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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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tonight fighting extradition to Britain after they took their


Up in court ` the Bedfordshire police offhcers


charged with assault, misconduct and perverting the course of justice.


Kettering Hospital faces its toughest test yet.


Three days with more than 30 inspectors checking standards.


Coming up later in the programme, it's transfer deadline day


The BBC radio host who waged a battle this summer with


First tonight, the two police officers from Bedfordshire `ccused


They have been charged with racially aggravated assault,


perverting the course of justice, and misconduct in public office


It follows an incident in Ltton earlier this year where


an autistic man, Faruk Ali, claims he was attacked.


The case has exposed tensions between police and the commtnity


in Luton with court hearings being held today in Aylesbury and Amersham


Let's go live to Neil Bradford who has been in court.


Very serious charges for thdse police officers? Extremely serious


because as police officers, they are used to putting others throtgh the


court system but today it w`s themselves in the dock, not once but


twice, in two separate courts. This morning, they were formally charged


at Aylesbury magistrates before pleading not guilty to the charges


in front of a judge here at Amersham Crown Court.


Leaving court this afternoon, two Police Constables who themselves


PC Christopher Thomas is ch`rged with racially aggravated assault


and along with his colleagud, Christopher Pitts,


perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office


There are both accused of lying to senior officers


and falsifying notes followhng the alleged assault on Luton man,


It is alleged the 33`year`old, who has severe autism, was beaten


The alleged incident straindd community relations with police


Following an angry public mdeting, both officers were suspended


and Leicestershire Police wdre asked to investigate under


the supervision of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


Faruk Ali's family say the proceedings have caused


It has been difficult for us, it has upset our daily routhne.


Faruk is very unpredictable at the moment.


He is not his normal self, his behaviour has changed.


It has put on additional stress and anxiety onto the family.


This morning, after a six`month investigation


the two officers were formally charged at Aylesbury Magistrates


before appearing in front of a judge at Amersham Crown Court where they


The Ali family lawyer says he is pleased the case is


Justice is being sought by both the courts and the


Therefore we are very pleasdd with the way things are movhng


very swiftly and we hope justice will be done swiftly also.


PC Christopher Thomas and Christopher Pitts were both


They remain suspended from the Bedfordshire force and will


Both of today's hearings were equally as short. The chargds are so


serious they cannot be dealt with via Magistrates' Court and that is


why they came here to the Crown Court but it is unusual for a case


to be held both in magistrates and Crown Court in the same day, perhaps


an indication of how seriously this case is being treated. Both officers


return here in October. This week Kettering Hospital is


undergoing one The Care Quality Commission,


which oversees standards in all hospitals, recently rated it


as one of five hospitals in England Its last inspection


in January said Kettering f`iled to meet standards in staffing


and the management of medichnes In a moment, we will be talking to


the head of inspections for the CQC. It has been a hospital in crisis,


concerns over care, staffing and Built to cope with half


the number of people it now treats, it has struggled to keep pace with


growing demand. An inspection took place in January


and the Care Quality Commission noted there had been improvdments


in patient care, but the hospital still faildd to


meet standards in how medichne is I think there have been


improvements but we are constantly We know that we get it right


for most of our patients but we know we still have some areas


for improvement and that is what we Accident and Emergency has been


an area of major concern but the hospital now seems to have


turned waiting times around. The government says 95%


of people should be seen at A within four hours but back hn April


2013, that figure A year later, figures had


improved so 99% of patients were Now people who use


the hospital are being asked to have their say on what they think


of treatment here as inspectors The CQC also uses data such


as mortality rates and waiting times to monitor


hospitals in between inspections. In July that led to Kettering


General being rated one of the most The hospital disputes the d`ta


so earlier I asked the CQC's head of inspections how


robust the information is. You have to take data at a certain


point in time and it depends on how long it takes the trust to lonitor


systems so they can be a delay and we have always been open and honest


so you can see that the dat` reuse is old data by going onto the site


and asking the trust to supply us with the most recent data, we can


see just where the trust is at. Let's take a look at the inspection


because you have overhauled the way the CQC dolls inspections, they are


meant to be tougher, how so? We take a team of about 30 for people into


the hospital. We separate into subroutines which cover the eight


core services so they will be one team going into the Accident and


Emergency department, medichne wards, surgical wards, paternity,


children's, outpatients and a team looking at end of life care.


Critical care as well. It mdans we take in specialists so we t`ke in


doctors, nurses, experts by experience so that we can t`lk to


patients, we can talk to st`ff, we can top to medical staff and have


those people on board who h`ve an understanding of what it is like a


king in an NHS Trust. One of the things you want to do is he`r from


the public, that will be tolorrow night, is there not a danger that


only people who have had a bad experience with the hospital will


come forward and tell you? Ht is interesting, when they first started


this programme, that is what I thought, only the people who believe


that would turn up but varidty do turn up. People who have had a good


experience come and say, I have had a good experience of the hospital.


Also people who are just interested in the process and want to hear from


other people and can maybe `dd something to the inspection. It is


tomorrow night at 6:30 at the corn market Hall.


A man who supplied a sawn off shotgun used to shoot a Luton


accountant has been jailed for 15 years.


23`year`old Matthew McCafferty was involved with the shooting of


Mr Ali was shot in the leg after a dispute over a girlfriend.


Both the hitman and Shahzah Mahroof, who ordered the attack,


The number of people reporthng cases of rape is on the increase


but the number of investigations and convictions is going down.


It is something Cambridgeshire Police wants to


change by encouraging more rape victims to come forward.


In August a similar scheme was launchdd


by Hertfordshire police but how effective is an awareness c`mpaign


Just come forward and tell somebody. Eight Ripa victim urges


others to come forward. The message is aimed at those who keep silent


about what has happened to them They speak directly to a tr`ined


officer so they are not going to have two speak to a number of


strange people because this is an upsetting time for them and they


need to feel safe and confident that they have the trust in the police to


deal with it and staying with one officer help that process. Hn


Peterborough, victims of rates and indecent assault can come to this


centre for help. Police forces are under government pressure to be


proactive to encourage more victims of six crimes to come forward. It is


a very difficult subject to talk about. We try and support them, we


believe them and we try and support them to make sure their needs are


met. In Cambridge between April and December 20 12, cases were reported,


119 of them historic offencds inspired by the Jimmy Savild case.


In 2013, there were 4032 cases and so far this year, 381. The trend is


significantly up. It is good that people are coming forward and the


number of reports are going up but the case is getting to court are


actually going down and that gap is really concerning. The reasons why


that is happening are not clear but victims who respond to camp`igns


like this will only come forward if they have confidence of the Criminal


Justice System. 50 years ago today the


Royal Anglian Regiment was formed. It was born out of the mergdr


of nine old county regiments. Yesterday all three battalions came


together in Cambridge to celebrate the Golden Jubilee


and receive the regimental colours Still to come, the comings `nd


goings in the football transfer market, plus Beryl Wilson's home for


75 years. According to the NHS, most people in


the UK are eating too much sugar. It seems that, despite all


the warnings about obesity and diabetes, we find it hard not


to satisfy our sweet tooth. So how would you feel


about giving up sugar altogdther? Well that's what our colleague


James Whale did this summer. James presents the Breakfast show


on BBC Essex and you can sed him We will hear from James


in a moment after this clip from the programme, where J`mes goes


shopping with a dietician. I might come in


and think that getting one Well, until you look at the


packaging, it's difficult to say. If you had three of those,


that would give you 34.6 gr`ms of If I was to actual go through


my shopping in the way that Nicole and I have done today,


I would probably have to add This problem of finding out what is


in your shopping goes to thd heart of it. Unless you take a large


magnifying glass, you're gohng to find it very difficult becatse the


writing is so small. What wd need on packaging is how much each portion,


whether it is a single bisctit or package, should report how luch it


is going to get you should. How difficult did you find it to cut out


sugar? Seriously? Yes! The BBC is full of people who like to bake


cakes. So it is a little bit difficult. If you put your lind to


it and are doing it as a test, it's not that difficult. I don't take


sugar and coffee or tea, I don't put it on cereal and after thred weeks


I'm beginning to lose my swdet tooth. The longer you do it, the


easier it gets. We live in ` society of fizzy drinks and processdd foods.


That is the heart of it. Ye`h. If you want to get fat and unwdll, keep


drinking fizzy drinks and ghve them to your kids. Give your children


processed food. Go to the t`keaway every night. That's what to do. Not


only is there sugar in drinks, it's also unsavoury food as well. Were


you surprised to find that? To find what actually contained sug`r? I


don't think I was surprised but I was surprised how much sugar is


indifferent things. You talk about a can of fizzy juice, you can have 15


teaspoonfuls of sugar. One banana has sugar that is good for xou, but


has around 70 spoonfuls of sugar. I think I was surprised just how much


sugar is in stuff. You went to unhealthy when you started, but did


you feel better? Well as yot can see I am a fine figure of a man What


are you laughing at? I do fdel better but I had to tell yot that as


soon as I had had the test afterwards, they went out and bought


a slab of chocolate and sat in my car feeling very naughty!


And Inside Out returns for a new season this evening.


The football transfer deadlhne is at 11:00pm


Colchester have also replacdd their manager.


Yes, transfers ironically bottom of the


The club says by mutual consent after two years in charge.


They've replaced him with their academy manager.


Tony Humes had some time to come to terms with his new role as lanager.


It's about retaining the phhlosophy of the club and making sure it new


players continue to come through. They were defeated by Peterborough.


It is their worst start for nearly 40 years. August has producdd only


one point. In that run, we have played some very tough teams. We


showed a lot of courage tod`y and had to take that forward. Btt he


hasn't been given the chancd. Tough call, a club legend, made almost 200


appearances. He took over from John Ward two years ago. But latd in


management has been a struggle. The club is any big transition where we


are trying to invest in youth. We can only invest so much in the


player budget. Joe Dunne has managed that. It was just decided that the


best thing was to give someone else a chance. The average life of a


football manager is two years, that's how long he has been in


charge for. He would have h`d much longer. `` wouldn't. They whll


continue to invest in youth. Tony Humes made his name at Ipswhch in


the 80s. We'll see how it p`ns out on Saturday. I'm sure I'll dnjoy it.


That may depend on the results at Walsall.


Now, the big money transfer we're keeping an eye on could takd


Ipswich Town's star striker David McGoldrick possibly


on the verge of a multi`million pound move to the Premier Ldague.


It's understood Leicester's initial ?6.5 million bid was rejectdd.


Let's get the very latest from Jonathan Park who's in Ipswhch.


This was expected to be a btzzy place today. The possible transfer


of David McGoldrick, star striker and top scorer last season. It


hasn't happened sold for thd looks as though he is staying herd,


certainly until the next tr`nsfer in January. It hasn't been met and


Crystal Palace's interest h`s been cooled. The transfer window is open


for a couple of hours, so some nervy moments. You happy the news? Very


happy. It shows the ambition of the club which will be good for


supporters. Moral would havd been low F David McGoldrick had gone


Replacing him would be diffhcult. You worried that they haven't got


into the transfer window brhnging players in? I would like to see a


new right back, but keeping David McGoldrick is like signing `


player. There are two on trhal here today. Both good players in the


past. Whether to go back, I'm not sure. We need goals from midfield,


so maybe one of them. There has been a little bit of business elsewhere


today. The main bit of news is Andrew leaving Norwich city for


Bournemouth, where he was on loan last season. Ryan Watson has joined


from Leicester City, and Aldx Nicholls has joined Exeter. There


are 12 hours left of the tr`nsfer window but so far it seems pretty


quiet `` two hours. Now Neil Adams


at Norwich admits he's under no pressure to sell, and he's still


aiming to bring in a defenddr. Arsenal's Ignasi Miquel is


reportedly close to agreeing a deal. Supporters, though, might bd more


concerned about possible departures. I think Norwich fans would be keen


to see Redmond and Hooper staying beyond today. It remains to be seen


if any other club can take them There are any good financial state.


They don't have two cell but they don't have two cell but thex're not


going to tone down a silly offer as we see money sold Robert St`rdust.


Organisers at Silverstone are hopeful the circuit will be able


The Circuit of Wales has agreed a deal to hold


the British Grand Prix for five years, but the track hasn't been


built yet, meaning MotoGP is looking for a British home for next year.


Colin Montgomerie completed a dominant defence of his thtle


in the Travis Perkins Masters, winning at Woburn by ten shots.


He finished 12 under par, c`pping a brilliant summer after also


After hitting a century to guide England's women to victory over


India, Cambridgeshire's Charlotte Edwards leads the side in the first


of three T20 matches against South Africa at Chelmsford tonight.


The transfer deadline, remelber is at 11:00pm


The football page on the BBC Sport website the best way to follow


Your BBC local radio breakfast bulletins will also


75 years ago today, Beryl Whllson moved into a new house in Ipswich.


It was 1939, the day the Second World War started.


But here's the incredible thing ` Beryl has lived


Beryl Wilson in front of the house in Bradford Lane which


Her mum and dad Mason and M`ude bought the house in 1939 for ?3 5.


When Beryl married John in 0861 they bought the house for ?2000


Yes, well, the back has changed the most, really.


There have been three extensions and the garden has changed a bit since


The children never wanted to move when the younger because thdy


Beryl's daughter Roz visits on a regular basis,


as do the grandchildren and the great`grandchild.


Roz doesn't remember it, but she used to have a bath


in the sink because the house didn't have centr`l


I left full`time work and I drew out my payments, and I had ?183


For that price, we could have had central heating or a new pi`no.


Beryl's husband John, who also played, sadly died recently.


It's been a house where we always had fun


where there has been lots of music, lots of laughter and happindss.


Just a place we always came back to because it was always hole.


So congratulations to the house and to Beryl and the family.


Together, they've had 75 happy years and no doubt there are more to come.


Just like they do in statelx homes! I love the photo of the babx in the


sink. The 1st of September means the


summer is over but it wasn't a bad one. 2014? June, July and the start


of August gave us warm and tnsettled weather. Unfortunately it ttrned


more unsettled for the beginner of the summer holidays. The hottest


temperature recorded across the country was on the 18th of July in


Essex, reaching 32.2 Celsius. Rainfall figures varied, a lot of


that following localised downpours. On the 20th July, Canvey Island saw


90 millimetres of rain. Augtst itself, the Norfolk border solubles


temperature. On the same night, they went down to two Celsius above


freezing. Cambridge had the highest rainfall, a lot of that falling in


heavy downpours between eighth th of August. As for today, we got a


bit more rain as this systel pushed in from the West, introducing


thicker cloud. The rain was shown very, not for everyone, but we don't


have heavy downpours `` showery It will time claggy tonight `` it will


turn cloudy tonight but temperatures staying in double figures. Tomorrow,


the system stays over the top of us, so mist and fog worst thing but we


are expecting a lot of cloud in the few showers, but hopefully


sunshine. Where that happens, temperatures could get up to 20 or


21 Celsius. We finished the day largely dry. It looks like high


pressure stays with us for the risk of the week but the headachd is when


to be how much cloud we get and therefore how much sunshine. We


can't rule out something higher We're back with a summary at 8: 0pm


Go away if you don't me to speak to you like that!


Most schools exclude disruptive pupils.


I ain't putting up with this any more.


But one school takes them in and promises five GCSEs.


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