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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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week. Great, Peter, thanks very much. It


This time 16 people ` including children ` are found


They don't have x`ray machines or monitors. All they have is their


eyes and ears. It comes in the week more pressure


is piled on our hauliers, a shortage of drivers and a new EU directive


that could keep some off the road. The choices facing our teenagers,


as new laws mean they must stay We'll have the last in our special


reports into racing in Newmarket. How has the industry recovered


after the Godolphin scandal? And meet the bongo babies `


the little girls keeping hopes We begin tonight with


the lorry load of men, women and children discovered


in Peterborough this morning. It's the second time


in less than two weeks that illegal immigrants have been found


on vehicles in this region. This morning police were called to


Frank Perkins Parkway and discovered 16 stowaways who'd


travelled from Africa. It was less than a fortnight ago


that 35 people in our region were in a container. By the time they were


found one had died and not all was seriously ill. A similar discovery


today. 16 suspected illegal immigrants found hidden in a lorry


stopped all of them alive but it is another case in which people have


risked their lives because of their desperation to come to this country.


This was the moment when police swooped on a lorry


in Peterborough, after reports that 16 people were hidden inside.


It has now been confirmed that all 16 were from the North African


and it is thought they were trying to enter the UK illegally.


The lorry had just arrived here in Peterborough to deliver parts


The people inside were discovered at around 9:30am


The security team at the site called police after the driver said he


Cambridge police arrested the ten men and six women


and alerted the Home Office immigration enforcement team.


The suspected illegal immigrants were to be interviewed


by enforcement officers before going into police custody.


A Home Office spokesperson said, we work closely with the police to


Where someone is found to have no legal right to remain in the UK,


Thousands of lorries make their way through our region every single day.


Many of them begin their journeys on the continent, arriving at


They then make their way along A14 across Northamptonshire,


It is the responsibility of the lorry drivers and


their companies to make sure no`one is hidden inside the vehicle.


If that happens and they haven't taken adequate


steps to prevent it, they can be fined ?2000 for each person entering


Yet less than two weeks ago in the south of our region, 35 people,


including some children, were rescued from a container in Essex.


They were Sikhs from Afghanistan and one man died during the crossing.


The others were found after being heard shouting for help and banging


A reminder of how dangerous such journeys can be and equally how


A new figure out today shows an increase in the number of people


migrating to the UK. Up until the year ending March it went up by


70,000. Of course, that only covers people arriving here legitimately.


Those who arrive in containers and lorries are not included within


those figures, and with those thousands of lorries that travel


through the region every day it is impossible to say how many people


are attending and succeeding in entering the country illegally.


Lorry drivers themselves, and the companies they work for,


are both fined hundreds of pounds for each illegal immigrant


It could be one of the issues contributing to a


Haulage firms across the East say they're struggling to recruit


and a new European qualification is making the problem worse.


There are warnings we'll all feel the effect


Rocky Chambers from Northampton got his lorry licence back in the '70s.


In his mid 50s, he's the average age for an HGV driver.


It's an industry which is failing to attract young people.


Rocky says everyone's not cut out for the job.


You have two be a certain person nowadays. There are so many rules


and regulations. It seems every five minutes the government changes


everything and moves the goalposts on what you're been doing for years.


Recruiting younger drivers isn't the only problem.


In two weeks time a new European competency qualification comes in,


which involves 35 extra hours of training.


At one of the region's training centres ` for the past six weeks `


they've been full, with drivers trying to meet the deadline.


Come the tenth of September if they don't compete their training they


can incur ?1000 in fines. If they have completed the 35 hours but are


not carrying the qualification card, that is another fine. If you want to


drive a truck like this it will take you more than three years to qualify


and cost you between ?3000 and ?4000.


At one of the oldest family run hauliers in the country they


have had to turn to agencies to bolster their workforce.


The agencies are saying they are struggling getting people in. There


are more older drivers approaching their 50s, even in their 70s. The


young people are not coming into the industry.


Back in the cab, Rocky says he welcomes the new training being


brought in, but there are fears it might put others off and have


knock on effects on our ability to deliver goods around the country.


Earlier I met up with Pete Butler ` Employment Services Manager with


the Road Haulage Association ` to ask what could be done to make


A lot of places are now offering apprenticeships for logistics.


That is one way of getting into it because there is no money


It will cost you a minimum of ?200,000 to get the licence


which is what is required by the lorry driver today.


Could they not contribute to the cost?


But the problem you have with companies, they say,


I'll train you up, how long are you going to stay with me for?


Are you going to move down the road for an extra 5p an hour?


If lifestyle is a factor, surely better pay might make them


Wouldn't it be better if, like on the continent,


they have better roadside facilities, supplied by government?


We have better roadside facilities, truck parts,


They are secure and it keeps everybody in one place.


That will cut down on what people call the lifestyle,


but in fact some people like working in a job Monday to Friday.


If it is an ageing industry and all the drivers are not going to


take this qualification, what kind of situation will we be


A lot of the drivers, who drive your farmers, are temporary drivers.


They may be retired and the farmers were calling them during harvest


If they haven't done the driving licence,


When the Christmas rush starts in October,


the drivers aren't going to be there to be called in for holiday relief.


Eventually, when we haven't got enough drivers, goods in the


When you go to do your weekly shopping at the major


97% of everything we use in this country goes by road.


Obviously the country needs to keep on functioning and we need


We have got to be able to recruit younger people in the industry.


It is not just the fact that you start


in the industry at 18 as a driver and that is that until you are 65.


There is a career path, a progression if they want to do it.


They go from driving to office staff, to management,


I want to ask you about our main story tonight,


the fact that 16 people have been found in a lorry in Peterborough.


How much of an issue is that for lorry drivers?


They don't have monitors to check for CO2 emissions.


All they have is their eyes and their ears.


If the vehicle is secure, all the flaps down and secured, if it is a


box van, if the rear door is locked and secured, as far as they are


If they carry out these checks that is the best they can do.


Can people really get inside and lock the doors?


No, what will happen is there will be a team of them.


It'll be your turn to go tonight and I will stay


Of course, this might be something else putting


It could be but security at the ports


An investigation is underway after a young man was sexually


It happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning


in this alleyway next to the mosque between Mawson Road and Mill Road.


The victim ` in his 20s ` said his attacker was


of Mediterranean appearance and was wearing a dark hooded top.


Detectives are scouring CCTV footage from the area.


Fresh talks are to be held between union leaders and the


government in a bid to avert further industrial action by firefighters.


Members of the Fire Brigades Union in England and Wales have staged


a series of walkouts in protest at plans to change their pensions


They'll meet the Fire Minister, Penny Mordaunt, next week.


Work to stop worms destroying an historic site in Hertfordshire


The chalk cave beneath the streets of Royston dates back to


But the carvings on the walls were crumbling.


The vibrations from traffic overhead still pose a threat to the site but


conservators from English Heritage have managed to control the pests.


The work took three years to complete.


I am absolutely over the moon about the work that was done.


It has made such a difference to the cave.


It has secured its future for, goodness knows, how many years.


It is cleaner, it is brighter and we know for sure


The cost of living for people who live in country areas is now so high


that some have to choose between buying food or heating their homes.


Across the East, Luton has the highest proportion of people


Now one charity is calling on households


which use heating oil to buy their supplies early, to avoid potential


Filling up with fuel in the summer may be the last thing on your mind


but consider this. Right now it would cost ?600. This winter it


could be ?200 more. It helps if you buy in bulk. Sylvia and others in


this village have signed up to a syndicate scheme which has 3000


vendors across Norfolk. What makes this syndicate different it is not


just placing an order for us, it goes into a county syndicate. We get


the benefits from that. How much have you saved? About ?100. The team


negotiate on Sylvia's Behar. Each month it buys 150,000 litres of oil


`` Sylvia's but `` behalf. How much cheaper than the market price? 2p


cheaper which makes a big difference over the year. The charity says the


cost of living is the biggest issue for many in these areas. It is the


difference between putting food on your table. We are seen is getting


worse over the last few years. But oil price over the last jerk of a


template for a roller`coaster, so why the distributors give us an


easier ride? `` last year could be a template. We have to follow the


market trends. While many top of their towns, those in the


countryside can top up their tanks. The new academic year is fast


approaching, and just two weeks after the GCSE


results, many teenagers are still From this year, the Government's


raising the participation age. That means that everyone is now


expected to either study full time, work or volunteer, while still


doing some form of training, But what does it mean


for the students at the centre It's an anxious time


for these students. They've just had their GCSE results,


but many of them are still There's only one thing for sure,


a change in the law means they have to continue in education or


training until they're 18. Leaving school to do nothing


is no longer an option. Having nothing is no good to anyone.


It doesn't help their self`esteem or their confidence. We want a


confident young workforce who are ready for employment.


10,000 youngsters study here at Northampton College.


Today, prospective students were given a chance to see


Opening`day gives people a chance to think what they want to do. I wasn't


sure what I wanted to do. It is helpful because I didn't know what I


wanted to do, but to date has held me.


But not all teenagers want to be a full`time student.


Andy Parsons turned down a university place to do


an engineering apprenticeship with Siemens.


After three years he's just been taken on as a qualified technician.


I chose an apprenticeship over university because I could in and I


had some support beyond my education. I was guaranteed a job


which I am now in. There are more career progression choices.


And that's one clear advantage over university, where students gain a


useful qualification, but afterwards often struggle to find work.


When he finished university you go into a big pool of people with the


same qualifications. In an apprenticeship it relates to what


you want to do. You also have the experience. Apprenticeships are


growing in popularity, especially with students being put off by the


fees. There are young people who don't want to be left with death and


want to learn skills earlier in their career. That is why we are


putting emphasis in reinvigorating apprenticeships. Not all options


suit all teenagers, but with the choice of college or apprenticeships


or volunteering, it is hoped everyone can work towards a future


career. Last year, the Godolphin racing


stables in Newmarket was the centre of a major doping scandal,


with the revelation that trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni had injected


horses with illegal steroids. A second Newmarket trainer was then


caught doing the same thing, and the two were banned


for a total of 13 years. In the final part


of our special series on horse racing, Louise Hubball asks, has


Newmarket's reputation recovered? In Newmarket,


reputation is everything. But this was the scandal that


sent shock waves through racing. Godolphin trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni


banned for eight years Another Newmarket trainer,


Gerard Butler, banned for five, More than 12 months on,


a day at the races, like here at And with the best view in the house,


this voice of the sport welcomes the British Horse


Racing Authority's new guidelines in response to the scandal, including


drugs testing without warning. They have brought out a new format


which will go over the world, which no drugs will be allowed to use to


help horses run faster. Has a reputation recovered? Yes. We have


got rid of bad apples. And here you don't have to look far


for an expert opinion It is typical of any environment in


which you have big money. There is always somebody trying to get an


edge. In this case, the culprits were caught. They were punished and


they are no longer in the game. It hasn't had any effect on


attendances. It hasn't affected betting turnover. Is there any


lasting damage? It is a reputation long established and is a world wide


reputation, which hasn't been damaged.


Godolphin politely declined my request for an interview.


And certainly here on Newmarket's gallops it's very much business


And that's a bonus for the regions economy.


The reality is the trainers bring an ?80 million of the local area and


employ more than 2000 people. And there is more investment


proposed, a new, ?5 million gallops here on the racecourse side to


reduce horses having to cross town. There are a lot of countries across


the world that all ready race. There is China which has been talked


about. We manage the biggest gallops in the world. We are training over


there. We are also providing horses. A lot of brooding goes on here and


any industry setting up will require significant numbers of horses.


The National Horse Racing Museum is also being completely revamped


and enhanced ` and hopes to pull in 50,000 visitors to the town a year.


One of the things we have is the opportunity to refocus on the


reputation internationally as the historic home of horse racing. This


is where it started and where the historic home of horse racing. This


is where it started and weather `` where the world comes to see horse


racing. But this whole complex industry


revolves around the health An outbreak of equine flu would cost


racing millions of pounds and research is ongoing in Newmarket


to improve vaccines. If it breaks down, the horses aren't


protected. This is a world steeped in heritage


and bloodlines ` but as the past year has proved, reputation can be


robust and ensure future success. After their victory against


Manchester United, MK dons will play Bradford. The manager admits he will


face a battle to keep some of his best players. He says the club


doesn't need or have to sell but admits interest has grown.


New arrivals at Woburn Safari Park could play a key role


in the conservation of a rare species of antelope.


There are thought to be only around 100 East African mountain


Now their number has been boosted by the birth of twins


Their keeper Lindsey Banks has been telling Look East


They were born on the 3rd of August and are about three weeks old so


we're keeping a close eye on them, but they seem to be doing well,


It is really amazing for keepers here to have these babies.


The bongo is a species which is endangered


and they're twins, so it is rare to have twins of this species.


Historically, there's only been recorded 50 sets


of bongo twins in captivity, two of which have only survived


These guys grow real fast so they are cute at the minute but they will


By the time they are one they will be adults.


One seems a little bolder than the other.


As an antelope species, they are stunning.


It is a real shame that it is the one animal people don't know


They are a mountain antelope so they are classed


These populations are fragmented so the conservationists are trying to


get the populations together as they can increase the gene diversity,


so it is why it is important we are breeding this species so potentially


in the future these animals, genetically, can contribute to


We wait until they are a few weeks old to give them a name, and this


section we name according to the year so we will have to start


Gorgeous little things. Let's take a look at what the weather has in


store for us. Hallo, the end of August is looking mix but a sneak


preview for September `` hello. We will see some fine and dry weather.


Haemorrhages respectable for the beginning of September and also some


sunshine `` temperatures. We have a weak weather front moving in. It has


produced rain across Wales and eastern England. It will weaken when


it gets to us. There's a lot of cloud so it will be a cloudy


evening. Some cloud breaks the rain giving spit and spot for this


evening. The rain arriving across Cambridgeshire as well as western


part of Norfolk. Some places remaining dry. The rain is very


patchy but this evening you may find a bit of dampness in places.


Overnight it will remain dry weather a lot of cloud, some clear skies


with the breeze is strong. It'll blow that cloud crosses and in the


morning it could rain. With that rain and cloud the temperatures are


holding up into double figures, around 12 or 13 Celsius. Tomorrow


morning start and a bit of a cloudy note and a breezy one. We are likely


to see that dampness again and that is because an area of high pressure


up towards Scotland. You may find a bit of rain coming in from time to


time, but many areas remaining dry, and the breeze will blow the cloud


quickly across East Anglia alone some blue sky and sunshine. In any


sunshine, temperatures holding around 19 or 20 Celsius. If you are


stepping out tomorrow night, it could be damp in places again but it


will be a mild night. Temperatures holding up in double figures, around


12 or 13 Celsius. As I said, high pressure slowly moving in from the


south. This is a hurricane in possession of two words, but not


bothering us. The good news is that there will be a light breeze. Let's


have a look at the sorry. Cloudy on Friday and Saturday, Sunday writer


then come Monday, some good sunny spells `` brighter. That is all from


now. I will be back with the late update at 10pm. Have a good evening.


Go away if you don't me to speak to you like that!


Most schools exclude disruptive pupils.


I ain't putting up with this any more.


But one school takes them in and promises five GCSEs.


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