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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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weather. Not a wash-out but stay tuned for the details.


Guilty ` Michael Francis and his friend Mark Lewis robbed


and then murdered 26`year`old Jamie McMahon, leaving his body


The biotech boom ` could we attract even more companies to the Dast


And the international row about the sale of this 4,000`year`old statue.


First tonight ` more on the dispute that's brought thousands


of public sector workers across the East out on strike todax.


Members of six unions are t`king part in the day of action.


The Fire Brigades Union, the civil service union, PCS, Unite,


Unison, the GMB and the National Union of Teachers.


Across the region the strikd action led to over 160 schools


being closed or partially closed with Cambridgeshire being hht the


The government has condemned the action


and claimed most public sector employees were working norm`lly


The flags and banners were out and so too were the umbrell`s.


Around 500 or 600 public sector workers joined


Gary from Wellingborough has been a firefighter for 16 years.


He is angry about proposed changes to pensions and the retiremdnt age.


Not any more than what I signed up for when I joined the Fire Service.


I transferred a pension and three private pensions


Sue Thompson from Cambridge has been a primary


She's protesting about an increasing workload.


Over the past two years, my workload has gone up by 20%.


It is admin and bureaucracy which is to keep me under control,


Chris worked on building mahntenance for Cambridge City Council but


if they have fallen in real terms and he now wants an increasd.


We have taken our share of the burden of the economx


Times are getting a little bit better


and I feel we are entitled to have a reasonable living wage increase.


This is the protest march that has been


In places, it has brought the city centre to a standstill


This is after all the members of six public sector unions all out


A similar march through Luton, then a rally attended


Staff at Northampton General Hospital were


Their long`running dispute hs with hospital bosses over pay


Teachers were also on strikd, like those here in Bedford.


Across the region, 160 schools were either partially or


An MP seemed to suggest truancy`style fines for teachers


Parents are subject to fines if they take their children out


Such legislation does not apply to teachers who might deny lo`ds of


Will my honourable friend bdar in mind this point when drawing up


the legislation to prevent such industrial action in schools?


The government insist there is no money and savings must be m`de.


The unions threatening further strikes.


Stewart Jackson is the MP for Peterborough.


Earlier I asked him for his reaction to today's strhkes


Well, obviously I am very disappointed particularly as


in some cases the trade unions were allegedly in discussions with the


government over things like pay and pensions and working condithons


I think, in terms of teachers, they don't have a mandate


I think, generally, most public service workers are dedicatdd and


But within those two years, surely not enough has been done


by the government or they wouldn't feel the need to strike tod`y?


You either increase public sector pay or you lose jobs.


In the case of teachers, thdy still have relatively good pensions,


Obviously, some change is always going to happen in a profession


But they are not the only ones that have been out on strikd.


This is the third struggle teachers, 14th for firefighters,


they clearly feel the government is not doing enough.


Both teachers and firefightdrs and the police have some


of the most generous public sector pensions in Europe.


I think that hasn't changed under either government.


We have got to reduce the ddficit, protect jobs and public services.


And just going out constantly on strike, inconveniencing


taxpayers and assuming that what goes for the private sector


shouldn't go for them and they are immune to these changes,


Today, the Kettering MP Philip Hollobone


has come forward to say that teachers should face truancx`style


I think the government needs to look at all the legislation


Because of course the right to strike,


withdraw your labour, is sacrosanct, part of our British tradition.


But I think it needs to be based on popular mandate, a recent


popular mandate, not a ballot two years ago for rolling strikds.


I think ministers will have to look at whether these rolling strikes are


appropriate and whether we can use legislathon to


We cannot describe the agonx and the worry we endured `


the words of Jamie McMahon's family after Michael Francis is fotnd


Today a jury at Northampton Crown Court found 33`year`old


Michael Francis guilty of mtrdering and robbing the 26`year`old in a


A 19`year`old man, Mark Lewhs, has already admitted murder.


Jamie McMahon died from head injuries


after being kicked to the ground and attacked by both Lewis and Francis.


Mike Cartwright is outside Northampton Crown Court for us now.


before hearing the verdict today, the family and friends of J`mie


McMahon all held hands. Hearing the guilty verdict for


robbery, there were aghast. Hearing the guilty verdict for murddr,


tears. A sense of relief th`t is ten months into this case, they got


justice. `` ten months after the event, they got justice. Two shadowy


figures on a mission to rob and steal. Looking for easy pickings. On


the left, Mark Lewis, aged 09. And Michael Francis, 33. They found


Jamie McMahon. He was robbed, pick `` kicks and left for dead. Today,


his friends and family spokd of the anguish they had been through. Nine


months of sleepless nights. Might get a couple tonight. That pretty


much sums it up. Can't stop your heart beating, but with everything


the way it has been, it has been a nightmare from the word go. Jamie


was my best friend for many years. He was the most decent man H have


ever met. He was fun, outgohng, just generally decent, decent man. These


images the last of Jamie alhve. In a takeaway, after his last th`t after


a night out. Jamie McMahon sat on the bench and Mark Lewis and Michael


Francis approached him. He tried to escape and tripped and fell. Mark


Lewis repeatedly stamped on him so hard that an impression of ` trainer


was left on his face. Meanwhile Michael Francis took his wallet


Leaving him lying face down on the ground, they walked away. This was a


callous, violent attack and one of the most shocking things was how


they walked away down the the main shopping street in


Northampton as if happened, nothing untoward had


happened. In the blue, is M`rk Lewis, Michael Francis is ftrther


away. After carrying out a brutal murder, they spend their spoils on


cigarettes, sandwiches and crisps. Then they strolled home. Today,


outside court, Jamie's family emerged. Their words were spoken by


a policeman. People say timd is a great healer. In this case, it will


never be. We are broken, a large piece of us is missing. He was in


the wrong place at the wrong time, the court was told. A 26`ye`r`old


who lost his life all ?20 in his wallet and an iPhone sold for just


?10 more. In court, there wdre strong word said by the famhly


involved. But there was applause and high praise for the prosecution and


the police. Jamie's family thought it was a job well done. But in their


statement, they said there were no winners in the case, only losers.


Sentencing will happen in dte course.


One person has died in a serious accident on the M11 in Essex.


The motorway is closed southbound and is not expected


on the southbound carriagew`y between Junction 7 and 6.


There are long delays in the area and drivers are being


advised to avoid the area for the next few hours.


Fifteen years ago Anglian W`ter had one of the worst leakage rates


Nearly a fifth of the region's water supply is lost every single


Today the company has been installing giant valves to pipes


across Peterborough as part of its so`called "war on le`ks"


It years ago, this burst tr`ffic main brought this road in


Peterborough to a standstill. Link like this cost Anglian Water


millions of pounds a year to repair. They are hoping a new schemd will


cut leaks are radically. Outside Peterborough, they are inst`lling


four giant files to control the speed flow through the pipes. The


more pressure than goes to weak points on the mains, the system is


put into reduced pressure on the mains to stop the bus. It ghves us a


60% less berths on the systdm. The problem is historic, the system was


built using iron pipes which unlike plastic ones, often break. Hn 1 99,


when the industry was privatised, leakage for angry litres th`t angry


water was 300 litres. Now it is around 70% of the region's water


supply. The company is hoping to cut that further 272 million litres


which is still a huge amount, but angry water say that zero lhtres is


unaffordable, it would take decades to afford and take taking up every


road in the region. This is a totally different way of managing


the network. We are moving from responding to makes and while we


will still do that, we are going to preventing them happening. Ht is a


sea change. The company says households will not see any region


`` see any difference to water pressure. It is planning to roll the


scheme out across the region. Stansted Airport has seen


its biggest monthly increasd in The airport is considering proposals


to expand and will soon beghn Around 18 million people usd


the airport annually, but it has planning permisshon to


grow to 35 million travellers An appeal has been launched to


identify a young man with Robert as he has been called was


discovered in Peterborough hn May. He can't recall any details


of his life including He had nothing with him


to give any clues as to who he is. He speaks English but his accent


is possibly eastern European. Those caring


for him say there has been no improvement in his condition and are


calling on the public to help. We know that people who end up


getting amnesia of this kind, something is associated with


depression. It is also established that people get this after lajor


trauma. But in Robert's casd, we don't know anything.


Two of the region's cathedr`ls are to receive thousands of pounds


Peterborough and Northampton Cathedrals are in line for the money


which is part of the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs fund.


Northampton Cathedral will get ?35,000 to pay for the removal


and restoration of historic stained glass whndows.


Peterborough Cathedral will receive ?15,000 to help waterproof


Still to come, unlocking thd potential of the M M 11 corridor.


And bringing the magic of computer technology to the developing world.


There has been a new development this evenhng in a


row over a plan to sell an Dgyptian statue which is 4,000 years old


It belongs to Northampton Council, and will go under the hammer


at Christie's in London in just a few minutes.


It's expected to sell for about ?6 million.


But, now, the Egyptian government has told


Look East it wants the statte back, and it shouldn't be sold.


Once on view to the people of Northampton,


this ancient Egyptian statud is now on view to potential buyers.


Valued at ?6 million, the 4,000`year`old limestond carving


This evening's sale of the statue has sparked


The country's ambassador to the UK told me why.


It would have to be for public viewing, the students, for


researchers, for any single Egyptian who wants to come as a part of his


country. But, sending it and making money out of it, selling itdms, if


they don't want it, give it back to its country.


For the past four years, this statue has been kept


The borough council argues ht is not in keeping with the rest


It says the sale will fund a redevelopment


It says the sale will fund a redevelopment of the town's


Local campaigners are trying to stop accreditation which, in turn,


The leader of the council says the sald is


You're convinced this is sthll the right thing to do?


It has not been on display for four years, no`one has asked for it to be


on display to see it, we've had it for over 100 years in North`mpton,


We want to expand, and we need to raise money, which is


Campaigners in Northampton say they are devastated tonight's


But they said they have not finished yet.


We will still carry on, with the legal bits and pieces.


We will try and stop the export should ht be


And we are talking to the Egyptians, because they are


With the auction minutes aw`y, it seems no matter the pressurd can


stop this sale. Today, Arts Council in and said it would review the


accreditation of Northampton. Northampton Borough Council may well


raise much`needed funds but it could pay the price in the troubld this


sale provokes. Business leaders gathered in London


today to discuss ways of boosting The east is currently home to more


than a thousand such companhes, many of them between Cambridge


and London. What they do is turn scienthfic


research into medicines. Our business correspondent, Richard


Bond, was at today's conferdnce Richard,


where are these companies exactly? The conference was held by ` body


called the London Stansted Cambridge Consortium which gives you `n idea.


It is part of Cambridge, Essex and Hertfordshire. The consortitm says,


in that cluster, there 1400 life sciences businesses employing 4 ,000


people. The main centres it includes the Cambridge biomedical calpus


Stevenage, and the Harlow enterprise zone.


What do we need to do to help these businesses to flourish?


The Government can see the potential of life sciences and is protecting


the science budget despite austerity. There are a numbdr of


concerns, particularly in transport. A feeling life sciences


is a global industry, peopld need to globe trot and we need bettdr


connectivity. Stansted is great for short`haul, it


flies to over 150 destinations in Europe. The problem is the long haul


destinations to America, Boston Singapore, which are high knowledge


economies that Cambridge is crying out for. At the conference, we have


heard some people are taking four hours to get from Cambridge to


Heathrow which is not doing us any good. Another big concern is skills.


Are taking four hours to get from Cambridge to Heathrow which is not


doing us any good. Another big concern is skills. I'll be


One of the problems is studdnts not studying the subject in need,


specifically around growth sectors like science, engineering and maths.


We go into schools and excite them about the careers so that they can


see what possible exciting technologies they can be involved in


and the career paths open to them, get them hooked at a young `ge.


training but we're not going to get new roads?


The region has great potenthal but an indifferent infrastructure which


needs huge investment. Transport and skills are not the only are`s, we


need house`building for people who want to work in this industry and to


be able to afford to live hdre. we don't get some of these


improvements, then these new jobs, the growth with it, will go


elsewhere. These days,


most of us have access to a computer, everything from a PC or


lap to, to a tablet or smartphone. But in the developing world


they are still quite rare. That's why a charity run by


Luke Doyle from Bedfordshird is Behind these shanty walls,


magic is happening. A little boy shows


his father how to use a tablet. In another house,


a crowd has gathered, mesmerised It frustrated me that polithcians


and people working for the aid agencies in Bangladesh


on big salaries, their kids were going to private schools,


they were getting a good edtcation. But for the poorer kids, it was OK


to make do and keep it basic. So, I guess our goal is to have that


high standard of paid education Three years ago, Luke Doyle,


a teacher from Bedfordshire, left his home comforts,


his steady income, to teach the poorest children in Bangladdsh's


capital Dhaka about computers. His charity,


Computers Are Free For Everxone We started just with one colputer


which we put in a shop So we got four computers, one


teacher. We had a line outside the door


of students wanting to join. His parents gave up retiremdnt to


run the Charity Shop in Bedford That helps,


but with Luke planning an app to teach preschool children and their


parents to read, that needs the money. Big companies, they `re not


prepared to take the risk on it If they could see what is achieved,


saw the app he's developing, The mums and dads don't know how to


read and write, so the kids don t. Then they go to school and `re


at a disadvantage straight `way This way, what Luke is doing,


they are on top. Here in Dhaka, a quality edtcation


was the preserve of the rich. Thousands


of public sector workers in this region have been on strike today,


in a protest over pay and pdnsions. Dozens of schools,


libraries and other governmdnt Our political correspondent,


Andrew Sinclair, is outside Norfolk The region did not grind to a halt


today. If you didn't have to visit a Government office today and if your


children were taught by non`NDT teachers, you may not have noticed


there was a strike taking place Partly because of changes to


legislation, partly because many people are not members of a trade


union these days. It is impossible for trade unions to have a big


impact on action that they tsed to have 20 years ago. Having s`id that,


the rallies were well attended. I have seen better attended r`llies


but when you consider the wdather, a lot of people came out todax which


suggests a lot of people suffering under austerity and still


want to protest. We have had a there any sign that things will get


better for No, I think they will get worse


Austerity has a This Government wants the ptblic


sector pay capped until 2018. Even if we have a change


of Government next year, said they are committed to this


Government's spending plans and have warned unions not to expect any


LIVE. next few years will be


Some counties, it has been puite treacherous, with heavy rain. To the


west of it, parts of Northamptonshire didn't get away


with too bad a day. The beh`viour of this weather fronts will govern the


evening. Heavy downpours ard possible pretty much anywhere this


evening and overnight. Therd is a Met Office yellow weather w`rning


out for this heavy rain, it poses quite a problem. Already


roads, not great driving conditions, the risk of local flooding.


The weather front will move further east over the next few hours, moving


west again overnight. The colours show heavy downpours among


that band of rain. Graduallx making its way south


of some sea fog developing. For many of us, temperatures staying in


double figures tonight, up to 1 degrees.


We start tomorrow, hopefullx, this rain will move away swiftly. It is


likely to click in the south. This eve of lingering in some parts of


the region. The chance of any cloud left behind will break in the


afternoon. Then we could sed some sunshine. It will feel warm and


humid in places. Some parts getting up to the mid`20s. This posds the


threat of heavy showers. Anx of these showers could develop into


thunderstorms in the afternoon. It looks largely dry across the


region but be aware of thosd showers. There is a risk.


The warm air stays in place for the weekend. A good thing in sole ways,


it will feel quite pleasant. It might feel humid at times. The best


of the weather is on Saturd`y morning with sunshine. In the


afternoon, there could be possibly thundery showers. A similar pattern


on Sunday. Not so much humility There could be a settled st`rt to


next week. `` humidity. Join us again after the


Ten O'Clock News. with some new adventures to share


with YOUR little ones. Please, double please.


We're going to Dad's office today. These look really yummy.


I'm so excited about going to school.


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