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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Kiddicare costs Morrisons a fortune. It is out of the car and into the


saddle and the Boris bike comes to Northampton. And Mr and Mrs in the


Mixed Doubles, the, well cotple going for gold.


First tonight ` the local implications of


The highest profile casualtx is the South Cambridgeshire MP Andrew


Lansley who's been replaced as Leader of the Commons


and has lost out on a Cabindt post as well as a job in Europe.


In a moment we'll hear from our political correspondent,


but first, Ben Bland looks back at Andrew Lansley's career.


They are the great offices of state and ministers of the Crown.


Announced on Twitter, hasht`g reshuffle. The Prime Ministdr used


social media to reveal detahls of the comings and goings on hhs senior


team the key jobs are the great offices of state and


hashtag reshuffle. The Primd Minister used social media


his senior team. And the kex jobs were dished out


the Coalition Government cale in in 2010,


Colleagues praised his grasp of detail as he said


establish a kind of stability that the NHS have long sought, wd can


achieving results for patients as good as anywhere


his reforms were controvershal. A huge reorganisation


GP services. People come pl`ying that had not been mentioned in


Conservative manifesto cheering the general election. There was


opposition from many doctors and nurses. Some later said that Mr


Lansley had failed to sell his reforms and for that, he pahd the


price. In a reshuffle two ydars ago, he lost the job of Health


Secretary and was demoted to the role of lead our pals at Colmons.


Today, he lost that job as well replaced by William Hague. There


were rumours that Mr Lanslex could become the UK's man in Brussels an


idea he was asked about on the BBC's Daily Politics Show, last


month. My general approach hs if the prime is asked me, I want to say


yes. That is an answer. Havd the asked you? It seemed as if ht was on


the cards but the Prime Minhster has nominated somebody else to be the


UK's commission and the EU. quite a change in fortunes for


Andrew Lansley, an MP since 199 . He may well be wondering what his


political future mine told. For so long a fixture


on the front bench, he?s lost out on Our political correspondent


Andrew Sinclair gave Well, Andrew Lansley put


on a brave face when he was made leader of the house two years ago,


he said it was still a very challenging and important job,


and I think he has enjoyed the job. But at Westminster is was vdry much


seen as a demotion, punishmdnt for those controversial health


reforms, which, let's remember, did get enacted ` and in thd eyes


of many people they are now making did get enacted ` and in thd eyes


of many people, they are now making But then today,


it is now clear that he's ott of the cabinet and it looks as


if he will be on the back bdnches. Well, I wouldn't be surprisdd


if after 17 years as an MP he's going to say, actually, I'vd had


enough ` and he may well announce in the next few weeks that he won't


stand at the next election. And if that were to happen,


it will suddenly make avail`ble a very safe Conservative se`t, and,


if you remember a couple of months ago, there was a lot


of speculation that Boris Johnson I think Andrew Lansley would


really have wanted to have been He was offered it, he said he would


have it, but he fell victim to politics and the Prime Minister


decided to give it to somebody else. OK, so who were


the big winners across the region? It is clear the winners in this


reshuffle were the class of 201 . One of the big stories involves


Elizabeth Truss, MP for South`West Norfolk, a consthtuency


that borders Cambridge. She is now the


Environment Secretary. Matthew Hancock,


the MP for Newmarket, he gets a cabinet post and an enhanced role


as a Business Minister. And don't forget Andrea Leadsome,


she was only promoted three months ago to the Treasury


and she's still there tonight. These are the people who thd


Prime Minister wants to lead the Conservative Party not just


into the next election, but beyond. The Peterborough`based firm


Kiddicare has been sold by the supermarket group Morrison?s ` for


a fraction of its original price. Morrisons bought the childrdn


and baby products company three But today it was sold to a private


equity firm ` for ?2 million. Morrisons says Kiddicare no longer


has a strategic role within Well let's talk to our business


correspondent Richard Bond Kiddicare is a successful brand in itself ` so


why is Morrisons selling it off Morrisons have been criticised in


the past of being slow off the mark when it comes to the Interndt


compared to its rivals. So, three years ago, it try to do somd thing


about that by buying was a very successful onlind


retailer. But when a big colpany buys a smaller company, it doesn't


work out. And that has cert`inly been the case with Morrisons and


Kiddicare. loss`making and Morrisons h`s its


own problems, so it has dechded Buying it for ?70 million


and selling it for ?2 million ` the shareholders are Morrisons have


taken a big hit and they will wonder why the Chief Executive who thought


it was such a good idea to spend ?70 million on Kiddicare, is now


What do we know about this private equity firm that has bought it?


It is a company called macro endless. It is a turnaround


specialist and companies it has ten run in the past include Crown paints


an Apple Store. Do we know if it'll affect jobs


or the base in Peterborough? Peterborough is the headquarters and


distribution centre will Kiddicare and about 200 people work there


There are a thousand people working for Kiddicare around the UK. One of


the options open to the to close down about two Kiddicare


stores and written being what it was originallx, which


was just a pure Internet retailer. If that happens, jobs will be lost.


But I should think most of those staff at Peterborough would probably


be OK. On last night's programme wd looked


at the Government's new polhcy From September, all children


in reception and years one But there are concerns that this may


lead to lower`income parents whose children already qualify for a free


school meal failing to register And that could cost schools


thousands of pounds. At this school in Peterborotgh, more


than 100 pupils are already signed up for free school meals. The next


September, free dinners will be open to all of the younger intakd. But it


could lead to a funding shortfall in extra payments currently given to


help less well off families. The amount of extra money that schools


get from the Government is linked up to the amount of pupils signed up to


free school meals. But therd is a real fear that


some parents might not get registered and schools could lose


out on vital funding. At thhs school it could mean losing up to ?200 000


every year. Designed to givd pupils from lower`income families the best


start in life. in practical terms it means we are able to do a htge


amount more with children than we would otherwise. We can


staff, particularly specialhst staff, and they will work whth


vulnerable children. It is hmportant for us to make sure that evdrybody


achieves. For some families we have to provide that little bit dxtra to


make sure that those overcome some of the challenges that


they face. Parent governors like Kirsty Salter realise that some


parents might worry about the stigma of signing up. But she says it is


vital for the school as a whole I can see how much it pays for and it


is the extras really, in a school like this. Taking them on trips and


things like that that some children may not get experience. Cross


Peterborough, almost ten thousand pupils attract the extra money. it


schools. It is 1300 for prilary schools. And that is per pupil.


There is a danger if it is ` free school meals that they don't have to


register and then we could lose that funding, the schools could lose that


and that would be `` mean ldss people in the classrooms. P`rents


have until next year to reghster. Schools say it will mean thdy can


continue to give the best start for pupils. And will return to that


later in the programme. The police have released CCTV images


of a man they want to trace in connection with an armed robbery


in Littleport in Cambridgeshire A man walked into the bookm`kers in


the High Street brandishing what's He left with a significant `mount


of cash. It happened late morning on


Sunday July the 6th. Anyone with information is being


asked to contact the police. With A`levels over,


teenagers across the countrx are now preparing for university or maybe


their first jobs. But concerns are being raisdd


at Government level about the welfare of young people


and the vulnerability away from home and school.


A group of students from a school in Cambridgeshire have been taking part


in a series of hard`edged programmes that aim to help them stay safe


and make the right decisions. This is Danny. Not his real name,


he's a former drug addicts, a dealer, an armed robber. I had an


imitation shooter, kitchen blades, roasting forks, I didn't care about


the person's feelings or how scared they were. I took money, jewellery.


Phones. Anything worth more than 50p. I didn't care. Sixth formers at


this school in Huntingdon are learning about prison first`hand. If


you are Burmese and he was busy you are Burmese and he was been to busy


rather what it all right. It that bad. They are lying. D`nny s


talk is part of a new progr`mme Called temp Plays It. It has been an


eye`opener, because I've got friends about the different drugs and things


like that. Everyone is at the age of the outright drugs and drinking You


must stick by your friends. It is really brought it home to hdr is how


it can affect somebody you lay know. It uses films, talks and


interactions raise awareness of alcohol, drugs, squeak crimd and


rape. Set up by an ex`policd officer, there is no softly, softly


approach. It is the hard sttff head`on. You are being arrested on


suspicion of rape. I can make these individuals make the right decision.


But what I can do is when they make a decision, make them consider the


consequences and deal with ht face on. We show them real images of real


crimes, talk by the activitx of the offenders and if we deal with sexual


offences, we won't edge arotnd the actual discussion, we will deal with


the debate properly and consent and with the legislation that stpports


that consent. we have systels, we have strategies, we have networks


all of which support our sttdents. But when you have hard`hitthng


evidence and you are listenhng to people who been through it, adding


that is really much, much more significant for people. For Danny it


was a slippery slope. From simple bunking off school aged 12, two


Wormwood Scrubs aged 21. He lost his youth and now works nights hn a


supermarket. The world is a grim place. Everybody knows that. But it


doesn't have to be a grim place if you worry about things look out for


the people it does not have to be like that. Danny would not wish his


early life on anybody. If you are


a school or parent wanting to find out more about these workshops, then


you can go to www.playitsafd.co uk. A rescue plan has been agredd


for one of the region's smallest The Cromwell Museum in Hunthngdon


had been due to close to save money. Now almost ?16,000 will be


used to set up a trust. Cambridgeshire County Counchl's


trying to save ?149 million over the next five years,


but wants to keep the site open Now it is over to Stewart for the


rest of the programme. You're watching Look East


from the BBC. Why hiring a bicycle by


the hour is getting more popular. And the husband and wife te`m


favourites to take gold in Glasgow. Anybody who has been to central


London over the last couple of years will have seen what have


become known as Boris Bikes. Blue bikes in racks by the side


of the road which you can rdnt The scheme introduced by thd Mayor


of London, Boris Johnson. Now the idea appears to be


spreading, and today, 50 bikes And one of our train companhes is


doing the same thing at somd Public transport for the town


now lined up and ready to hhre. The markets we are looking


at most particularly are sttdents. We have some going


into the University site soon. Ordinary people that


want to get around. People visiting the town, btsiness


people going between offices. We've had a lot of interest


from people coming in on thd train. The company behind it runs seven


cycle schemes around the cotntry. But this one


at Blackpool folded after only three I believe Northampton is


the right size of city. It has the identity required


with good locations where pdople We operate in Lincoln as well, and


Norwich have been looking at this. Much talked about Boris Bikds


are commonplace in the capital. But more


of the same are heading our way At Ipswich train station thhs


morning, this one along with Ely, Chelmsford and Clacton


among 15 schemes being rolldd out We've worked closely with local


authorities and we are lookhng at ways of improving transport journeys


onward from stations, and cdrtainly one of the things that has been fed


back from that is cycling, so that is clearly part of the strategy to


improve the onward journey choices An account set up online,


you type in your PIN. Then choose your bike


and the metre begins. So once you've hired your bhke,


it will cost you one pound per There are two bike stations


at the railway station, The rest will be dotted


around the town. So there was


a big bike launch today. We had a passerby just a few minutes


ago from Birmingham, and thdy have After three months,


there were only four bikes left They do in London, so I'm not sure


why they wouldn't follow suht. If we can help traffic flow


and to get people fit, If people now get on them, lore


bikes, the council say, will follow. The manager of the Theatre Royal


in Bury St Edmunds says she's looking to cut costs


in response to the venue losing all The decision `


announced earlier this month ` leaves the theatre with a ?340, 00


shortfall over three years. The priority now ` finding new


money from other sources. It is a ten shillings for a paper


these days. Disgusting. Rehdarsals under way for a play which heads off


to the Edinburgh Festival soon, and returns to bury in September. It is


a two hander. Without having the space to rehearse, I don't know


where we would do it. I suppose we would have to go into London, book a


rehearsal space in London. For me, as a vocal, and Ian is local as


well, to be able to work locally is fantastic. Providing a spacd is one


way the theatre is working with new shows and the community aftdr losing


their funny, they are having to make changes. The theatre has bedn


through difficult years. Last year, it was in a difficult place


financially. It was strugglhng in terms of its programme. It had


definitely disengaged with hts audiences. When we submitted the


application, at the very beginning of March, a new programme h`dn't


really hit. We were not abld to offer any truth to the council that


the change creatively had actually started to happen. But their


relationship with us cancel England is not over. They say they will help


the theatre export new ways of working. `` arts council. Wd are


talking to the theatre therd, and although it is is difficult news


when you come out of our portfolio, it doesn't mean it is the end of the


relationship. The next nine months are crucial. After next Aprhl, they


will have a financial hole of ?340,000. They hope to feel that by


cutting their overheads and revamping their programme, working


with local schools so they can apply for different parts of


I'm sure you know by now, but the Commonwealth Games start


45 athletes from this region will be taking part, including a cotple


Badminton players Chris and Gabby Adcock live and train in


Milton Keynes, and have become the first married couple to represent


Many couples live and work together, but Chris and Gabby Adcock do it in


They have been married for a year now, long enough to


I think the first time I went into my new wardrobe, and there were


Aside from domestic bliss, things are going very well behind the net.


National champions, top five in the world.


We know how it feels to stand on top of the podium twice now togdther,


We want to make sure we put ourselves in with a chance.


They are part of a 10`player team representing England.


They went to the last Commonwealth Games in Delhi


as an item also, but were split up after losing in the quarter`finals.


A painful separation, but p`rt of their badminton education.


To play with an older partndr is the best thing that can happen, and I


would say we both learned a lot from playing with different partners


Luckily now when we were put back together, we


have brought so much knowledge that we have learnt from those pdople,


They might come up against their old partners in Glasgow.


An England`Scotland clash with extra spice.


For the Adcocks, they are in no mood to settle for second bdst.


We want to win the Commonwe`lth win medals, and hopefully go


We absolutely love badminton, and we trust in each other that


every time we step on court we will give 100%, and I think for `ny


Badminton features on all 10 days of the Glasgow Games.


And for the romantics, just one name to follow


Don't we just love a fairy tale ending?


Back to school dinners now, and a reminder that from September,


every child aged between 4 `nd will be getting a free hot leal


It's been quite a headache for some schools who don't have


And it's a subject that's got you gohng.


Kim has been looking at what you have been saying.


Brian Mitchell calls this policy and other policy drawn on the b`ck of an


envelope. The party's education spokesperson didn't answer the key


for all people and some pardnts can afford to pay? And Allen saxs this?


Why should taxpayers from this idea. Surely parents should pay the cost.


They choose to have children, and therefore have the responsibility to


feed them. Julie Bailey says having a hot meal reduces behaviour


problems and aids concentration She asks why only offer free me`ls to


the infants and not the junhors Carol is working for a catering


company. She says I cook for 20 children at the moment. That will go


up to nearly 500. She says she picks it is brilliant for the children and


provides valuable jobs. Mikd is chairman of the Springfield


primary. He is Lib Dem group leader on Essex County Council. He says he


knew about this long time ago. We saw the advantages and planned


accordingly, or to upgrade the kitchens. We will be ready for the


autumn term. Finally, we sed, a headteacher, says they have over 300


infants. No kitchen yet, but good news, a kitchen is coming and the


fans have been found in a r`ce is to get it ready by September. We're


very excited by this quality meals produced on`shte,


something Second World War.


They queue. Heat and humidity will conthnue


through the week. That could mean thundery downpours by the end of the


week. Before then, fine and dry weather to be had. Today, pleasantly


warm. We have had a lot of cloud to the afternoon. The satellitd picture


shows over the last couple of hours it has started to shift. For some of


us, we end the night on a dry note with sunshine across the region


Cloud coming and going overnight. Someone clear spells developing


towards the end of the night. could lead to Mr patches forming


into the early hours morning. It will still be a one


night tonight, but actually not as humid as last night. `` mist


patches. Temperatures up to 17 degrees. We start tomorrow with


artistically, but they will clear quickly through the morning. Then we


are into a fine and sunny morning. Long spells of sunshine, but cloud


building for the afternoon. Sunshine turning hazy in places as wd get


into the afternoon. Look at the temperatures. They will be widely up


to about 26 degrees. In somd places, they may get a degrde or two


higher than that. You could see across the western counties starting


to drift in. They might get to places like Northamptonshird,


Hertfordshire, perhaps the western half of Cambridgeshire. It looks as


though it is a predominantlx dry picture. These showers are likely to


be isolated. If we do catch one it could be on the heavy side. Then


this is our pressure pattern as we get towards the end of the week


Lots of heat and humidity btilding. Low pressure moving up from the


south. We could be in for a heavy and thundery downpour by thd end


the week, particularly for Friday. In fact, Friday its self looks dry


through much of the day. Western counties might just catch one or two


thundery showers in the morning but then drive to the day. Damages for


Thursday and Friday, up to 29 degrees. `` temperatures. It depends


on the amount of sunshine. Both days could be cloudy. It is feelhng close


to being humid. It looks as though we have boundary rain arrivhng


Friday night into Saturday lorning. The timing of these still uncertain,


so do stay tuned to the fordcast this week. They could be shhfts in


timing of this. But it will mean as we get into the weekend, we will


have a cool and fresh forec`st. will be welcome after the hdat and


humidity of this week. Just before we go, a quick lention


of a campaign against bad p`rking If you have taken any like this


do get in touch. That is it from all of us. Thanks


for your company.


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