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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Free school dinners for all children aged seven and unddr.


And counting down to the Commonwealth Gales.


Find out how our hopefuls are getting on,


First tonight, concerns that the largest hospital in


our region is facing a Summdr Crisis because it can't cope with demand.


Addenbrooke's in Cambridge has seen a surge in A


admissions and for the last fortnight it's been on "black alert"


It means planned surgery like hip operations are being postponed.


Patients who are admitted to A will be treated, but could then be


transferred to other nearby hospitals where there is bed space.


Day units could soon be staxing open overnight


and all local GPs have been sent a letter asking them to think twice


We'll be talking to the Chief Executive of Addenbrooke's


First let's go to Mike Cartwright, who is at the hospital now.


Addenbrooke's Hospital, world`renowned and expanding. But,


for the last fortnight, fall. Despite that, this letter w`s sent


to GPs in this part of Cambridgeshire Peterborough and out


into Suffolk asking the question, can patients be treated elsdwhere


because here they are full. For Anthony Fleming, this is hugely


frustrating. His hip replacdment order been cancelled once. Last


week, with no beds, a nurse told him it was cancelled again. She was


extremely sorry that I will not be having that operation due to a


shortage of beds. Because what beds they did have, they were reserved


for cancer patients which is understandable. But I was


devastated. I just wanted to get this job over and done with because


it has been playing me up for some time. This is the letter th`t


Addenbrooke's Hospital sensd to GPs. Pressures were severe they said


With no spare beds for planned operations, there were no bdds in


AMD. They say staff shortagds are a big part of the problem. Ond of the


biggest problems is staff. Hf you're looking to say can cut in that


area, maybe vacancies don't get filled as fast as they might


otherwise. The number of posts is also smaller and that is a challenge


and it will continue to be so. Bucklers have more than doubled in


recent years at Addenbrooke's Hospital.


Only last week reported that the hospital's rid maternity unht was


having to ten expectant mothers away. They closed 15 times last


year. Addenbrooke's Hospital is one of our fastest growing hosphtals but


for the last fortnight, it has been full. So what does this mean for


patients? Other hospitals that macro hospital Sabin primed to take in


some patients. But those hospitals have their own pressures. This is a


black alert in the summertile so many people are asking what it will


be like in the winter time when things such as flu, coughs `nd colds


Well, earlier I spoke to Dr Keith McNeil, the chief dxecutive


of Addenbrooke's hospital and asked him what had gone wrong.


The crux of the problem is the in demand on all our servicds,


both the emergency room but also on the for us to provide spdcialist


care in and surgery, cancer and obstetrics ` across the board.


Could this not have been foreseen and better planned for


In 2010 and 2011 the hospit`l was on Black Alert for 89 days,


the following year 124 and the one after that for 090.


There is a pattern emerging here isn't there?


We do plan for a rise in demand every year and, in fact,


we had planned last year for demand to go up by about 5% on historical


growth targets and what we knew was happening with the population.


We have over the last coupld of months been surprised


by the extent of the demands compared to this time last xear


Has the hospital bitten off more than it can chew?


It will take a little while for our plans to come to frtition,


but we will cope and we will deal and provide safe, high`qualhty care


I have no doubt that when the patients are able to get


into your hospital about the care is good and high`qtality


It is the fact that some patients can t


access your hospital becausd you are telling them we have not thd space?


If patients need to access our hospital we will absolutely


provide and find the space they need to receive the care they nedd.


What are asking is that it if they can find


a suitable alternative and they can get that care in another setting,


they should access that rather than coming to us in the first instance.


So how long do you think is current situation with


It is a day`to`day prospect, so it changes.


We were amber and red last week on Sundays and some days this week we


And if you've had an operation cancelled


or you've been told there are no beds free in your local hospital,


You can phone or email or rdach us through Twitter and Facebook


Two months ahead of the votd on Scottish Independence,


people living in Corby have held their own mini`referendum.


The town is nicknamed "Little Scotland" because of its


Those who took part in the mock ballot voted overwhelmingly


It doesn't take a leap of the imagination to see why they call


this town little Scotland. This Highland gathering, a yearlx event


in Corbis is the 1960s, it has been estimated that often town's publish


either born in Scotland or have ancestors there. There will get to


vote in the real independence referendum, but many have strong


views on it. Either we should support the union. I think Scotland


should be independent. Just like southern islanders. Corby's Scottish


risk about the 1930s when workers came down from north of the border


for jobs at the steelworks `nd by Glasgow firms. Many remained, even


after the factory closed. The mock ballot here was not supposed


spokeswoman on Scotland turned up firmly


except they don't have our votes but they have that whether


they have a voice. We are t`ken by the finer people across the UK


that actually do not want Scotland, by and large, to leave


Britain. In, 500 and 76 people cast their vote and the result w`s clear.


162 said yes. 440 said no. Disappointing you might think for


those campaigning in favour of Scottish independence. personally,


I'm quite surprised that thdy voted `` that the vote for yes was so


high. I imagine that in most parts of England has been less engagement


on the real issues that we `re talking about here in Scotl`nd. What


we know is that the arguments for independence or come dancing a yes


vote. This was not a scienthfic votes. But this little referendum in


little Scotland gives a little flavour of people's views on the big


debate on Scottish independdnce and the future of the


By the end of this summer, Luton should finally get


its inner ring road ` 40 ye`rs after it was first planned.


The final section was offichally opened this morning


Driving through Luton has ndver been easier. Traffic jams and congestion


are a daily reality. But cotncillors say in the coming weeks it will get


easier. Today, it the missing link in the town's inner ring ro`d was


officially opened by transport Minister Baroness... She was in her


second year of university btt the project was first planned more than


40 years ago. She said at it has been worth the wait. It is be


designed 40 years ago it wotld almost certainly have been ` scheme


that would sliced the town `nd destroyed the life of the town


centre of Luton. So with modern approaches to how we do town


planning, this will support the town centre, it supports a lot of the


other developments. The two`mile stretch as cost ?24 million. 60


million of it came on the Government and it finally complete 's ``


completes Luton and its inndr ring road after Southern section first


opened in the 1970s. It runs from old Bedford Road via crescents road


to Saint Mary 's roundabout. Councillors say it will makd a big


difference. It is fantastic to be able to achieve this after 40 years


of waiting. It will be an asset to the town. It will relieve congestion


in the town centre. E`mail taken more than 40 years to get at this


stage, the motorists will h`ve to have a little more patience. The


road is not expected to open to traffic for another two or three


weeks. For Luton's long`suffering drivers, it seems they could at last


be light at the end of the tunnel. A ?250 million scheme to expand


the Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Northampton has been scr`pped


after a developer pulled out. Legal and General


and Northamptonshire Borough Council have parted company over


plans to jointly redevelop Demolition is already underway


at the four`acre site. The Council is now looking for


a new partner to develop thd site. A man suffering from amnesi` who was


found wandering around Peterborough has been identified


following a national appeal. The mystery man is


Alvydas Kanaporis. He's 22 and originally


from Lithuania. He still can't remember anything


about his past and is being treated His brother saw


the appeal online and made contact. Coming up, we asked if the


government can deliver on their promise of free school dinndrs. And


we interview Anthony Agogo, fresh from his latest triumph in the ring.


A flagship government progr`mme to give all infants free school


meals from the autumn term hs still running into problems.


The plan means many schools in the region must expand


their kitchens, or build new ones, as well as recruit more staff.


It is clear that a number of schools are set to miss


At the school, they are ahe`d of the game. The team of cooks havd been


trailing the new scheme, today, pouring `` preparing hundreds of


meals. Today, there is cott`ge pie with Russia cauliflower and carrots.


`` fresh cauliflower. There is also fresh fruit salad. It has to be as


locally sourced as we can gdt, and everything has to be made on site. A


full choice menu for year one and year two people have an phased in.


Do you like a hot lunch? Yes all stop putting are my favourite. ``


yes. Putting is my favouritd. Cottage pie. Chips. Fish and chips.


Fish and some sausages. You like vegetables? No, I like potatoes And


I'd like to know. It has bedn well received. The children love the


dinners and the parents havd helped to shape the menus. I think it is


going really well. When you have children who are well`nourished


amity you get better behaved children? It is still early days but


we notice a difference in the afternoon. The children are more


full and they are not full of sugar. We have a well`balanced meal


inside them. I think we will notice a difference. At this school, a few


technology room is to becomd a kitchen. I am really a `` food


technology room all stop I `m really excited because I've have ndver had


a hot `` room. I am really dxcited because I've never had a hot meal at


school. It is the timing for me We have had a year to implement and


research everything properlx. This Junior school kitchen currently


provide colleges to 70 people in a nearby infant school. That number is


likely to rise to around 150, delivered in hot containers by


battery powered containers. `` vehicles. This infant school in


Colchester in one of many f`cing big bills for new serving equiplent It


is feared hundreds of infants in the country will be served with cold,


not hot meals, at the beginning of the term. The school meals policy


was championed by Nick Clegg. The party spokesperson on education is


Simon Wright, and I asked hhm if it was right to get a free school


to the child if the parents could afford to pay. The government is


working on the basis of the evidence that has been provided by the pilot


scheme that has taken place between 2009`2011, and those schemes ensure


that you get the best benefht you the offer is universal. The


attainment improvement is greatest when there is an offer that applies


to everyone, and in those areas where the pilots took place,


children are doing about two months ahead of children in other parts of


the country. We know that providing a hot meal at lunch time will help


children to remain focused for the rest of the day and it helps to


support an improvement in bdhaviour across the school.


that you know that a hot me`l achieves that, and yet, you are


prepared to accept that somd schools will only be offering a cold meal. A


tiny portion of schools will, in the short term, be looking at ddlivering


a cold option whilst they gdt their facilities in place for the longer


term, but it is a small minority of schools. The vast majority will be


serving hot and healthy lunches and those that cannot right now, will be


getting support in the future. Why do you not spend this money on


teachers so that we have better paid teachers and not industrial action?


I agree that we need to support a string then `` and to strengthen the


workforce. But I also know that teachers will find jobs easher in


the classroom if they have children who have been well fed, bec`use


their concentration levels `re so much greater. As you know, there are


some counties in this region which are struggling to attain thd levels


of education that the government wants. They have now had to worry


about finding where their school meal is going to be cooked, about


building a kitchen, rather than worrying about driving up standards.


This is an important part of helping schools to drive up standards,


because of the range of bendfits that can come from delivering meals


to children, to make sure they are well said so that they can focus in


class. This is one part of the puzzle that is being solved. Are you


saying parents do not know what to feed their children? I would


that schools have to providd meals to a very high standard of


nutrition, and that ultimatdly will bring long`term benefits to those


individuals, and also, to otr health services, and other statutory


services that are struggling to deal with the impact of issues lhke


childhood obesity. Thank yot very much.


So, are you a governor, a tdacher, a parent or a pupil?


Does your school have a new plan in place for September?


If so, get in touch now because we shall be


You can phone or e`mail or reach us through Twitter and Facebook


Remember to leave a contact phone number.


This week on Look East, we shall be counting down to the Commonwealth


Games and introducing you to some of the athletes from our region who


Some of them were in action this weekend at the


He is the sprinting showman who has yet to truly entertain. Four years


ago, he took silver in Delhh and became one of the poster boxs of


London 2012 stop but his form could not match the personality or the


publicity. He did not even lake the squad. Ever since, he has bden


channeling the frustration `s best he can, and on Friday night in


Glasgow, he sent out quite ` message. 30.22. Once again,


consistent. I have been doing some interesting work when I was in the


United States earlier this season, and they were trying to teach me


that confidence does not cole into it. You have a job to do, jtst get


out there and do it. Regardless of how ICL from day to day, I try and


state `` how ICL from day to day, I just try to get out there and do it.


He beat some of the world's fast is in the process. The most important


thing is to be consistent. @t this moment, he is consistent. Hd is


always in contention, and that always puts the fear of God into the


people around you, because dven when you are pushing, if you makd a tiny


essay, he is on you, and th`t is a huge advantage that he has `t the


moment. `` a tiny mistake. There was disappointment for Craig Rutherford.


The lipid champion was left stewing in this tent after injuring his knee


in the warm`up, but he says he will be back fighting fit in a fortnight.


There is only a short progr`mme of his ability evidence at the


Commonwealth Games, so one Paralympian Champion misses out


This was just his bird `` third race back after a string of injuries


just 100th of a second separating him with the world record holder,


but he will be back at the anniversary games in London this


weekend. Tomorrow we meet the husband


and wife badminton pair frol Milton Keyes who will becomd


the first married couple to compete Tomorrow we meet the husband


and wife badminton pair frol Milton Keyes who will becomd


the first married couple to compete Joining me in the studio now is


boxer Anthony Ogogo, from Lowestoft, who incidentally won silver at


the Commonwealths four years ago.. Anthony's here because he m`de it


a magnificent seven at the weekend. Seven professional fights,


seven wins. beating Wayne Reed with a


fifth`round stoppage in Livdrpool. I have been looking at your Twitter


account. Olympic medallist `nd future world champion. How far are


we going down that road is the mark that is a good reaction. Hopefully


in a couple of years I will have a nice belt around my waist. H think I


am supposed to be the next, next James Bond him about I don't know.


The difference between amatdur and professional, how are you fhnding


that? It is really tough. I have to go back to the drawing board and


start again as a pro. Seven fights in just into a year of my pro


career, I am kind of getting it and I am kind of getting it and die be.


I'd think I have `` and where I wants to be. I would like to be


English and British champion next year and then go on from thdre,


maybe European and then onto world champion. It is a slow procdss but


boxing is very tough. You are spending a lot of time in Alerica.


Do they like it? I hope so! I am doing loads of my training here I


do a lot of training down in London as well. I have also had thd


privilege to train over in @merica as well, which is great, because


boxing over there is really good. My next fight is in just under five


weeks in Los Angeles, California, and that will be an other great


experience I can add to my tally of good experiences. Eight in ` row, we


hope. But look at some picttres of you with your silver medal from the


Commonwealth Games. This is you fighting. Part of you would


be fighting in the Commonwe`lth Games again? It was an amazhng


experience. It was the first time I went to a multi`event sport. And yet


was brilliant. The guys going to Glasgow this year will have a great


time. `` India was brilliant. Obviously, I went on and improved my


medal success at the Commonwealth Games. We met all your family and


her mother and everything bdfore the Olympics. Are they all right? Really


well, thank you. One of my four sisters is very heavily pregnant and


is about to pop, so hopefully by the weekend we will have another


addition to the Ogogo clan. Lovely to see you. Stay safe.


Well, from boxing to politics, and some big names at Westmhnster


could be hanging up their gloves in the next 24 hours as the


Prime Minister re`shuffles his top tea, and it seems they might


We are already starting to get an idea of who is losing their jobs. It


will probably not be until tomorrow morning when we find that too is


being promoted. There is a lot a chat about several of our MPs. Top


of the list is Lizabeth Trost, currently in Education Minister A


lot of people are wondering if she is going to go into the cabhnet I


have seen one rumour that she could be about to replace Eric pickles.


Perhaps joining her is in and he he was the business that deals minister


and a close ally of George Osborne. One MP, Therese Coffey, and also


being talked about is Andrew Lindsley, because many people think


he is about to get the boot. `` Andrew Ramsey.


Let's take a look at the we`ther. During the course of the wedkend, 70


mm in some parts, not far from a month's worth of rain in ond day.


Today, a much quieter day, lots of sunshine across the region on the


satellite picture, but it whll not last for long, because this cloud is


gradually working its way towards us. A dry start to this evening


Sunny as well in some places, but the cloud thickening, and they will


get some pieces of rain. It was quite in Kabul night for sldeping


for some people last night. Tomorrow, `` uncomfortable night for


sleeping. Tomorrow, a mixture of bright or sunny spells and bearable


amount of cloud. You could get the odd shower. I would not be surprised


if there were one or two around For many places, a dry day. It should


feel fairly warm through thd afternoon as well. High pressure


continues, and another fine and dry day in many places, keeping these


weather fronts at bay. On Friday, this humid air coming up from Spain


in the Bay at this gay. It should state dry `` Bay of Biscay. It


should stay dry and get even hotter on Friday the of that going into


Friday, this area of low prdssure pushes up from the south,


interacting with the warm and humid air. Some thunderstorms in the West


on Thursday night. A lot of uncertainty in this sort of setup,


so it is worth staying tuned to the forecast for the next days. You can


see the temperatures are st`rting to hot up in the week. Perhaps getting


close to 30 degrees and Thursday and possibly Friday as well. Quhte


uncomfortable for sleeping through the end of this week. An increasing


risk of some thunderstorms towards Friday and Friday nights. Wd will


keep you posted for the next two days. `` Thursday and Fridax nights.


Thank you very much. See yot later on this evening. Goodbye.


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