09/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. creator, Richard Rik Mayall.


Cambridge Airport denies passenger safety has been put at risk after


the BBC uncovered leaked em`ils raising issues with air traffic


The documents detail conversations between senior managers


Passengers boarding the first new city Jet flight to Dublin l`st


month. A new airline ` part of the airport's expansion. Behind the


scenes it is a different story. We found an airport worker who did not


want to be identified. I'd don't recommend friends or family flying


out of the airport, especially in the summer. This is a busy `irport.


20,000 aircraft use it each year, from gliders to military jets.


Horses are even delivered to nearby and Newmarket. The second


whistle`blower handed me e`lails dating back to last year. M`nagement


spoke about chronic short staffing, the walls being ended and preaching


CAA regulations. Also, new flights to Europe put pressure on the


control tower. A manager colplains about underfunding. Also, l`nding


aids are antique and fail frequently. We have just taken off


from Cambridge Airport. We `re at 2000 feet. This is uncontrolled


airspace. It means we don't have to let anyone know we are here,


including the tower below us. It is clear the runway is wearing. Plans


for a new one art on hold, `ccording to one whistle`blower. I saw a jet


taking off and noticed it h`d debris stuck to one of its main whdels The


airport is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. It has known


about the problems the years, at the airport has passed its safety


inspections. We took our findings to an aviation expert. It is worrying


that and airport will cut corners to cut costs.


The CAA would not comment on our reports, but said they would


consider any further allegations. In a statement, Cambridge Ahrport


told us it has recruited three extra air traffic controllers and will


refurbish the runway next ydar. It says, we utterly refute


the implied allegations that safety Safety, above all,


is of paramount importance. An Islamic school in Luton has been


criticised by Ofsted after books with fundamentalist


views were found in the library Olive Tree Primary has been rated as


inadequate for not doing enough to It comes on the day six schools


in Birmingham were put in special measures for failing to protect


pupils from Islamic extremism. Inside the classroom that appears


very little to set this apart from any other, but when Ofsted


inspectors visited last month they raised a number of concerns. Today


inspectors rated this school inadequate. They say there hs a lack


of teaching about other relhgions and faiths, which the school


project. We have had people from other faith and religions that have


come into teaching. We reject what they are saying. Ofsted criticise


the school library for not having other book on different relhgions.


This is a staff library, not a child's library. These books are not


made available to children. The report comes on the day Ofsted


published its findings into allegations of extremism at a number


of schools in Birmingham. Ofsted have told teachers at Olive Tree


School that its curriculum needs to better prepare children for living


in modern Britain. The school polls`macro governors say they


reject the report today in hts entirety and are now seeking legal


advice to decide their next move. Earlier I spoke to Gavin Shtker


the MP for Luton South. I asked him what he made of Oftsed's


report. Earlier I spoke to Gavin Shtker


the MP for Luton South. I asked him what he made of Oftsed's


report. It is both great concern. It is


slightly different to the broader story in terms of the schools in


Birmingham. Ofsted are not linking Olive Tree School with the schools


in Birmingham, but what's information can you give to parents?


It's up to parents where thdy want to send their children to school,


but I am concerned that thex have released their report on thd same


day as six Birmingham schools have been put into special measures. It


is right that Ofsted did carry out this inspection. There are concerns


about the way the school was targeted though. What impact will it


have on the community in Luton? People will look at the report and


see that we need to improve certain areas, but I don't think it is fair


to jump to conclusions over allegations of extremism. Now it's


time for the weather. The risk of heavy and thunddry


showers continues and then everywhere should be tried by


morning with patchy mist and fog. It will be extremely humid. Anx missed


and Merck will clear to leave a fine and Friday spells sunshine `nd the


chance of a feel isolated showers. It should be less humid with highs


of 21 Celsius. We finished the day with a couple of showers, btt


largely fine and dry. In a loment, the National forecast, but H will


leave you with the forecast. of us, but I'll pass you overto Jay.


-- over to jay now. Good evening, it was the warmest day


of the year. Warm for some, but thundery for others. This line of


really intense thunderstorms moved through. Large hail and gusty winds


and rain as well. That moved away and now we look towards the south


and you can see the rain moving northwards. So let's look at the


cloud which is heading our way and some of it does look really quite


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