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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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to be lower than average. Make sure you pack your jumpers if you are


going away. And why Luton has the worst cancer


survival rates in this region. We'll be here later


in the programme, meeting the private postman who's


delivering letters for half And we're


in Milton Keynes with badminton's golden couple, the Adcocks,


back from the Commonwealth Games, Harry Connolly was just


three`years`old when he was taken to Northampton


General Hospital suffering After assessment by Dr Tasnim Arif,


he was sent home, Today a medical tribunal ruled that


Dr Arif had failed to record the toddler's symptoms properly


and should have "taken more care". The hearing, in Manchester,


is to decide whether Dr Tasnim Arif Ben Bland was there and joins us


now from the BBC's Salford studio. This case is about a 19`month`old


baby who died. The process is not about finding anyone guilty of


blaming anyone. It's about whether a doctor fell short of the standards


expected of her. A number of allegations of misconduct were made


against Dr Tasnim Arif from Northampton. Today, the tribunal


found that some of those allegations were proved to be true based on


evidence heard over the last two weeks.


Pictures like this, and memories, are all that Harry Connolly's


parents now have to remember their baby boy.


In April 2011, they took him twice to Northampton General Hospital.


The 19`month`old had been having severe vomiting and diarrhoea


But twice they were sent home and told by doctors it was just a virus.


Three days later Harry died at home from dehydration and kidney failure.


This is basic bread and butter paediatrics. We are not talking


about a chronicle the disease or underlying health conditions. It is


Today, one of the doctors who saw Harry at


Northampton General before he died, appeared at a misconduct tribunal.


Dr Tasnim Arif admitted she had failed to check


if his weight had changed and record how often and how much Harry had


The panel found there had been further failures.


Among them, that Dr Arif had failed to adequately assess Harry


She failed to record if he was "well hydrated" or not.


And, she failed to record that he was "lethargic",


a red flag symptom of dehydration according to medical guidelines.


The panel sitting here in Manchester told Dr Arif


"you ought to have taken more care when assessing Harry",


given that he was brought back to the ward and taking into account


The tribunal will meet again in January to decide


if all this affects Dr Arif's fitness to practise.


After Harry's death, Northampton General Hospital carried


It found key procedures had not been followed.


It says it has since made changes and has also


This summer, they should have been getting him ready to start school


Instead, they're still seeking answers as to why their little


To day was the first stage in the process looking at whether the


allegations were true or not. When the panel meets again in January,


they moved to the second stage and they will decide whether this calls


into question Dr Tasnim Arif's fitness to practice. Only after that


will they consider sanctions, which could, if any, range from needing


further training to being struck off permanently. However this end, it


will not bring that back the boy he was so dearly missed.


A man has been seriously injured after being stabbed in Peterborough.


The incident happened in Cobden Avenue in Millfield.


Officers say the victim, who is in his 30s, has suffered


A 32`year`old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.


He has also been taken to Peterborough City Hospital,


Four pedestrians have been injured after being hit by a car


in Cambridge, which had earlier failed to stop for police.


Officers had tried to stop the car in Hills Road just before midnight


yesterday, but it made off and later mounted the pavement near Station


Police say the car wasn't being pursued at the time.


A 43`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.


The jury has gone out to consider its verdicts in the case of a Luton


accountant who was gunned down after being caught in the middle


Atif Ali, then 27, was shot at close range


He needed a seven`hour operation at Addenbrooke's hospital


This is a complicated case. There are six defendants all accused of


conspiracy to commit murder. The master man `` mastermind has said he


wanted a relationship with Atif Ali's Beyonce. The man who was ``


who allegedly supplied the weapon. Two other men are also accused of


being involved. Today, the judge summed up the case to the jury. On


May 20 last year, Atif Ali with driving to work when he was rammed


from behind by another vehicle. As he got out, he was blasted in the


leg with a Sean Belloc saw off a shot gun. The man admits carrying


out the shooting but said he had no intention of carrying out a


shooting. If not, he would've shot him in the head to kill him. Both


men have admitted conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm. The


court also heard about the car, a Ford Mondeo. On the day of the


shooting, it was caught on CCTV, following Atif Ali's Audi. It had


been brought the ?300 in cash and left overnight nearby. The keys were


on the rear wheel arch. They were later collected and used in the


shooting. There was also evidence about a series of phone calls


between the three men. The defence says these conversations about


prying proteins `` buying protein shakes. The judge has told the jury


they must decide about this. Today, they failed to determine any


verdicts. They will return on Monday.


Luton has the worst survival rates for cancer in the region according


Macmillan says there's an "inexcusable"


These figures show the percentage of patients who died just one year


As you can see, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have


The rest of the region is ranked at 33%, but Luton has


Earlier I spoke to Dr Nina Pearson from Luton's Clinical Commissioning


group and asked why more people seem to be dying in Luton?


This is a complicated picture. In use today is no surprise because we


do know that our one year survival rates of the cancers are not as good


in Luton as they are in the rest of the country. We are similar to many


other deprived areas in the country. There are a number of factors. One


is the general healthy population, another is the fact that when people


are having stressed lives because of the level of deprivation, they do


not necessarily deal with their health as a high priority, because


there are lots of other things happening. Sometimes they put off


resenting symptoms to doctors, `` presenting, when they should come


earlier. What can be done to educate them? We have been doing a lot. We


have enthusiastically embraced local programmes promoting health advice,


there have been problems `` programmes on what to do if you have


a cough or more than three weeks, to go to your doctor. Also, what to do


if you see blood in your European. Another innovative thing `` your


ring `` we have been training people to understand more about the


symptoms of cancer and how to talk to their neighbours and their work


colleagues about symptoms and to encourage them to go and get any


symptoms checked out. How far is it a problem that ethnic minorities not


accessing health care? I think there are a number of factors there. If


your first language is not English, then locks of the promotional


materials are in English so it is not English, then locks of the


promotional materials are in English so it's a bit difficult `` lot.


Also, you need the confidence to go and talk about the symptoms you are


having. I can understand why people might find these difficult. You say


the symptoms are no surprise, but how worried should we be? I think it


is a really important factor for the population to get behind. Do


encourage each other. Do look after your health. Don't start smoking in


the first place. If you are a smoker, we have lots of services to


help you to stop and we would encourage you to access them. That


is the best thing you can do to cut your cancer risks. Stop smoking.


Questions are being asked about how effective the flood defence systems


in March are, after last week's torrential storms and flooding.


The network of rivers and drains in the Fens are controlled


They say under normal conditions, flood water would flow


But last week, that water remained on the streets.


The Commissioners say drainage systems in March town centre haven't


been properly maintained and new housing has made drainage worse.


Fenland District Council hasn't commented on the allegations.


Later Alex has the weather and more rain ahead.


First, back to Susie and David for the rest of the news.


Still to come. On court with a married couple who won gold at the


Commonwealth Games. Plus 5000 guides and scouts from all over the world.


If someone offered to deliver your letters the next day, for less


than half the price of a first class stamp, would you be tempted?


If you are, then you wouldn't be alone because that's what's


Brian Webb, who runs a newspaper delivery business, spotted a gap


in the market and started postal deliveries in the spring.


He covers 20 villages around Wisbech and already he's delivering 1,000


He collects the mail, sorts the mail, delivers it.


This is Brian Webb, newsagent and now private postman.


A new career all because of the cost of a stamp.


I was collecting the money and my customer said to me,


what ever would your mum say, paying money for posting a letter.


She said, it goes up next week to 62p.


Less than half the price of first class.


His round is growing on foot and by van.


20 villages, more than 1500 customers.


Among them, businesses like Linda Pepper's hairdressers.


Moving away from Royal Mail is quite a big jump, isn't it?


It is, but at 30p it is a jump worth taking for our local mail.


Customers buy the sheets for ?3 each.


When they use a stamp they are marked just like the Royal Mail.


Stamped, Webb's Postal Service, it is delivered the next day.


They told us that if a local delivery company can guarantee the


same level of service under the same requirements, we wish them well.


And when it comes to deliveries, there are bigger fish to worry about


I don't believe Brian himself is a threat, but what he's doing could


be on a larger scale with some of the bigger companies.


He can't compete when people move to the southern


hemisphere, but business closer to home, he says, is booming.


It has just gone from doctors to solicitors,


He's delivered morning papers all his life,


An independent mailman who is hoping to take on more staff and the


People in Frinton on the Essex coast are very proud


It's very neat, very tidy and very traditional.


And over the years, they've fought a lot of battles to


They've opposed bookmakers, ice cream parlours and pubs.


But now they're taking on the supermarket giant Sainsbury's, and


This is a town which stands defiantly behind it's white gates,


determined to keep the traditional feel to its high street.


Anything that causes a problem comes under close scrutiny.


Frinton isn't a place that likes change.


The pub, the fish and chip shop, even the railway gates caused


controversy when they were replaced with automatic ones.


Now the town council has asked Sainsbury's to reconsider


its plans for a new store, saying it's signs are too orange.


What we don't want to see is this great orange mass at the front.


I think people will know that Sainsbury's is there,


and I'm sure they will use it, and I don't think you need to paint


You could perhaps do something that was more in keeping with the area.


It is the latest in a list of battles.


The man who sold ice cream on the seafront was stopped,


the town resisted having a pub until 2000 and when


the much disputed fish and chip shop first opened, it had to be nice.


The council says it welcomes the supermarket but abides


A spokesperson for Sainsbury's said some concern was raised about


the signage, but they are always careful to ensure that their stores


are in keeping with the local areas and they will consider any comments


made from Frinton residents as they take their plans forward.


I don't think it matters, to be honest.


Sainsbury's is Sainsbury's at the end of the day.


But councillors asked Sainsbury's if it will consider reverting to


its original black and gold signage, which it considers to be


Sport now, and the golden couple of the Commonwealth Games, Chris and


Gabby Adcock, have told Look East they're now hoping for more success


The pair from Milton Keynes won gold in the badminton mixed doubles,


the first married couple in their event to do so.


Barely time to draw breath, English badminton's golden couple


back home preparing for next week's World Championships.


They train five times a week, morning and afternoon.


Two weeks ago at the Commonwealth Games their dedication


Without sounding too cliched, it is a dream come true.


You dream about being on top of that podium and with all


Do you always wander around wearing your medals?


Yes, we like to look at them now and again and get them out


of the box, but we are really proud of what we have done and happy we


Your friends and colleagues around you must hear you coming.


They sound a bit like a wind chime, moving about.


The Adcocks are ranked fifth in the world.


They were the outstanding couple at the Commonwealth, winning


With the real Olympics just two years away, every second counts


You're married to each other, do you get bored of each other?


We are very used to it since we were 16.


We used to live at the lodge together


It is really important the partnership, especially as you work


together and you both have imput, because that is how you progress.


We are very lucky to do what we love together and


when we achieve something it makes it all that more special.


I think it is same at home, because at work we are so much


It transfers into our home life quite well.


Commonwealth celebrations have been put on hold


but with the holiday booked and a first wedding anniversary to come,


they should buy some quality time together off the court, particularly


I love that bit where their hated it. If it was that easy, I would do


In athletics, some of the region's athletes have


got their sights on medals at the European Championships in Zurich.


Will Sharman from Corby won Silver last night in the hurdles,


and this evening there could be more glory in the track and field.


Until this year his biggest hurdle has been injury and inconsistency,


but last night all that stood between Will Sharman and a gold


medal with ten potential stumbling blocks. He was out faster than the


human eye, but human frailty kicked in and he clattered the gates, lost


his stride and lost his golden opportunity, silver for him. Mixed


emotions because I knew I was in the lead. I studied my opposition. I


know what I am strongest. I didn't expect to be in the lead in the


middle section, but I dominated it. That is why I was gutted, because I


could have done more. In the javelin, either through 70 metres,


an amazing achievement at the surgery and 18 months of heartache.


58 was not another to be near the podium, and the captain finished


eighth. On the track tonight, Jill Williams runs in the final of the


tour in metres. As a junior, she was fated to be a major force, while


some night it is her chance to win their first grown`up championship.


If her semifinal stroll over is anything to go by, she has nothing


to fear. I just did as much as I needed to do. I can as much energy


as I could. I want to win just as much as anyone else. Also denied is


Chris Baker in the high jump. `` tonight. Greg Williams is looking to


add European gold to his Commonwealth title. Good luck to all


of them. And of course there's a full


programme of football this weekend. There are previews


of all the games on the BBC Sport website and coverage of every game


on your BBC Local radio station. We'll have the goals on Look East


on Sunday teatime. For the past week,


Norfolk has had a new town. Population 6000,


most residents under 15 and It's called Norjam and it's one


of the biggest scout And as Jenny Kirk reports, children


from all over the world have come to From as far as field as New Zealand,


5000 Scouts and guides from 21 countries are here for a week of


activities, team`building, personal challenges, new friends and of


chanting. And it is character building stuff. What is in there?


Irritating. Scary and squashing. This is the size of a small town.


They have pretty much everything here to keep ten to 18`year`olds


entertained and cared for. Even on a daily newspaper, a hospital and


their own radio station. Good morning. What do you think Norjam?


It is a real chance to do something great. It is a good opportunity to


do something new, so I decided I would go for it. It is hard to


resist getting stuck in. Hello, I am Jenny. It is the last afternoon here


at Norjam and excitement is building. Watch and learn, watch and


learn. The bottle was spotted by E`coli fans. Moving on. As well as


barrel loads of fun and a week away from home, there is a deeper message


to all of this. The highlight is that we have Arabs sitting next to


Jewish people. It is world peace here in Norfolk. Maybe we should


have a few scouts helping out the United Nations. The gill scouts


agreed. We have made new friends `` girl. It is all a long way off from


campfires. Archery. Everything has been fun. Even the weather? Not


ready. It finishes tonight. Plan the next ten to `` girl begins next


week. They will be glad it is finishing tonight, because the


weather is getting cooler. What a great thing to do. The weather has


been on and off. great thing to do. The weather has


been on and off. We have seen some decent spells of sunshine today. We


have some fine traditions, but some areas of cloud and it has felt


cooler through the day. This is our satellite image for the last few


hours. The eastern half is doing well sunshine, but we should see


some sunny spells at the end of the day. There is a risk of one or two


showers, certainly for this evening. After we get to about


midnight and beyond, it should be largely dry with some clear spells


developing. Quite cool temperatures for tonight. These are our towns and


cities. Out in the countryside it could get down to single figures in


one or two spots. The wind coming from the west. So, we start tomorrow


with good sunshine. It will tend to turn cloudy into the afternoon.


There is a chance of an isolated shower. Those places at risk are


those North Eastern corners. A brisk breeze coming from the west.


Temperatures anywhere between 19 and 20 degrees, so they stayed quiet on


the cooler side. Where the cloud is, there should be some decent breaks


to allow for sunshine. It is not a bad start to our weekend. Then it


changes somewhat for Sunday, because this is our pressure pattern. We


have a week pressure pattern come in. It looks like a windy forecast


for Sunday, and that could be some gusts of up to 40 mph. Quite a windy


forecasts. Let's summarise our weekend. Largely dry, but there


could be some spot of rain, and some sunny spells around for tomorrow


morning, but it will be quite windy through Sunday. Let's go back over


Saturday as it is the best of the two days. A bit more cloud to stop


the day on Sunday but it will brighten up, perhaps some spots of


rain. We started Monday with some showers, but look at our


temperatures, they're going down. A lot more cloud, highs of 16 degrees


and overnight temperatures into single figures. Summer is still


here. Clinging on, we are. Have a great


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