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degrees. Thursday, more of the same. Is that is all from us. Now on


As more details emerge about the violent past of a taxi driver


granted a licence in Milton Keynes the town's MP demands urgent action.


We need to look at the whold system because something like this to


happen unacceptable. Almost 80 years after the J`rrow


Crusade, the march is recre`ted to We'll be here later


in the programme counting down to With 100,000 Scots living


in the East, and the links with Scottish business, how the outcome


will be closely watched herd. And the search is on for wild hops


from the hedgerow to create a new beer.


The Prime Minister has told the BBC he's shocked at the


"bad decision" to allow a convicted rapist to become a taxi driver


Nadeem Kiani was granted a licence in 2011 despite sdrving


The mayor of Milton Keynes stepped down after it emerged he offered


Today one of the town's MPs has called for


the licensing system to be changed so that it can't happen agahn.


We'll hear from Mark Lancaster in a moment after this report


News there was once a rapist amongst the rank is still sinking in here.


The taxi drivers of Milton Keynes are struggling to understand how he


was ever given a licence, particularly as councillors knew of


his criminal past. Nadeem Khani was granted a licence in April 2011


That was even though he was convicted for a series of vholent


rapes in 1994. He was jailed for eight years. Speaking on BBC radio,


the Prime Minister said he was shocked by the bad decision. Taxi


authorities should check whdther people are fit and proper pdrsons


and we advise that they shotld do criminal records bureau checks and


it's obvious in this case that the council followed the correct


procedures but then made a bad decision. The Milton Keynes taxi


Association which represents the 200 hackney carriage drivers of the town


said it should never happen again. When you work in an industrx


governed by licenses and conditions, everything has to be


squeaky clean. If it's not, then we might as well pack it up. In this


particular case, my immediate question is, how long has it been


going on? How many drivers does it involve? Who are these people? What


have they been doing? And how important is the CRB check to us?


The town mayor has stood down after it was revealed he gave a character


reference to Nadeem Kiana. Two other councillors on the licensing


committee have also resigned their position. The BBC has made repeated


attempts to contact the mayor without success, but he told the


Milton Keynes Citizen newsp`per that he did not know about Nadeel


Kiana's previous convictions at the time he gave the character


reference. He told the local newspaper he felt he had bedn made a


scapegoat for the decision of others. The case has printed a


review of licensing procedures at Milton Keynes Council `` has


prompted. It was emerging that seven had criminal convictions and two of


them have voluntarily surrendered their licence. A decision is yet to


be made on the remaining five. Mark Lancaster ` the MP for


Milton Keynes North ` has wdlcomed what he calls the council's swift


action in dealing with the hssue. But he says


the system is unacceptable, and he's now asked the Transport


Secretary to demand greater I think we need to have a rdview of


the guidance in this sort of situation, because to some dxtent it


is left of the local authorhty, and the taxi drivers say they should be


fit and proper person, it c`n lead to inconsistency. In Milton Keynes,


where we have taxi drivers who are licensed in Northamptonshird, if


they fail to get a license hn Milton Keynes, they can go to Northampton


who might have a standard. The guidance needs to be tightened so we


can get consistency across the UK. David Cameron says the systdm does


not need overhauling. I will write to David Cameron and show hhm the


example of this particular case and when you look at this particular


case you do begin to wonder. What is the point of having a criminal check


if it is just going to be ignored? I couldn't agree more, and thhs is why


the case was a jaw`dropping moment. In ten years as an MP, I was shocked


to hear it. I'm very pleased that Milton Keynes Council have taken


swift and decisive action and there is an ongoing review. Ultim`tely it


is a public safety issue we have to put at the forefront. He is not the


only one Milton Keynes Council is looking at. We are told thex are


looking at another seven drhvers, won a sex offender, who is currently


still working. `` one of whom is a sex offender. To the credit of


Milton Keynes Council it has acted swiftly and decisively. The chair


and vice`chair of the licensing committee, and the chair and the


mayor have resigned, they h`ve resigned, but they are still


councillors. Should they be? I need to look at the detail. What worries


me is looking at the person`l testimony of the former mayor, that


is the only reason the licence was given. If that is the case, and I


haven't heard from the formdr mayor of Milton Keynes, and he dods have


the right to respond to the accusations, if that is the truth,


he does need to consider his position. Surely the people


responsible for making the decision have to explain why they did it


Yes, and only they can expl`in it. I'm not in the position as `n MP to


answer the question but I encourage them to come forward, explahn their


actions, and then based on the explanation we can form a jtdgement


on whether they should stand down. But on the information I have, I do


think that the former mayor needs to consider his position. And H stayed


with great regret, because he is a decent man who has made a tdrrible


mistake, and unfortunately, there are consequences. There is `


deregulation bill considered at the moment which aims to simplify the


licensing laws. Will it acttally do anything to prevent this kind of


thing happening again, or whll it make it more likely? This is the


perfect medium for us to look at the legislation. What I think is vital


is that we have a consistency across the UK. That seems to be ond of the


problems. I intend to take the opportunity to try and ensure there


is consistency. Police investigating


the disappearance of a pub landlady 17 years ago have arrested ` man


on suspicion of murder. Deborah Steel, who ran the


Royal Standard pub in Ely, The 37`year`old was last sedn


at around 1:00am. Detectives are currently se`rching


an address in Longfields in Ely A 70`year`old man is being held


at Parkside Police station Dozens of people have joined


the Northamptonshire leg of a 3 0 mile march against what thex say is


the privatisation of the NHS. The group is recreating the 193


Jarrow crusade against unemployment. They say privatisation will kill


the NHS. But the Department


of Health says it makes up only Another day looms, from South


Tyneside to Northamptonshird, some here have already covered over 00


miles. They say they are marching to protect the values, ideals `nd the


future of the NHS. There is the idea that only the private sector can


deliver efficiencies and technology, and it's just not true. What needs


to happen is for every pennx from the public purse for the NHS to go


to the people. I feel privileged to be in a country which has an NHS and


I have never been let down by the NHS. I have always been cardd for by


quality and commission profdssionals `` committed professionals. The NHS


should remain a flagship into new `` institution and should not go the


way of the US health care sxstem. It mimics the Jarrow Crusade is of


1936. They did it for jobs `gainst poverty. These people have larched


for health against privatis`tion. The NHS is a wonderful insthtution


and it will go if we don't fight for it. A lot of people fought the


National Health Service to be here, so if we don't fight, it will


disappear and generations won't benefit from it. I worked in the NHS


for 24 years and I am watchhng it. In Huntingdon, the private


management team Circle was turnround `` brought in to turn around a


hospital, and two and a half years later it has been hailed a success.


It has taken over the musty low skeletal services in Bedfordshire ``


musculoskeletal. In Cambridgeshire, the largest outsourcing contract in


NHS history is up for grabs. ?1 billion deal to run health care


services for the elderly. The department of health has told us


that other health care provhders an important role to play. It says the


use of the private sector rdpresents just 6% of the total NHS budget but


these people say they are m`rching to the words of the founder in


1948, 90 Bevan, who said thd NHS would last as long as there were the


folk left with a fade to fight for it. Tomorrow the protest moves to


bed `` Luiten. `` Luiten town. Ten people have been arrestdd in


connection with child explohtation following a series a raids `cross


Buckinghamshire and the South East. 11 properties,


including one in Milton Keynes, were raided this morning in an operation


involving more than 100 offhcers. The men, aged between 28 and 45


have been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences relating to two


girls across a seven`year pdriod. Five of those who have been arrested


so far have declared their dthnicity as Pakistani, and one Bangl`deshi,


one Indian and one of Afro`Caribbean heritage. But this is not about


ethnicity. No matter the ethnic background, it is the job of the


police to protect them if they are a victim and to bring them to justice


if they are offender. It's been more than three wdeks


since the remnants of Hurricane Bertha caused flash


flooding in parts of the region In March in Cambridgeshire,


70 families were severely affected. Roads were cut off


and trees uprooted. Today it's emerged


the clean`up could last six months. It came up above the bricks and


everything else. It went straight across the driveway and then up and


in the door, and as fast as it was coming in, we could not control it.


Peter Cochrane had only been moved here a matter of months when


hurricane Bertha wreaked havoc. John August the 8th, the rain cale,


pouring into the home of thd couple, and almost everything they owned was


condemned, ruined by the fl`sh floods. He says it has affected them


badly. We were in the room with the water having gone down, but in the


end, because it all got condemned, we had to move that the health


reasons. We were walking rotnd in Wellington boots for four d`ys, that


was all we had on our feet. The storms cause chaos across the region


and flooding on the a four to eight brought rush`hour to a standstill.


Treacherous driving conditions. But the town bore the brunt with trees


uprooted and a river landslhde. The road has been closed Pier shnce the


landslip last month and the area has been fenced, ready for huge wire


cages of stone to be bought in and built into the river bank to stop


any more landslips with futtre flooding. We were hit by thd tail


end of hurricane Bertha but the rain was extremely localised and it was a


case of safety first and we had to shut the road. We expected ``


inspected the embankment and tried to find the best solution and we


have done our best there. B`ck a loss adjusters are sorting the claim


of a couple which is running into tens of thousands of pounds. I get


my good days and bad days. H look back and think of what we h`d and


what we have now got, but then we have to think about what we have got


when it is replaced. It was an act of nature. It wasn't anybodx's


fault. It was just an act of nature. Nature came and went and we


have got the result. For now, it is life in the hotels, and the couple


are unlikely to return here until after Christmas.


A man operating out of his bedroom in Wellingborough has


become one of the world's bhggest YouTube stars.Dan


who uploads videos of himself playing


the computer game Minecraft has now made it into the site's top five.


He got more than 185 million views in July.


Now it's over to Susie and Stewart for the rest of Look East.


Hong Kong airport built in the sea, but Boris Johnson's version of


something similar was rejected today by an Airports Commission. Ht came


as no surprise. We thought ht was a flight of fancy and we said the only


thing that should be on the island as a statue of Boris Johnson with


that slogan underneath it. We have vindicated and reviews. Nobody in


the aviation industry was strprised. When this first came out 56 years


ago, I give it a chance of one in 1000 are being built `` fivd or six


years. It was far too expensive No one is more relieved than John


Fuller who spearheaded a calpaign against it. He was admiring the


estuary he believes Boris Island would have destroyed. I think it


would have been a truism bolbshell. `` tourism. It would have bden


really damaging to the tourhsm industry here. It means a ndw runway


is much more likely to be btilt at Heathrow or Gatwick. But with


flights predicted to grow, `irport are looking to the future


optimistically. The demise of Boris Island could be good news for


Stansted Airport. The managhng director here wouldn't say that


himself today but he didn't make the Government that Stansted cotld play


a significant role in incre`sing airport capacity. And that's without


having to build a new runwax. Without existing commission, we can


still get to 35 million passengers, so almost double in size. So the


Luton will be hoping the Airports Commission underlines their role and


the future of aviation, too. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson sthll holds


Airports Boris Island would remain a fantasy it will take a whild. The


Airports Commission's final recommendations are expected next


summer. The vote on Scottish Independence


will take place in just over two weeks from now and,


of course, the outcome will be According to the latest census,


there are around 100,000 Scots And there are also many companies


who do business north of thd border. Neither connection gives people


down here a right to a vote of course, but that doesn't mean


there's a lack of opinions. For every Scotsman you find banging


the drum for independence, xou'll find another who wanted to stay part


of the United Kingdom. Ian hs from the island of Allen and movd to


Peterborough five years ago. He is a drum Sergeant in the local pipe


band. On the question of independence. I think I would be


leaning towards yes. In terls of visiting family in Scotland, I don't


think it will change. I havd great faith in Scotland to be a prosperous


country but I think our Parliament serving country would serve the best


needs of Scottish people, any better way than London. There are 000, 00


people from Scotland living in our region. Under the referendul, they


won't get a vote on independence because they don't live in Scotland


any more. We've got a satellite office in Falkirk. Some bushnesses


in East Anglia also have links to Scotland. This technical services


offers is. The managing dirdctor fears the potential impact Scottish


independence. My concern is that Scotland became an independdnt


country, we would be faced with additional risks that we don't have


the moment. The restaurant currency, if Scotland adoptdd a


different currency to the rdst of the UK, potential differencds in


employment law. All of thesd things employment law. All of thesd things


add to our risks and administration and things that I wouldn't welcome.


The Highland gathering is era made of the strong Scottish links in our


region. Many Scots moved down here for jobs at the steelworks hn the


past, the town now with the real interest in Scotland's future


direction `` a real. And a reminder that's a lot more


on the Referendum debate online In football, after a summer


of speculation, the transfer window They signed nine players


following their relegation Tom Williams has the details,


he's in our newsroom now. Knowledge's new manager Neil Adams


enjoyed a shopping spree thhs summer. A number of transfers,


spending well into the millhons The arrivals last night, ignore the


Miguel for an undisclosed fde, thought to be under ?1.5 million.


The site, for Lewis Thompson, sums up knowledge's financial muscle He


joins from Swindon and immediately loaned back. I would have thought


that knowledge had done verx good business. Absolutely. One of their


main rivals, Lewis Graban, has made a terrific start to his carder. They


have been able to keep the lajority of last year's squad togethdr. Some


big departures like Snodgrass. But crucially, Gary Hooper and Nathan


Redmond are still there aftdr last night. And Ipswich managed to hang


on to hang onto the person they wanted to keep, David McGoldrick. It


would have been tempted. Town are thought to have toned down to bids


from Leicester for around ?7 million `` turned. He was their top scorer


last season and they are all was the top scorer last season and they are


lot. Peterborough side and James, lot. Peterborough side and James,


Northampton brought in a cotple of players, Cambridge one. That sums up


what it is like in the lower leagues, but when you're in the


football league, they rely on free transfers and loan signings. The


emergency transfer window opens next week.


It's the time of the year when our hedges are laden whth


Sloes, rose hips and blackbdrries of course.


This year people are being `sked to look out for something else `


These are hops. Belinda Jennings is a brewer in Southwold. The hunt is


on to find fresh hops, drawhng much closer to home. These are ndarly


ready. You can see that thex are opening up a little bit. Thd actual


flavour we are after is at the base of the leaves. It contains the resin


and essential oils to provide the bitterness and aroma in beer. They


want to prove a pale ale ushng wild hops pecked by the public. The


result will be difficult to project. We've come five miles out and omits


the blackberries are hops. They aren't quite ready to pick. They had


to turn brown. You can pop them off, that's exactly what we are `fter.


Ten won will introduce from Flanders early 16th century. This calpaign


gives them full marks for clever marketing. He hopes it is the


beginning of a revival. It hs a wonderful thing to do, to rdvive the


use of hops. They grow naturally in our hedgerows. The tiny brewery in


Edwardson have their own microbrewery and grow their own


hops. It is nice to see small brewers using local ingredidnts


They plan a one`off brew of ?60 000. If it goes well, the beer should be


in pubs by the end of the month I've got ten won on my hedgds.


They're very difficult to gdt rid of! `` hops. I should be packing


them in! A reasonable because weather ahead. It might start to get


cloudy. If we look at the s`tellite image, it has been cloudy this


afternoon. We have high pressure that is keeping things settled.


Across the eastern half, a lot of cloud moving in off the North Sea.


This is suspected to thin and break overnight so there will be clear


spells initially, but as thd night progresses, it want of low cloud


moving in and some mist and fog It is going to stay relatively mild,


temperatures anywhere betwedn 1 and 14 Celsius. We start tomorrow


gloomy. A lot of mist and fog patches around with light, low


cloud. We start to see sunshine in the late morning. The western have


these cloudy through the early afternoon but where we get sunshine,


it will feel pleasantly warl in the 20s. Look at the temperaturds across


the coast. Were a moderate breeze, they stay cooler. As the dax


progresses, we will get dridr air moving in from the continent.


That'll mean sunshine from `ll of us `` for all of us. This is the charge


for overnight once the low cloud comes back for Wednesday to


Thursday. We still have high pressure hanging on and so ht keeps


our weather settled, but we might start to get a lot more clotd moving


in towards the end of the wdek. After a bit of a misty, clotdy start


to Thursday, long spells of sunshine are expected with temperatures


peaking into the mid`20s. Looking ahead, the jury is out on hdr much


cloud we will get for Fridax and Saturday. Will it stays clotdy, it


will hold temperatures back at 8 or 19 Celsius. But with sunshine, these


could get higher, so we can get more than 20 Celsius for Friday `nd


Saturday. Sunday is a sunny start turning cloudy. That's all for now.




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