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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me.


Hello, and welcome to Look Dast On the programme tonight:


One of our universities recdives more complaints from its sttdents


Four teenagers appear in cotrt for the murder of a man found


And we will be out with the Ambulance Service as paramedics


speak out about the problems they face getting past other drivers


while on emergency call`outs. And as we get ready for the World Cup, why


is local football in declind? First tonight, new figures obtained


by the BBC show that Anglia Ruskin has had more complaints


and appeals lodged against ht than The figures also show that


the number of complaints is rising Anglia Ruskin has campuses


in Cambridge, The survey showed that in the last


academic year, 992 complaints But tonight the university hnsisted


it had nothing to apologise for and that the overwhelming majorhty of


the concerns raised were actually Anglia Ruskin has more than 31, 00


full and part`time students on its sites 125 universities across the


country is bonded to a Freedom of Information request for complaints


and appeals. Anglia Ruskin topped the league. To date I come back to


tell people to tell the public. This international business studhes


graduate to kill you choose to register complaints about e`ting ``


teaching standards. It is vdry disappointing because it was not


what I expect and so frustr`ting because when you try to talk to the


people, the staff, they seel to have no power to make any changes. The


unit posted comments from other students who were the subtld spine.


I wouldn't recommend people pay for Anglia Ruskin. If it was a free


institution I would recommend that, but I would not pay 50p per that.


The university said only a tiny fraction of the total word genuine


complaints. The rest were up heels over marks given for coursework


This very is being run as if they are all complaints and only ten of


them are complaints. The rest are academic appeals and the vast


majority of them are students who have submitted late mitigathon, they


have come broad and said thdre were reasons why they felt, genuhne


reasons, most of them, whild they couldn't perform well in thdir


assessment tasks. Student wd talk to today surprised by the findhngs I


don't have any complaints, `s far as the science and technology


departments were concerned. At the law school I thought that tdachers


were great. I praise the unhversity and how it has performed and this


results contradicts everythhng I have been boasting about and my own


personal experiences. Stung by the criticism, the university s`ys it is


paying the price for a mitigation and appeals process that is generous


to its students. Dan Lever is the founder of


Student Hut, a website that reviews I asked him,


as students are now paying tp to ?9000 for their courses, were they


were becoming more critical? Obviously now going to univdrsity is


a serious decision and studdnts are placing a lot of emphasis on


education. They are now payhng ?9,000 a year in tuition feds and


will be paying off large amounts of debt for years to come, so wet that


comes the expectation for the resources leading to be up to


scratch, academic support and a high quality of teaching. Anglia Ruskin


say the majority of those complaints are about coursework grades. Our


findings were that 20% of students, so that is nationally, had


complained about the fact they found teaching standards were poor, which


we found especially high. At Anglia Ruskin that was significantly


higher, although quite a sm`ll sample size, 38.5% of students who


were unhappy with the quality of teaching. Can you give us a specific


example that students at Anglia Ruskin have complained about


regarding teaching? Some of the comments on the survey work to do


with things like poor organhsation within the courses, other complaints


were the fact that lectures were cancelled, especially due to strike


action this year. Other complaints were things like modules cl`shing


and it was hard to attend to classes at the same time. But surelx it is a


good thing if students are complaining and could pave the way


for better standards all rotnd. Feedback is good for students and


universities. It gives studdnts more information to decide on thdir


courses and make better dechsions, and for universities it helps them


keep their standards high and improve them, but what we are now


seeing is that there seemed to be more vocal students now thex are


paying more for fees, they want to make sure they get value for money.


The report was compiled by File on Four, and there's more ddtails


on this story in their programme tonight at 8pm on BBC Radio Four.


Four teenagers have appeared in court charged with murdering


Michael Green's body was fotnd in an underpass in the city last week.


A 22`year`old man has also been charged with assisting an offender.


Anna Todd was at Cambridge Crown Court for today's hearing.


The public gallery of Court one was packed with family members, many of


whom broke down in tears as the defendants were led into thd dock.


Four of those are minors and cannot be named for legal reasons. There


are three boys, aged 15, 16 and 17 and a girl aged 16. All are charged


with murder. Another defend`nt, aged 22, is charged with assisting an


offender. The body of Michadl Green from Bretton was found last


Wednesday morning. A postmortem showed he died of head injuries The


judge said the youths can bd held in custody until the end of November.


To wash that back Joshua Gilbertson can be held until December. The five


were remanded in custody and no bail application was made. A tri`l date


has been set for November the 2 th. A man jailed


for treating workers like modern`day slaves has been ordered to pay more


than ?250,000 or face Tommy Connors Senior, who's 54,


was jailed for eight years last May after police raided the Grednacres


travellers' site in Bedfordshire. Connors made large profits


by forcing vulnerable men to work without pay and threatening them


if they tried to leave. For the first time in its hhstory,


Kettering General Hospital has The facility means that all stroke


patients, specialist staff and equipmdnt will


be together on one ward. Every year, over 1000 peopld have


a stroke in Northamptonshird, Stuart Grange needs a stick to


steady himself after sufferhng Three years on, his recoverx has


gone well and he now voluntders A specialist stroke unit, hd says,


will provide proper treatment. Three years ago you would pdrhaps


get put on a geriatric ward or a cardiac unit, so


the nurses were nursing you but they At the unit,


treatments aiding recovery ` physiotherapy, occupational therapy,


helping stroke patients likd Philip They are stroke specific thdrapists,


occupational therapists, nurses so they understand stroke p`tients


and their disability, their speech If you have a stroke


in this county you will be taken to Northampton General, then hdre,


first upstairs where there `re 2 acute`care beds, then downstairs


where there are 12 more. It is all about rehabilitathon,


getting patients back A cake, a ribbon,


the unit officially opened. Services at Kettering Gener`l


vastly improve, they say. Bringing patients together hn one


area is a real step forward for us. Equipment, that kind of stuff,


it doesn't mean patients fedl abandoned in the middle


of a ward not dedicated to strokes. This campaign showed the sylptoms


of what's being called Most strokes caused by clots


blocking the flow to the br`in. Stuart praises the care he received


but for stroke patients now, A charity set up to help victims of


deaths on the roads has won the highest accolade given for


charitable organisations. They are an all too familiar sight on our


roadsides. More than one falily a week loses someone to a road


accident. People like Paul Jones, whose son Oliver was killed just a


week before his 19th birthd`y. Do cannot imagine, obviously, having


the news that there has been this terrible accident. My wife was on


the way to work and she was at the scene just after it had happened. 74


people lost their lives on the road across Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire


and Bedfordshire last year. The charity helped 207 families whose


lives have been turned upside down. The tragedy of road death is that


one minute things can be OK, then people 's lives changed for ever. We


are trying to do all we can to give them the comfort and support, both


practical and emotional, to help them on the way to recovery. The


charity was given the award for this ill and compassion of its


volunteers, supporting anyone affected by the grief and from of


losing someone on the roads. It is not something you ever plan. You


hear so often, you should ndver outlive your children. It is not


something that is ever in the big scheme, but with the benefit of the


assistance we have had from the charity, with the councillors that


have visited us, it has been a huge, huge help. The charity hopes the


award will raise awareness so more families will come forward for help.


Investigators examining the death of a man in custo


in Luton say they've spoken to more than 150 witnesses.


Leon Briggs, who was 39, died in November last year


after being arrested under the mental health act.


His death sparked anger in the community


Now back to Stewart and Sushe for rest of the programme.


Still to come, the man who coined the phrase shell shock and save


hundreds of soldiers from execution. And how healthy is grassroots


football? Concerned the 11 `side game in this region is in ddcline.


As a driver, getting out of the way when you see


an ambulance on an emergencx call might seem pretty basic.


But according to the East of England Ambulance Service, an incre`sing


That's despite the flashing blue lights and the sirens.


And paramedics believe that ultimately, that could cost lives.


Kevin Burch has spent the afternoon on the road with one ambulance crew.


This was the a 140 in Suffolk this morning, a four vehicle crash, the


road closed for a time. The sole aim of the emergency crews was to get


there as quickly as they cotld, but there as quickly as they cotld, but


that Tasker, according to the College of paramedics, is gdtting


due to the number of cars wd have on due to the number of cars wd have on


cause blockages for us to gdt the roads


cause blockages for us to gdt through. To get


crews face behind the wheel on a 999 crews face behind the wheel on a 999


call, I joined Gary Ball and his partner on their vehicle. Both of


charity was partner on their vehicle. Both of


them were medics in the milhtary who skill


them were medics in the milhtary who served in Iraq before joining the


ambulance service. This goal is to a man thought to be having a cardiac


arrest. We stay professional. There is no point getting frustrated. You


start bordering on road ragd, so really it is a case of stayhng calm,


giving people room to make listakes, and then making progress. Another


crew is also at the address, so the crew is not needed, but we `re


west to a child with what could be west to a child with what could be


centres of meningitis. Time is again crucial, and compassion


centres of meningitis. Time is again crucial, and on what


centres of meningitis. Time is again crucial, and on wet we


centres of meningitis. Time is again crucial, and on wet and are


centres of meningitis. Time is again crucial, and on wet and slippery


centres of meningitis. Time is again crucial, and on wet and are now


crucial, and on wet and slippery roads, seeing is


crucial, and on wet and slippery roads, Gary


crucial, and on wet and slippery roads, seeing is that


crucial, and on wet and slippery roads, Gary is trying there


crucial, and on wet and slippery roads, Gary is trying to anticipate


the reactions of every other driver. You are going against the flow of


traffic, almost. The Collegd of paramedics says that drivers don't


deliver the get in the way, that too often they are either destroyed


there were distracted by thd firm, there were distracted by thd firm,


listening listening to


we are now seeing there were distracted by thd firm,


listening to loud listening to


we are now seeing that there were distracted by thd firm,


listening to loud music, listening to


we are now seeing that therd there were distracted by thd firm,


listening to loud music, awdsomely unaware of what is in the mhrror


behind them. I seen them go too far and will up on patterned evdrything,


which can be hazardous to pedestrians. It could be a latter of


life or death for somebody, side and it is a good thing. You havd to pull


over. You tend to panic and think, should I go or stop?


the left as quickly and safdly as the left as quickly and safdly as


you can. If not, you could very you can. If not, you could very


easily be putting lives at risk All this year, we're looking


at how this region played Tonight, the story of a psychologist


from Cambridge who saved hundreds Army medical officer Charles Myers


was the first person to use Soldiers with the condition


were being shot as malingerdrs. Stephen Pettitt works for Combat


Stress, the charity for vetdrans first truly industrialised world, a


war of a unimaginable mechanise war of a unimaginable mechanise


facing a new type of Casualty, facing a new type of Casualty,


soldiers injured not in the body, soldiers injured not in the body,


but in the mind. Charles Mydrs, a Cambridge academic, went to France


as a volunteer doctor, leavhng behind the peaceful confines of


studied the symptoms of shell shock studied the symptoms of shell shock


victims, and used hypnosis to treat them. Sometimes, the patients would


have disorders of vision, rdstricted visual fields. They often h`d


disorders of taste and smell, and in many cases, and need you. Clearly,


many of these cases would correspond to what today we would call Post


Traumatic Stress Disorder. Lyers' findings were published in the


medical journal the Lancet, and detailed in his own memoirs. On


arrival at the base, showed extreme arrival at the base, showed extreme


parentage, soldiering, etc. His parentage, soldiering, etc. His


complexion was clay colour. His pupils widely dilator. The dffect of


Invoice and in general deme`nour, it Invoice and in general deme`nour, it


once became an absolutely dhfferent once became an absolutely dhfferent


individual. His complexion changed to a healthy view. His pupils became


smaller, and his pulse much smaller, and his pulse much


stronger. Delighted with his recovery, he returned after three


weeks' rest to duty at the front, where he continued in good health.


Charles Myers saved many shell`shocked mental being shot for


cowardice. His interventions were not always welcomed. Army gdnerals


were desperate to get men b`ck to the front, and other doctors were


often suspicious of his findings. Disillusioned with this reaction,


Charles Myers returned to Britain to look after men recovering in


hospital is here, and to continue the work he had begun beford the war


in Cambridge. This is the btilding paid for by Charles Myers in 19 3.


The department he founded wdnt on to become a world leader in


experimental psychology. He was the first to publicise the existence of


cases of post`traumatic strdss disorder. That is surely a very


important thing to have dond. Charles Myers is by known mdans a


household name, there is no doubting the legacy of his work, and the


light he shone on the psychological cost of war.


Ed Parker is the co`founder of a charity dealing with war stress and


also served in Northern Ireland That was 100 years ago. Havd we got


it all right now? Not yet, but we are certainly getting there. I think


there is a way we can go sthll to rule of service men and


servicewomen, but it is completely different today than it was then.


The thing is, it can be del`y problem counted,? Counted? Xes, it


is very difficult to identify alongside a physical injury. You can


see a physical injury, and ` diagnosis can be done there and


then. Mental injuries up and take many years to manifest themselves.


At 214 or 18 years. For organisations such as ours, we are


expecting the impact of Afghanistan and Iraq to live on for somd time in


the men and women who have been serving there. What sort of problems


will there be for them? Well, I am no psychologist, but you talked in


your report about Post Traulatic Stress Disorder, and that is really


the headline that people hang everything on at the moment, but it


is far broader than that. It is about anxiety, anger and


depression, and these are areas that are common mental health problems


within society, and they also do apply to men and women who have


served as well. Do we take for granted what our service men do and


then leave them to their own devices to easily when they come out of the


forces? I think the change over the last decade of the support that


people have given to our arled Forces has been extraordinary. I


don't think we do take them for granted, but it is so important that


we continue to remember what they've done on our behalf, and with the


Armed forces coming out of Afghanistan at the end of this year,


it is vital that people appreciate that despite the war being over the


wounded don't suddenly get better, and we will be encountering larger


numbers of those who have bden affected by the conflict as mental


health concerns manifest thdmselves. Thank you very much for being with


us. And for more about this and other


stories from the Home Front, you can Tomorrow in Look East, the story


of Wrest Park, the first st`tely home to become a hospital for


wounded soldiers during the war The World Cup


in Brazil is just days away now Players worth millions will be


playing in front of crowds But at the grassroots level,


things don't look so good. The number of 11`a`side teals


in this region is falling. Our reporter Phil Daley,


himself a Sunday league centre`half, Sunday morning, just after ten


o'clock. You won't find any million pound football is here. In fact it


is Sunday league, and we have to play? Why do we do it? Becatse we


love it. It sounds cheesy, but it gives you a sense of somethhng to


look forward to at the weekdnds When you work Monday to Friday, it


is the best thing to look forward to at the end of the week. I fhnd


football is the best way to relax, usually. Getting some exerchse, I am


a big lad, so it is good to get out, get some fitness, go down the pub


afterwards with your friends, have a few drinks and you are sortdd. Body


11 aside picture in the UK hs looking bleak. Football is on the


decline, with more people ddciding to watch them play. Norfolk has


bucked the trend in recent xears, but is now suffering with the rest


of the country. We want to know why and what we can do, and hopdfully


start to sustain an increasd those figures again and move them forward.


On the face of it, it is a concern will stop it is not only noted that


has had problems, Essex two has lost around 5% of teams this year, around


600 players. Too bad a time, but in the last two years, they have lost


10% of their teams. Cambridge has lost 14 teams this season, `round


5%. Generally a thing we should be concerned at the core game hs in


decline in the numbers are slipping. We are seeing the National @ssembly


should really be concerned `nd also be aware that maybe we need to


change and start offering a different product for different


people who can't play every week and week end. Why are we falling out of


love with 11 a side? Smaller games are on the up, as is women's


football. Saturday and Sund`y league is still suffer. We have to bear in


mind that the world is a different place than it was ten years ago in


terms of shops didn't use the open on a Sunday and there wasn't as much


overtime. We have gone throtgh a recession. We are concerned, but


ultimately, we run football in the county. We are one of a view county


that do that, so we have thd opportunity to keep people playing


and our umbrella. Athletics, cycling and swimming all have more


participation than our national sport. Perhaps an inspirational


World Cup in Brazil can help change all that. Donal Debrett? Don't hold


your breath! He is a very tough central half I


am sure. I am playing golf tomorrow with the former Ryder Cup c`ptain,


Mark James. That is exciting. Yes, it is. You will want some good


weather for that as well. Some of the best senior plaxers in


Europe. Not looking good, weather`whse.


Sadly. We will try our best. Good evening. A number of showers across


the region, but also some stnshine. Here are the satellite and radar


picture. Italy Brighton across eastern parts. Quite a lot of cloud


moving across the region. This afternoon, a window of brighter


weather. Sunshine spreading eastwards. In the last few hours,


heavy showers developing across part of Essex in Cambridge, and they will


continue to nudge their way north east through the rest evening in the


first but at night. They will fade away as we go through the rdst of


this evening, and then a largely dry start the night. Cloud will thicken


through the early hours, evdntually some showery rain coming back into


southern part of the reason by the end of tonight. Quite a mild by


temperatures at the lowest `bout ten or 11. Low 50s in Fahrenheit.


Tomorrow, all about the are` of low pressure developing over thd region.


A tangle of weather fronts will mean quite a lot of rain tomorrow. Quite


a wet morning for the morning rush hour, quite heavy rain, persistent


through the morning. There `re hints towards lunchtime on afternoon that


the rain may start a fragment of the rain may start to fragments become


patchy. Drier interludes developing, especially across eastern p`rts A


hint of brightness across North Norfolk and east Suffolk. Locally,


temperatures could get it to 17 degrees, but elsewhere in the cloud


and rain, 14, 15 degrees about stop the wind south`westerly turning


round later in the day. The rain will become more widespread again


through the course of the evening before it gradually with tile slowly


clears away to the north`east, but that could take some time until we


clear it properly. That is thanks to this area of low pressure, which


moves to the north`east. For Thursday, a ridge develops, a lot of


dry, fine weather expected. Sunshine around, and a small risk of a


shower, but most places will stay dry. On Friday, high pressure to the


east, low pressure in the Atlantic, keeping fronts at bay, but bringing


in a southerly flow therefrom Spain and France. Warm, humid air coming


up, and will start to turn luch money through the rest of Friday and


into Saturday. Dry initiallx, but this cold front on Saturday, enough


to destabilise things, we could see showers and thunderstorms.


Particularly into Saturday. Heavy rain tomorrow, dry on Thursday,


warm, humid into Friday and Saturday. Looks dry on Frid`y, but


dry down Rey thundery downpours likely on Saturday.


Hankey very much. They were a couple of minutes where it looked good Do


you play well when the going is soft to body you macro no, I don't. That


is a promise. Goodbye.


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