16/07/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look E`st. In the programme tonight:


Dozens of suspected paedophhles arrested in this region.


The role of our police in the huge national operathon.


Local people policing the school run.


In shooting: The first time and the manner hoping to be a record


breaker, both going for gold in the Commonwealth Games.


And it is access all areas for this dog who has been given the freedom


of Wellingborough. First tonight,


dozens of suspected paedophhles have been arrested in this region


as part of a national operation targeting people who look at


indecent images of children online. Local forces have been assisting


the National Crime Agency in the campaign


which has lasted six months. In a moment we'll hear


from the Internet Watch Foundation But first Neil Bradford is `t


Bedfordshire Police Headquarters in Of those 14 arrests, only one man


has been charged and is awahting trial. The other 13 remain on police


bail. These are not easy police investigations. One offender was


found to have 150,000 indecdnt images across two laptops. We were


given exclusive access to the online investigation unit. At Bedford's


Grey Friars police station `nd other computer is about to be exalined. It


is a thorough but labour`intensive process. Detectives are searching


for images are stored on thd hard drive `` hard drive and also those


that have been viewed and ddleted. These are a number of devicds that


we have seized. We have iPods and mobile phones as well as colputers.


This Detective Inspector he`ds up the online investigation te`m. As


part of the national operathon his team have made 14 arrests and seized


around 250 devices. It takes an immense amount of time, as xou can


imagine, people have a very big hard drives on their machines and some


are terabytes and there are hundreds of thousands of images in some


cases. The six`month operathon targeted those accessing chhld abuse


images online. Nationally 666 people were arrested, among them doctors,


teachers and care workers. @s well as 14 in Bedfordshire there were


eight in Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire and seven


Hertfordshire and 34 across the whole of the Thames Valley region


which includes Milton Keynes. North or's Chief con says it is a problem


society needs to wake up to. There play and there is a bigger role for


service providers for the industry to play, working with us to


disrupt, prevent and to stop the Internet being abused in a way that


I do not ever believed it w`s envisaged it would be used for. In


Bedfordshire five officers `re assigned to the online investigation


team with hundreds of thous`nds of images to trawl through so ht is


painstaking and emotionally draining. This team of officers say


that nothing will determine `` might deter them from tackling thd online


paedophiles. Bedfordshire Police say tackling this sort of crime remains


a priority and more officers are expected to join the unit shortly.


We should never underestimate the impact this kind of work has on the


officers involved. They are all offered counselling because of the


graphic nature of the images that they see.


I'm joined by Susie Hargreaves who's the chief


executive of the Internet W`tch Foundation, a charity which takes


660 people arrested, dozens in our region, how significant is this


It is extremely significant. What we used to seize several years ago was


very few images and now we `re talking about millions of ilages.


About a year ago we started seeing the Jimmy Savile affected as much as


people were known to these images and people werd known


to be looking at many millions of images and there was? About what was


being done to stop people looking them and today really answers that


question so it is a really positive day. Let us talk about the kind of


people who were arrested. A couple of things surprise me, the fact that


the majority had not had anx contact with the police until this point and


we had doctors and teachers, does that surprise you? It doesn't


really. This is a crime that crosses over every strata of societx and it


could be anybody. Often thex are people in trusted positions because


they have access to children. It is really a crime that could affect


absolutely anybody. Your organisation has a very difficult


job. Not only do you have two keep pace with technology but a lot of


these sites are hosted overseas How do you tackle that? Absolutdly. The


problem with child sex abusd online is a global problem. We are the most


successful country in the world in terms of removing the content in our


own country, less than 1% of its content is hosted in the UK and if


it is hosted in the UK we c`n remove it in under two hours because we


work closely with the UK industry. But of course that means it is


hosted in other countries so we work closely with law enforcement and


hotlines around the world and with the Internet industry to do as well


as we do win the UK and the way we do so well in the UK is bec`use we


have a with organisations like ourselves


who are closely with law enforcement, the


public and the tolerance approach. If anyone


suspects they absolutely must report it. What


you need report anonymously or ask for


details about what your report and if it is illegal, we


will take it down. Thank very much. A management buy`out for thd


troubled company has been confirmed. Unions and the new owners whll meet


next week in a bid to save For months now fears that Solway


Foods would close for good. Today finally hope that jobs here can be


saved. Is it good news? I bdlieve so. What is the mood? Peopld happy


in there? Samar, some are not. We do not have much information ydt this


March nine heard `` 900 workers heard their jobs would go and today


the question is what does the takeover mean for the 340 still it


would smack it is a managemdnt buyout involving two executhves here


who have been there for mord than a decade. One of them that I spoke to


said that the business plan is still in the infancy. They are looking for


new opportunities and they `re trying to secure as many jobs here


as possible. Inside the factory they pack salads


for supermarkets. The company was one of the biggest employers in


Corby. It is very welcome ndws. We hoped we could save the whole of the


plant and we were not able to do that but many people have already


left employment but the fact the site


will stay where it is continue to operate I think is good news. Solway


Foods says it is selling thd food processing site.


Unions told us they will medt the new owners next week and thd new


company begins business next month. It's festival season `


Latitude is this weekend, the Cambridge Folk Festival at the


end of the month, V Fest in August, but for one young festival`goer


from Milton Keynes last year's Georgina Chalmers had been


preparing to cook food when a gas She's now warning others


about the dangers. You may find some of the im`ges


in Peter Cooke's report upsdtting. A new tent to replace the one


destroyed in an accident th`t could have killed her. For Georgina and


her friends it is a simple task that brings back terrible memorids. I


will always have scars, espdcially on my leg which was the most burnt


piece of me but fortunately I did not need to have any skin grafts so


I was really lucky with what happened and it could have had a


very different in `` outcomd if I had inhaled any of the gas. This was


the 27`year`old six `` a ye`r ago. A gas canister exploded and she


suffered more than 60% burns to her body. She had been cooking lunch and


pierced the cylinder but cotld not secure the attachment to stop the


gas escaping. 160 people have been killed in gas explosions since 995


including 13 next year. Georgina will return to Bestival at the end


of the month to thank those who helped her. She is campaignhng for


people to be more aware of the dangers of such equipment. What we


have been lobbying for sincd 19 5 is prime`time TV warnings


feature all of the carbon `based fuels, all of the appliances and all


of the things that can go wrong and everything from houses to tdnts to


boats to vehicles. I had assumed like most people that if yot can buy


something it is safe to use really wasn't so if you havd a gas


canister without a please do not use it, it is really


not worth the risk or the p`in. A harsh lesson learned but shd is


planning to spend more time dancing this summer than at the doctors


Many of us are all too award of the problems that can be caused


It's a potentially dangerous combination.


But now an idea's being tridd out in Northamptonshire which hopes to


The council has given traffhc cones to people living near


The school run at this prim`ry School in Wellingborough. Pdople


here say they have suffered for years with illegal parking. Now they


have a new weapon, their very own cones to discourage selfish parking.


Sometimes even that is not dnough. We have had people who ignore the


cones and one gentleman dragged the cone with him and another child was


playing on the corner. We gdt people driving that erratic league then you


have the chance of a child getting knocked down. The impact of traffic


around our schools is a problem Latest figures from the


industry show that 1000 children every


schools `` local roads around schools in Britain every month. Four


out of five schools have had a pupil injured within 500 metres of the


school. That is why local councils have given people cones. Police will


only intervene if cars are parked illegally but they hope it will


Inconsiderate drivers. We hope so because we all know it is a big


problem for schools in Northamptonshire and I am stre it is


the same problem elsewhere. I hope this project will improve this


community in terms of bad p`rking at school terms. Some drivers gave a


cautious welcome. It is a good thing I suppose. I would not want it if I


was living up here, I would not want to not be able to get in and out of


my entrance. I can understand why they are doing it and I would be


furious if anyone blocked access to my Gary Rab`johns I think it is


disgusting but I think therd are places where people can park where


they are putting combs that is not quite necessary. This is only a


pilot but depending on its dxcess `` success it could be brought in


elsewhere. The MP for South Cambridgeshire


Andrew Lansley, has told thd Prime Minister he hopes to take on an


international role in the ftture. It comes


as he announced last night that he will step down from Parliamdnt


at the next general election. Still to come tonight, the common


wealth games petrol on the verge of a world record. And the teenager


competing for the first timd. Stay tuned for a little bit of showbiz


sparkle. Hello, you might not remembdr me,


but my name is Ashley Butler. You should definitely remember him. Now


this is Pudsey and we want Britain's got talent two ye`rs ago.


Find out what we've been dohng in Wellingborough later on in the show.


Twice as many people drown `s die in house fires.


Last year, 124 people lost their lives in rivers, and


of course it's professional divers who have to recover the bodhes.


Our reporter Debbie Tubby h`s been given exclusive access to


the only Fire Service dive team in the country.


It's based in this region, and it has a new recruit.


Is everybody fit to dive today? The situation as we have a misshng


person which means we have to come in with the dog. It seems all too


real. It has to be realistic. But this is an exercise. Masks `re


cleaned, cylinders are filldd. Within 30 minutes of a call, they


can be on the road. If it w`s my child at the bottom of that


particular lake, I would want them out today. In a dignified m`nner.


For most, these firefighters diving. This is an additional skill. Paolo


checks out the water. This hs the first time he has been out with the


team, the first time on a boat. For the last nine weeks, he has


trained to find bodies in w`ter When a body is in water, it


the water, the stronger the gases and that


detect. Today, he is searchhng for a missing person in a submergdd


When he finds it, he will bdcome quite manic. He will lick the water,


jump around, he will want to get into the water, then he will look at


me to wait for his reward for finding what we are looking for And


that is a tennis ball. We whll be diving very shortly. The divers rely


on a number little cord, and their supply allowing them to divd the two


hours. If we were diving scuba`diving, we have a limhted


supply of air. If anything went wrong, we'd be in trouble. They


always have to divers on bo`rd. One to search and one on stand`by.


You're looking for the car, once you locate, five bells. Only ond metre


below the surface, it is zero visibility. Searching is often by


touch. You what all alone, xou can't see anything, you're moving up and


down, you're getting fatigud, and all you want as a result. You want


peace of mind for that family. there's anything particularly


unusual one pleasant `` or unpleasant, we will have an on`site


debrief. Today, they didn't find the car. But this team has a 100%


success rate, a unique job recovering bodies with dignhty and


respect. We have another dog with a different talent later.


Now to the campaign by a 16`year`old to get British Sign Languagd taught


Jade Chapman, from Norfolk, was inspired to start a petition by her


sister Laura, who's profoundly deaf. Mike Liggins has their storx.


10`year old Laura Chapman w`s born profoundly deaf. She had a cochlear


implant at three but becausd Laura also has verbal dyspraxia, she's


only just started talking. Communication can be diffictlt. That


is why her 16`year`old sistdr Jade wants to see sign language taught in


schools much like French and German. It's not fair that these foreign


languages are getting this `ttention and high profile. Everybody knows a


bit of French. But no one rdally knows sign language. It's not fair


that deaf people have been hsolated from the hearing world. Thex want to


communicate but they can't, so teachers need to know that `nd teach


sign language. Laura goes to Coleman Junior in Norwich. It is a


mainstream school with a de`f unit. She gets help from a specialist


support assistant. I was worried an interview with Laura was gohng to be


difficult. But when she started talking, it was hard to get her to


stop. It was in my bag, my friend found it... And, also, I got house


points with my friend. At this school, there is a signing club


Hearing children can learn BSL to help their hearing impaired friends.


How do you communicate with Laura? Sign language or lip`reading. She


sometimes understands a bit of both, and if she doesn't, we have to sign


it. So it is difficult but not impossible? No. It's not just about


learning a language because someone is deaf at a school, it is `bout


their future as well, and it is another method of communicating with


deaf people, and it is another method of communicating with peers


as well. Jade has set up a Facebook page and


she has started an online pdtition. Jade says she won't give up without


We heard about that story because Jade got in touch whth us.


If you've got a story to tell, we want to hear from you.


You can phone or email, or use Facebook and Twitter.


Don't forget to leave your name and a contact number.


The Commonwealth Games are now just a week away, and this week we're


looking at people from this region who could make a big impact. Today,


a tale of two shooters. One is a veteran on the verge of a world


record, and the other is colpeting for the first time. The det`ils


Out of retirement for one final shot.


Michael Galt is 60 now, England's most successful


17 medals in all, eyeing up one more in Glasgow to equal the record.


The feeling of doing what I love doing.


So, what would that one further Commonwealth medal mean to do?


It would just be job done, that's it.


I've done what's required of myself to become the most decorated athlete


And that is my very first gold medal for a 50 metre free pistol...


20 years on, there's a new kid on the block.


At just 18, Suffolk's Larissa Sykes is one of the youngest membdrs


It was one of those I was sdeing everyone coming back with their


medals, and I thought, I want to do that, and four years down the line,


I'm going to have the pride to stand there and say at the end of the day


I'm representing my country, and I want to do my best for it


Surprising, some people might say, but the plans, the preparathon,


the support network I've got going as well, they've really elilinated


Larissa trains four times a week in Cambridge.


Hard to squeeze in the hours whilst holding


We are all extremely chuffed, really proud of how well she's dond.


She's worked really, really hard trying to fit it


in with all the work we are giving her here, and to fit


For the record, Michael would happily bow out with any colour


Those of you who watched Brhtain's Got Talent will already know Pudsey


the dog. He was the star who set


the world alight. Now Pudsey is the star


of a new film, and today he was given the freedom


of his hometown Wellingborotgh. Meet the dog... Whose greatdst


talent is being a hero. The big screen superstar is a lot slaller in


the Firth. Back in his hometown alongside his best friend Ashley


Pudsey humbly accepted the freedom of Wellingborough. I loved from the


first minute I saw him on Britain's Got Talent, and I feel like a


phantom goal today. He's lovely isn't he? A really nice dog. They


are free to go anywhere, thdre are no boundaries he cannot go to. So,


he can go to restaurants and pubs? It depends on the landlord! But I am


sure he will be welcome there. He is so well mannered. A district 's like


this that have put a smile on the face of Simon Cowell but he has come


a long way since then. You are going to have great time


here. Let me introduce you to the others.


How do you fill to have the freedom of Wellingborough? And how does it


feel being. ? Did you get any treats? Porkpie! Porkpie passion


aside, Pudsey's owner knew from the start he was special. When he was


born, he was the one puppy that interacted with me, so I sax that he


chose me. He always played with me, he was the most energetic, `nd right


from them, I started to teach him tricks and we are now here. Has he


seen a squirrel? Yes. Pudsex! Pudsey! You're in the middld of an


interview! It seems underne`th his cool combed exterior, Pudsex is just


like all the other dogs. Well, not quite.


That's how dogs should behave. The weather.


The temperatures hit shy of 28 in Essex today and they could go higher


by Friday, hitting 30. We h`ve some changes on the way. The high


pressure is producing sunny weather, but we have this weather front


pushing in from the west, ttrning western counties much cloudher, and


they will continue to turn cloudy this evening and eventually this


cloud is likely to produce some rain. This weather front is fizzling


out as it heads eastward so for most of us it should stay dry and where


there is some rain, it will dampen things down. Some cloud arotnd, so


temperatures will not fall `way tonight. Not the most comfortable


night for sleeping. Once thd cloud has broken up, it is another hot and


sunny day. The temperatures will climb higher tomorrow. We still have


a bit of cloud to shift first but then that sunshine breaks


through the cloud, with temperatures shooting up`to`the`minute 20s. If


you don't like them hot weather go to the coast. As the easterly wind


kicks in, it will mean a cooler forecast for places like thd Norfolk


and Suffolk coastline. Look at the temperatures inland. It is going to


be a hot afternoon. Change on the way by the end of the week. It is


likely to go bang. A lot of hot air coming up from France meeting cooler


air coming in from the west, so likely to be some fairly intense


thunderstorms by Friday night and into Saturday morning. Before then,


on Friday, if you like heat and Yuma, Friday will be quite ` nice


day with many places likely to get 30 degrees. It turns unsettled


overnight with intense thundery downpours. Saturday is lookhng quite


wet. Keep on top of the fordcast to know where this rain will bd, but it


is likely to be showery, and showers continuing on Sunday.


Thank you. If you're on holhday at the coast, cooler temperatures


tomorrow not a good idea. Enjoy your holiday! Goodbye


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