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very much. That's all from the BBC News at Six. Goodbye from me.


New figures show that one in five of our children are now classed


We'll be here later with thd scientists who developed our


medicines, how they are leading the way across the world.


And cheers, the Cambridgeshire Vineyard that's


First tonight, the man who plotted to kill his unborn baby is


Jamie Smith from Peterborough didn't want to be a father.


He tried to arrange for Jessica Santos to be attackdd with


a crowbar, so that she would lose the child.


Smith recruited his friend Steven Blades to carry out the att`ck.


They were both in relationships they met and became friends. In


2013, Jessica Santos became pregnant, she told Smith shd was


keeping it and that he would not appear on the birth certificate He


decided the baby would not be born at all.


Jessica Santos, 18, an expectant mother who became the target


in a sinister plot, to kill the baby she will give birth to soon.


The man behind it, Jamie Smhth, aged 23.


The unborn child's father, who, with his friend Stephen Blades, was


willing to use extreme violdnce to get rid of a child he didn't want.


What are your feelings toward him now?


I am hurt, I feel he betrayed me in a way.


I can't say I am angry with him but that is how I feel.


This is the car park in Hampton where Smith, Blades and another man


A bogus robbery, to happen here at a beauty spot


A rowing lake close to Peterborough city centre.


Jessica lured here on the pretence of talking about the pregnancy.


First, they would be threatdned by knives, then the expectant


Smith too was to be attacked and injured to make


None of this gruesome plot took place.


She was saved from these weapons after ond of the


His identity is now protectdd by police.


I have never investigated a incident like this.


The nature, viciousness of this it is incomprehensible.


Jessica's family fear she still has feelings for him.


I will now just raise the child if he wants to have contact with


his father in the future, I will allow it.


She said she used to be a confident girl, but now constantly sc`red


Given a big reason never to trust anyone again.


The judge told Smith he had a good upbringing and had every advantage.


He was the primary instigator in this, he wanted his life to continue


as a normal. 's family said they found it difficult to see hhm in


court and this was out of character. He begins a seven`year tonight.


Bin collections, road repairs and social care are all comhng under


The Borough Council needs to cut spending by more than ?30 mhllion


That's on top of the ?72 million they've already saved.


And now they're asking residents for ideas.


Clooney Street less fun? Shtt the library 's earlier? Or cut back on


home help `` clean the stredts. Like all councils, Luton need to save


money. It is now asking for ideas on how to make savings while protecting


essential services. One suggestion that often comes up is cutthng down


on managers. That has been like that, we have put a lot of staff,


lost a lot of managers, people at every level. The basic councillor's


allowance is ?7,000 a year, if we were to cut bows down to zero, it'd


be such a small amount, it would not have a big impact `` to cut those


down. Last year, the council was spending 167 million a year, that


needs to reduce to 126 millhon by 2017. They need to cut by a further


33 million in the next two xears to meet that target. One option is to


look at ways of making monex. Like using this council vehicle depot to


do an 's. That helps plug the gap, but not completely. Where would


people make savings, if thex were in charge? But a cross by the ones


where you would make savings. It is a difficult choice, they ard all


equally important. Transport. Street cleaning? Street cleaning, traffic.


Where else would you make s`vings? You have chosen children services


and counsel. Adult care perhaps All these are valid, I can't sax


anything. Pick one more than they will leave you in peace. Chhldren's


services. The least worrying for me would be the libraries and leisure.


This survey was completely unscientific. What it does show is


that different services are important to different people. The


one thing they all agree on is that making cuts and savings is no easy


task. The man in charge of policing


Milton Keynes has today condemned an apparent shooting at a house


in Bletchley. A shot was fired at the door


of a home on St Helena Avente last Officers are appealing


for witnesses to come forward. Rising levels


of childhood obesity have bden And as more children become obese,


conditions such as diabetes and Across England,


nearly 19% of 11`year`olds `re described as clinically obese,


that's almost one in five. But in our region, as you c`n see,


three areas are Luton is the worst with just over


23% central Bedfordshire and But in Peterborough,


the battle has begun, with the council organising fitness classes


for children who are overwehght Daily life turned into exercise


This is the first ever holiday camp for overweight children in


Peterborough. Everyone is hdre by choice. I would just be sitting


around eating at home. I want to be healthier. Here you can be really


active, it is really fun and you can meet new kids. I came here because I


heard it told you about healthy stuff. I really wanted to bd healthy


and lose weight. I would be spending my holiday sitting at home gaining


weight. Sitting down playing video games. I used to get bullied, I came


here and I love it. Three hours a day, they run and jump. Thex shout


and sweat. Food becomes a ftel, not a mindless compulsion. Slowly but


surely they learn to love lhfe and respect their bodies. They say they


feel bad, they don't feel good, they may say that they don't feel good


all look good. If they are lazy they may have no confidence or self


esteem. Unhappiness is a word that comes up a lot. This club is part of


the City Council's effort to tackle childhood obesity. We have had


children, not on this progr`mme but others. Where if we ask thel by


removing your fingers when xou play on your computer, is that physical


activity cop? They say yes ht is, that is quite sad. That is not


physical activity. The kids will leave here full of energy, not full


of sugar. A free summer camp that could be life`saving.


The summer camp is for 10`14`year`olds, but at what age


should we begin to really focus on a child's nutrition?


I asked Dr Marie Ann Ha this afternoon.


You need to start early, thd risk develop throughout life. It is from


conception to aged two years. During that time, you lay down risk for


diabetes, heart disease and stroke. That depends on how well notrished


the mother is. How the mothdr eats during pregnancy, what you `re


afterwards. `` what you are fed You will not definitely get these


things, but it will increasd your risk. What is it about children s


diets now that is causing the obesity problem? It is fizzx


drinks, soft drinks, bodies don t recognise the added sugar. They will


drink that then go have a normal mail, which may be a healthx meal,


but because they have had this extra energy from drinks, they max not


exercise it. Some do, some don't. It is very difficult to exercise the


amount of sugar there is in a standard can of cola. What can we do


to tackle the problem? We c`n swap these beverages for water. Ht


doesn't taste as good though. Well, your tastes change, if you get used


to it, you accept it as norlal. It doesn't taste as sweet, but you will


get used to it over time. It is about persevering and getting used


to it. Look at the sort of things you snack on, instead of gohng for a


cake, you go for an apple. What happens if you don't tackle it?


Degeneration will not have the same life expectancy as their parents. ``


that generation. Those more diabetes and strokes. There will be ` greater


number of diabetics, mothers not exercising enough in their teenage


years up to pregnancy time, that means that both the mother `nd the


child is at increased risk of type two diabetes later on. Therd needs


to be major lifestyle changds. The NHS cannot afford the cost of what


is going to happen. As a society, we cannot afford to support thhs. We


have some major economic problems. Homes and businesses affectdd


by this weekend's floods are being urged to contact


their local councils. People are being asked to provide


videos and photographs of the flooding, to help cotncils


and emergency services learn where flood protection


can be improved. The worst rainfall was on Friday


afternoon around Bar Hill Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue


said in just over 24 hours they Those are tonight's top stories now


we join Stewart and Amelia for the rest of the programme.


Also coming up: We are at Stadium MK where the new


dawns played the old Dons in the capital cup.


And beating the UK's best. @ seven medal haul for a vineyard from


temperature. `` Cambridgeshhre. It's an industry


which employs 15,000 people in this region in 750 companies and


does some of the most important work We're talking about life schences,


which is all about turning cutting`edge


scientific research into medicines. In this region,


it's based mainly around Calbridge. It's worth up to ?10 billion


a year to the local economy and Look East has been told it could


become five times bigger. In the first of three speci`l


reports this week, here's otr This research campus is homd to


many biomedical companies and is one of the jewels in the crown


of the life sciences cluster that has grown up around Cambridge over


the last 30 years. The Government has put


in ?50 million over three ydars Doctor Andy Richards is a dhrector


here. He was one of a handful


of young entrepreneurs who got I had been working in West Coast


biotech companies and I love the band of brothers,


us against the world, let's change And then the opportunity cale to do


it here and to do a start`up and I guess,


in a sense, the rest is history That start`up became


a big success and the clustdr grew The question is


why did it keep growing herd? I guess that is about the ctlture,


environment and world`class science. One of the things that is great to


see is how people who have succeeded have decided not to go away


and do something else but to stay here and do their second, third


fourth, fifth companies People like Andy found ways to turn


scientific research Today, at least one third


of life sciences organisations in That is 750 companies


employing 15,000 people. And there are several research


sites spread across the reghon. They employ thousands of schentists


doing cutting`edge research. The main areas


of expertise include... What it is all about


in the end is finding better One of the 50 start`ups is this


company using an antibody discovered in C`mbridge


to develop a drug to prevent The need


for anticoagulation is growhng all Our drug is an antibody


which we seek to ultimately replace warfarin in clinical practice, if it


works the way we hope it will. How big it could this


cluster become? I think it could become thrde, four,


five times the size it is now Certainly the opportunity


market`wise is there. That kind of expansion would mean


tens of thousands of new jobs. Whether growth of that scald


could be accommodated Harriet Fear is the chief executive


of One Nucleus, which represents I asked her whether it's


possible that the industry I think it is a realistic ahm, to be


honest. If you look at what has happened in the sector and region in


the last 18 months, we have seen a real explosion in life sciences


with companies listing on the public markets and following the claims


from the US. On the face of it, growth is exciting and potentially


good for jobs but do you thhnk we can cope with that kind of


expansion? I am thinking about housing and infrastructure. If you


look at the moves by AstraZdneca to move its global headquarters here,


which will happen by 2017, there are already concerns about houshng and


accommodating 1500 people so it is a big issue. That said, I think we


have got the right people in place in certain councils and loc`l


enterprise partnerships and within the sector who can help makd it


happen. What about staffing? That is something the industry is already


struggling with, trying to find enough skilled, qualified pdople.


That is true. What we find with a lot of our members is that they


employ individuals from the UK but also internationally. There are some


real benefits of bringing in international talent. I see more of


that happening to fill potential gaps. Surely won't run talent would


be even better. `` home grown talent. Absolutely and various


colleges in the area are dohng good things. Europe organisation


represents hundreds of diffdrent companies. I am wondering if you


could sum up the mood in those companies at the moment. Is that


excitement? It is difficult to generalise but generally spdaking


huge excitement, particularly the AstraZeneca news. Companies are


thinking it might be time to think much better and I sends a bhgger


appetite to remain a UK company rather than seeking to exit by


merger with another company. Thank you very much.


There is a full night of football in the Capital Cup tonight.


Perhaps the pick of the bunch is at Stadium MK, where the MK Dons


That's the club that was formed after the


old Wimbledon moved from London to Milton Keynes and became thd Dons.


James Burridge is at Stadiul MK and has just sent this report.


It is not everyday you get to inside a changing before kick`off. This is


the home changing room. MK Dons are taking on AFC Wimbledon tonhght and


all of the kit is in place. The boots is always a fascinating part


of the modern game. Some of them have shocking colours! 20 of pitches


taken place in their capital one cup tonight. Let's speak with one of the


coaches here at MK Dons. As any team to be in here. What is the


atmosphere like before kick`off Pretty relaxed. Once we havd given


them the information about one hour before kick`off we leave thdm to it


and let them prepare in thehr own way. There is a science to ht. You


can see food supplements, t`ctics boards, it is a different g`me than


two years ago. Haters. The players have got to be bitter about taking


information on board. All of the preparation has already been done.


The sports science lab have done their work and the analysis has been


done so there is nothing we can change one hour before. Tell me


about tonight. There is alw`ys a bit of tension when you take into


account the history between these sides. How do the staff tre`t a game


like tonight? The same like any other. It sounds like a cliche but


it is the first round of thd cup and we are looking forward to gdtting


into the second round if we win the game. Everybody is aware of what the


history is but... Do you fedl the tension from the crowd? I think


there will be some but we h`ve got to go out and win the game. It is


important that we do it for the right reasons and the rest of it


will take care of itself. Ldts hope he win tonight and all of these


games kicking off at 7:45pm. At the European Athletics


Championships Goldie Sayers from Cambridgeshire has qualified


for the Javelin final. She did it with her first throw


of just over 58 metres. Goldie is captain of the Brhtish


team in Zurich. The final takes place on Thtrsday


evening. The days when English wine was


thought of as a bit of a joke These days, the experts will swill


it, sniff it, suck over it, spit it out and then agree it's right up


there with the best in the world. Chilford Hall Vineyard


in Cambridgeshire is one And what's more, it's just won seven


medals at the English and Wdlsh Wine With 7000 vines and nine different


varieties of great, this is one of the oldest vineyards in the


country, producing thousands of bottles of wine each year and now


some of those have won a medal. These are the award`winning wines.


Seven in total. These three got silver and these four got bronze.


They won the award at a top national competition. It puts their linds up


there with some of the best in the world. Of the award`winning wines,


five are white. We had a sp`rkling ros? and also a read. It tells the


public that the product we `re reducing is as good as what the big


boys are making. We are a rdlatively small vineyard in that sensd but we


are able to sit on the same platform as them. It was a good year last


year and with what we do, they are looking forward to a bumper harvest.


It means that we have a larger crop than last year. Last year, we


brought in about 30 tonnes `nd produced 20,000 bottles. Thhs year,


we estimate more bottles and looking at the level of sunshine is means


better quality. But even with all this good news, there are still


having to rebuild the busindss after an arson attack by former mdmbers of


staff two years ago which rdduced their historic buildings to rubble.


Now, they are looking to rehnstate the old site, and events venue as


well as making good wine. We had some pictures of thehr


sparkling wine are there and it looked wonderful.


I am not for the! `` I am not fussy!


We have got low pressure to the north and that has brought hn some


showers from the West and over the last few hours there have bden one


or two sharp ones around. They have been spreading in across thd western


half of the region, hitting gradually eastward. We are not quite


done with them, still a few around. A lot of places of see a drx


evening. `` will see. Much of the night looks dry as they fadd, there


will be clear spells around. A little bit of patchy cloud coming


and going and quite a for tonight. `` quite a cool night. Tomorrow


there is a pretty good start today. This low pressure is still lingering


to North but it will be a bright start with some sunshine at their


first then. There is the risk of some showers but they should be


lighter. We start with some sunshine. There will be somd clouds


building for the afternoon `nd some might just produce an isolated


shower. Not where the computer project but anywhere across the


region. In the sunshine, and temperatures climb in most places.


That breeze will make it fedl cooler at times in the breeze. As for the


afternoon, mostly dry for m`ny places but the risk of a few showers


around. As we get to the end of the week, Thursday is looking a bit


unsettled but as we get to Friday, you can see a front are starting to


build from the south`west so it will be a transient pressure and you can


see our next weather systems coming in. Some dry weather for thd end of


the week and the start of the weekend. Before that we havd


Thursday, which looks like ht will bring us some more widespre`d


showers. They could be heavx and sundry and with light winds could be


slow`moving and that could bring quite a downpour in places. As for


Friday, it might start out with a shower but through the day, as that


pressure builds, we should see more dry weather across the region and a


dry night following. We start our weekend with quite a lot of dry


weather arrives. Saturday is looking pretty good. Highs of 19 degrees.


Those weather systems coming in for the end of the weekend and starting


next week so it will turn unsettled once more.


Thank you very much. We will see you tomorrow night.


Have a


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