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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Through Sunday and inch or two inches of rain, gales are possible


?60, ?600, it doesn't take ` lot of working out. I am going to Flash


floods had the reason causing chaos on the roads and more than 0000


homes without power. We'll be here later


in the programme. It's the new football season with


Cambridge and Luton making And the giant poppy as big


as an Olympic sized swimming pool. The Care Quality Commission has


served a number of formal notices after concerns


were raised about the treatlent of elderly and vulnerable p`tients


at a care home in Peterborotgh. Werrington Lodge has been told it


must improve after inspectors originally found


eight serious breaches. Residents were not protected


from the risk of infection. And some weren't given


enough food and drink. Cambridgeshire police is also


investigating after a series The care home under


increasing scrutiny. Today,


the Care Quality Commission gave Some of the report's shocking


findings include patients ldft Calls for help from patients


in wet and soiled beds. Calls for help


from patients ignored. what it found,


it contacted the council's After initial concerns So concerned


by what it found, it contacted the council's


their own unannounced visits. We wanted to make it clear to


the people who are now lookhng to rectify the situation that,


as a local ward councillor, And we are there to support them


if they themselves require ht, But we cannot ignore the fact


that the CQC report does highlight Werrington Lodge is managed


by Barchester Healthcare, who said it was deeply concdrned


standards had fallen below what they The company But we cannot ignore


the fact that the CQC report does highlight statement saying that


as soon as they were made aware of the findings, they took


immediate action and investlent has They say that they know thex have


made progress and this has been The Care Quality Commission The


company running the home has declined to be interviewed, but they


have given a statement saying that, as soon as they were made aware of


the findings, they took immddiate action and investment has bden


made in a number of areas. They say that they know thex have


made progress and this has been The Care Quality Commission says,


while some progress has been made, And they plan more


unannounced inspections. Well, earlier I spoke to


Malcolm Bower`Brown of the Care Quality commission and asked


him how his inspectors reacted When our inspectors visited


Werrington Lodge on 8th May they The home was failing to meet


the national standards that are required of all providers in all


five areas that we looked at. These are quite shocking findings,


aren't they? How common is it


for the police to get involved? Well, we were very worried with what


we found when we visited in May and we made an immediate referral to


the Peterborough City Counchl so that the concerns we found could


be investigated under their adult The police have decided to lount


an investigation into some of those concerns


and that investigation is ongoing. What more needs to be done


at Werrington Lodge? We had found some progress lade


but we have told Barchester that further work is required to be done


to address all of the issues that Six of the warning notices that we


issued in May remain in place and we'll be visiting again soon to


check progress From eight warning notices


originally, six are still in place. Should Barchester Health Care Homes


still running Werrington Lodge? We were very worried


with what we found. Our inspectors found very


significant concerns in May. We have taken robust enforcdment


action using our powers to warn the provider of


the action that they need to take to make sure that residents ard getting


the quality of care and support that We expect,


given the assurances Barchester have given us, to find that the necessary


improvements have been made. If, for any reason, that wasn't the


case, we have a range of further enforcement powers that we could use


if that were to be necessarx. Flash flooding hit


the region again this afternoon More than 1,400 homes in


Cambridgeshire were without power. Well, our reporter Ben Bland has


been following the story It's causing big problems and delays


on the roads. This is hard work The car has been stranded in fl`sh


flooding. Queues of traffic having to divert to find alternative


routes, having a knock`on effect causing congestion. Look at these


roads in the fans. Heavy rahn causing delays. Also causing


problems in God Manchester. This landslip has closed this ro`d. Tesco


had to close because the flooding was so severe and it is affdcted


homes. One stage, more than 140 homes across the county where


without powerful for most of us have had it restored but there are still


more than 850 without electricity this evening. Cambridgeshird Fire


and Rescue Service are pumphng water out of about 60 homes. They have


more than 150 calls this afternoon. The forecast for later? Mord heavy


thunderstorms are on the wax and they should clear by midnight. We


will have a forecast later hn the programme. Thank you very mtch.


The Scottish Independence Rdferendum is now just weeks away


and today the campaign to kdep the union together came to Corby.


The town is often known as Little Scotland because


of its large Scottish popul`tion and now its residents are bding


urged to try and persuade their scottish relatives to vote No.


There's going to be a massive storm here, I think.


In politics, getting your message across is never


In Corby today, there was more in the way of high


winds than hot air as the Ldt's Stay Together campaign rolled into town.


Corby represents all that is best about Anglo`Scottish cooper`tion.


Lots of Scottish people, people of Scottish descent down here, world


beating industry, world beating combination of all the talents, all


the people on these islands, and, for me, this symbolises what we can


achieve when we concentrate on what brings us together,


You're preaching to the converted a bit, aren't you?


I'm certainly preaching to the converted,


I'm trying to find people down here to say let's show


the Scottish people they ard hugely valued and we want them to stay


The TV historian has collected the signatures of 200 celebrities.


They include Cliff Richard, Mick Jagger and diver Tom D`ley


The list also includes a Nobel prizewinner and 12 professors.


Today, the people of Corby were given their chance to


I think they should stay as part of the union because we depdnd


I think it's a very hard decision to make, really.


I'd prefer them to stay where they are but, on the politics side, no.


It may be known as Little Scotland, but, like the rest of us,


the people of Corby won't h`ve a say in next month's referdndum.


But in a mock ballot at the town's annual Highland gathering this year,


Speaking after this week's TV debate,


Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond feels the argulent


I thought the debate tonight set up some substantial ground that we are


setting forward that positive case not just for a prosperous Scotland


but for a more socially just Scotland.


There was clearly a huge response from the audience.


The Let's Stay Together campaign says it recognises this is


Scotland's decision, but says it will have a hugd impact


Of course, Corby's Scottish links are `s strong


The campaign hopes, by bringing their message hdre, the


people of Corby can influence their relatives back home on how to vote.


The number of parents being fined for taking


their children out of school in this region has risen dramatically.


Since September last year, headteachers can no longer grant


pupils up to ten days leave in special circumstances.


Now each parent is fined ?60 per child.


The BBC asked all of our local authorities how many parents they


As you can see from those that replied, all


In Luton alone, they fined over 2,200 parents.


And in Bedford, they prosecuted just 432.


But there are concerns that the system isn't fair.


I think if I would be critical of the policy as it stands,


it's that the guidance to headteachers of what constitutes


exceptional circumstances isn't very clearly defined and laid out.


So I think that one area whdre government could make a difference


here is to make it clear to headteachers through guidance what


does and what does not constitute exceptional circumstances.


More than 100 Royal Mail st`ff in Peterborough walked out today


The action began at the firl's Orton Southgate building ajtst


Postal deliveries to around 4,000 customers


A union representative said staff returned this afternoon


Later, Alex is here with the weathdr.


After all the floods this afternoon, what else is in store?


First, back to Stewart and Susie for the rest of the news.


Still to come: We are looking ahead to the new football season `nd the


return of two of our club the football league. Plus one vdry big


poppy, made out of 60,000 slall ones. It could be a world rdcord.


If you have been out and about this week, you will have noticed


The harvest is in full`swing and it looks as if it could be a good one.


One of the biggest crops in this region is wheat.


And that means a busy time for our ports, because around a million


And the port which exports more wheat th`n any


It is a go on this family f`rm. A typical suffix seen at this time of


year as farmers race to beat the weather and bring the wee t`rget


home `` Suffolk. The averagd is 7.6 tonnes per hectare on a norlal year.


On our own, we try to average 9 8, close to ten. This year yield up to


11.5 and some are as high as 12 6 stop this year the UK is expected to


produce 16 million tonnes of wheat `` wheat, most will be constmed


here, but some will be exported This region plays a key rold. This


harvest head to Ipswich, thd biggest wheat exporting port in the UK. This


wheat is bound to Belfast, dach year up to 1 million tonnes head out of


here, up the river. This brought to the dominant port because it is in


such a fantastic area. East Anglia is a great week producing area and


has always been known as thd breadbasket of the UK. We are


excellently located on the Suffolk coast and we can put in whe`t from


all over the area. Our transport all over the area. Our transport


links that means we can bring in a lot of wheat when the need to. On


arrival, it is tested to make sure it is up to scratch. We checked


protein levels and moisture levels, checking it is dry. British wheat


can end up anywhere. The biggest single market is Spain. The problem


they have in Spain is irrig`tion costs a lot of money and thdy can't


grow the same rioters as we can in the UK. We end up `` variethes. Much


wheat goes for biscuits and bread. They like to buy UK wheat bdcause


they know the quality that we make and they know they will havd it in


two or three days. Unfortun`tely for farmers, the harvest price hs low,


but in Ipswich, the price is encouraging foreign buyers. Traders


are hoping to their best ye`r since 2008.


All this week we've been looking at how the First World War `ffected


Today, the story of photogr`pher Olive Edis, from Norfolk.


Olive was commissioned to photograph women in the war.


The biggest collection of her work is now in Cromer and


The remnants of tanks lay everywhere in shell holes. Cartridges, bombs,


grenades lay strewn upon thd ground. The works of Olive Edis frol her


journal, she had been commissioned by the National War Museum, now the


Imperial War Museum, to photograph women at war. Voluntary, auxiliary


detachments. Women were att`ched in terms of nursing and cleric`l work,


drivers, they were repairing cars and military vehicles. They were


doing everything. Olive Edis was a photographer that the great and the


good wanted to sit for. Prile Minister Lloyd George, writdr Thomas


Hardy, and when it came to the selfie, live was way ahead of her


time. This is the famous coxswain of Cromer, reportedly the bravdst


lifeboat man who ever lived. The crater of Cromer Museum owns the


largest collection of her ilages. I sense that everyone from fishermen


and their wives, up to kings and queens and all points in between,


that she was someone who makes very easily with all walks of life.


Olive's original studio was nearby. Today it is a private house, but


there is an original sign and her older developing Bath is a garden


wonderment. She was self`tatght which is very surprising. She was


hugely talented and she onlx use natural light, unless the lhght was


so bad that it was essential that she use of `` artificial light. She


was fascinated by the local fisherfolk and she also took


portrait of soldiers after war. When she went to France in 1914 with her


assistant, it was not an easy ride. They covered 2000 kilometres,


staying where they could and sometimes sleeping on plankton


houses, sometimes in hotels, they had a pretty hard time `` planks in


houses. Today, the exhibit hs small but perfectly formed. Her


photographs of the aftermath of conflict I a unique record of the


often overlooked role of wolen in the First World War.


If you love football, it's been a great summer.


Then we had the World Cup and now it's about to kick off again.


After the relegation and promotion battles last season,


there's the return of some familiar names and a bitter rivalry.


With Luton and Cambridge coling up and Norwich going down,


there's sure to be plenty of talking points over the next ten months


For Norwich and Ipswich in the Championship,


great expectation they can challenge for a place in the Premier League.


Ipswich aiming for the top six, many tipping Norwich to be top


In the blue corner Mick McC`rthy, a veteran, of 755 games in charge.


After two steady years, Town look ready to launch


We will soon find out whether we're good enough, won't we,


Ipswich is entering their 13th successive season


in English football's second tier, making them the championship's


But under McCarthy, who signed a new contract, there is


I am optimistic every year, but the last ten years has been


Mick has come in, settledthd side down and I think we can look


Neil Adams has kept the majority of last season's squad intact.


Three in, with two significant departtres


Robert Snodgrass and ?8.5 million Ricky van Wolfswinkdl.


One goal in 27 games proved mighty costly.


After their relegation, Norwich are one of the favourites to go up.


Well we guarded against over complacency, wd should


be up there, we have the pl`yers that are capable of doing that.


There is no reason why we shouldn't, so whether or not it brings any


Three years since the last Derby, they meet again in just two weeks.


When it comes to it, it's a massive occasion for both


At the minute, everyone was like a sole focus is on Wolves,


Fans say, you have to win that game.


Actually, I would take thred or four wins against somebody dlse


Fulham is the first for Ipswich Wolves for Norwich,


Here are tomorrow's games in League One.


Peterborough and MK Dons will be aiming to be


For Joe Dunne at Colchester, he s hoping his team can just improve.


Flirting with relegation the last couple of years has


We have two improve on last year. It is going to be tough. It will be a


tough season. That is why it is important we try and keep as many


players fit as we can with ` small squad that we have.


Now the wait for followers of Luton and Cambridge United is nearly over.


After years of trouble both on and off the pitch, and a period


in the Conference, tomorrow they return to action in the League.


Both teams hungry to make up for lost time.


First it was Luton. Then it was Cambridge cluster group turned to


celebrate the end of football league wilderness. Now it's down to


business. You know where thd ball is going! He has managed what for


others tried but failed to do, take Luton back to the football league.


In doing so, he has helped to heal the hurt. I feel this is a new


Luton, the outlook from the directors down is completelx


different than it was two ydars ago. There is a new excitement. There is


a new belief. How easy has ht been to bury the past? Not easy, but


gradually it will become a lemory. I have seen it all. I have cole down


through all the leagues and we finally got out of the Confdrence.


That was a massive relief of the club and all around it. It was a


massive achievement. Now we are in League 2 starting on zero points.


Blair in Cambridge United, the feeling is mutual, but they have had


to wait 12 years `` here in Cambridge. Now, they have to work


out a way to stay there. We are fairly confident we will do well. If


we hit form after January, ` couple of under our belts, we will be OK.


Without that, we can't win tight games. We need form. That is key. No


promoted side has been relegated back to the Conference sincd its


inception. A crumb of comfort for Cambridge and Luton, back where they


think they belong. After being relegated,


Stevenage begin life in League Two Boss Chris Wilder thinks thd


league this season is wide open Full previews to all the gales


on the BBC Sport website. There's live coverage


on your local BBC Radio Station Let's return now to the


First World War and the one symbol that represents the conflict better


than any other ` the poppy. At the Tower of London,


they've filled the moat with hundreds of thousands


of ceramic poppies, one for each And here in the Fens,


a giant poppy made up Is there a more powerful im`ge


of war and peace? To mark the centenary, it has been


seen in services and on memorials. But there has been


nothing quite like this. In a field on in the Fens,


a red glow. Thousands of poppies growing


into one giant one. It is the proper Flander's poppy


which was growing in no`man's`land. You get the mixture of the colours,


but to get it to grow, we had to buy frozen seeds,


we had to get it grown on to plugs. It has been a lot of work,


but well worth it. Well two months, some of thd


schoolchildren who one month or so ago planted the seeds. Back today to


see what they had grown into. It's amazing. And you planted thdm? They


look different. How? They are puppies. They are read. It hs a


flower that grew amongst thd graves in the Great War `` they ard


puppies. `` poppies. In flotnders field the poppies grow. We `re the


dead. There are more than 60,00 poppies growing here, coverhng more


than half an acre. Many werd killed on each side, if you had a poppy


here fit each life lost it would cover about ten acres. A se` of red,


seemingly going on for ever. For the British Legion it is more than their


motive, it belongs to all of us It is almost like a rallying c`ll.


People understand what it is and what it is for, and what it


represents and what it provhdes the beneficiaries who receive the funds


the donations at a given. Ttrning from Green into red, in defdnce ``


here, a giant poppy that sahd, we are not forgotten.


A large area of cloud, the legacy of tropical storm Bertha. It is heading


our way. The cloud is across the region, but we have had somd pretty


heavy torrential downpours hn the western half of the region. A lot of


the East estate cloudy but dry. Over the next two hours, this rahn is


expected to head North East. expected to head North East.


Anywhere could be in for a thundery downpour before the day is out. It


is heading out into the North Sea, so by midnight, a lot of us look


dry. There is some cloud, btt some clear spells developing, too, and a


cooler night. Lows between 04 degrees and 16 degrees. Tomorrow,


not a bad day. It will be bright and breezy, with sunny spells through


the morning. There will be cloud in the afternoon, which could produce a


shower, but most places look like they will stay dry. Where wd get the


sunshine, temperatures around 2 Celsius. In the afternoon, there


will be some patchy cloud, but it does look settled and dry. Then it


is all change. The legacy of this storm will bring us a deepening area


of low pressure on Sunday. This is likely to bring us heavy rahn and


strong winds. As the locals out into the North Sea, that is what will


strengthen the winds. Later in the day, we could have gusty winds from


the West. To summarise: A spell of heavy rain, some strong winds and


some large waves on the coast on Sunday. Stay tuned to the forecast


because there might be changes. It's looking like an unsettled d`y. Into


next week, it remains unsettled with an sunshine and heavy showers,


it could be thundery. Karma on Tuesday, some showers around but


also sunshine. `` looking k`rma on Tuesday. That is it from us.


Goodbye. Martin Freeman presents a Gaza


Crisis appeal on behalf of


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