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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Farewell, beautiful princess, 6.00pm. So goodbye from


Farewell, beautiful princess, tributes to a little girl knocked


down and killed by a bus in Luton. That had by birth, but thred days on


these homeowners are still waiting for the clean`up.


We will be here later. We cdlebrate 20 years online shopping.


And reliving life in the First World War trenches at Duxford.


First tonight, the tearful tributes to a lhttle


Mayah Shahzad was just three years old.


On Friday she was hit while in the Bury Park area of town.


Today, family and friends attended her funeral, describing the


Bus services in the area were suspended as a mark of respdct.


They came in their hundreds to her funeral, to pay their respects and


say goodbye to a little girl taken too soon. The family of


three`year`old Mayah Shahzad describe her as a little angel. She


died on Friday after being hit by a bus on Bury Park Road. We are very


close knit in Bury Park. Evdryone is very sad. The main thing is to


support the family at the moment and get them through this tough time.


The accident happened just before 4pm. The road was closed for more


than four hours. The bus was operated, a company said it has


suspended services through Bury Park as a sign of respect. It has said


that it is cooperating fullx with the release investigation. Ht


expects services to resume tomorrow morning. The driver is being


supported by his company and his union. The BBC understands that the


driver is unlikely to come tnder any charges. Officers still need


witnesses. Our initial enquhries show that there were loads of people


on the road, it is a busy Hhgh Street, but very few people have


come forward. If there was `nyone at the time, at the scene, who


witnessed the collision, pldase come forward. Her death has devastated


this community. They are calling on the local community to see hf any


safety improvements can be lade It's three days since ex`hurricane


Bertha hit the region, but for some The fire service in Cambridgeshire


has received more than 300 dmergency flood calls since torrential rain


hit the region on Friday. In the town of March alone crews


pumped more than eleven million Today, many residents compl`ined


that Anglian Water was too slow When the floodwater receded, this is


what remained ` sewage an inch deep At its highest, the floodwaters were


lapping up against the garage there. The level has dropped


and what is left is this raw sewage, right across the yard


and it has seeped into everx one He says it took Anglian Watdr two


days to turn up after they rang I appreciate they were busy, but the


fire service sent someone to assess Have someone driving around


in a van responding to calls. Anglian Water were


on site today with tanker lorries It looks


like we will be going all d`y. The torrential rains arrived Friday


night, this is rush`hour on the A14. This car was caught out


by fast rising floods. I know there's not


a lot they can do, but we fdel as The fire service say they rdceived


300 emergency phone calls Crews were called to pump w`ter


in March. At this garage,


water poured through the roof, they It happens most years,


because the drainage around here is poor, but it has


never happened as quickly as this. After the rain comes the cldar up,


and for many here, questions as to why it took their water company


so long to come to their aid? That's the question I put to


Ciaran Nelson from Anglian Water He told me they'd had thous`nds


of incidents to respond to. We?ve got a really difficult job to


do here, because we have to prioritise the jobs and how we deal


with them and naturally somd things come first, for instance thd threat


of pollution to the environlent or The reality is that that me`ns there


are some people who we?re not going to get you as quickly


as we would like to or as qtickly as they would like us to and all I


can do is apologise for that. But we have people in March who had


raw sewage and eight inches What you would you have


responded to quicker? That is the most distressing


situation I can imagine somdone being in, and I cannot speak on the


specific circumstances, all I can tell you is that the generality of


the situation has been exceptionally busy and it sounds like thex


would have been priority jobs. It is difficult for me to understand


and it must be even harder for the customers to understand and


all I can do is apologise if they We are out there on the grotnd


in those places repairing anything that has been broken, checkhng


the situation on the network to make sure it is performing


as it should do and helping The fire service had hundreds


of emergency calls in that period, but they got someone else


by Saturday on this same street It is not


for me to draw comparisons. We do work very closely with


the fire service and it sounds like we did not get


our response right or did not get it as good as it could be


and I can only apologise for that. How long is an acceptable alount of


time for a customer to have to wait I am not claiming that any length


of time is acceptable. Ideally,


we would get there immediatdly, but when you are dealing with the


tail end of a hurricane, we will We appreciate


for some people it will havd to do We appreciate some people is not


just rainwater, this is raw sewage. If it is raw sewage, it will be


diluted by the rainfall , btt that It is a horrible situation


for people to find themselvds in. We will work with them to clear


up the aftermath of this evdnt. Are you worried that people might


become ill I think that is a matter


for the health authorities, Public Health say they don't issue


specific guidance for a sew`ge leak, but that, in general,


people should wash all clothes which have come into contact with


floodwater separately. Fabrics which can't be thoroughly


cleaned should be thrown aw`y, as should any food, including tinned


food which has touched floodwater. Children


and pets should be kept awax A mother who lost two daughters in a


car crash has warned drivers to do Lorraine Mason was speaking


at the inquest into the deaths of Tamzin and Jessica Portor on the


A47 at Walsoken near King's Lynn. The coroner was told that the car,


being driven by the girls' step`mother, had a


slow puncture, uneven tyre pressure Police forces


across the region have seen a significant rise in the ntmber


of people reporting cases of rape. In the last two years,


Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, and Bedfordshire have seen


a jump from 682 cases in 2001/2 12 Now, another of our forces,


Hertfordshire has launched a pilot scheme to encourage more


people to come forward. But, as Emma Baugh reports,


rape charities say they are already They are the hardest victims to


reach, but they are coming in ever`increasing numbers `people


who have suffered sexual violence, Those charities that help


them are finding it tough. Like Peterborough Rape Crishs,


who can only open their helpline We need long`term funding to recruit


more volunteers, to be able to open the helpline for longer


and to reduce our waiting lhsts Some survivors are waiting tp to


five months for support at the moment,


because we cannot meet demand. That demand has continued to grow


over the last year and a half. In Peterborough,


the number of people seeking help There has been a 94% increase in


people calling the city's hdlpline. There has been a 67% increase


in people wanting face`to`f`ce help and referrals relating to hhstoric


child abuse have risen In Hertfordshire, police ard taking


to the streets, launching the Hands Off campaign, which focuses


on people giving consent. It says only


a person saying yes is acceptable. It is moving the emphasis away


from the victims and dispelling the myths and stereotypes


of linking sexual crimes to alcohol and to what you may wear on a night


out, but focusing on offenddrs. It is our responsibility


to get true consent. While charities welcome what


the police are doing to change attitudes to rape,


they say only more funding will give New figures out today show that


the East of England is the worst According to the insurer,


NFU Mutual, Cambridgeshire hs hit more than anywhere else with crime


costing farmers there ?2.7 lillion In Northamptonshire,


it costs ?840,000, up 20%. But in Hertfordshire


and Bedfordshire, Commuters using the West Co`st Main


Line through Milton Keynes have been warned they face disruption to their


journeys for the next three Mondays. Journeys on Tuesday the 26th will


also be affected because of Those are your top stories tonight,


time now to join Stewart and Susie I'll be back with


the late bulletin at 10pm. in Colchester failed to help when


a young woman had an epileptic fit. Two young men even filmed the fit


on their mobile phones. Perhaps even more worryinglx other


people just stood and watchdd. The charity Epilepsy Action says


more needs to be done to help Maggie's seizures can be


life`threatening but she is determined to live


as normal a life as possibld. While walking her dog, she


collapsed and lost consciousness. After a few minutes, unable to move


or speak, she was confronted They were pointing their phones


at me, laughing and making fun of me because I had wet mysdlf


and had blood on my face. One of the boys brought his phone


very close to my face, I thhnk to get a close`up cos there was a lot


of blood where I had bit my tongue. My dog growled and he steppdd back,


looked uncomfortable Maggie posted details of her ordeal


online. She received many responses,


many from people who have epilepsy and are too afraid to leave


their own home. It brought tears to my eyes,


the thought that someone cotld treat my friend that way and


the thought of her having a seizure alone and to wake up and find two


people filming you is disgr`ceful. We could all help someone


who is having a seizure... There are around 40 different types


of epileptic seizure. This video gives advice


on what people should do If the seizure lasts longer than


five minutes, It is very common for peopld to


sustain injury during those seizures and if somebody is with thel,


they can protect them from `ny danger and also watch them `nd make


sure they recover successfully. What depresses Maggie most was the


reaction of people in the p`rk, who I believe these boys made


a mistake and should not have done But the people sitting around that


were out of the situation, What happened to Maggie was shocking


but she says it may at least highlight a condition which


affects 600,000 people in the UK. So what should you do if yot see


somebody having an epileptic fit? The experts say there are three


key steps you should take. Cushion their head and remove


anything which could do thel harm. Place them in the recovery position


and if possible stay with them Online shopping celebrated


its 20th birthday today. Of course,


it's changed the way we buy. But it's also affected


the way companies sell. They've had to build distribution


warehouses to get the goods to Many of those warehouses ard


in this region. Online sales are expected to


reach ?107 billion this year. More than a third of that total is


from sales to people using Ben Thompson has spent the day


at a distribution centre in Can you believe it is 20 ye`rs


since our first online transaction? It has changed the way we bty


and sell. We are here at the John Lewhs


distribution centre in Milton Keynes, where thousands


of items are flying around. Some of the 100,000 or


so that they stock at this site They are being sent to people


who have ordered online You have spent a lot of mondy


on this site. Clearly it is a big investmdnt


for you. But does it replace


traditional high street stores? It is not as simple as saying


that one replaces the other. About one third


of our sales are online. You can see the items whizzhng


around today. But our customers are saying


that they like to do both. They maybe researche online


before going into a store or people shopping online


and having the items delivered to I just want to introduce yot to


James, The challenge, of course,


when looking at online retahling has been the security and s`fety


of the technology. There was not any security hn that


first transaction. What has happened


with online shopping has tr`nsformed Back in the day,


they would have access to tdns of thousands of products,


today it is tens of millions. Making sure that all


the big retailers keep up whth More of us now doing it on lobile,


expecting it quicker with the convenience that comes with


24/7 on the Internet. Very quickly, that original


transaction 20 years ago All of our teams played


their first matches this wedkend. Contrasting starts for East Anglian


rivals Ipswich and Norwich. Mick McCarthy described


the Championship as bonkers, after Town out`played


and beat Fulham, who'd just come Norwich meanwhile endured


an uneasy start, losing at Wolves. Controversy surrounded a sending off


and today the club confirmed they're looking into allegations of racist


behaviour by a small group of fans. This man's wait for a first victory


as manager goes on. A demoralising start all rotnd,


made worse hours after when Norwich revealed they are investigating


allegations of racist behavhour There are reports that two fans were


ejected, West Midlands police told us they


have not received Norwich had not won


on the opening day for 11 ydars This second half effort


their only shot on target. Martin was sent out


and could yet face further The only goal was


scored minutes later. Life in the Championship,


not a pushover. I was disappointed with


the first yellow. It affects the game and it came


at a point where we were dolinating We still had a couple of ch`nces


near the end to get something. those hopes seemed justified


but the manager was quick to play Daryl Murphy scored the first,


before a second was added. Their newly`relegated oppondnts gave


them a late scare It does not matter what


you have spent or done. It was hard but they all worked


exceptionally well together. Some trepidation for Norwich,


who have two home matches to kick With 45 games to go,


both know nothing is won yet. It has been revealed in the last few


minutes that Martin Olsen h`s been charged with improper conduct and


has until Thursday to respond to that charge.


Defeat for Norwich was the only blip on an otherwise fabulous st`rt for


We now have ten sides, eight of them won.


Strangely all five in League Two won 1`0, incltding


They were very keen to provd a point on the opening day.


When you have waited as long as Cambridge and Luton, the opening


day of life back in the Football League is something special.


Over 6000 swarmed into this sun`drenched stadhum


and more than 1000 made the trip to Carlisle.


The question was whether thdir teams could handle the occasion


At Cambridge, this early penalty miss proved pressure could tell


200 miles north, Luton took a deserved lead.


Back at the Abbey, they had to wait an hour for the deadlock to break.


Cambridge's longest serving player calming the nerves.


His side's first league goal in almost a decade.


It is a relief, there is no doubt about that.


We set out to prove that we are good enough.


We have to prove ourselves over ten, 20 or 30 games but this was good.


Luton playing on in Cumbria, even if the goalkeeper gives


We have shown all the attributes that we will need throughout


A season which has only just started and feels like


There is never a dull moment in the Football League.


Don't forget our football sdrvice at teatime on Sundays, when we bring


You can also watch your teal on the Football League Show on Sattrday


And it's available on the iPlayer all week.


It's a week now since we marked the 100th anniversary start of the


First World War with a serids of events rights across the cotntry.


There has already been a surge of interest in everything


about the Great War, especially at the Imperial War


Good morning, everybody. It may have been 100 years `go but


maybe we are just beginning to really learn about the First World


War. At the Imperial War Museum a history lesson from a former history


teacher for young and old. Recently it seems to play a second fhddle to


World War II, that have become very popular. People are very interested


in the history, with their relatives. Obviously this ydar, with


start of the war, there has been an start of the war, there has been an


upsurge in people's interest. Duxford may have been an er` base


but they have their own trenches, where visitors got a sense of what


life might have been like w`iting for the call to go. And you do not


really learn until you experience the feel of a uniform, the fear of a


gas attack or the weight of an Enfield. I think it was 7500 people


got hurt or had injuries on the got hurt or had injuries on the


first day of the war. The things that they were wearing were quite


heavy and quite itchy so it must have been quite uncomfortable. This


place would not exist if it was not for the First World War. It was


built in 1918 as a training base for pilots. Many buildings remahn and


this original accommodation block for the pilots has survived. The


reason they came here was the land was quite flat without many trees


and they wanted the error fheld as a training station so you would have


learn pilots and you wanted to give them plenty of room and blazers they


could land without doing too much damage. Many of these storids have


not been told or buried with the fallen and only now, 100 ye`rs on,


are we really grasping the cause and effect of the First World W`r.


Within the last hour, government sources have confirmed that


tornadoes on the trick will be going to the Middle East in coming days


and they will join the humanitarian effort in Northern Iraq. I have been


told that the tornadoes will, within the next 48 hours, the headhng out


to eBay 's in the Mediterranean or Middle East, perhaps by Chrhs or


Turkey. `` Cyprus. They will be operational by the end of the week,


I understand. They will not be doing combat operations. They are equipped


with high`tech imaging oper`tion so will be eyes in the skies,


pinpointing where the refugdes are so that humanitarian aid can be


targeted on the ground. Thank you very much.


It was not the hurricane th`t brought us the most rain ovdr the


past few days, but the thundery rain which pushed up from the sotth to


stop at an unofficial site hn Cambridge, the recorded 130


millimetres of rain, over fhve inches. That is double what you


would expect from the whole month of August. At our official posts, we


also had impressive totals. On Sunday, many of us had less than 20


millimetres. It did produce some pretty blustery winds. We h`d gusts,


as you can see, of over 40 lph. It has been pretty blustery today. It


has meant that these showers have whisked on through. Some of those


have proved heavy and thunddry and there are more to come over the next


few hours. Eventually, they should move away to the east and it should


become largely dry and clear for many of us. Not aid bad night for


watching the moon. We should see those winds easing down a touch


although still remaining prdtty blustery especially towards the


cost. Tomorrow, there is thd low pressure associated with birth. A


westerly flow, dragging in some showers but they will be few and far


between. For many of us, a dry day with some sunshine although you


could see heavy showers with the fund are mixed in. `` with thunder.


Still quite windy, with a good moderate breeze. We finished the day


with some showers around but for many of us, some sunshine to end the


day. Wednesday is looking dry for everyone at the moment but by


Thursday, a greater risk of some showers. They are likely to be


slow`moving with the lack of wind. We could still have a few around on


Friday but hopefully some fhne and dry weather as well. Just bdfore I


go, your overnight lows. # It is only a supermoon. #


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