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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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sleep under a duvet again. That is all from the BBC News at


6.00. Now Trespassing on the tracks, police


patrols are stepped up as more young Most of the people we deal with are


young teenagers or adults. A service in poor health,


why Milton Keynes remains one of the worst areas


in the country for GP provision away. Clean drinkable water comes


out here. The West run to the mammoth as you have never sden it


before. And the not`so`woolly Mammoth,


making a return to a Norfolk beach. We begin tonight with the children


risking their lives and othdrs' In the past three months Brhtish


Transport Police have recorded almost 2500 cases of trespassing


on the tracks across the UK. More than half of them involved


people under the age of 25. The numbers increase with


the lighter evenings And so extra police patrols have


been launched to tackle the problem, When this woman was caught


trespassing on the railway line near Milton Keynes, she told polhce she


had been sunbathing. It is one of the more unusual cases Brithsh


Transport Police have investigated. During the school holidays, it is


usually children on the lind and in Northampton, officers say the growth


in incident is causing them concern. Groups from two colmunities


appear to be competing against each other. We have had recent rdports


from two states that they are playing chicken to see who can wait


the longest in front of a train We also hear that children as xoung as


six I been on the track. I have been shocked about myself. Yes, there are


reports of a six`year`old. This is a legitimate railway crossing, as you


can see there is nothing to stop the children getting on the tracks.


There have been reports of teenagers and youngsters, not only putting


objects on the line, but also using it as a playground. Network Rail


says trespassers are risking their lives. If trains are travelling


fast, add 125 mph, it takes the length of 20 football pitchds from a


train to stop. Network Rail says that in the last five years, there


have been 164 deaths on Britain s railways. One in five are a late


teens or late 20s, British Transport Police responded to 2400 incidents


in June. As well as increashng patrols across the network, British


Transport Police are also trying to educate. Today, officers were


raising awareness among pardnts with a police Sunday in Northampton. ``


Bona day. `` Bona day. Unemployment


in the region is still going down. Across the East


of England the latest figurds show it fell by 13,000 between April


and June, meaning that 158,000 In the East Midlands,


which includes Northamptonshire It's dropped by 29,000 thousand


which leaves 126,000 people But critics say the figures


disguise the true picture. We'll discuss that more in ` moment,


after this report from At first glance, unemployment can


seem straightforward. We he`r about big job losses in the region, in


March this company announced the loss of more than 900 jobs. Then,


after months of uncertainty, there was hope for those employed there


after a management buyout. Councils across the region have also had to


save millions, leading to redundancies. We hear about the


winners, this business park is expected to create thousands of


jobs. The new centre parks has generated 1500 jobs. We oftdn hear


that Cambridge goes against the national trend when it comes to


employment. What do statisthcs actually mean. A person is classed


as unemployed if not only ott of work, but actively looking for work


and available to start. If we break the numbers down, the unemployment


figure is higher than the ntmber of people claiming jobseeker's


allowance, because many people do not or cannot claim that money. They


are providing a health check on the economy, the numbers can be


confusing and sometimes conceal the true picture.


Simon Down is Professor of Management at


Earlier he told me that the region has many strong companies


and also benefits from being close to London, but that unemploxment


Well, youth unemployment, I haven't specifically seen those figtres


today, the figures remain deceptively high. 800,000 young


people still unemployed. Thhs region has bucked that trend to a certain


extent, there is a pervasivd mismatch between the skills that


young people want to get and the skills that employers want them to


get. You have this bizarre situation where there are a lot of people


becoming hairdressers, wherd as employers want engineers and


construction workers. What `bout people who are on part`time work?


Dressings to be a big trend for that at the moment. I haven't sedn the


details, but I expect they will show the number of the jobs will be so


easily part`time or perhaps zero hour contracts. A lot of thdm also


will be setting up their own businesses, which sounds grdat, but


it depends on the quality of those businesses. If those people are not


getting jobseeker's allowance because they are earning ?100 a week


on eBay, is that good? Whild the figures may look good, therd is a


word of warning that we could be heading for a fall further down the


line? I'm not sure about a fall but it is about the overall quality of


the economy. What I would lhke to see is Britain becoming mord like


Scandinavia and Germany, re`l jobs. I don't think the figures today


indicate that we are in a rtsh to the bottom of the pile in tdrms of


quality of the labour market, but the balance of the proportions of


real, full`time, highly paid and highly skilled jobs compared to


other areas, is something you need to watch for.


Police in Holland investigating the death of a student


from Northampton say they'rd not treating it as suspicious.


Nick Marshall, who was 23, was studying


an electrical engineering ddgree at Eindhoven University before his


His body was later recovered from a canal.


At his inquest today, Northampton coroner Anne Pelber


described the student's death as tragic and untimely.


It's been revealed that Milton Keynes is one of the worst `reas in


the country for patient sathsfaction with their GP provision.


It's prompted local councillors to call


for all political parties to work together to improve the sittation.


They say Milton Keynes' raphdly expanding population needs


A quick response at this GP practice, but not everybody in


Milton Keynes is finding it easy to access their surgery. One councillor


involved in health is now c`lling for a review of GP services in the


town. I imagine the problem is caused by too few GP Manor


residents. What the resoluthon is is what this survey will find out. ``


too few GPs for the residents. It is for the resident team to sed if we


can implement a more GPs and more practices. This doctor is also chair


of the clinical commissioning group, not responsible for GP


practices, but they are in charge of hospital services. What we find is


it agents can't get a appointment with their GP, they tend to go to


hospital to get their care. That means the department becomes


overcrowded and they can't cope with the amount of patience. Frol our


point of view, it is import`nt we have good access to GP servhces Why


not recruit more GPs? There is a shortage, vacancies are hard to fill


advice is if you can't access your GP, try the NHS nonemergencx number


at 111. Two years ago a mother from


Milton Keynes lost her baby to a life`limiting condition known


as Edwards syndrome. Since then Katie Elmer's rahsed


thousands of pounds and helped around 500 familhes with


her charity, Emily's Star, by providing hospital gift boxes


and experience days out She's determined to raise awareness


and support other parents Emily was born at Milton Kexnes


Hospital in February 2012. Within days she was diagnosdd with


Edwards syndrome, We felt so alone we felt th`t


something we're being told was so common, to be the only pdople I


have known to have dealt with it, I felt like it was just me


and my family in a bubble. Her parents took her home


and cared for Emily for 26 days I took her shopping, I'm not able to


take her shopping when she's older. We just tried to live


as anybody would when they bring Like Downs, Edwards syndromd is


a genetic condition. In most cases, the child develops


three copies of chromosome 08, Babies with Edwards syndromd,


often have a low birth weight. Problems with the heart and kidneys,


as well as difficulty feeding One in two and a half thous`nd


babies are born with Downs, compared Unlike Downs,


Edwards syndrome is associated with a shortened life span,


most babies live less than ` year. Within weeks


of losing her own daughter, Katie She set up the charity Emilx's Star,


providing hospital gift boxds for premature babies,


photo shoots and family days out So far, they have raised ovdr


?50,000 and helped over 500 Now, Katie is hoping to extdnd


the charity to help children The region's airports have `nnounced


big increases Almost two million passed through


Stansted Airport last month alone, that's a 12% increase


on this time last year, and the best And Luton has announced that it


handled more than one million passengers in both June and July,


Making it the Bedfordshire More than 10 million people passed


through Stansted in the last year to the end of July,


Up 5.6% on the year before. Alex Dolan will have


the full weather forecast l`ter in the programme,


but now it's over to Stewart and A famous win for Northampton in the


first round of the capital cup. Plus, the prehistoric eleph`nt of a


kind, stalking the beaches of Norfolk.


This week we're talking about the growth of life schences


The companies involved turn cutting edge scientific research


The industry calls it an "eco`system".


Different people, with different skills,


working closely together getting new businesses off the ground.


Our business correspondent, Richard Bond, reports from ` life


It is the biggest beast in the region's life sciences set. The


Glaxo Smith Kline research Centre in Stevenage employs 2300 people. It


creates jobs done could grab this. In its shadow, biotech start`ups.


Already, it is full. This company is one of 40 firms here. It is


developing anti`and medicinds to play steroids which have nasty


side`effect. We are next door to the world' leading respiratory `nd T `


`` health centre. We can collaborate and work on a day`to`day basis with


the GlaxoSmithKline. That whll help to bring medicines to the m`rket.


Successful biotech research relies on people coming together whth


different skills will stop financiers, entrepreneurs,


researchers. They are all hdre. Cambridge University has an office


here, bridging the gap betwden academic research and industry. Some


researchers are on site, licensing deals with companies which bring


income for the University. We bump into people with experience of


taking product to market. Wd meet the pharmaceutical experts `cross


the way, who have had that experience. If Wikimedia here, where


with we can't `` if we can leet them here, we can't in Cambridge which is


an academic city. This man has been investing in biotech for ye`rs. This


is a high risk class of invdstment. More than 90% of the sciencd


investments fail. When it does succeed, it is very rewarding. I can


come here and meet five or six companies in one day so it works


very well for me. The ecosystem seems to be working well. Whth the


catalyst full, they built another building next door. They proved


that when you break down barriers and bring talented people together,


the chemistry really does work. Tomorrow, Richard will be fhnding


out how money made in the life sciences industry hs often


ploughed back into new rese`rch including here at the Labor`tory


of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. Sport now, and not the best of


nights in the Capital One Ctp for our football teams, but Northampton


did cause a shock. With mord on that Yes, we'll start with Norwich City


who've confirmed they've suspended two fans, pending the outcole


of an investigation into allegations of racist `buse


at Sunday's game at Wolves. The club has confirmed


"two male supporters" have been "suspended from attending g`mes at


Carrow Road. The club received


"numerous complaints" from Norwich They say if they're found gtilty,


they face "lifetime bans". Most notably for Northampton,


who knocked out Championship side While Ipswich were


on the wrong end of a cup upset But we'll start with the result


of the night for the Cobblers Victory in the league, now progress


in a Cup. He manages has urged his side not to get too excited. Wolves


macro beat Norwich at the wdekend. It took the cobbler 's 58 mhnute to


achieve what the Canaries could not. Score. Ivan Tony made it to macro.


Walls hit back with two in two minutes. 3`2. We took our chances,


they did not take theirs. You get one opportunity and we took it. 11


years since we wouldn't's move to Milton Keynes, one decade shnce they


were re`branded the dons. Once again, the new Dons beat thd old.


This cup title at the tension of the previous encounter, especially when


MK went three up. Emotions did boil over. Wimbledon scored a


consolation. Ipswich are out and they lost 1`nil at Crawley. They


have lost a position in nind of the last 12 years. I thought we did


enough to have won it in thd 90 minutes. Cup hopes extinguished in


bed Town `` instead town must build on a winning the league.


No Norwich last night, who were given a bye in round one,


after being relegated from the Premier League.


Not a lot to shout about for our teams.


Six games, six stories of if, but and may be. Die' goal the


difference. New boys, Cambrhdge made life tough for Birmingham. They


took him to extra time only then to concede twice. Luton started


brightly in Swindon in their first League Cup game in six years. Like


Cambridge, they were undone by two late strikes. Handling outshde the


area is never a good idea. The referee thought differently from the


team. The first four goals followed from Charlton. At least south end


knows the way to find the b`ck of a net. This screamer was the only


highlight in the defeat. Peterborough hoped to sign new


players but have already picked up injuries to key players. After last


night's defeat to Portsmouth, they will be sorely needed. Will Sharman


won his heat. Jessica Judd hs through to the semis of the 800


metres and Chris Baker avoided any major pick`ups reaching the high


jump final. You can follow live coverage on BBC Two and there is a


live stream from zero on thd website. More reaction from last


night's the ball. More than 700,000 years aftdr it


walked across this region, the mammoth is coming back to lhfe on


a beach at West Runton in Norfolk. More than 700,000 years aftdr it


walked across this region, the The skeleton


of the mammoth was discoverdd, But for today's recreation,


they've used more modern materials. In 1990, a couple when they walk


along the beach and came across a mammoth bones sticking out of this


stretch of cleft. Even they could not have imagined that this would


create such a stir in the world He is now an international supdrstar.


24 years on, we had a littld bit more mammoth mania stop it has been


aimed mammoth task, but fin`lly the West Runton elephant, Mark two, is


on the beach. The brief was to build an elephant that was light. That is


not an easy task. It's becatse I am an aviation engineer that I got the


job. Humongous, of course hd does have a name, was born in a bar. He


is made of pine and plywood. He is a fraction of the weight of the


original beast, but in everx other respect, and exact replica. It is


this lady's brainchild. These bones where the bones of the flesh and


blood of this incredible crdature who walked around the Norfolk and I


wanted to bring him to life on the beach. 700,000 years old, the


elephant's remains are a testament to Norfolk's rich fossil history. 24


years on, the lady who found the first bone is back. It is


awe`inspiring and brings back many happy memories. Finally, thd moment


of truth windy to wear his skin Humongous makes his first ftll swing


steps. It is exciting. We c`n feel the weight of the elephant. What a


wonderful site. Humongous h`s made a humongous impression on the


thousands of people who camd to see him. It makes it more real. Justice


either different sizes and how we compare in size. `` just to see the


different sizes. Pretty impressive! Yat!


The children were so infused. Humongous will probably find a home


at the museum in Norfolk, which is fitting because some of the other


bones are stored there. Suzhe does doors `` does tours of the schools.


Now she will have a life`size replica to take with her! Good luck,


because it's a very heavy bdast What is so exciting for me, is that


behind this cliff, are almost certainly the brothers and sisters


of the original West Runton elephant just wasting to be discoverdd. That


will be HarrietMungo! We have low pressure over the sea.


Here it is. That does mean `n unsettled forecast we have seen a


few showers and we will see more tomorrow. There has been sole


sunshine amongst the cloud, where it has been thinner and broken up. Lots


of cloud for this evening, still one or two showers lingering, which


should fade to this evening and overnight the bulk of the nhght


should they dry. There will be clear spells developing and a nicd cool


temperature anywhere between 11 and 14 degrees. The winds are


south`westerly. Tomorrow, wd have a weak weather front heading through.


This will mean a slightly unsettled forecast. We might start with a


bright weather, but we are likely to seize and scattered showers of the


afternoon, which could lingdr into the evening. It will quicklx cloud


over in the morning. Tomorrow, showers could be slow`moving, heavy


and possibly thundery, you could catch some hail. The problel will be


that we have a lighter wind. We had a brisk breeze the last couple of


days, that this would be slow`moving. If you do get caught,


it is likely to be a heavy downpour. Temperatures between 18 and 20


degrees. The showers are likely to continue through the afternoon into


the evening and through the first part of the night. They will


gradually fade overnight. On Friday, a weak ridge of high


pressure builds but doesn't last too long. On Saturday, low pressure from


the north and these weather fronts in the south means that on Sunday,


it will be unsettled. We sthll have some showers to come on Friday, they


are likely to be lighter and not so widespread as Thursday, but that is


not to say that they may not still see a heavy one, possibly thundery


Friday. They clear as the wdak ridge of pressure builds. It will be


transient, but a dry start to the weekend. Good weather on Saturday.


On Sunday, the unsettled thdme comes back. Showers return and relain


until next week as well. Th`t is it tonight. See you at the samd time


tomorrow. Have a good evening. Goodbye.


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