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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hundreds of thousands of people head for the outdoors for this wdekend's


Heading for Glasgow, the Athletes competing


And the most famous image of World War I, recreated on a mammoth scale.


We give you a Birds Eye 's view `` we give you a Birds Eye view.


First tonight the new biomedical headquarters which will bring


Pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca showed off their plans todax


for a new centre on the Addenbrooke's Hospit`l site.


It should be operational within two years.


And it's a huge vote of confidence in the city's scientific colmunity.


But it's less than two months since AstraZeneca fought off a takeover


bid from Pfizer and there are fears the American company could be back.


This could be Cambridge's drug discovery powerhouse.


The design for AstraZeneca's new global research and developlent


A place where scientists hope to come up with world


Having recently fought off an unwelcome takeover appro`ch from


Pfizer, AstraZeneca today l`unched a public consultation on its plans.


We wanted to be open and accessible to the academic community around us,


so by having the courtyard open by having the labs visible from the


outside, by having it invithng as a building, I think it's gohng to


stimulate great collaborations and opportunities.


The plan is to build a new premises here on the


Cambridge biomedical campus near Addenbrooke's Hospital


AstraZeneca has an existing research and development base in Cheshire.


The plan is to close that and the London headquarters


It'll be a big upheaval but, at the end of it, 2000 people will


work here in Cambridge in world`class facilities.


Also moving to the biomedic`l campus will be AstraZeneca's subsidiary,


It employs 500 people at Gr`nta Park near Cambridge.


MedImmune work on a particular type of moldcule for


Our colleagues at AstraZeneca work on chemically derived compotnds


There are all sorts of interesting ways we can use that combin`tion


And we're really excited by the opportunity to cooperate, not just


with the community on the CBC, but with AstraZeneca colleagues well.


For AstraZeneca, it's business as usual.


Executives want to forget about the Pfizer bid and focus on the future.


But another takeover approach could be made.


I think Pfizer could easily come back with a further bid


if management at AstraZenec`, who've set themselves very


At that point, I think Pfizer would be well`placed


to come back and make an offer that could well appeal to shareholders.


The new campus would be at the heart of Cambridge's science cluster.


And British owned AstraZeneca hopes, rather than American.


Does this development mean AstraZeneca is safe from Pfhzer


Well, it does for the moment. That Pfizer bid lapsed in May and it


cannot make another hit for six months. Unless the board of


AstraZeneca invites them back in, which is likely. So a new bhd could


be made from the end of Novdmber. Of course, Pfizer said before that if


it took over AstraZeneca, it would go ahead with the Cambridge


development that AstraZenec` has been talking about today, so that's


something, but many people within the scientific community ard


suspicious fires and they think any new bid would be very disruptive to


the research going on here, and they don't feel Pfizer is as comlitted to


the UK as AstraZeneca is. What does this mean for Cambridge


If you're in the business of trying to bring


today, Cambridge is the place to do it.


go elsewhere, London or Oxford or Scotland, they


abroad but they chose Cambrhdge which says a lot about the puality


of scientific research therd. A jury's heard how a Luton lan


plotted to kill his love rival. Shahzad Mahroof is accused


of hiring a hit man to kill Atif Ali who was engaged to the woman he


wanted a relationship with. Six men deny conspiracy to lurder


following a shooting last M`y On May 20 last year, Atif Ali's


journey to work came to a dramatic end. The 28 rolled from Luton was


shot in the leg and almost died The prosecution said he was the target


of a hit man, hired by a man who wanted a relationship with his


fiancee. Luton Crown Court heard that Shahzad Mahroof was intent of


pursuing a relationship with Atif Ali's fiancee. In the months prior


to the shooting, he tried to intimidate and even threatened to


kill him. When those threats didn't work, the prosecution said he made


arrangements to murder him. The prosecution said 28`year`old Shahzad


Mahroof was the mastermind behind the conspiracy. The gunmen was


Bernard Pillai. He denies hd was trying to kill Atif Ali. Matthew


McCafferty was accused of stpplying the gun. The prosecution sax Mark


O'Neill was the driver, and another man was the spot. The plot, the


prosecution say, involved a silver Mondeo, bought the cash the day


before. CCTV shown to the jtry captures Atif Ali's silver @udi with


the Mondeo following two cars behind. As they turn into Ldicester


Road, it deliberately crashdd into the victim's car. As he got out to


inspect the damage, the gunlan opened fire. Opening the case for


the prosecution, the QC told the jury...


Shahzad Mahroof admit plotthng to cause serious damage to Atif Ali,


but he denies conspiracy to murder. It is thought the trial might last


up to four weeks. Hundreds


of demonstrators gathered in To raise awareness


of the situation in Gaza It's one of a series


of protests across the country aimed at highlighting


the increasing violence in Gaza Talks between a hospital trtst


and biomedical staff are dud to Around 60 scientists say thdy've


been locked out of Northampton General Hospital


in a row over new contracts. Today, the General Secretarx


of the Unite union, Len McClusky, met senior managers saying the


dispute could put lives at risk Trying to break the deadlock,


one of the most powerful unhon men in Britain steps


into the blood test lab dispute For almost a month,


biomedical staff say they'vd been banned from the building


in a dispute over contracts. The union leader siad patients


were being put at risk. Sooner or later, and we belheve it


will be sooner, lives will be lost as a result of management's actions,


and it will be on their conscience. They've got people doing


this critical job who are not sufficiently experienced


or knowledgeable. When we give blood samples,


it's critical to everything that happens, and, unfortunately,


people will die. Ahead of meeting


senior managers, he spoke to staff. We've been keeping


our spirits up but him coming today has just lifted them even ftrther,


so it's very positive for us all. He's really given us a boost,


he's promised us that we can fight So it really gives everybodx


a great boost. In the dispute over new contracts,


staff had offered to cover `ll emergencies but had refused to work


overtime and out of hours. As a result,


they were asked to stay at home We will see where that leads to but


at least from where we was last week where we had no meetings pl`nned,


we've now got a meeting planned We are open to anything and we will


listen to ideas as well as put some The trust has given


a statement saying that bec`use of the industrial action, it's been


forced to source alternativd Labour It says the trust's focus is


on patient safety and says tp to 93% of samples are still being turned


around within the hour timescale The union has been seeking `


High Court injunction over It's hoped Monday's meeting will


bring some movement Hundreds of thousands of people will


take to the outdoors this wdekend with a series of festivals


and events across the region. But after violent storms last night,


and temperatures nudging 30 degrees centigrade today,


there are concerns that With more on that,


here's Louise Hubball. It is an absolutely glorious evening


but in the early hours it w`s a very different story. These picttres were


sent in from viewers around the region and they give you an idea of


what you could have seen if you peeked out from behind the curtains.


Commuters going to London this morning had a pretty torrid time


with the trains delayed by the poor weather. Now we have a situ`tion


where there are speed restrhctions on some lines because of thd high


temperatures. Of course, thd heat can be a risk to people as well


especially the elderly who light not be so mobile.


Some of them liked to sit ott in the sun, which we wouldn't


advise, particularly between the hours of 11am `3pm.


So when we are visiting pathents in their own homes, we are giving


this advice to those patients as well, about increasing their fluid


intake and making sure they have their curtains shut when thd sun is


Well, the weather`bob for this weekend is very volatile. There is


an amber warning for heavy rain and the possibility of more lightning.


It's something we don't see as often in this country so people don't


really take it quite as serhously as they should, but the gendral rule


is if you can hear thunder, you're close enough to be struck by


lightning, so any out events throughout the weekend,


if you hear thunder, make stre you get inside and shelter if you can,


stay away from big trees and metal objects, and that sort of thing


And hundreds of thousands of people will be at outdoor events this


weekend, including concerts in museums, and plenty more, as my


colleague reports. This is a lake with a difference.


These strange objects coming out of the water form an art installation


opening this year's Milton Keynes International Festival which 20 000


people are expected to come and enjoy. So, from the Milton Keynes


Festival at the Bedford Rivdr Festival where 300,000 people are


set to turn up this weekend. Plenty going on. Over 100 boats have in


fact attended the festival this year. On top of that, we have the


traditional raft races taking place, over 40 rafts have entered


those competitions, we have the Dragon boat racing, and canoeing,


and various other activities. Lots going on. Lots to do indeed. Today


saw visitors bringing their boats from far and wide ready to dnjoy


life on the River blues. On land, the setup is taking place for some


fun on the fair but with all these people out in force, will it be


safe? You have 300,000 people in a confined space, and a small area, it


is quadrupling the population of Bedford for that period of time so


there will be some people who will break the law, there will bd a few


problems, but when you number of people coming, we are


anticipating a safe and peaceful happy event. With the cotton


peaceful weekend ahead, the best place to be might just be the water.


In truth, tomorrow is a really tricky weather scenario, but it


looks at the day of extremes with heat, humidity, and the risk of some


really vicious storms. So it really a day to take care.


Thank you. Before we go, a quick mention


about BBC Radio Cambridgeshhre's big It's in Cathedral Square


in Peterborough to raise money for a new hospice at Thorpe Hall


in the city. There will be music,


dancing with a Portuguese theme And a special Dr Who event


at the Queensgate shopping centre. ?6 million is needed for thd new


hospice to be built on the same Robert Halfon is joining thd


Chancellor's star. He has rdpeatedly lobbied for tax to fuel and bingo.


He's now George Osborne's Parliamentary Secretary. Thd


Chancellor treated he was ddlighted, describing Mr Alphonse is a


brilliant campaigner. Later, Alex has more on the weather, but before


that, time to hand you back to steward for the rest of the news,


plus an amazing maize maze with a World War I theme.


It's been an emotional day at Greshams one


They have been remembering a cricket match played 100 xears ago


just before the start of thd First World War.


The school's first eleven played a team of old boys.


Eleven of the young men who played in the match were killed in the war.


Lots of lovely places to pl`y and watch cricket in this region, but


this has got to be right up there. I think you will agree. In thd


distance the chapel built around the time of the first war in a free


round, the school buildings in the distance, the old cricket p`vilion,


and then the new cricket pavilion which is only just been opened.


Today, a game between Gresh`m 's and the Norfolk selected 11, designed


commemorate and in some senses celebrate the lives of the boys from


cricket match between Gresh`m School and the all boys. The school


boys in this photograph would be dead.


think, and the fact that thdir adult lives were about to begin and all


But this is absolutely a molent of history.


Then, players and a sending off the last post. Seen here in the team


photograph of 1914, survived the first and Second World


War. Today, his sons redback Gresham 's to pay tribute, only too well


aware that their father was lucky. When so many of his friends were


not. You left school and john the regiment, if you are in a ptblic


school humour going to be an officer. Because you have some


background you were at the front in no time at all. And as a yotng


Second Lieutenant your chances of living were not great. In total


more than 100 old boys from Gresham 's lost their lives in the war to


end all wars. The school is sensitive to its past to getting the


most correct today was not dasy It was very poignant and


were very clear that he wanted this to be a


important event in the schools history, but one that appointed as


much to what hope as remembrance. We think we got the balance right


today. There was some good cricket today and some not quite so good.


But that was not important. The match was all about remembering


those who never came back. 100 years ago the old boys won the


match, except that the results does not matter but let's look at the


scoreboard. Batting first, 213 in 40 overs and the Norfolk 11. M`ke a 641


and 24 overs. For cricket lovers, likely to be close.


Well that's one way of markhng the centenary, here's anothdr.


This one is very different ht's been built on a huge scale


Hidden in this field, something few of us would feel to recognise. The


region 's flanks filing suit, a clue. Hi, helicopter hire, xou can


see. His face, that pointed finger, your country needs you. Kitchener 's


call to arms. Mat out in me`ns. Up here the scale is extraordinary it


felt a crusade, 1 million plans What Kitchener 's head is 100 metres


weight alone. The maze opens today by Lady Kitchener, his great, great


niece. Guest of honour with her husband, Julian Fellowes. I find it


very moving. They have made it and it is very clear that it is his


poster. Wallace told that hhs is the most famous poster of all thme.


not know if that is true but that is what


the top right`hand corner which they have planted with red poppids. I am


a proud husband. Being in this of consort rolled to the catering


legend is something I am quhte to the recorder city of it, but then


I release a special moments, this is one of them. It is `


marvellous way of remembering Emma 's uncle Herbert and all of those


men who died. The top right corner, the largest poppy in the world we


are told. The pedals, 60,400 poppies about to bloom. But by local


children learning about the war meant the air `` meant to end all


wars. It is for people who came into the water help England win. People


used to wear grey and black and brown clothes. Be used lots of


horses in the water. What Khtchener was born in Ireland in 1850 and


joined the Royal Engineers hn 1 71. He fought in the Sudan becoling a


national hero. He became Secretary of State for War in 1914, btt his


reputation waned after backhng the disastrous Dardanelles oper`tion in


1915. He drove the year aftdr of the Orkneys on board a ship sunk by a


German main. His face will live in ever, but how did they do this? The


40 points on the ground likd a satellite navigation, put that on


the ground. I clear the road to make the pass so they do not grow in the


rest of the ministers go. One of the most famous for images ever, in this


field to remember the many sacrificed their lives in foreign


fields. And the anniversary of the start of


the First World War is earlx next And we'll have a series


of special reports during that week looking at the impact


of the war here in this reghon. There is that picture again. If you


are from the white, you can just Secret Service moustache and you can


see his face. The Commonwealth Games start


in 5 days time. One and a half billion people are


expected to watch around thd world. 4 of the 17 sports are not Olympic


sports. And in both of those we havd medal


contenders from this region. It means a lot to represent your


country. The Commonwealth G`mes is massive. This is the first


multisport events not in thd Olympics. Once every four ydars a


chance for us players to hopefully showing. The Commonwealth G`mes is


the Olympics. The big one. The one to win. Article 2014, the grandest


of platforms to promote the professional game to the world. We


are a great and growing sport. Disappointed we are not in the


Olympics but this far us is something where we can showcase what


the are about, how beautiful our sport is and how hard it is and also


how great it is to watch like this. It does not come around


very often. Delhi and that was amazing `nd I


hope that will be the same. Squad's latest bid to become an Olylpic


sport was rejected in favour of wrestling. The third


applied and field, despite the revolution with radical changes to


scoring, courts and technology. While the sport has changed over the


years, their friendship has not Close on and off the court. I hate


playing and because I do not want to lose and I do not want to whn


relationship with on tour. The rest they


looking to make a mark in classical, too. The London venue is ond of the


most dramatic as by the University, the Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls Centre.


The strongest lawn Bowls from the Commonwealth. Our sport is


not in the Olympics to the Commonwealth is as big as it gets


terms of it being a multi`international sporting event.


You only need to look at thd impact of the London Olympics and


Paralympics, it would be magnificent for the sport but unfortunately we


are not in that position moment and therefore expect the


Commonwealth Games even mord important to build a legacy. All


smiles when Ellen won the women s pairs for musical alongside her best


friend Amy Monkhouse. It is her fourth games, she hopes


significant impact again along with her sport.


And of course good luck to `ll of the competitors at the Commonwealth


Games. Good luck if you are out of the weather as well!


Our weather is unpredictabld at the best of times, the next 48 hours


will be a particular challenge. We expect thundery downpours btt where


we get them, that will be h`rd to pin down. We have a lot of heat and


humidity building, and tempdratures recorded in a case in point. Ritual


in Essex was a hotspot, it hit 2 degrees so certainly the hottest day


of the year so far. Just look at former, 10 degrees lower th`n the


rest of the region. Cooler on the course. The current set`up, last


night was case in point. Thhs is the radar image during the thundery


downpours we got into the e`rly hours of this morning and in


they were projected to go up the central Spain of the countrx but


they went much further east. That is atmosphere we are dealing whth. We


ends today on a final and humid evening saw lots of dry


weather to start the evening. then we have these thunderstorms


moving up from fans and 24 will be difficult, but the could be some


difficult, thundery downpours and some really telling the


places that could cause problems through the night. By the d`wn


period it looks like this zone instability is moving farthdr


northwards. There could be ` drier interlude by tomorrow morning.


Within the overnight temper`tures, the marquee night with thosd of 18


or 19 degrees. This is tomorrow morning, the showers heading offered


in the sunshine coming up that will warm things up so many of us could


reach the high 20s the model is not 30 degrees, once more. Then we


develop some home`grown showers These are likely to develop across


the western half but they could go further east. It will be


to predict the sporadic nattre of these showers. Again,


telling the downpours possible in some lightning strikes. That


limiting offers. For a dry `nd to the evening but then the ch`nce of


showers running of the eastdrn side of the evening so still no respite


overnight. It is looking unpredictable, expect anythhng this


weekend. You risk of thunder, sunshine and fuelling warming


between but also some parts of the region may even stay dry.


office has issued an amber warning, just because


disruption caused by this hdavy rain. Here we have,


are not quite out of the woods across we still


more sunshine around but thdre is also the chance


any of those could be heavy and family. The news is high


at the start of next week s`w a more settled forecast, hats and hsolated


sunshine. Do not forget what


if you can hear the thunder and lightning is near you. Goodbye.


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