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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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The choice to die with dignhty ` a husband backs


the assisted dying bill aftdr watching his wife's painful death.


I could easily have put her into it. Nobody would have known. But I


couldn't break the law. That is another thing that I regret.


8,000 jobs in the pipeline at Silverstone on the eve


We'll be here later in the programme with the story that's got t`lking.


Taking the children out of school for holidays `


We're at the opening ceremony for the Tour De France in Yorkshire


First tonight ` the husband who lost his wife to cancer, his regret that


he was unable to end her suffering And his campaign to change the law.


Steve Riley's wife Tracy didd at their home in Milton Keynes.


It was less than a year between diagnosis and death


but he wishes he'd been abld to end her life earlier.


He is giving his backing to a new bill on assisted dying.


It will go before the Lords in two weeks' time.


But the bill has plenty of opponents, including the


because of fears it would be open to abuse.


Doctors would be able to prdscribe lethal doses


of drugs to terminally ill patients who want to end their lives.


Their professional wedding video shows a bride and groom likd any


other. But for tracing and her family, this is also a farewell She


lost her battle against somd `` stomach cancer. Everybody in the


room knew that Tracy was dyhng. But they did not know how ill she was.


She had to get a doctor in on the day because she was vomiting so


much. The drugs were not working. Tracy had for some time said that if


it didn't work out, she wanted to control how and when she didd. But


eventually, which talked about it, she said she did not fear ddath she


feared how she might die. So we talked about dignitaries, bdcause


that is the only option. Tr`cey s condition deteriorated before


arrangements could be made. Steve says it is not her only regret. She


said she had a fantastic life and the best ten years of age h`d been


with me. She said, I really want to die now. I can't stand it any more.


I'm ready to go. And I knew that she wanted to die and I could e`sily


have put into it, and nobodx would have known, but I couldn't do it. I


couldn't break the law. And that is another thing that I regret. He


believes the time has come for a change in the law. Nobody should


suffer like my wife suffered. Nobody should be denied the right. You


could use when you marry, when you work, when you live, you can choose


whether you have children or not. What car you drive, where you go on


holiday. But when it comes to death, you are denied that right to


self`determination. And there is no logic to that argument. Steve is now


trying to rebuild a life without Tracey. He is determined her memory


will live on. He says he will continue to campaign for a change in


the law so that others do not suffer like she did. Our reporter joins us


now. A very emotional argumdnt in favour of this bill. But pldnty of


people have concerns, don't they? Yes, many people fear that `ssisted


dying of all kinds are open to abuse particularly when it comes to the


vulnerable in society. That is the concern of the British Medical


Association, who are also concerned that it goes against their criminal


that their professional ethhcs to prolong life, not reduce it. Others


feel it would lead to degradation of our morals and how society views


killing. But David Tanner s`ys that the majority of people `` the


campaign says that many people would not choose it. That is exactly the


same argument as the lobby `gainst it. This will not be the last debate


before this comes before thd Lords later this month.


Now, on the eve of the Brithsh Grand Prix, Silverstone has unveiled major


plans to bring thousands of new jobs to Northamptonshire


The county is already at the heart of "Motorsport Valley .


Currently there are around 0,20 companies linked to motorsport based


in Northamptonshire and togdther they employ up to 20,000 people


It's estimated that these companies generate ?131 million for


But after today's announcemdnt, those figures could rocket.


A company called MEPC is pl`nning to develop this ` Silverstone Park `


which could be home to another 00 motorsport and high perform`nce


If that were to happen, thex could generate 8,000 new jobs by 2025


Michael Fallon is the Minister of State for Business.


I spoke to him earlier about the significance of this development.


This could be hugely import`nt. For the whole country. Motorsport has


suddenly become one of our biggest industrial sectors. It avoids 4 ,000


people, there are 4000 comp`nies. Most of the Formula one teal is


here. Most of the global research and development into motorsport is


now done in Britain. By concentrating it in a clustdr around


Silverstone, we have the opportunity to capitalise on that and m`ke


ourselves the global leader. So you are saying that Silverstone is going


to be to the high`tech engineering industry what Cambridge alrdady is


to the biotech and pharmacettical industries? Yes, the potenthal is


that order. There is a huge opportunity there for to celent its


place as the epicentre of this really important industry. Ht is no


longer a sport, it is a major winner for Britain in the innovation and


technology that it develops. So how is the government going to support


it? We have already been supporting high`tech performance companies in


the area. We have been supporting the new university technical College


and Silverstone itself. There has been a significant investment in the


area and next week, we are going to announce a local growth deal for the


area. I can't give you detahls tonight but I hope that invdstment


next week will show the importance the government attaches to the


development of this kind of high`tech industry right across


Northamptonshire. Despite that, I have to tell you that the ldader of


the county council feels th`t the government could be doing more. You


guilty of perhaps sitting b`ck and waiting for private enterprhse to


step in? Absolutely not. It has always been a partnership. Xou have


to create the right conditions for private enterprise to flourhsh. This


is a perfect partnership between private investment developing the


park, the government taking a city seeks new and ready to back up the


industry where it can. This could be hugely import`nt. For


the whole country. Motorsport has suddenly become one of our biggest


industrial sectors. It avoids 4 ,000 people, there are 4000 comp`nies.


Most of the Formula one teal is here. Most of the global research


and development into motorsport is A children's doctor who worked


in Cambridge will appear in court in the morning charged with a number


of sexual offences against boys Doctor Myles Bradbury,


41 and from Herringswell in Suffolk, worked as a paediatric haem`tologist


at Addenbrooke's Hospital. The offences are alleged to have


taken place between December Eight charges relate to offdnces


against boys between the agds It is not known whether the alleged


abuse took place at the hospital. Addenbrookes has set up a special


helpline for families with concerns. A campaign is underway to try and


encourage more people to kedp bees ` Ten per cent


of the honey bee population was lost last winter ` and there are real


fears for their future. A Government minister has bden


in Leighton Buzzard today to One of nature's finest, which the


government want to encouragd. Nature can exist alongside a very busy


railway line, alongside highways, alongside farming. It is re`lly


important that we do make the effort to look after our biodivershty, in


this case our wonderful wild flowers and our bees and pollinators. It is


very important to give nature by two people, particularly if you don t


have a car and can't access a wildlife site. You should bd able to


access a wild flower site. H want to give wild flowers back to children.


This hive in Bedfordshire is home to up to 30,000 bees. But keepdrs are


worried about threats to thd colony from viruses, pesticides and loss of


habitat. There is a real long`term problem with beads. Honeybeds


certainly, but all sorts of these and other pollinators, and ht is


really serious. It has been argued that there has been a decline of 30%


in numbers over the last ten years of other sorts of these. Figures


show that at the end of the Second World War, there were 1 million


managed to be colonies in Britain. By 2006, that had dropped to


250,000. There are not any dxact figures over how many there are


today, but there are real concerns in the future there may not be


enough to pollinate our fruht and vegetables. Campaigners say that


more money needs to be found and more money `` and more needs to be


done to protect bees if we `re to secure our future.


code France cyclists. And we are behind the scenes at the


British Grand Prix. All this week we've been looking


at the issue of taking holidays We know from all the calls `nd


e`mails we've had that it's an issue As you may know,


the Government changed the law and from September last year head


teachers could only grant ldave Today the Department of Education


told us that the changes ard working with 130,000 fewer pupils mhssing


school regularly. Home time at college. Here, they are


strict about taking days off in term time. Exceptional means


exceptional. At the moment this line shows that


we are around 94.5. The assistant principal shotld mean


that attendance now stands `t 9 .5%, all down to the hard work of parents


and pupils. There is a link between attdndance


and a young person's achievdment. The better attendance they have the


more likely they are to reach their potential.


And number of you contacted us to say that schools seem to want to


have it both ways. One man said "if schools fine parents, who do the


parents find when teachers go on strike?


And this comment from Mrs Jones Terry Kemp, former headteacher,


e`mailed us to see that the change of law was no more than the


government trying to win brownie points.


Tinted a's society when there are a lot of pressures on family,


financial and emotional, holiday with mum and dad or mum or dad, is a


really good thing. I don't think schools should have the right to


dictate to parents that thex cannot take their children away.


On Monday many schools are closing because of the Tudor France. We


contacted most of the skills and Kim Richard which are closing. Safety


was quoted as the main reason. Next week there is a planned teachers'


strike, sure to go down badly with most parents, but back in the school


they plan to stay open. We do every single thing we can as


do most schools to have every single pupil in. Schools do not have a


choice with the strike, it hs a legal national action and wd did the


best we can in the circumst`nces. And the school they say atthtudes


are changing and as a result standards are improving, but is that


enough for hard`pressed pardnts This afternoon I spoke to


Karen Wilkinson from a group campaigning for parents


to have a say over policies that I asked what parents were


telling her about this issud. They want to be seen as being the


primary carers for their chhldren, and a clear understanding from


government that parents do have their children's best interdsts at


heart. We understand why thd government came up with this policy


because they are concerned `bout persistent absenteeism, and this


came up because of the Tottdnham riots and the missing millions from


skills that it was blamed on, but they have not looked at the whole


issue properly and have not considered for instance that


children who are persistently absent are in fact the children who are


least likely to be going on family holidays.


There seems to be a grey arda about what counts as an exception`l


circumstance. Would you likd to see a definitive list applicabld across


all schools? I don't think a definitive list is


going to be possible becausd situations will arise which will not


be on the list and there will still be unfairness. What we want to see


his recognition of the fact that issues around bereavement and family


illness and around disability need to be taken into account. Wd just


need teachers to be acting hn the best interests of the children and


not in the best interests of the attendance figures.


IU concerned about the effect on the relationship between parents and


teachers? I can think of anything elsd which


has damaged the relationship like this. In the past there was always


an understanding that teachdrs tried their best and of the thing would


not necessarily be perfect, and parents would try their best


likewise. But now because p`rents are not being trusted to make


decisions, they are questioning decisions that teachers are making.


Whenever a school closes parents get cross about it, and whenever


children watch DVDs or do qtizzes, parents question what the


educational benefit is becatse they are not being allowed to make that


decision themselves. You are trying to talk to the


government about this. How optimistic are you that there will


be changes ahead? We have tried a petition, which had


a signatures on it, we had ` debate in Parliament in February this year


which was well attended, we have had countless letters to ministdrs, and


all we get back is this one reliance on a statistic which says there is a


correlation between attendance and attainment, but they have not shown


which causes which. Police and Crime Commissiondrs


across this region have been given more than ?1.5 million


by the Government to spend Sexual assaults


and domestic violence will be high priorities for most PCCs who had to


bid for the extra cash. This report from our Home Affairs


Correspondent Sally Chidzoy. This service provides counsdlling


for women, young people and children who have suffered from domestic


violence. It is one of many services in Suffolk to receive extra


government funding. Those sdeking help in this unique project pay just


?10 for 61`hour sessions to help them rebuild their lives. This


mother escaped from a violent marriage and says the centrd helps


to give her strength. It has given me the confidence to do


things, and it has helped md understand more, because it got to


the stage when I phoned I w`s dependent because he had always made


me dependent on him. In the last year we had eight


councillors, and about 29 women who came for counselling. In thhs year


alone since April that figure has almost doubled.


It is one project that is m`king a big impact on the lives of victims


of crime. We have got a very good settlement


for Suffolk. We have done bdtter than a lot of constabularies across


the country, and we are verx pleased that we are able to give thd service


?35,000 for counselling services for victims. It is important we do what


we can to support these organisations.


Every crime scene produces ` victim. Across the region, PCCs now


know how much they will get to spend on projects of their choice.


Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex will receive these amounts, and


Hertfordshire, Kim Richard `nd Northamptonshire will receive these


amounts. Victims of sexual assaults will


benefit from a large proportion of the additional funding, and for the


rest money will be spent whdre PCCs decided it is needed most.


We are just three days away from the Tour de France passing throtgh our


region but tonight of coursd it s all about Yorkshire and the opening


Thousands of cycling fans from around the world have descended


Including our Sports Editor Jonathan Park who sent


The world's largest annual sporting event has arrived in Yorkshhre


before it comes to our part of the world for stage three beford


finishing in London. This is the Leeds arena where the opening


presentation is taking placd tonight, and a short while `go the


200 or so riders took a short trip across Leeds city centre to go from


the press area to hear to bd part of this official ceremony tonight. And


on the British interests, Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish. Lots of


excitement building, and thd sheer size and scale of this oper`tion is


quite impressive. 2000 membdrs of the media are crammed into the press


area where the riders took part in press conferences earlier today


among those Mark Cavendish who has strong legs with Essex becatse he


does some of his training rhdes at Essex and has a home in thehr. You


give us his thoughts on ridhng on the roads he knows so well.


I know the roads, my wife w`s born around their, and so I spent some


time there. To finish on thdm all again in London will be another


opportunity to try to win in front of the Queen.


One local rider will not be taking part in the tour because he is not


well enough to take his place in the Tour de France. This opening


ceremony is being orchestrated by another Essex resident who was head


of ceremonies for London 2002. And to give you an idea of the scale of


the tour to France, 3.5 billion people will watch it on teldvision,


1200 rooms are booked out every night by the teams and riders and


personnel, and 12 million pdople will watch the road race on the


roads and streets wherever ht happens to take place, on average,


that is. And this whole racd is coming to our part of the world in


just four days' time. The British Grand Prix is bding


staged this weekend at Silvdrstone. And for the first time,


fans are being given access to parts of the circuit which have bden


off limits till now. It's part of the celebrations to


mark Silverstone's 50th Grand Prix. James Burridge sent this


from the circuit. Welcome to Silverstone and ` very


special one. For the first time the fans have been allowed unprdcedented


access in the pit lane. Thex are never seen teams are close like this


before. Guys, what is it like seeing the team is so close?


It is fantastic. We have bedn coming for the last seven years and to get


to see the drivers and cars are close has made a weekend. Normally


the Thursday is just sitting around the campsite, but hopefully this


carries on. What have you seen that perhaps you


wouldn't have had the chancd to see before?


Goes into the car is, actually see the guys work on the cards for the


first time. Just everybody being here, it is so fantastic just to be


here. We will bring you over here, you can


see the Mercedes garage where Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are


based. Down the way drivers for Red Bull, and Richard Phillips, the man


running the show. This must be a real feat of organisations.


It is the first time we havd tried to do this, they started quduing at


eight o'clock was a mile long before we opened lane. It is


extraordinary. What is a mean to Silverstone to


have the Grand Prix here for so long?


50 years of Grand Prix, makds it one of the oldest Grand Prix is. At huge


motor Heritage. Four days of it this year, as well.


We will be here every day for road, Look East.


They may need their wet tyrds at Silverstone.


We recorded some of the hottest averages in the country. Sole of you


have written into the newsroom to see your recorded higher


temperatures than this in your back garden, but these are our official


statistics taken from within a closed box and metre from the ground


and away from direct sunlight, so they are taken as the most `ccurate


data that we can use. But vdry hard indeed. And a fine end of the day


with a lot of sunshine around. Overnight, some clear spells, but it


will not allow temperatures to fall very low. It will stay warm with


temperatures staying in the teens. Winds like south`westerly. Tomorrow


will be another hot and sunny day. It could be humoured through


tomorrow. 20 of sunshine through the morning, some high`level cloud


moving in through the afternoon More than just one place for record


high temperatures of 28 Celsius Essex looks like the place to record


those high temperatures. But it could be 27 right across thd


region. Wind speeds pick up across the afternoon and this is the sign


of a weather front approachhng. But it is likely to stay warm and sunny


throughout the day. You can see the weather front edging into the North


West. It could bring more cloud and one or two spots of rain. It looks


likely that this rainbow tr`ck eastwards overnight. This is the


weather front responsible. Ht will be difficult to predict its


movement, so expect a spell of rain overnight


it may take some time to cldar through Saturday. Saturday to stay


some brighter skies but also the risk of some showers... But it will


feel like a bit cooler and fresher than it has over the last fdw days.


On Sunday it starts promising with plenty of sunshine and then the risk


of some showers that could be heavy in the afternoon. And it is Shari at


start of next week. Overnight lows around


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