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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Taking guns off our streets. it from Edinburgh we


Northamptonshire Police announces its first amnesty in over a decade,


An over`reaction or a sensible precaution?


Reaction to the security sc`re which brought Luton Airport to


The motorcycle drag racer who survived a crash


And, the ex`servicemen from this region getting re`dy


Will it improve safety on the streets or leave weapons


That is the question being `sked of Northamptonshire Police aftdr they


It is the first time in a decade that the force has


Back in 2003, more than 500 guns and nearly 1,300 rounds


This is why police do not w`nt guns in criminals' hands.


In Northamptonshire, more than 350 weapons were crushed and


Locked away in the police armoury, there is an array of firearls.


All of these weapons have bden recovered by officers here


Here we have a sawn`off shotgun that was taken from a burgl`ry.


Now, there will be an amnesty to get more guns of the street.


This is indicative of peopld trying to safely dispose of firearls and of


This will make the area a safer place.


At this hunting and fishing shop in the town,


I think people who are willhng to use this amnesty will be mostly


people who may have found a gun in a relative's house


when they have been clearing it out after they have died, perhaps.


It is probably not people who have a gun for the wrong reason.


Gun crime is low in this arda, but what is the public percdption?


People who I hang around with do not have guns.


I have never heard anyone t`lk about guns.


Anything they can get to make the streets safer to walk


This gun was taken while executing a drug warr`nt.


This gun is real but officers would like replicas to be handed hn too.


This one is a police`issue firearm and the other fires blanks.


It is very difficult to tell the difference between them.


If someone pointed it at yot, would you know?


The force gathered more than 500 guns in the last amnestx.


This time, they want to destroy even more.


Mike Cartwright, BBC Look E`st, Northampton.


Glen Banks runs projects to tackle youth crime in the county.


Mr Banks, are amnesties a waste of tile?


I do not think that they ard a waste of time. They are a short`tdrm fix.


The majority of weapons that are handed in May not be from criminally


minded people. People who w`nt them for criminal reasons will not hand


them in because they need them. I was speaking to a former gang member


last night, someone who had been involved in crime for many xears and


has now turned his life arotnd, and I asked him what he would do. He


said he would not hand guns in. However, any amnesty is a good thing


because it means less guns on the street. When I say we have ` gun


crime problem, I do not mean as bad as other cities, but even one gun is


a problem. The police say Northamptonshire


doesn't have a gun problem ` I travel around the country talking


about knights and guns. One gun on the street is a problem. Thdy are


very dangerous in the wrong hands. My mother told me when I was young


that I would never have a motor bike because they are dangerous. But


motorbikes are not dangerous, it is the person who is driving. @ weapon


in the wrong hand is dangerous. The last amnesty


in the county was 11 years `go ` It did not make much differdnce We


spoke about whether it was going to make a difference with prisoners,


particularly bank robbers and people who have used firearms to t`ke


people's lives. They did not think it would make a difference. I do


think that it is important that guns come off the street and if this is a


way of getting guns of the street, whether they are illegal or illegal,


it can only be good. Thank xou for your time this evening.


Luton Airport has been accused of over`reacting to a securhty


alert which effectively shut the site down for almost four hours


Flights were suspended and thousands of passengers were


told to leave the terminal xesterday afternoon after a suspect p`ckage


Today, a normal afternoon at Luton Airport.


Hundreds of passengers evactated from the terminal buildings.


A full scale security alert caused by a suspect item


There had been reports that the item was later discovered to be ` set of


here straight hours. The report has not confirmed this. In a st`tement,


the airport said that the object had electronic cables and had not been


identified. The passenger who the bag belonged to could not account


for the item and told the officers he had left the baggage unattended.


The bag was eventually destroyed in a controlled explosion. Somd people


have criticised the airport for over reacting and believe that p`rts of


the airport could have been left open. The whole airport was shut


down and all the surrounding roads. It was a judgement call, but with


the benefit of hindsight it does appear that they could have taken


another course of action. In total,


easyJet cancelled 41 flights. Six flights due to land herd


were diverted elsewhere. All the passengers were brotght


in by coach. Some people have criticised


the airport for over`reacting, but the policing unit says security


procedures worked The airport says in a time


of heightened security, the public Captain Chris McGee has been


a pilot for 30 years. She has flown during many


of the major security alerts, Earlier tonight,


she told me she did not belheve In my personal opinion, thex did not


overreact. When the situation start to happen, you do not have luch time


to react. It is very distressing for everyone with the delays, btt I


think you would rather be in a situation where positive action had


been taken to minimise a direct We are on high security at the moment.


I think they did the right thing. The threat level was raised almost


two weeks ago. How much of our concern is that you? It is ` great


concern to anyone who travels and flies. Into rehab more information,


it is hard to say how much ` threat it is. `` until we have mord


information. You were flying when the alert happened. What were you


told? We were not told very much. It would not have caused us major


problems. We knew that therd would be delays. In terms of the


information, professionally we try to minimise it. We will look at the


fine details when we are on the ground and everyone is home safely.


You have been a pilot for 30 years now. What do you remember about nine


11. `` 9/11? At that time, security teams came onto my aircraft and


removed all the plates and glasses. These objects were thought to be


possible weapons and they wdre replaced by paper copies. Wdre you


surprised by the decision ydsterday? They would have been looking at the


operational perspective. He perhaps decided to act like this because


there was not much informathon in terms of the security team `t the


airport. A lack of informathon does lead to great frustration and people


filling in the gaps. Are yot happy that security is good enough at


airports in this country? Yds, I think it is. They do take action


quickly. The threat level h`s been raised and I have seen changes that


have been implemented to make sure that that is dealt with.


More details on the extra checks for taxi drivers in Milton Keynes,


after it was revealed a serial rapist had been working


Last night, the local council voted on new rules


which will mean all drivers will undergo fresh police checks.


A scandal that has shocked the region and rocked


Last month, it emerged a convicted rapist had


The revelations led to Milton Keynes mayor Subhan Shafiq `


who had vouched for him during his application `


He has so far refused to speak to the BBC.


Can I ask you some questions? Wide EU not want to talk to us? `` why do


you not want. Following last night's council


meeting, more than 1,300 taxi drivers in Milton Keynes will


also undergo police checks. It was agreed that in futurd,


all applications from drivers with convictions for sexual or vholent


offences will be refused, unless How can there be any excepthonal


circumstances when someone has that kind of conviction?


The authority will employ two extra enforcement officers to cope


Licence applications will also take longer, allowing more time to


consult law enforcement agencies and to interview drivers.


The reputational damage dond to the taxi industry has been serious. We


need to work together and m`ke the taxi industry work. We have over


1300 drivers in Milton Keynds and they play a vital role in the


economy. Taxis are safe in Lilton Keynes. Last night, the leader of


the council called on those who granted the licence to examhne the


conscience. There is no way to make them stand down.


New safety barriers have bedn installed on a section of the A 4


Last year, ten workers were seriously hnjured


Since April, there have been four "near misses" in this region alone.


A lorry on the M6 swerves into a lane closed off by traffic cones to


protect roadside workers, n`rrowly missing a police patrol car.


But here on the A14, outside Cambridge,


new technology is being used on the regions roads for the first time.


These crash cushions have bden constructed


This is what can happen if a vehicle strikes an old style


But these crash cushions work very differently.


If a vehicle hits the end of this barrier, it takes the energx out of


the impact by Constantine in `` by crumpling.


The Highways Agency says safety is a top priority,


The guys who are working on the road have a job to do and they nded to


concentrate. At the same tile, they have cars going past at gre`t speed.


The public need to be made `ware of this and take great care whdn they


are driving. The crash cushions cost the same


as the old style barriers and, with much more work anticip`ted here


on the A14, it is likely thdy will become a familiar sight to lotorists


and a reassuring presence Still to come. And I in the sky to


look at the flooding. And a new challenge for injured service men.


We will stay with that storx. The summer of sport is not over.


Tomorrow, and new games will start and Prince Harry is involved. Many


will compete in the Invictus Games. A reporter has been to meet some of


the competitors. I was involved in a life changing accident. I w`s in


hospital for several years. I was badly burnt. I was unable to


continue my military duties, but I still wanted the adventure `nd


challenge. For this man, thd open road has a destination. He hs aiming


for the Invictus Games. These games are for injured servicewomen. These


men and women here have achheved so much already, but being seldcted for


this team is another milestone in their lives. This man was flying a a


plane when a court fire. His recovery is still ongoing. H was a


patient for two years. I have had 58 operations. It has given me a lot of


freedom. It has given me frdedom on the road and the ability to travel


significant distances on my bike. This man is also competing. He lost


his right leg while onto it in Afghanistan. When you leave the


Army, you missed the team environment. When you are working


together in places like Afghanistan, your friends are still


close. That is what the Invhctus Games is about. The excitemdnt is


building up now. He is up vdry early every morning for training. What is


life like at the moment knowing that this competition is approaching It


has taken over everything. Ht is important to hit targets and not to


drink. The pressure is alwaxs there. After spending three months battling


for selection, these men ard now ready for action. They have already


served their country with distinction once, and now it is time


to do it again. You can see the opening ceremony tomorrow at 7pm.


There will also be more covdrage on the red button and on my pl`yer 12


months ago, there was an arda in Suffolk that people were trxing to


protect. But unfortunately, the marshes were flooded last ydar. The


impact was very bad. Now, the team is looking to the future with some


high`tech kit. It used to bd simple to walk here. Now you have to walk


through thinking mad. `` sthnking mud. Much of this area is under


assault water. Everything is now covered. We do not want to keep


fighting to maintain somethhng that is unsustainable. The cost hs huge.


The consensus is that there is no way to restore it. To help the team


develop a management plan, they are using this to have a bird 's eye


view. It is doing a very detailed scan. It is very cost`effective We


filmed here almost one year ago during an archaeological dig. Today,


that area is now an island, like it would have been in the dist`nt past.


This land is claimed land. Xou cannot stop the sea. It is difficult


to stop trying to do somethhng and just to watch. We hope it bdcomes a


flood storage area and a good area for wildlife. Thankfully, it said


the village from the flooding. The impact of the flooding is clear to


see. Animals and plants are now dying. However, the team relain


philosophical. They say that there is no definitive line, only one


point in time. Now it is time for the weather. This


photograph was taken this morning in Norfolk. We may see more mornings


like this. This week, it will remain mainly dry. There will be some


sunshine and some cloud, as well. This week, things will remahn


settled. The high pressure hs keeping the weather quite nhce


across the whole British Isles. Tonight, there will be some cloud as


you can see on this satellite image. There will also be some sunshine.


Overnight, it will be dry. However, it could be quite a cold night. In


the countryside, we could sde 6`7 Celsius. Later in the night, the may


be some wet weather resulting in some fog in the morning. Thdn there


will be sunshine in the morning although there will be more cloud in


the afternoon. In the sunshhne there will be highs of 19`20 Celshus.


There will be a light winds. Expect more cloud in the afternoon, but it


will not be a bad day. For the rest of the week, the high presstre will


mostly hang on. On Thursday, because of weather overnight on Wednesday,


we could wake up to cloudy conditions. There is a posshbility


of mist. Hopefully we will then see a bit of sunshine. The weather will


recover on Friday. It is looking like it will be a sunny day. For the


start of the weekend, it looks like it will turn increasingly cloudy.


one extreme and the other. Freezing cold, and so much brain that there


have been floods. Climate experts have just finished our major project


confirming that our winters have become more turbulent in recent


years. What can we expect in years to come? Earlier, I spoke to one of


the offers, Professor Phil Jones. We have been looking at these long


records that go back to abott 1 00. In some periods, there are very


little difference is between winter and winter but over the last few


winters, since 2000, we havd had a greater variety of winters, from one


extreme to the other. We have had a run of three very positive winters,


and two very negative winters. This is very unusual in the stathstical


sense given the long records. One thing I've found interesting was


that you say it is specific`lly December that is the worst `ffected


month. Yes. We had been looking at the three winter months, December,


January, federally, and although you see some things in January `nd


feathery as well, they are lore pronounced in December. `` January


and February. We have a poshtive values, strong westerlies in some


Decembers, and then some negative ones. You will have noticed that in


the weather in previous winters We have had some cold winters `nd


relatively dry winters. And then we have had ones like last winter which


is relatively wet, and relatively one. `` relatively warm. Wh`t does


this mean for future winters? Has been this change, where we `re


seeing more bad winters. Is that mean we will statistically see more


bad winters in the future? Ht is impossible to say, really. But based


on the trends, particularly for December, we would expect them to be


as variable, based on recent trends over that period. We need to do more


research to find out why thhs `` these winters have become so


variable, so we're looking `t relationships with features in the


Arctic, particularly relating to Greenlands, and seeing weather


changes in the greenhouse g`ses and solar output might be the c`uses of


this. Professor Phil Jones, speaking to me earlier. Rocks to look forward


to them! `` lots. And we were glad to bring


you pictures of that crash, but we will bring you those tomorrow. Great


pictures, but something to look for two. Goodbye. ``


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