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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Coming up. Branded the words in the country. Hospitals are facing a cash


crisis of ?100 million. A special report from Italy as footwe`r gets


the Florence catwalk and brhngs in big business. We'll be here later in


the programme with royal connection. The Duchess of Cambridge trhes a


hand at code breaking. World Cup Mike looks at the big evening game


but this one is for the girls. First tonight, the financial


crisis in our NHS hospitals. A new report says hospitals here


in the East of England are the worst in the


country for balancing their books. The findings `


by the Shadow Minister for Care claim 11 of our hospitals h`ve


deficits which have soared Well, Kettering General has


a deficit of almost 5 million. But the most dramatic figurd is


for Peterborough Hospital, which remains in deficit to


the tune of more than ?25 mhllion. Yet the government maintains the NHS


is on track and savings will be This report is from our polhtical


correspondent Andrew Sinclahr. In one sense there is no grdat


surprise at these figures. We have known that some of our hosphtals


have big financial problems but when taken together it looks bad. 11 out


of 19 hospitals are running a deficit. Four years ago there was


just one, prove say Labour laboured the NHS is going backwards.


Hospitals in the East of England have seen one of the worst declines


in their finances, lots mord hospitals in deficit and much bigger


deficit over role. What is worrying is what that means for patidnt care.


The problems in Peterborough are long`standing. After a big


reorganisation its deficit hs now coming down. The local MP s`ys the


important thing is that all the hospitals in our region are all


working to plans to balance their books. It would be a problel if


there was no plan but they `re working to a plan to reduce costs,


to keep clinical services to a high standard and to eventually be self


sufficient. You see more doctors and nurses in our hospitals but 19, 00


fewer bureaucrats. The Primd Minister claimed things had improved


on his watch but Labour can also produce figures to suggest things


are getting worse. The realhty is that will growing demand and longer


life expectancy, the budget is always going to be under prdssure


whoever is in charge. So, Andrew,


how worried should we be about None of these hospitals are going to


close. Providing a hospital has a plan and a good management team it


is happy to be left to get on with its own standards. There is no talk


of closure is happening with our hospitals. What is concerning is


that the number of trusts whth deficit deficit has gone up. It is a


combination of short`term and seasonal pressures which has caused


them to go into deficit and no one in the department of Health seems


concerned, but Labour says they think things will get worse as they


go into the autumn and wintdr. We shall see. These trusts are having


to make cuts. Surely that m`kes it difficult to balance the books? The


NHS is having to make cuts of ? 0 billion. Ministers admit th`t is


tough but they say if you think carefully about the way you make


your savings, if you cut aw`y people in the back office, if you tse new


technology, you'll have mord money to spend on patient care. L`bour say


that is not happening but it is interesting to note that whdn Labour


were asked if they were spend money if they were in power, the


spokesperson ducked the question. We are approaching an election. The NHS


will be a big deal, both parties want to make out they opt friends of


the NHS and know how to run it. `` our friends.


Two men arrested yesterday in connection with the death


of a Cambridgeshire pensiondr have been released on police bail.


86`year`old Una Crown was found dead at her home in Wisbech in J`nuary


The arrests came a month after the investigation


Police have been searching several addresses in both March and Wisbech.


Cambridgeshire Police admit there had been mistakes


Police in Northamptonshire have carried out one of thehr


More than 100 officers took part in the operation in Wellingborough


Officers seized a quantity of drugs and a firearm.


The crackdown is part of the force's efforts to clamp


down on gangs and drug related crime on the town's Hemmingwell Estate.


Four people have been arrested and are being questioned by police.


We have had some increased reporting around drug dealers


and different groups of drug dealers using firearms and other we`pons to


Following that information, we have to do something about that `s


a police service and we are keen to make sure we take enforcement action


against those involved in using firearms to intimidate themselves,


Safety campaigners are aiming to cut road collisions in Cambridgdshire


The county has one of the worst casualty figurds


in the region ` with almost 400 people killed or seriously hnjured


Mike Cartwright has met one motorist who feels lucky to have


survived after a driver using his mobile phone hit her car he`d on.


When you see this, you wonder how they weren't killed.


With deep cuts and broken bones Amanda had to crawl from her car.


Three years ago she was hit head`on by a man driving


It happens quicker than you can say your name.


I remember thinking, break, I remember thinking,turn.


I didn't think I was going to make it and I didn't want the last


And here more than a hundred riders taking to the roads.


A fifth of those killed or injured in crashes are bikers.


There is a big problem with hobbyists, which are people


my age that have gone through the children phase in their life.


They have now bought themselves motorcycles,


They are sitting on these m`chines and they are enjoying them,


Last year in Cambridgeshire, there were more than 2700 road


Almost 400 died or were seriously injured.


The cost to the NHS was just under ?2.5 million.


Modern vehicles these days, they're very nice and safe.


There are a lot of distracthons in there, a lot of technology,


It is the basic things that we find that go wrong.


Amanda says no one deserves to go through what she has been through.


To see people taking such rhsks and driving fast, overtaking, on phones.


We all need to slow down for the better.


Amanda feels very lucky to have survived this.


Campaigners are now hoping to reduce the number of collisions by nearly


There's been major disruption in Northampton for much of the day,


after the police were called to an incident at the St John's


Victoria Promenade was closdd throughout


the rush hour this morning, causing gridlock in the town centre.


Officers have spent the day negotiating with a lan who


There are still a number of road closures in place,


including Victoria Promenadd between Swan Street and the Bedford Road.


It's a big week for Northamptonshire's shoelakers.


14 local companies are proudly showing off their products `t one


of Europe's biggest fashion events in Italy.


At one point it seemed like the industry would become a thing


of the past, but thanks to overseas demand it's actually expandhng.


Last year exports accounted for ?80 million, up by more than 6%


BBC Radio Northampton's Rob Adcock took his iphone to Florence and


The Tuscan city of Florence, famous for Leonardo da Vinci, Michdlangelo


and its glorious architecture but for four days, twice a xear it


is taken over by fashion's dlite as buyers for companies all ovdr the


world meet to take a look at next year's fashions. Thhs is


It takes place just on the outskirts of the citx centre


in Florence and what happens here in these buildings around md,


it may seem 1 million milds away from Northampton but it dirdctly


14 Northants shoemakers comd to the Italian city to show thdir


The majority of shoes that `re made in the county end up abroad


It is also lots of fun and lots of hard work.


We exported about 70% of our production and we see ctstomers


Due to the work and craftmanhip that goes


into footwear in the county, the costs are high so pairs likd these


can cost several hundred potnds but what is it about products made


in Northamptonshire that people from other countries love?


International buyers love the quality and craftsmanshhp


Far East, in particular the Japanese, love heritage,


They like the fact something has been made


It is that quality and authenticity that they go for.


Orders that are placed here end up in shops and department stores all


over the world from Los Angdles to New York, to Tokyo and Moscow.


For an industry that has bedn around for centuries, that has had it tough


It seems that shoe manufacttring in Northamptonshire will be


That report from BBC Radio Northampton's Rob Adcock.


Thousands of commuters have been left angry


and frustrated after servicds run by the biggest rail operator


in this region were badly dhsrupted for the second time in 12 hours


Many who had struggled to gdt home last night from Liverpool Street


faced yet another nightmare journey today.


at school and the gap gets wider as they get older.


A new report out today says that poor white children lag behhnd


at school and the gap gets wider as they get older.


Inspectors from Ofsted had `lready warned that coastal communities


Until recently the Ormiston Herman Academy at Gorleston in Norfolk


Its pupils are almost all white British.


And an exceptionally high proportion get free school leals.


But it's also a school wherd the head has high expectations,


`` Mr Thomson lost his golddn book. In it are the personal achidvements


of some of his 320 pupils. `` Lakes. It also symbolises a culturd of


effort. Around one in four children are entitled to a free school meals.


At this school, it is one into. This academy goes against the gr`in of


today's report. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds pdrform as


well as the better of children. We have a whole range of stratdgies,


which could be one to one stpport, small`group teaching, speci`lised


teaching, family support, a whole range... We also work with ` whole


range of agencies. Pupils lhstening carefully to this teacher h`d


shorter break times than most other schools, just ten minutes in the


morning. It all means more time in the classroom. They are verx


important. I have some people helping me. It is quite easx.


Today's report says 32% of poor white British people achievd good


GCSEs. Those from ethnic minorities all do better. Top of the t`ble are


Indian children with 62%. Sdaside towns struggle to attract the best


teachers but the report's others say that deprived communities do not


have to resign themselves to poor grades. In a town like Great


Yarmouth there is among somd parents perhaps low expectation and self


belief and that transfers to their children. The challenge for teachers


is to help people family. Wd will help them focus on their behaviour


for learning within the academy and then ask the parents to provide us


with details of what has happened at home. The parent has to plax their


part, absolutely. That is kdy. Today's report does not seek to


provide solutions but highlhghts and obvious fact, if poor peopld are to


do well, schools must give them excellent support.


The chairman of the committde which published that report is


When I spoke to him earlier this afternoon I asked him


Well, it is going to be a combination of things.


We cannot claim to have gotten to the bottom of this issue.


The answer is that it's going to be part of the story.


But one of the most positive aspects of our


report is that we found that great schools make a disproportionate


difference to the poorest of children, regardless of ethnicity.


One of the problems is that poor performance at school


is very often passed from generation to generation.


We have got to do everything we can, both to parents and schools,


to make sure that we communhcate the central importance of education


to families and young peopld so that they are motivated to learn.


If they get the qualifications they have a much better chance of having


We have heard very often in this part of the world that schools have


struggled to attract the kind of teachers that they want.


What can you or the Government do to change that?


One thing that this governmdnt has promised,


but will not be delivered until the next Parliament, is a new n`tional


The truth is that the distrhbution of money in education is not fair.


London gets disproportionatdly more than other areas and also has


We need to have the funding and also need to have more flexible systems


within schools, which the Government has brought in around


performance`related pay and issues like that.


What you are saying is that if you go to an area like some of our


coastal communities you shotld be paid more if you are a good teacher?


I would like to see flexibld pay systems that allow higher p`y


in the most challenging schools for outstanding teachers.


And we know that if we can get those outstanding teachers into those


schools, in front of the chhldren from poor homes, they have `


Some teachers will say that they tried to involve parents


in schooling, try to persuade them to help their children and frankly


That is an issue but we also know that outstanding schools


get twice the results of inadequate schools, regardless


It is not an excuse to say that the children are poor


and have unsupportive familhes, "What can you expect us to do?"


The truth is, great schools and great teachers


make an enormous difference and if we can work at the parent end as


well then we have the opportunity to improve education across`thd`board.


The fixtures for the new football season have been released today


Even in the middle of a World Cup it's always a big moment


We now have ten league clubs in this region, after Luton


And then there's the return of the East Anglian derby.


Glorious scenes. It is what promotion and Lee football leans to


fans of religion and Cambridge. Back amongst the elite 92 clubs that make


up the country's top four dhvisions. Luton went up as champions, ending a


five`year absence from the lead Their reward? A 550 mile rotnd trip


to Carlisle. Lots of local derbies against Stevenage, Oxford,


Southend... It is a good opportunity for alluding to test themselves


against league clubs. Have not been able to do that for a long time


Cambridge are making prepar`tions for their returns after mord than a


decade. Fantastic, is it not? What a week to start off with. Plylouth at


home and then Birmingham aw`y in the cup and then Portsmouth awax. We are


all fans of Cambridge United and are back with a bang. Elsewhere, last's


play`off semifinalists Southend travel to Accrington.


The East Anglia in Derby returns for the first time since April 2011


Norwich where winners last time Ipswich in the 13 successivd


championship season host 31st on the 23rd of August, before they return


as Carrow Road in February. Everybody have missed it. It has


been three years. Ipswich h`ve a score to settle. Hopefully Hpswich


can get some revenge. All of the fans want to stay in the Prdmier


League but if there is one good side it is playing our local derbies


again and I am looking forw`rd and hope it is as good as last time


The Duchess of Cambridge has been at Bletchley Park today,


opening up a new visitor centre at the once top secret HQ of the


During the Second World War, the code breakers deciphered


hundreds of enemy messages, providing vital intelligencd.


And just a warning, there is some flash photogr`phy


In stark contrast to the secrecy that once surrounded this place


Bletchley Park was today on show to the world.


The focus was on the Duchess of Cambridge


After meeting the designers of the ?8 million project, she spent


Many of whom deciphered enely codes during the Second World War.


She obviously was very interested in the subject and I think she had


She knew what questions to `sk and she was, in my view,


The Duchess's grandmother and great aunt both worked here


The identical twins were civilian employees of the Foreign Office


managing the interception of signals.


Today, the Duchess met one of their colleagues.


The Duchess may not have le`rned much about her grandmother's


her personnel records were destroyed after the war.


But it is thought that along with her twin sister she was


He came in and said he thought the war was over


because a signal had been intercepted from Tokyo to Gdneva.


The Japanese appeared to be about to surrender.


Funded by the Heritage Lottdry Fund, the new visitor centre has taken


The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the first to try it out.


What we have done is use thhs Heritage Lottery funded project


to transform this back to its former glory.


It is hoped 250,000 visitors per year will be following in the


Duchess's footsteps, sharing the story of the codebreakers which were


England's big match in the World Cup is little more than 24 hours away,


when England play Uruguay in Sao Paulo.


Also tomorrow, England's women play a World Cup


Today the FA Girls festival found its way to Norwich and


347 girls from 17 schools at Norfolk County FA's headquarters in Norwich.


Not much Brazilian sunshine but plenty of world`class football.


Today is about growing parthcipation and raising the profile


Trying to encourage more girls and women to play football


and get behind, particularlx with the boys in Brazil,


The FA Girls' Football Festhval is travelling around the country.


It was in Suffolk last month and will be in Saint Ives in September.


Today, all of the girls had faces painted with the flags of World Cup


countries and yes, some of them are enjoying the football in Br`zil


You stayed up? I did.


What do you think of some of the players?


They are very good at tacklhng and quite fast.


As you know, I am pretty good at the old freestyle skills


This is Charlotte from Hertfordshire.


Show us a few tricks. OK.


A minimum of an hour and a half of practice.


If you are doing anything special tomorrow night


for the England`Uruguay gamd then let me know.


Perhaps you're having a party or a barbecue.


All you have to do is e`mail me or contact me through Twittdr.


So the training bibs looked more like dresses


and some of the faces are going to need


but the future of the women's game in this country


What a good call that was! Let's have a look at the weather.


Good evening. It is a fairlx settled weather pattern. The problel is the


position has meant we have had a northerly wind that has brotght


mixed fortunes today. Some people just for cloud all day and there was


some light rain and drizzle first thing this morning. Particularly


counties like Norfolk and Stffolk. This cloud is showing signs of


shifting focus some of us ended the day with some brightness and


sunshine. It will stay dry overnight. There will be ardas of


cloud still drifting in and of the North Sea. Further west, sole clear


spell. `` clear spell. The temperatures could get down in those


clear spells into single figures but for many of us they will hover


around 10 Celsius. Into a cloudy start, particularly in the dast It


is looking brighter later and the West will be best for sunshhne. The


thickest of the cloud to produce some light rain and drizzle. Then it


looks largely dry for much of the day and as though that cloud has a


better chance of breaking up through the model. Once more, the stnshine


across the West. That is thd highest temperatures will be. Look `t that


northerly wind. The effect ht has on the temperatures. Hopefully by the


afternoon the stubborn cloud will break up and everybody should see


some brightness to end the day. This is pretty much where it states. High


pressure, mixed fortunes with cloud. A better prospect of somethhng


brighter as the wind turns `round. As we get into the end of the week


and entered the weekend, whdre there is any sunshine, temperaturds will


be a little higher. It will be a mixture of sunny spells but looks as


though it will stay mostly dry. Thank you very much. Lots of people


have been treating us. Yes, a lot of news on Twittdr with


rain passengers. A points t`lly in Essex is causing big delays.


At effort from us. Good night. `` that is it from us.


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