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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In Look East tonight: So it's goodbye from me,


Flights suspended and the terminal evacuated.


The bomb squad is called to a major security alert at Luton airport.


Also tonight: our reporters at Luton and Stansted


Police open another investigation into alleged abuse at a former


It wasn't punishment. Children were punched in the face. And the


remarkable story of Harrison, whose parents were advised to switch off


his life`support machine when he was just four weeks old.


First tonight a full scale security alert has just


been called off at Luton Airport, after a suspect package was blown


Armed police were called to the scene this afternoon.


The airport was evacuated and flights diverted to other


We'll be talking to our reporter Louise Hubball


at Stansted in a moment, first let's go live to Luton and get


Within the last 15 to 20 minutes, the airport has begun to reopen. The


police cordons have disappeared and the emergency service vehicles have


finally drifted away. Flights have started taking off although they


appeared to be private aviation jets. Earlier today, there were no


incoming flights, nothing landing here because after 1:30pm, a


suspicious package was found in a security search area. The bomb


disposal team were called in and they carried out a controlled


explosion, just after 5pm. It does appear that on this occasion, it was


a false alarm. It looks as though the police are


not taking any chances, are they? Certainly not. Remember, the UK's


threat level has recently been increased. The days away from the


anniversary of the September the 11th bombings. These are well


rehearsed plans for airports around the country and Luton is no


exception. Luton is slightly different in that there is a one


runway, one terminal airport. Flights have to be diverted and


passengers have to be taken away from the terminal.


It's slightly different now as people are making their way to the


terminals. Earlier, people were sitting on these banks, waiting for


news. We arrived at the roundabout and we were not let out. We were


diverted back to the town centre of Luton. There was a situation here.


We don't know anything. We were queueing up for food and we saw


everyone being evacuated. We didn't know what was going on and they told


us to get out. Although the airport is reopening, it's going to be an


exceptionally difficult evening for passengers. Tomorrow will be pretty


awful as well. EasyJet say they have cancelled 12 flights tonight. A


difficult day for passengers at Luton.


Louise flights have been diverted to the airport this


The message here is that there is no impact. All flights are rowing to


reschedule, I'm told. Also, although, as you mention, six planes


were diverted to Stansted, there doesn't appear to have been any


knock`on impact to the timetable from that. The airport tells me they


deal with 60,000 passengers a day. That's around 600 flights. Those


extra six planes have not made much of a difference. What is


interesting, having spent the afternoon here, as people have


landed, they got off the plane, check their phone for the latest


news and they've heard about what has happened. They have been worried


and so from that point of view, this has had a knock`on impact for all


air passengers. A fourth investigation has been


launched into allegations of abuse at an old children's home


in Bedfordshire. Police now believe there could


hundreds The police themselves first looked


into claims of abuse at St Francis boys' home more than 20 years ago


but no one has ever been charged. Our home affairs correspondent


Sally Chidzoy reports. Surrounded by boys, priest Father


John Ryan, now dead comedy is at the of abuse allegations, along with


other clergy and staff at the home in Beds. It was inside this old


building that the victims say they were sexually, emotionally and


physically abused in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. All three previous


investigations came to nothing. But now police have revealed to


surviving suspects have been identified. Our main focus now is to


concentrate on suspects that are still alive. I've got a small team


working with me and my aim is to gain sufficient evidence to charge


those individuals and for them to be brought to justice. Detectives say


they believe what went on in this place was horrendous. This fresh


investigation will focus not only on new alleged victims that have made


contact with police but ex`residents and witnesses, including those who


first cave statements two decades ago. We have 34 victims that have


come forward, to date. We have in excess of 70 potential witnesses to


speak to. In recent days, we have had more victims come forward. We


could be looking at several hundred victims coming forward. There will


be quite a percentage of those will be giving evidence against suspects


who are deceased but is only when we speak to these people at length that


we can then identify the suspect is still alive. Police have so far


traced some alleged victims across Europe, the United States and


Australia. Detectives believe many more victims have yet to come


forward to help unlock the dark and damaging secrets at Saint Francis


boys home. When the investigation was closed


last November, former residents said Earlier tonight I asked one of them,


David Cox, how he felt about today's news that


the police were reopening the case. I think the best way to describe


today's muses frustratingly happy. Frustrating, because it is the third


investigation, or now before. We've had three investigations since the


early 1990s and all of them have come to nothing. I am happy because


it is now being led by a senior investigator with a dedicated team


and it seems as though they will go back to square one and investigate


fully, right from the very first investigation. Hopefully, no stone


will be unturned. In going back to the beginning, it is very likely


that you and other residents will have to face going through your


statements yet again. How do you feel about that? And necessary evil,


I think the best way to describe it. I have to keep revisiting the same


subject and it is slightly traumatic. Under the circumstances,


if we can get closure out of it, one way or another, I think it is a


necessary evil. It has to be done. You have said before that you were


very seriously physically abused. You were beaten. Yeah. What happened


at the home, at the hands of the priests and nuns, was brutality. It


wasn't corporal punishment. It was absolutely brutal. Children were


punched in the face. They were caned until they bled on their backsides


and the tops of their legs. They were kicked. They were thrown


through doors. You know, it is very, very hard when I meet up with the


other old boys to listen to some of the stories and my own abuse. Do you


think that the likes of operation you tree and the fact the spotlight


is very much of... `` Operation Yewtree. I think the fact that this


operation, which involved Jimmy Savile, which I might have had


connections with my home, the fact that became a such a high`profile


case and that so many celebrities have been into this operation, it


has had more prominence on the news and the social media. Yes, it has


reached out to a lot more people. People who may well have not


bothered to do anything about it are now looking into it themselves and


saying, yes, in actual fact, I was at that place and I was abused. Yes,


I think I will come forward. The police want anybody with a think


can help to contact them in confidence or


lorries queueing at the level crossing near Ely station. Cars can


use the underpass but high vehicles have to wait for the barriers to go


up. At the busiest times, that causes congestion. Councillors have


new dash now approved a new bypass. We get so much heavy traffic come


this way and it is the only sensible solution. It is needed but it is a


shame in a way. I'm thinking of the view and the wildlife. I have been


here for 50 years and that would be the best thing that has ever


happened. This is the view of Ely Cathedral that you see as you


approach the city from the south. Some people fear building the bypass


would ruin that view for ever. Others say it would help to reduce


congestion, shorten journey times and bring economic benefits. It is


violent dash vital for the wider community. We have had people here


who talk about being held up by the railway. The rail industry went more


trains to go from Ely. Something has to happen and this is the something.


The new bypass would be one long, crossing the river. Some people


remain strongly opposed to the idea. Naturally, English Heritage is


disappointed about the outcome of today's meeting and the decision of


the County Council's planning committee, who have been minded to


approve the application, as we believe there is not a


justification. Opponents say there are alternatives, such as making the


existing underpass bigger so all vehicles could use it. Arguments


like this have prompted Eric pickles to step in, meaning the final


decision could be out of the County Council 's hands. `` Eric Pickles.


They're a new type of school which the government says will


Two more University Technical Colleges are


There are now sites in Harlow, Silverstone, Daventry and


a brand new one on the Cambridge Biomedical campus near Addenbrookes


The new term has begun but these classrooms still are not ready. For


the time being, the students are being taught off site but they are


among the first batch to join the new technical college. These are the


super labs. It's a bridge between school and the world of work. It is


so big and I think it is totally amazing. When I saw the offer of a


school that specialises in biomedical science, I thought this


is the opportunity for me. It's a major stepping stone between school


and industry. It will give me experience with employers. There are


brilliant links here with Adam Brooks and other external companies


and businesses so I can definitely get into the science industry that


way, to the opportunities that I will have. For years, employers have


complained that schools were not turning out work ready students but


today the government continued to roll out its cancers. Students


joined them at age 16 and do normal GCSEs but in addition, they are


taught technical subjects. In this case, biomedical and environmental


science and technology. We have state`of`the`art laboratories, way


beyond even a first year university student would see. Our model is that


we learn that the academics and apply them in real life challenge


projects so that students are thinking and having to delve into


the depths of the subject. Students here will work from 8:30am to 5pm,


another nod towards the world of work. Another one is due in


Peterborough next year. Work is continuing here and across three


floors of this new technical College, which is almost the size of


Old Trafford. Those patterns on the front represent viruses, one of the


many topics to be taught here in just two weeks time.


Cambridge University has decided that all HGVs used


by its contractors must be adapted with pedestrian


The university is planning a billion pounds of development


in the city over the next five years and says it wants the trucks


of two`year`olds here as more than doubled on September last year.


There's 17 families on the waiting list. The nursery may have to


expand. It's a great opportunity for the


families to be able to access the two`year`old funding. However,


there's a slight worry that the nurseries, you know, we may expand


too big and then won't be able to provide the quality for what the


two`year`olds need to be able to develop. Under new law, over 250,000


two`year`olds from middle income families can have 15 hours a week


free childcare. In some areas, increased demand could be met with a


blank. In Northamptonshire, there are 3380 children eligible for


funding but less than 900 active registered child minders, a drop


from 1200. The main reason people report to us they've left is all the


recording of the development meaning they can't spend precious time with


the children and you have to get that balance right.


At this country park, a fun day to raise awareness of child minding.


Nicky has been in the job for three years. She loves every moment, but


she says many new recruits lose their way, bogged down by


bureaucracy and legislation. It's only changed in 2012 and they have


already brought in new regulations for September of this year. As a new


childminder registering, they have qualified under one bit of


regulation, then it's changed again. It's the constant rolling of paper


work. Nikki has been inundated with inquiries. Luke has been one of the


lucky one. Jive been lucky to find Nikki. Friends have had problems


finding places. I don't have to travel too far to get him to the


ideal place. Quality, affordable childcare should be the building


blocks of a strong economy, but if those working parents can't find it,


those two`year`olds may just have to stay at home.


A mother from Luton is campaigning for tighter regular laces on beauty


salons after her daughter suffered serious burns `` regulations.


Harleigh Kay wasn't given the recommended allergy test by the


salon and suffer add serious reaction. Her mother's campaign


features on Inside Out and has attracted 2,000 followers on


Facebook. I kept thinking every day it would get better and better but


it got worse and worse. Her face, eyes and nose, just swollen. I could


hear her struggling to swallow. I thought at one point that I was not


going to be here for much longer, trying to breathe and knowing how


that feels is absolutely petrifying. I was crying, I was scared, I didn't


know what the final outcome was doing to be. When the consultant


said she would need an extensive eye test, I was really scared.


The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology also


wants the industry regulated to protect customers.


Earlier Carolyn Cross from BABTAC told me Harleigh's injuries were


Preventible. You are told that clients coming for any sort of


tinting should have a patch test done at least 24 hours before they


have the treatments. That doesn't matter whether a Klein's been having


this treatment done for years, if they go to a new salon, that still


should test them. So without any regulation, does it mean anyone


without any proper training could set up a beauty salon? Very sad to


say but that is the case at the moment. I trained over 35 years ago.


It's a different industry now as it was then. The beauty industry is


stepping into more advanced cosmetic treatments and therefore some sort


of regulation does need to be looked at. The consumer needs that


protection so I'm hoping things will change in the future and the


Government will become more aware of this.


Why do you think up until now the Government's been reluctant to do


anything? I think because of the way beauty treatments have been viewed


perhaps, you know, often people think that a beauty salon will offer


a manicure, med cure, now we are seeing them offering more advanced


treatments and the training behind them is critical. They need to have


the correct qualifications and standards behind them so they can


get the correct insurance to protect themselves and the consumers. People


watching, what should they look for when they go to a salon for the


first time? I'm really glad you have asked this question, I'll often say


when you go into a salon, don't be frightened to ask, do they have


qualified staff, have a look out for the qualifications. Quite a few may


put their qualifications on the wall behind reception, so don't be


apprehensive to ask the questions. The salon should be proud to say


yes, my staff are qualified, they have recognised qualifications. That


then should be reassuring the client that they are in safe hands. If by


any chance they have a bad reaction to something like Harleigh did, what


should they do? They certain shrill should contact the salon


straightaway and they should offer you good support. If they are


qualified, verified and insured, they will be able to give customers


correct advice and guidance needed. Now a story about a child taken


seriously ill soon after he was born when she was four weeks old. The


parents of Harrison Greater Manchester were adviced by doctors


that it was time to switch off his life support machine `` Harrison


Grahame. He had meningitis and there were fears he could be severely


brain damaged. Now this week, he's starting school. Like any


four`year`old, Harrison's full of energy and, like any parents, his


mother's anxious about him starting school. Kelly's trepidation is mixed


with pride because things could have been so different.


When he was a baby, Harrison developed group B meningitis. Within


weeks, they faced a terrible decision. When you hear that word


you go into complete panic. It's the end of the world, it's devastating.


He had hundreds of wires coming out of his head with a knitted hat. The


doctors spoke to us and told us that, in their experience, a child


having that amount of medication would only be able to breathe for


himself, he wouldn't hear, see, walk or talk, he'd be trapped in his own


body. Great Ormond Street Hospital advised they switch off the life


support machine. They cried a lot, talked a lot, saw a psychologist and


told their family. But the day they went to say goodbye, Harrison


started breathing for himself. It was Harrison, our little boy, who


is a complete fighter, an amazing child and a little miracle and he


done it all by himself. Four years on, Harrison's like any other child,


looking up to his big brother and copies everything he does. His


family can't believe how lucky they are to see him go to school. It's a


huge transition for me, but an amazing moment. We are so proud of


him. He's recovered more than what I thought. Someone to play with and


argue with. Harrison's favourite thing at the moment is his new toy


tractor and spending time with his brother. They may argue


occasionally, but even that is something the family is grateful


for! Isn't that just a great story. A


lovely story. Quite emotional.


Let's get on with the weather. I'm going to start off by saying


thank you to Steve for sending in this amazing picture of the morning


mist and sunshine. Many of us will be waking up to


scenes like this tomorrow morning. Let's take a look at today's highs.


It was cooler on the coast with the on shore wind. Loads of sunshine


around today with hardly a cloud in the sky for much of the day. We are


starting to see thicker cloud move down from the north though. We'll


have areas of cloud around tonight but a lot of clear skies too. Some


mist and perhaps dense fog patches for some of us. A range of


temperatures, a lot of the values will be where we have built up


areas, so anything between nine and 12. In some rural spots, we could


drop down to a chilly five. We have the very light winds too. It may


take a while for the mist and fog to clear. We have high pressure in


charge so it means a dry start to the day even though it will be


chilly. Another try day with decent sunny


spells. Temperatures at best around 19,


perhaps 20. Inland, we could see again around 22. A light


east`to`north`east wind. On shore around the coast, temperatures will


be a degree or so lower here and we finish the day dry and fine with


some seeing more sunshine than others. That sets the scene for the


rest of the week. The amount of sunshine will affect


the temperatures. We may see something higher than 18 on


Wednesday and Thursday. We keep light winds and these are


your overnight lows. Rural spots will probably stay on the chilly


side. I've got a charity golf tomorrow.


Looks all right! It does. Lucky you. Goodbye.


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