25/08/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Two teenagers have been questioned tonight on BBC1 at 10.30.


Two teenagers have been questioned by police following a fire which


destroyed a landmark building in Southend. It took 30 firefighters to


bring the flames under control, but bring the flames under control, but


they could not save the Victorian structure.


The dramatic end of the headquarters of the local yacht club, captured on


film as firefighters struggled in vain to save anything of thd


130`year`old building. They could not stop its wooden structure from


being engulfed. It had been the clubhouse of one of the olddst yacht


clubs in the world until just a few months ago.


It is total. It has completdly gone. It survived a fire in the


1970s, but unfortunately thd framework has gone. There is


effectively nothing left of the club whatsoever.


This was the clifftop buildhng just two days before the fire. All that


remains now is the brick chhmney. It had been holding to the yacht club


since the 18 hundredths and was a popular landmark.


As I walked along here earlher I saw it was still on fire.


It was a good club to be in. It is a sad way for it to go.


I think it is such a shame, because it is over 100 years old. Irony hope


they can rebuild it. I'm taken by surprise.


Firefighters were still at the scene when police stopped two teenagers.


They were arrested on suspicion of arson, and this evening werd


released on police bail. Thd yacht club moved out of the buildhng


several months ago after it was found to be subsiding. The clubhouse


was due to be dismantled, btt any was due to be dismantled, btt any


thoughts of saving it now lhe in ruins.


A man is in hospital after ` gang of men burst into his home


The police say it happened at a house in Kimbolton Road


There were six or seven men in the gang.


The victim who's in his 20s was stabbed several times


His condition is described as stable.


A man has been charged with stealing a bus from a depot in Colchdster.


The 40`foot single decker w`s driven out of the yard in Magdalen Street


Police stopped it with a stinger`type immobiliser two


19`year`old Ashley Barrell has also been charged with drink`driving


It's the third bus to be stolen from the same depot in nine months.


Experts are warning that thd mild, wet summer we've had is likdly to


hasten the end of the region's ash trees.


It's two years since the deadly fungus,


which causes ash dieback, w`s first found in the UK, in Norfolk.


Weather conditions this year are making it spread


and it could be several years before scientists develop a tree


It takes just a few seconds to find the tiny fungus that threatdns to


hope and to find a way `` this lady hope and to find a way `` this lady


hopes to find a way to comb`t the disease.


The fungus has continued its life`cycle growing on the ldaf


stalk. They can be blown up to the air to reach this year's le`ves


This tree looks healthy, but in a few years it could be dead. The


classic diamond shaped lesions are indications of the disease, and this


is the most dangerous time. This year, a mild summer and light winds


will have helped the diseasd. Each red dot marks a confirmed ottbreak.


Of the 304 in the wild nationally, more than half are in our rdgion.


It has progressively got worse and worse, and now the tree is dead


The first case was diagnosed at this small wood in Norfolk two ydars


ago. In my lifetime we will see `lmost


the total loss of ash trees in our woodlands. In the next few


centuries, ash trees will no doubt make a comeback.


Thousands of ash tree saplings have been planted locally to see which


variety is resistant and can survive. Scientists are also mapping


the DNA of an ash tree which can the DNA of an ash tree which can


fight back against the dieb`ck. There is an ash tree that is a good


candidate for some resistance. It is about identifying that resistance,


and it is difficult to see how long that will take.


Months? Years? I would say probably years.


The recovery will be measurdd in decades, perhaps centuries.


A crackdown has been launchdd against anti`social behaviotr


There's been a wave of complaints about groups of youths intilidating


Now police have won a dispersal order which will be


It gives them the power to order trouble`makers to leave the area


Onto football, and MK Dons have been in training for one of their one


Tomorrow they're hosting Manchester United at Stadium MK in the second


It's the first time in 19 years that United havd been


in the draw this early, aftdr failing to qualify for Europe.


Despite the pressure, the Dons say that they're ddtermined


The result is not going to be important. I would rather h`ve three


points against Crawley next week. Tomorrow is definitely about the


occasion, and perhaps it is a glimpse into the future this club


could have. Well it's been


a typical bank holiday Mond`y. It was a miserable day todax. The


rain will continue for the next few hours, and much of the night is


looking wet. Many places st`rt tomorrow quite cloudy and wdt. A


mild night, temperatures not lower than 12 or 13 Celsius. Tomorrow


starts with more outbreaks of rain, but across Northern counties it


could clear and brighten up. We could see some sunshine into the


afternoon. Temperatures between 17 and 18 Celsius with a moder`te


north`easterly breeze. By the end of the day it is looking as if all


places will see something a little bit brighter. Things will ilprove


for Sunday, but current unsdttled once more on Thursday and Friday


with some showers. I'll be back with more news


and weather in the late bulletin. Hello, if you love wet weather, you


appreciate a satellite picture. A big swell cloud around to the west


of Ireland. If you love bank holidays, you would choose different


words to describe the weather, but Italy this cloud which are the


heaviest rain. In Scotland, you have been derived with lovely sunshine in


the north-west. Within the cloudy zone, further outbreaks of rain this


evening. Difficult driving conditions if you are heading back


after the long weekend and further heavy showers from the south-west in


southern areas as it goes on. Hill fog around too. We've not seen


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