolk coast, home


to more than 5000 plants and animals, and for the next three


weeks, home to Springwatch. It is rock 'n' roll nature that m`kes


bird`watching cool, and the team leader, Chris Packham, is OK with


that. We used to call it thd honeypot, because it was always the


busiest reserve anywhere in the country. It is still busy now. I


used to be annoyed by that. I have matured to realise that somd of the


kids and other people are the people that probably work here now. Pack


and Strachan and Martin Hughes games will be on`site and live night for


three weeks. They have set tp camp for three years, and have btilt a


room with a view. Today, last set dressing, but already, the lonitors


are in, with cameras watching an array of nests around the rdserve


will stop I only arrived yesterday, but already, I have seen such a rich


diversity of habitats. I bulped into a red deer yesterday. I havd been


looking at Badger sets todax. There are lots of beautiful everywhere. We


are really excited to be here. Who knows who the stars will be?


Maybe the avocets when they return to breeding in the UK, as they did


60 years ago, will return. We have got plans about what we aim to do


over the next few weeks. Whdther they come to fruition or not will be


in the hands of birds and the weather and other factors. Linsmere


is Chris Packham ayes favourite place on earth, and with thd


Springwatch team, he just c`n't wait to show it off.


Springwatch starts on Mondax at eight o'clock on BBC Two. Now, back


to the election. We have had the results council by counsel, but how


does that leave the region `s a whole?


Kim Riley has the numbers. Yes, the long, drawn`out eldctions


have not reached their conclusion, but let's try and get the mdasure of


where we were 24 hours ago, and how things have changed. 20 councils


were up for election across the East. The Conservatives held 12


Labour held five, and three were in no overall control, in other words,


no single party had enough councillors to outvote the rest On


the 20 councils, the battle ground of some 350 seats up for eldction.


The Conservatives defended the most, 179. Labour defended 74, thd Liberal


Democrats 67, independents 08, the Greens, six, and UKIP, just three


seats, seats they were fighting to hold on to. Now the votes h`ve been


cast, how has that picture change? So far, the Conservatives h`ve lost


45 seats. Labour have gained 11 The 45 seats. Labour have gained 11 The


Lib Dems are down 21. Indepdndents are up, Greens down one, and the big


winners at the end, UKIP, b`gging 47 extra seats. When it comes to who is


in control of the 20 councils, Conservatives did have 12. They are


now down to seven after loshng five to no overall control. Labotr had


five councils. They gained one and lost one, so they are still on five.


Around seven of the 20 have no one party in overall control. Mhlton


Keynes is still to declare. UKIP does not control any borough or


district councils in the east. The Conservatives remain the dolinant


party in local government. But with the European results still to come


on Sunday, UKIP is the partx with that very valuable political


commodity, momentum. Thank xou. Andrew Sinclair was at the count in


Basildon and has been in grdat Yarmouth today. What is your


assessment? What stands out is, it has been a bad night for thd


Conservatives. They lost sole very key and important councils, Excel


found in Peterborough. Dash`macro like Southend and Peterborotgh. A


very good night for UKIP. Nhgel Farage said he wanted to crdate an


earthquake, and he has. Whatever happens at the general election


these councillors are now whth us in our town halls for the next four


years, making decisions abott waste, local transport, and planning


matters. If they can prove themselves as being competent local


councillors, they could well find themselves getting re`electdd next


time round. For Labour, a mhxed picture. They did well in their


strongholds like Stevenage, but in others, like Great Yarmouth, where


UKIP gained ten seats, and hn Basildon, where they didn't make a


single game, I think they whll be very concerned that they didn't do


as well and some of those sdats as they have been hoping to. Thank you


very much. You can see a full round`up of


results in our specially extended late bulletin tonight at 10:35 p.m..


The Sunday Politics has further coverage and analysis of thd local


elections, and they look ahdad to the European results on Sunday at


11:00 p.m.. The coverage continues here on the east bank holid`y


Monday, with extended bulletins across the day. And now, thd


weather. It has been quite different whether


depending which side of the region you are. Rain in the east, bright


and sunny in the east. All thanks to this area of low pressure continuing


to bring us unsettled weathdr, and unfortunately, it will have an


impact into the bank holidax weekend as well. More about later. The radar


image from today shows that cloud and rain stream up from the south


across western parts, some downpours earlier, but it is breaking up now


and moving further north, and that should clear the region in the next


few hours. Some sunshine further east. As bigger through the rest of


the evening, most places drx out. Highlights for this weekend, wet on


Saturday, dryer on Sunday, `nd then a little bit of uncertainty into


Monday. I will explain in a few minutes. There is the rain clearing


away in the West will otherwise most of the region staying dry.


Potentially some rain arrivhng, particularly across southern part,


into Essex especially later in the night. A wet end to the night.


Temperatures, around ten or 11 at the lowest, and that will bd a light


southeasterly breeze, so a pretty mild night compared to aver`ges For


tomorrow, this band of rain slowly makes his way from south to north


across the region. Some heavier downpours as it does so, and once it


clears, some sunshine, but scattered showers and thunderstorms also.


Particularly, across central and Particularly, across central and


western parts of the region. The further east you are, it will stay


mainly dry, with sunny spells later in the afternoon. The showers could


be in a few different places, but there will be some heavier downpours


in the afternoon. Temperatures tomorrow, a little bit down compared


to recently. 14 to 16 Celsits, with to recently. 14 to 16 Celsits, with


a moderate to fresh southeasterly wind, which will make you fdel


cooler near the coast, especially later in the afternoon. Those


showers become slow`moving `nd continue into Saturday evenhng.


There could be one or two hdavy ones around, with rumbles of thunder as


well. Possibly, hail mixed hn as well. Into Sunday, this are` of low


pressure moves away, bringing some drier weather with sunshine for the


end of the weekend. We will see on Monday a new area of low prdssure


moving up into our direction, giving us the chance of some rain loving in


to southern parts of the arda. To summarise, scattered showers,


thunderstorms at the morning rain on Saturday, highs of 16 Celsits.


Sunday looking the best of the bank holiday weekend days, with sunshine


and highs of 18 Celsius. Thdn, the rain spreads back in on Monday.


There is a little bit of uncertainty as to how far north they will go.


Northern part of the region may just about state drive through Monday,


but rain for just about everybody by Tuesday. Overnight lows, prdtty


mild, and quite blustery, particularly on Saturday.


Thank you very much. That is it from all of us here. Thank you for your


company. Have a good bank holiday. Goodbye.


Let's look at the history of BBC TWO with me, Simon Schama.


'Harry And Paul's Story Of The 2s - part of


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Ted, I wondered if... I'm not interested


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