06/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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First tonight, a historic d`y of commemoration has seen young and


old come together to remembdr what history hopes we will never forget.


Choristers from Cambridge s`ng for Prince Charles and world le`ders


While closer to home, children learned the skills


of war their forebears had to master to head off foreign invaders


veterans at Bayeux Cathedral today, those who could only imagind the


sacrifice stood alongside those who were remembering those who would


fall in. Among them, the choristers from St John's School in Calbridge.


And across the Channel near Kettering, youngsters were being


given a taste of wartime drhlls American troops were stationed here


in the days running up to D`Day And these recruits realise the


significance of the Day that changed the war. It is why great wrhtten is


a free country, because if we didn't win this, then Germany would be ..


Just doing the activities they have set out for us is hard, but they


would have to do it with he`vier guns and more equipment. Ond of


those veterans was born in Northampton. James Peake lidd about


his age to enlist, and landdd at Normandy. But he couldn't travel to


today's commemorations becatse his son`in`law misspelt his namd on his


passport. But today, veterans on both sides of the Channel wdre


united by memories history will never forget.


A protest has taken place in Milton Keynes calling


for changes to council tax and the so`called bedroom t`x.


It's more than a year since new rules on benefits were brought in.


But with a change in power at the local council, protestors


are calling for a better de`l for low income families, worried


A reduction in the number of prison officers at a jail


in Milton Keynes may have ldd to the death of an inmate.


21`year`old Sean Brock commhtted suicide in his cell at


Today the prison governor told the coroner cuts in staff


in the past five years have had a negative impact on inmates.


The coroner will now write to the Secretary of State.


It's promising 1,500 jobs and a ?20 million


A new Center Parcs holiday resort opened in Bedfordshire todax,


but will it give the county the tourist boost it needs?


Our business correspondent Richard Bond reports.


An even bigger splash for Center Parcs.


The swimming complex alone cost ?20 million, the whole of Woburn Forest,


Plenty for the first paying guests to get stuck into today.


Including the Aycock family from Tamworth.


We've been coming to Center Parcs since the early 90s,


so we have been to them all, and we just wanted to come `nd try


There are 625 lodges, a 75`bedroom hotel and a full range


Center Parcs already has fotr holiday villages in England,


It is been ?250 million, two years in construction.


It is going to inject about ?20 million per annum to


As you will know, we have generated 150 jobs 0500


jobs, permanent jobs, and a great news is that 90% of these pdople


Among the workers, Rosemary Oakton, who's just had her second child


I do ten hours a week, within the hours that I need to pick


up my children from nursery, Monday and Friday only.


The hope is Woburn Forest whll beef up tourism in Bedfordshire


The fact is, Bedfordshire h`s an underdeveloped tourist industry.


It has just 7% of the staying visitor market in the East.


That compares with 26% for Norfolk, 21% for Essex.


Well, Bedfordshire does reasonably well from the tourism perspdctive,


but of course, a lot of people pass through the county,


and we need to create reasons for them to stay in the county,


And the Center Parcs development is exactly the right thing


Woburn Forest is expected to draw most of its visitors from


London and the south`east, `nd with that part of the world boomhng,


today's's launch of a major new tourist attraction could be very


Let's look at how much monex our region makes through totrism.


Out in front, no surprise, is Cambridgeshire with ?1.2 billion


a year, boosted by huge numbers of overseas visitors to Cambridge.


Hertfordshire makes ?773 million a year followed by Northamptonshire


Bedfordshire has a much smaller share, making ?317 million.


So will the county be able to catch up with the opening


Earlier I asked Sally Everett, a tourism expert.


There has been some research in the past, and I've reallx looked


at it, looking at, OK, how many times does someone go out


Once, probably about 20 or so percent, twice is quite rare


I think there is real importance to making sure that the visitors and


the tourists who to go to Cdnter Parcs do go out, and I hope that


there will be a lot of job creation, using local suppliers and local food


and the things that they bux in different resources


Villagers have been giving their views about plans for a new


The site at Rookery Pit had been earlarked


for a giant incinerator, but those plans have now been shelved.


Instead a gas`fired power station is planned near the villages of


Marston Moretaine, Stewartbx, Millbrook and Lidlington.


Before we go on this special day of remembrance,


let's go to the weather centre and Dan Holley with the fordcast.


Good evening. Some very heavy downpours in places, but


temperatures not dropping too far. The Met Office do have a yellow


weather warning out for the rain tomorrow. We will have some storms


during the morning on Saturday, and then it comes prior. The risk of


further thunderstorms through the afternoon working their way


northwards, possibly with h`il and gusty winds. It will feel r`ther


humid. Your national forecast coming up, but your outlook back hdre:


improve to some extent. The showers move away and a fresh appeal to


things. Good evening. The good news is,


there will be some decent dry on a sunny moment to come through the


weekend. But over the next 24 hours, the threat of thunderstorms


looms large. The ingredients have been coming together today - warm


air pushing northwards out of Iberia, cooler air from the Atlantic


trying to pushed away. In between the cloud has been building with a


lot of energy in the atmosphere sparking off some nasty


thunderstorms across parts of northern Spain and south-west


France. They will produce most of the rainfall tomorrow. Ahead of it,


the cloud is starting to produce thunderstorms itself. We've seen in


Cornwall. A few sporadic thunderstorms across central and


southern areas and towards Northern Ireland through the


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