20/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Vauxhall's life`saver, the new van is launched that saved 1200 jobs in


Luton. We will be here later in thd the


millions of pounds being potred into potholes in the region.


And World Cup Michael takes a look at the highs and lows of an England


fan. First tonight, the two Peterborough


men who've been sentenced to a total of 32 years in jail for


trafficking underage girls for sex. In May this year, Yasir Ali and


Daim Ashraf were convicted of 24 offences against vulndrable


girls, some were as young as 13 Louise Hubball is at


Cambridge Crown Court now. Daim Ashraf laughed in the dock as


he was sentenced. Yasir Ali showed no emotion as he was given 20 years


in prison and described as `` by the judge as dangerous.


Yasir Ali and Daim Ashraf , men who groomed vulnerable girls as young


as 13, trafficking them frol their homes into Peterborough for sex


This is a story of the ordeal their victims went


through and what is being done to prevent it happening again.


28`year`old Yasir Ali raped four girls,


He denied everything when rdpeatedly challenged by an officer.


Picking young girls up, driving them around, giving them alcohol and


taking them to dead`end roads and going to hotels with young girls.


You are not, you are a sexual predator.


Yasir Ali abused one teenagdr in a car in this park in Peterborough.


He changed from being seemingly caring and attentive to a r`pist.


She has been brave enough to tell her story.


He told me I was beautiful and then he turned horrible.


I did feel like he was just using me for sex, but I was in love with him.


The girl planned a holiday with Yasir Ali and gave him hundreds


Then she found he had gone without her and got married to someone else.


I can't trust anyone any more, because he told me


if I was good`looking, he would have stayed with md.


It has made me feel that no one will ever want


Just come forward and tell someone about it before they take control .


Today, Yasir Ali and Daim Ashraf wdre


Outside court, the officer in charge gave his reaction.


I think it is telling that the judge described Ali as dangdrous.


These are dangerous individtals and they are off the street.


Other victims that may be ott there can draw strength frol that.


These are dangerous people and they are


This has been a victim`led investigation.


The focus in Peterborough is to make sure it does not happen agahn .


We are trying to get more people to identify there max


We?re working with taxi drivers doormen, schools.


This case was brought to cotrt simply because girls were


I was given access to the work the police are doing in schools in


Peterborough to try to help teenagers spot the signs of sexual


abuse. It is part of a national scheme and officers say it works.


We will be talking about exploitation today.


Police in Peterborough have taken the battle


For these 13 and 14`year`olds, it is time for a frank disctssion.


I want you to write down wh`t exploitation means to you.


If you don't know, just write, "I don't know."


They were shown a film depicting grooming and abusive relationships.


This is a tool to identify who in the gang holds the power.


In a scenario where older boys ply younger girls with drink


This work has been going on for nearly five years.


All are aware that the city has now seen two high`profile


I think safeguarding students has always been at the centre


of our work, but these cases have highlighted concerns and as a school


There is an issue with Peterborough, a few cases.


We get children coming to us after, if they're not happy to spe`k to


They can come to the schools and talk to their teachers and head


teachers. Obviously,


that gets referred to us if there is I found today quite useful,


because I didn't know there were websites that you can go to if those


sorts of things happen to you. Were you surprised to learn


what exploitation meant? Yeah, I didn't have a clue


about what it meant, but now I do. Yasir Ali and Daaim Ashraf Dxploited


vulnerable girls by making them feel Many victims didn't realise they


were being abused and hope this trial prevent others


from falling into the same trap The judge said the jury had seen


through the men's' lies. Thd challenge now for the policd and the


city council is to ensure that all teenagers are equipped to bd able to


identify exploitation in re`l life. A doctor working at Bedford Hospital


has told an inquest she would have fdlt more


comfortable if she'd receivdd more Dr Surabhi Choudhary was giving


evidence at the inquest into the death of 10`month`old


Luca Downie from Bedford. He died from a heart condithon


at the hospital in April last year. Some children's services were


suspended at the hospital Vauxhall in Luton has offichally


launched its new van today. The latest Vivaro marks


a turning point for the factory which only a few years


ago was threatened with closure In 2010, 365 people lost thdir jobs


and the parent company GM w`rned the factory would close if it w`sn't


selected to build the new v`n. But after months of lobbying by the


Government and trade unions, Luton 1,200 jobs were secured


for the next decade. Our business correspondent


Richard Bond reports. It's what every factory worker wants


` a new product which guarantees The new Vivaro van is coming


off the Luton production line. Morale was low


and people had their heads down and now we have a new contr`ct


and things are looking good. Better than what it


was 12 months ago. People have seen the new vehicle


coming down the line, hopeftlly we Winning the new contract


hasn't been pain`free. Hundreds of jobs were lost to


the recession as demand Vauxhall has increased the TK


content of the new van There's a lot of benefit


in having the suppliers close to the manufacturing plants `


logistics costs a lot of money and we cannot afford to movd things


around so much, it is important to More local suppliers have


been given contracts. The seats are made by a company


in Dunstable. We employee 53 currently,


going forward with the new lodel we should go and increase


our employee headcount, as well It is very important,


we are the only seat supplidr and GM UK suppliers will get ?600 lillion


worth of new business over the next But the factory still has plenty


of challenges. The UK market for vans is


recovering, which is good ndws. But half of the vans go


for exports to Europe and mtch of Some European economies


have been slow. There are signs that that is


turning a bit of a corner. But actually the example in Austria


where they have sold out of the current van, so there is a good


sign that Europe is coming back Britain used to have


three van factories. Three people, including two


teenagers, have been arrestdd after a 16`year`old boy was stabbed


near a school in Milton Keynes. Police said there was a fight


in Phoenix Drive in Leadenh`ll, near St Paul's Catholic School,


yesterday afternoon. The victim was taken to hospital,


but the injuries aren't thotght to Investigations are underway tonight


into what caused a serious fire Crews were called to


Harvey Reeves Road Residents living nearby werd told


to keep their windows and doors The fire was described by


firefighters at a very tensd. At its height, smoke can be seen from


miles. Fire crews were calldd to the scrap yard late last night. Modern


technology was used to help bring the blaze under control. We have a


robot that we can use remotdly. We sent it to an area and use ht to


great success and got into the fire and used Appliances to make


successful attacks on the fhre. It was a very aggressive tactic, on our


part. Throughout the night, residents were 22 keep Windows ``


told to keep windows closed. A local fun run was cancelled.


The couple from Northampton who were extradited to the US


There is still delays on thd Mon after it was closed southbotnd. It


took emergency services to ours to clear the scene. The road rdopened


after five o'clock, four people had to be taken to the Luton and


Dunstable Hospital. The couple from Northampton who were


extradited to the US Paul and Sandra Dunham fought


extradition, but were remanded Today, the Prime Minister s`id


the government did examine The couple had tried to takd


their own lives. Now a court


in Maryland will release thdm. They'll be together for the first


time since they were sent to the US. They should be released early next


week. First, back to Stewart and Susie


for the rest of the news, Still to come, worries that we are


running out of GPs. And thex look back on a good night for England


fans. Now if you are fed up with


dodging potholes in the road there is some good news tonhght


Councils across the region have managed to


get a big share of government money to repair damaged roads.


Today local councils learned they're to get an extra ?22 million


of government money to mend potholes in our region.


Norfolk, Essex and Northamptonshire will be the biggest winners,


followed by Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.


It costs around ?61 to repair a pothole.


The government says the money will pay for more than


It is today with the pothold gang. Essex received one of the bhggest


government hand`outs in England ?4.4 million. The cash cannot come


soon enough. In recent years we have had a lot of damage on the roads and


we are playing constant catch up. We will try to do these repairs


properly so we may not appe`r as many potholes but what we'll do the


repair will be done properlx. This pothole almost cost this man his


life, fracturing his skull `fter swerving to avoid it. At thd High


Court he was awarded nearly ?70 000. I have suffered permanent injuries


and they are life changing `nd I do think somebody had to be held to


account. Today's announcement of an extra ?22 million is welcomd news


for councils who are faced with compensation claims from ro`d users.


We potholes which are stopphng people getting to work and


endangering people, you need now is done immediately. That is what this


will provide. A welcome sight for people, councils like North`mpton


sure that do more with dedicated repair teams and equipment will get


more government cash. The epuipment you see today is used as thd most


up`to`date technology. It mdans we can do a whole lot of potholes very


close together with minimum disruption. We keep trialling


different bits of kept incltding best machine, ideal for small rural


roads. Trying to get the best value we can out of what money we have


got. The local government Association says decades of


underfunding have trapped local councils in an endless cycld but the


question is will this money be enough to smooth the way?


Senior doctors are warning that some of


the region's GP surgeries are facing their gravest crisis for decades.


It's to do with recruitment and a lack of trained medics to


It's a subject that will evdn be discussed


The worry is that unless young doctors can be


persuaded to go into general practice, thousands of patidnts


The pressure is rising and the statistics tell a stark story. The


man for medical services is going up and there are not enough GPs to go


around. This is probably thd worst workforce crisis in 30 years. We are


getting reports from a lovely way of real difficulties recruiting GPs. If


you have been to the doctor lately you will have seen some changes


Surgeries have been high`tech places wearing a lot of care now t`kes


place. The increased worklo`d has led many established doctors to


retire early and with fewer graduates opting for general


practice be and is a signifhcant shortage. It is a practice with


16,000 patients and we are short of six doctors. They will be down to


two GPs within a few months. They do not think they can provide ` safe


service any more. Despite the drop, the take`up of training places are


still relatively high but wd have been told by local medical


committees that GP training courses attached to hospitals like West


Suffolk are only half will. This woman is training as a doctor in


London but is spending four months in Stowmarket. Suffolk is a great


place to work and I have re`lly enjoyed it with a great range of


things to do outside of work and it is great to have diversity. Do you


think you might come back? H would not say no. Whether she comds back


or not the failure to solve the crisis could have far reachhng


consequences. I worry that we are seeing the privatisation of health


care. Then we will lose that personal care that the population


has grown to appreciate. Many general practices are small


businesses in their own right and that is the funding model. There is


an opportunity for general practices to offer additional salary for new


GPs coming in and packages for new GPs to attract people. With less


than a year to the general dlection the political pressure to solve the


crisis is on the rise. At least we were concentrathng!


And you can see the health linister and Suffolk MP Dan Poulter


interviewed about that storx in this weekend's Sunday Politics.


It's at 11 o'clock on BBC One on Sunday.


Some people in the seaside town of Southwold say they are strprised


a food bank is needed. It's being launched tomorrow.


It's backed by local churchds and they say there are needx people


who will benefit. Southwold is a picture postcard town


in an area where beach huts can sell for ?145,000 and 82 bed terrace for


more than 300,000, and you light think they'd is not any for food


banks. Organisers say the owners head and poverty. One of thd gaps


has been revered and is delhvery service or dropping where pdople can


collect parcels. The food b`nk warehouse will deliver packdd


parcels for individuals and couples and families and then we will store


them locally. They will be delivered out to wherever they are nedded


This church like many relies on the generosity of the community. Every


week around 20 bags of food are donated locally helping 70 families.


Wherever you are and that c`n be in a wealthy part of the country you


can be the person on low income who is self`employed and has run into


difficulty with ill`health `nd is not getting enough money, and it is


wonderful when we see local communities getting together and


rallying roads to make sure people in situations like that get


emergency food. Nearly 3400 people in east Suffolk were given food


parcels last year and demand is increasing. Having this new facility


means local people can get hmmediate help and will not have to spend


money travelling miles to gdt it. who will benefit.


So we now know, England are out of the World Cup.


Italy lost to Costa Rica thhs afternoon which means Roy Hodgson's


Last night, we watched as Uruguay's Luis Suarez scored twice to break


As World Cup Mike reports, it was a night of ups and downs


The pub in Cambridge packed out for a game England dare not lose.


As always, watching England is a nail`biting affair


In from Steven Gerrard and off the bar!


Around the region, the Wilson family,


San the dog cannot take his eyes off and in Wellingborough, staying


The first goal was always going to be important and guess who scored?


The goal was greeted by the odd shake of the head


All of them corners, Wayne Rooney needs to pull it together.


In Norwich, they are on the edge of their seats.


And when Wayne Rooney scores, there is great excitement.


Luis Suarez scores again and this face pretty much stms up


They had world`class players, we were average at best.


England are coming home and the only option now is to become


That was a great face! Hope for good weather. I have to check thd weather


for Sunday because I am doing a skydive on Sunday. It is looking


good! I think you are going to be


jumping, good luck, you are brave woman. More sunshine than ydsterday.


Temperatures have been up to 22 Celsius. Many other parts of the


region are not far behind. That is about average for this time of year.


Several degrees cooler around the course because we had an onshore


breeze but through the afternoon the thicker cloud cleared so most of us


enjoyed long spells of sunshine Overnight, staying dry for lost of


us with further spills of clearness with mist and fog but for most of


us, not a cold night. We max just see rural spots dropping into single


figures. The summer spoils this `` solstice, looking very summdrlike


with high pressure in chargd. Lots of sunshine meaning areas of


sunshine but temperatures in up to around 23 Celsius and then the best


of the sunshine it could get higher. A few degrees colder run thd course


with an onshore breeze and finishing the day went further spills of


sunshine. The sun setting at around 25 past nine. Sunday, a simhlar day


what long sunny spells and warm and into the working week, Mond`y and


Tuesday, probably more clouds around. Some sunshine is well with


the chance some of us could see some showers and the showers could be on


the Sharp said and with the wind becoming more north`easterlx it


could be a cooler day as well. Looking like the real breakdown in


the weather later Looking like the real breakdown in


the weather later in the working week. Thank you. That is th`t from


all of us, have a good weekdnd. Goodbye.


I saw you before and I thought you were so beautiful.


I wish that love could come into my life.


You were with someone! Who was it? Who were you with?


Murdered By My Boyfriend, a true story.


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