26/05/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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to change? Will they? Can they? Thank you. That is all from us for


this evening. It is In the European Elections,


it was another good night In the East,


they got more votes than anx other Of the seven MEPs,


UKIP now has three, up from two The Conservatives are still


on three. The Liberal Democrats lost their


only seat. This confirms that UKIP is now


a major player In the last Euro elections, they


came second, with 19% of thd vote. Last night they were first,


with 34%. When I joined


the party 15 years ago, winning here There will be two new faces


representing the East in Brtssels. Patrick O'Flynn of UKIP is


a former political journalist. He is colleague, Tim Aker, tsed to


work for the Taxpayers Alli`nce For the Conservatives, a sense of


relief as they defied expectations and held onto all three of


their seats, their share of the vote The people of the East of England


have spoken. They have as majority said, we need


a new relationship with Europe. That is exactly what


I've been saying. I have been saying


Europe needs to change. Our relationship with


it need to change. The big loser, Andrew Duff


of the Liberal Democrats. After 15 years in Brussels,


no longer an MEP. I think the country is experiencing


a wave of nationalism which, as you know, I don't like, H can't


explain it, and I can't justify it. While Labour failed to win


a second seat, the surge from UKIP They have had one good night


tonight, that they're celebrating, and people voting for them will be


pleased about that, but for five years, our region will be ldss well


represented, the work will be harder for me


as a Labour MEP to represent this region. In the East Midlands, which


covers Northamptonshire, both UKIP In the South East,


which covers Milton Keynes, there were four wins for UKHP, three


for the Tories and one each for The other parties still belheve this


is just a protest vote that will go away


at next year's General Election Our newest Euro MP is


Patrick O'Flynn from UKIP. When I spoke to him


late this afternoon, I asked him if UKIP had dond well `


which party had performed b`dly I think we took votes


off all our rivals. I would say, though, that


of the two biggest parties, the Tory vote probably held up a bit better


than expected and the Labour vote Your main plank is that you are


against being in Europe What can you do, though, from the


European Parliament? Our number one priority is to bring


back British sovereignty by getting Nonetheless, while we're thdre, we


need to be vigilant about Brussels' power grabs and try to block them


and make sure they do not h`ppen. We want to be there


for the important votes. And still less, go native, which


would be the worst fate of `ll. Mr Farage was talking about


where you might put people tp for the General Election next year


and he has highlighted Great Yarmouth


and parts of Cambridge. Well, if you look


at the council results, if xou look at the breakdown of who acttally won


the vote for the European elections in those areas, those are clearly


very good areas for us. They are areas where we havd


local government base. They are areas where the UKHP brand


is well known and well liked. There are extra areas in thd East,


too. The South Essex corridor, looking


at looking at Thurrock, looking at And why do you think UKIP h`s


so much support? I think people


in the eastern counties... They have always approached politics


from a common`sense percepthve so there's not too much of the


metropolitan sensibility gohng on. I think they're very much aware


of open`door immigration compressing wages


and perhaps making job opportunities more difficult for young people


as they move into adulthood. I think particularly in the south


of the region, there is heightened concern about pressure on greenbelt


and greenfield land due to development in part necessitated


by enormous levels of immigration. So what has been the reaction to


the results? In Essex,


UKIP made big gains in both Our reporter Gareth George has been


finding out what people think The bank holiday bargain hunters


were out early in Essex this morning,


and many weren't I voted UKIP this time. You would


normally vote Conservative. Yes. Because I felt they cotld do


It has been Labour for ten xears, then I went on to Conservathve,


Will you be voting for UKIP in the General Election as well


To be honest, I wasn't really surprised. I didn't vote UKHP.


Were you tempted to vote UKHP? A little bit, yes.


There are lots people who aren't happy about what is going on


Are you worried they are getting so many votes?


I think you have to be very careful and see what all


the parties are going to be doing over the next year.


Because unless we've got a few facts, you can't make


Essex is sometimes seen as a political barometer


for the whole country, and at least for the moment, UKHP seems


Are political correspondent is here. What does this tell us about our


region? We are a Eurosceptic region. It also tells us UKHP is a


major political player now hn this region, mainly I think becatse of


fears about immigration, but there are also a lot of people who have


just had enough with the mahn parties and in some parts of our


region, Northamptonshire, Cambridge, Essex, the main battle is


between UKIP and the Tories. UKIP have driven out the Lib Dems and are


now squeezing out Labour. How bad is it for Labour? They do not know what


to make of it. They had a mhxed picture in the local elections on


Thursday. A lot of their increased vote in last night came frol Liberal


Democrat voters but I am he`ring stories that a lot of Labour voters


stayed at home this week and did not vote. That is worrying for Labour if


it is true. Thank you. The drugs company Pfizer has


officially pulled out of an attempted takeover of


Astra`Zeneca, which employs hundreds of people in Cambrhdge


There had been fears that if the takeover had gone ahead, it could


have threatened plans already in place to move the company


headquarters to Cambridge. A fire in the centre of Fakdnham has


been described as the worst of The former Aldiss department store


was destroyed, It looks like something


from the Blitz, now no more than twisted


metal, smouldering bricks and There are pockets


of fire is still under the debris. We want to make sure none


of them spread, certainly not into any of the


buildings we have managed to save. Yesterday morning 100


firefighters tackled the bl`ze. For the moment,


Norfolk Fire and Rescue do not know One reason why no one was khlled or


injured. The weather.


The radar picture shows rain heading our way from the continent. Tonight


the rain could be heavy at times and possibly thundery, too. Temperatures


should not drop down to double figures for most of us. `` out of


double figures for most of ts. Torrential downpours at timds


tomorrow. With the cloud and rain, it will feel on the cool side. As we


head into the evening, some further heavy downpours just about `nywhere


possible, so the Met Office have issued a yellow warning frol


midnight tonight until midnhght tomorrow for the heavy rain. Perhaps


even 40 millimetres expected in sunspots. That would be over an inch


and a half. So definitely the chance of some localised flooding. Possibly


some heavy rain on Wednesdax. Hopefully lighter rain if wd get any


on Thursday. And then a brighter day on Friday, probably just ond or two


showers. The late bulletin is at 10:30pm


Good evening. Good evening. If I were to conduct a


straw poll about the weather events today, I suspect we would get a


split decision. There were significant differences around, we


have sunshine and some warmth, but also this cloud and rain coming up


through the Channel into the north of England. On top of that, some


showers in the north-west, some of them thundery from Northern Ireland


and Scotland, so a real eclectic


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