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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Four people die in four days in tragedies in open water.


What more can we do to make outdoor swimming safe ?


Passport officers on strike in Peterborough.


We'll be here later in the programme when they are on the


The latest from the Commonwdalth Games. Plus, training the aviators


of the future, a university offering flying degrees.


First tonight, four deaths in four days


On Friday Look East reported on the deaths


15`year`old Rony John in thd river at Hartford near Huntingdon


and Conor McAll, who was 16, at Clophill Pits in Bedfordshire.


His family has today paid tribute to the teenager.


On Friday evening a 61`year`old man died at the


And yesterday a canoeist didd on a lake at Sixfields in Northampton,


Connor, 16. Dived into deep water and didn't come out again. His aunt


and uncle say the family ard stunned. We were in bits,


devastating. Couldn't believe it. The most horrific news you could


ever hear. We never dreamt this would happen, especially to him He


got into trouble, his friends in the water, they tried to pull him


out, but it was too strong, they were all getting pulled down. They


tried their best, they had to go to get their own breath. By thd time


they looked back, he was gone. Conor's death, was one of four


drownings in the region in four days. At the blue Lagoon, a


61`year`old man died after what has been described as a medical episode.


Flowers on the bank here whdre 15`year`old Rony John lost his life.


Yesterday, a 57`year`old man died after canoeing on the slate. Police


say the man's canoe overturned in the middle of the lake. It hs


believed his body was recovdred still inside it. Another life lasts


on our lakes, rivers and reservoirs. `` another life lost. But abundant


advisories are leading a calpaign, cold temperatures are a killer. Even


in the summer, water is cold. People are taking big breaths in bdcause of


it, they often take in water as well. You can also move into


because it is so cold and also cramp. It is now too late, within 40


seconds, people are incapachtated. Inland water claimed nearly 400


lives last year. Well, earlier I spoke to


Ed Williams, from the Elite Swimming Academy in C`mbridge,


who described the particular risks Well, it is very different


to indoor swimming. You have nature, a huge bodx


of often very cold water. The danger is if people are not


confident enough or able enough they Even quite good swimmers, I know,


have got into trouble in opdn water. It is important that people


understand the risks and respect it. What can people do who insist


on swimming outdoors to redtce The main thing is to make


sure you don't swim alone. Even me, who does a lot of sea


and Channel swimming, I never swim on my own, people will


always be watching and therd will be Important to have an extra set


of eyes. It is important to make surd


you are in the attire. Also make sure you are


in a safe part of water. Assess the risks very thorotghly


and make sure you're not in danger. We have seen over the last few days


and be will dying in open w`ter Is it time to ban people


from swimming in the circumstances? But it is the type of thing that


is done once by most people. Education about the risks


and dangers about it, it's still a rewarding thing to do,


but people still need to be There is also at the moment,


with the hot weather, I understand


your one`year`old daughter recently Yes, yes in fact my one`year`old


fell into a garden pond, but because I am a swim coach and I had been


teaching her what to do, evdn though she can't talk she knew to roll onto


her back and come to the side. If a one`year`old can do th`t,


I think we need to ensure wd pass these skills on to children


at a young age. It is the kind of thing that parents


can do themselves, practising water confidence in the bath alond. A lot


you can do to keep your famhly safe. What are the main danger signs to


look out for? There are manx things, the first one is thd obvious


panicking side of things. If people get into trouble they will


Some people might not, they might be silent. The main thing is to ensure


you have eyes on that person all sight, be responsible for e`ch


other. Recognises something look right, be it overly panicky or


going quiet and slipping under. It happened yesterday during a


race for pre`1966 grand prix cars. The police and


Motor Sports Association will carry The weather has once again been


causing problems in the reghon. This evening two flights to Luton


airport have been diverted And several properties in Thaxted


near Saffron Walden were flooded, forcing residents to try to keep


the rising water out. Cars were also stranded on


the main road through the vhllage. The fire service says


a road has also collapsed bdcause It was devastating. All you can do


is damage control really. It is such a shame, lovely people round here, a


strong community, to see thhs happen to them is heartbreaking.


Civil servants based at the regional passport office in


Peterborough took part in a national strike today in protest agahnst the


The staff union says more pdople are needed to deal with the workload.


The problem has led to longdr delays for those waiting


People arriving to sort that passports today were greeted by a


picket line. The office herd handles 100,000 applications every xear The


union says that passports should take six weeks to come throtgh, now


it is up to three months because of staff shortages. We are herd to


expose the fact that there `re far fewer jobs in the passport office


than there were in 2010 that is causing the backlogs. Yes, while the


strike causes inconvenience, this is about resolving the long`term


problem of low staffing. A lother and daughter at the passport office


today, the rest of the family already holidaying in Egypt. They


couldn't get one today becatse of the strike, they felt. I understand


that they think they are understaffed, but doing it during


the holiday season is madness. Many people are disappointed. Thhs family


to 300 miles to get a rush passport after winning a chance to play at a


chess championship. It is stch a shame that this young person's


potential is not being fulfhlled by these people. It has not affected


me, I was worried this mornhng, but they helped me this morning and my


appointment wasn't affected. It shouldn't affect the time I get my


passport,. The Home Office says it is disappointed the strike hs taking


place, as it says it has bedn in discussion with the unions. It says


it will only inconvenience customers and jeopardise the holidays. They


say they have contingency plans in place to minimise disruption. The


union says it is a backlog crisis with half a million cases still in


the system. The government says today's strike is irresponshble and


is looking for a long`term solution with the union.


40,000 people have signed an online petition, which calls on thd Bury St


He apologised last week after he was cautioned by police


The petition was started on Friday by a women's rights group.


It says the MP's apology is unacceptable.


He says his former partner has forgiven him and he considers the


matter closed. His party will discuss the affair on Thursday.


Meanwhile engineering staff at East Midlands Trains are also


Members of the "Unite" union walked out yesterday in a dispute over pay.


Around 10% of the workforce are involvdd.


Managers say there'll be little disruption for travellers


But passengers from Corby to London will have to use replacement buses.


It's just emerged that a 20`year`old woman suffered


a serious sexual assault at a car racing event earlier this month


And police are trying to find the men who attacked her.


It happened at the Dragstalgia weekend at the Santa Pod Raceway


The Santa Pod Raceway hosts many events like this every year. At one


of these, at 130 in the morning a woman was sexually assaulted as she


was about to leave at the vdnue To white men assaulted her but she was


unable to describe anything else about them because it was d`rk.


are looking for a key witness called Darren from the Wellingborotgh area.


Police really want to find him because he was the last person with


the victim before this occurred The race away is on the border of


Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, but visitors come from all over the


country. That makes it diffhcult for police. The woman who was attacked


isn't off luggage area and hs 2 years old. She is a victim of one of


the most horrendous crimes that anyone can suffer. It was an


horrendous sexual assault. The woman is from the Northamptonshird area.


It was somewhere near where the woman who is attacked. Thousands of


people were camping here ovdr the weekend, police are hoping some of


them may have heard or seen something that will help thdm solve


this crime. They are asking anyone with any relevant information to


contact them by calling 101. Cricket,


and Northants' long`serving batsman, David Sales, has announced he's


retiring at the end of the season. The 36`year`old made his debut


for Northants in 1996. He's played 249 First Class games,


scoring 14,000 runs. Sales was forced to make


the decision after suffering Later, Dan is here with


the weather forecast First back to Stewart and Stsie


for the rest of the news. who won what at the


Commonwealth Games. As you have probably seen,


the government has been givhng details about the latest rotnd


of incentives to exploit the reserves of shale oil and gas,


buried deep under the ground. Companies are being invited to bid


for new licences Vast swathes of the eastern region


are believed to hold reservds But the fracking technique hs


controversial, which is why the government says, it will protect


areas of outstanding natural beauty, Our chief reporter, Kim Rildy,


has the details. Hydraulic fracturing, or fr`cking,


is certainly controversial. It takes place thousands


of meters underground. Water, sand and chemicals are


injected under high pressurd into shale rock, unlocking gas


trapped for millions of years. It?s revolutionised


the energy market in the US. This map shows areas in red, where


licences have already been granted. But the grey areas are now open


for new applications. Going closer, you can see they


include much of North Norfolk, going into Lincolnshire


and towards Peterborough. North`West Essex,


South Cambridgeshire, And in the West,


parts of Buckinghamshire The government believes shale gas


can improve energy security, boost Today,


it?s promised areas of outstanding beauty would only be exploited


in "exceptional circumstancds". We have increased protection on


national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty. We need


to explore this opportunity, because domestic secure energy supplies are


important. We need to do it in a sensitive way. Fracking `` fracking


is reckless and unproven. Do we want to let our green land be fr`ctured.


Will it be turned into a nightmare of drilling rigs and cesspools of


toxic waste. We think there is a better alternative. We want a green,


renewable revolution. A flavour of the arguments to come. An expiration


licence is only the start of what to come. It needs permits and lust pass


an inspection by the Health and Safety Executive. Some fracking


could start early next year, somewhere the country. It is


unlikely to be here in the Dast It's Day Five of the


Commonwealth Games and therd were plenty of medals up for grabs


for the region's athletes. And the action is still going


on this evening. Let's go to the National Badminton


Centre, in Milton Keynes, where they have been watching the


progress of our badminton stars Hello. We are watching the best


young players in the county go through their paces, on a d`y where


England are still waiting to find out weather it will be a silver or


gold in the mixed team event. We might be able to show you some


pictures. There is a crucial match that Essex's star is hoping to win.


It will be difficult. She won the first set and it is now the second


match. We are touch and go whether England will win the gold. Ht


stemmed on the second match,. All the players live in Milton Keynes.


Most people expected the st`r to win. Sadly, it did not go hhs way.


It an exhausting past time watching England play sport. Everyond was


hoping he could win. The Commonwealth Games is a hugd thing.


We turned up to watch. After losing the first game, he needed to win the


second to take it to a decider, which she did. In the third game,


the sinking feeling that Malaysians would win. Malaysia are now well and


truly back in the game. It hs one all. We need to regroup going into


the next game. It has never been so close. People are feeling a little


bit flat, now. England had to win, with weaker players to come. It was


Malaysia's match and the omdns were not good. So England are tr`iling by


two games to one, ugly best`of` . Sarah Walker is now playing. Let's


talk to George from Badminton England. It is touch and go. We have


done fantastically to get to the final, beating India, avenghng the


last four years ago in Delhh. We are really happy. Sarah has plaxed


really well. It has been a great team performance, whatever. This is


the first badminton medal to be one. Yes, and we have more tomorrow. Some


fantastic sport coming up. To be superb. Is Badminton in good health?


Yes, we are the six biggest participation sport in the country.


We have over half a million people playing every week. Not a lot of


people know that. We are in really rude health at the moment.


into the next Olympic progr`mme in Rio, some other players now, do they


have possibilities of winning? Yes, the eldest player is 27 years old.


Others are 24 and 22 years old. They have a real opportunity to peak in


Rio. Thank you. Lots of othdr action. Milton team has been a focal


point, because Andrew Baggaley was involved in a team event. S`dly he


won silver not gold. We did also win a medal in the squash. Peter Barker


from Essex helps in self to a bronze medal. He is England's most


accessible table tennis plaxer at the Commonwealth Games. Andrew


Baggaley was banking on his years of experience to beat the Sing`pore


champion. But, Singapore race to a 2`1 lead `` 2`0 lead. Singapore were


in no mood to relent to Andrew Baggaley a second time. A 3`1


victory mean silver for him to add to be five Commonwealth med`ls he


already cherishes. Peter Barker was determined to secure another podium


finish. He beat the Indian player to secure a second successive bronze


medal, but needed the help of the TM oh at match point. It was a huge


honour to play first bronze. I felt the pressure the expectation, too. I


am absolutely delighted. Thd history boys of this year's game secured his


18th podium place in his six successive games, but he finished


inset `` 13th place today. He misses out on claiming the outright medal


haul, but has no regrets. Hd insists, there will be no more


comebacks. I came here to gdt one medal and I did that. That hs great.


It's a disappointing series, but there wasn't much one. I just


couldn't hit the ten. On thd track, Bedford 400 runner struggled to make


an impression. Stuck in land eight, he finished fourth and qualhfied for


the semifinals as the fastest loser. The gymnastic boys lead the


standings after free apparatus. These two gymnasts looked assured


throughout. Dan Keating was a standout performer for Scotland


helping them to second placd after the first day of the compethtion.


Since we have been on air, the medal has become the silver. Engl`nd has


won a silver. The competition runs until the end of the


Tomorrow, we hope some of the gymnasts,


An ambitious plan has been `nnounced to train the airline staff


At the moment, the training system is long and expensivd.


A new college, attached to the airport,


would offer a vocational degree course to everyone involved in


flying, including pilots, engineers and air traffic control staff.


Its backers say, it would be the first facilhty


You have the flight displays here. 19`year`old Stephen Hadley has


always wanted to be a commercial pilot. It is expensive. 18 lonths of


intense training costs around ? 000. The first time, flying and other


aviation apprenticeships ard becoming degree courses. Other


people who dream of becoming a commercial pilot haven't bedn able


to, because of the funding. With a new degree programme, a


people will have the option key to chase their dream. There is more


good news. `` opportunity to chase their dream. A new academy hs being


built at Norwich International Airport. There is a diminishing


number of people entering the profession, against demand. We need


to match this demand. Robbid has seen many changes in the nulber of


years he word as an engineer. He is convinced the


the industry needs. There w`s a downturn of


the main ways in Wasilla military `` was through the military.


they have lessened their nulbers, we need


encourage young boys and girls to come in. The Academy has industry


backing. There are very few training establishments for aviation and they


are usually around the London area or Morimoto. This will provhde `` or


more remote. This will provhde otherwise unavailable trainhng. The


feasibility study is taking place in the next eight weeks. If it gets the


go`ahead, it will begin near the south of the airport next ydar. Up


to 300 students should be starting in September 2016. Time for the


it was a dramatic night in some parts of the region, which `re Matic


downpours. One month's worth of rain fell in an hour. What happened? It


started off dry in the evenhng, but in the early hours of the morning


this narrow line of thunderstorms caused localised studying and hail.


`` flooding. It has cleared away and she's a quiet day. Easterly winds


are coming in and over all, it is pretty cloudy. Many places `re dry,


but there are some showers. To Essex offered to Suffolk. That continues,


tonight. There will be burst of rain in Essex that could be heavx.


Temperatures around 14`16 ddgrees tonight. The strong winds e`se


overnight. Tomorrow, the rahn clears and there is an Atlantic whhch


coming in. `` Ridge. A cloudy start, rain falls to the south, thhngs


brighten up from the North West Some sunshine comes through. A


decent afternoon with a sunny spells and a sunny spells and daylhght


north`westerly wind. In the sunshine, 25`26?. To limit the coast


with those sea breezes. Eventually, clouding over. Wednesday through


Thursday, the rich builds b`ck in and there is dry, fine weather


expected. A small risk of an isolated shower, but many places


they drive. Into Friday, `` stay dry. Into the weekend, and Friday,


it becomes more unsettled. The rain pushes in later in the day. Looking


fine and dry to the next few days, mid 20s and cool nights. Colfortable


for sleeping. At the end of the week, some rain arriving. It looks


quite unsettled for the weekend at this stage. Thank you very luch See


tomorrow. I leave the ashram, travel halfway


across the world to find my father, Oh, well. As Vashrati says,


gotta keep smiling! We don't tend to use the bathroom


together here. All right, well,


I'll catch you later. This ashram of yours,


it might be a cult. I take it back,


he's definitely Cuckoo's son. I just feel like my whole body's


been taken over by an alien. She's my age. She's four years


younger than you, Mum, Nine of 'em made redundant.


What? How long were you going to leave it


before you told me?


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