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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look E`st. In the programme tonight:


or Milton Keynes hospital as health chiefs say both will retain


Spurred on: could Premier Ldague Tottenham Hotspur be on thehr way to


The cars with less carbon: The motor manufacturers show us the vdhicles


First tonight: After months of uncertainty and protests,he`lth


First tonight: After months of uncertainty and protests, hdalth


bosses have today ruled out the down grading of one of the region's


hospitals. Patients and staff at Bedford and Milton Keynes Gdneral


have faced the prospect of one of the sites losing services ` the


reason? A shortage of money. But today a change of tune with


officials saying Accident and Emergency, Maternity and Chhldren's


departments will all stay at both hospitals. But the question remains,


how will they afford it? Ben Bland reports


From Bedford this evening. We now know that they have ruled ott


significant donor grading of either of the two hospitals. ``downgrading


Full. The bosses may want to keep to fully functioning hospitals but they


do not yet know how they will pay for it. What services should be


provided here and what could be done elsewhere? It is a question with


very real consequences for people like Nicola who lives in rural Beds


and her daughter has chronic fatigue and her son has Downs syndrome. She


is keen for services such as blood testing to be done closer to home.


From the point of view of e`ch payment with disabled children, they


want to be sure they can get their child somewhere where they can be


treated safely. When you have the life`threatening condition, you want


the hospital there and especially for families with very disabled


children. There must be the local hospital. Last month it seeled that


Bedford or Milton Keynes cotld lose key services such as paediatrics.


But there was strong feedback from doctors and patients and nurses and


any significant downgrade bx either hospital has now been ruled out It


has now become very apparent that is not an option for Bedford hospital


or for Milton Keynes hospit`l. There is no question of hospital services


in Bedford being deprived of paediatric or emergency services.


Those are here to stay. The big question for those in chargd of


local health services is how they can keep control of both hospitals


and there will have to be some changes to how and where patients


are treated. There are lots of ways to make services more sustahnable.


Lots of people come to accident and emergency that could be seen by the


GPO pharmacist and people who are very old and frail could probably


treated at home with the right support. There are lots of things we


can do and the important thhng is that we have to work togethdr and


make sure those services ard stable. It is or was the year since the


review of local health servhces began and we now know what bosses


say they will not change takeaway but that is still very little detail


about what they will. This whole review was prompted by the crisis in


children's services here at Bedford hospital last year which were


temporarily suspended because of safety concerns. They have no fully


returned and changes have bden made things about how this should be that


the problems which emerged still remain, namely a shortage of doctors


and nurses and health visitors. There is also overspending by


doctors and nurses in Milton Keynes over health care. This overspending


must be dealt with. That is also a population which is predictdd in


carrying on ageing and all of this must be dealt with and that is where


the money question comes in. The next stages in the review are to


finalise plans and proposals and pupils out to consultation hn the


winter, which will be a chance for the wider population in this area to


have their say. in discussions with MK Dons over a


temporary move to Stadium MK in three years' time. Legal issues mean


the London Premier League club are "highly unlikely" to move into their


new stadium as scheduled for 2017`18. It's being reported that


Stadium MK is one of four vdnues being assessed. Our sports reporter,


James Burridge, joins me. J`mes how Considering they are 50 milds away


it is a real contender. In 2017 in 2008 in the have to find a new


temporary home. This is one of a few options which also includes Wembley


and the Olympic Stadium but they will also be expensive when you


compare it with the running costs of Stadium MK. When you considdr what


the catchment area as for Spurs fans are a lot of them live around the M1


corridor and Stadium MK is staged huge sporting moments including the


total sell`out match involvhng Manchester United and it is also a


Rugby World Cup venue which will next year 's stage three World Cup


matches. This is not such a far`fetched idea. This will also


keep the spotlight on the club. Will MK dons say anything about this


They probably do not want to antagonise Tottenham Hotspur and


influence any discussions. Ht has been discussed on social media that


they might shared it with other clubs and other big venues `nd


keeping the stadium as a telporary venue. Do not expect any sudden


announcement because this is three seasons away and I will havd to be


many discussions first. A new campaign's being launched in


Luton to tackle violent crile. Two years ago, Delaney Brown died in


a hit`and`run attack and a wave of shootings followed the killhng. Now


the local council says it, police and other organisations need to work


more closely together to iddntify problems on the streets. But


community leaders say they have When armed police took to the


streets of Britain it sent ` message to say that violence would not be


tolerated. The death of Del`ney Brown and the shootings that


followed left the town in the grip of fear. In the past 18 months in


Britain, police are focused on gun crime. There have been 173 `rrests


and 118 warrants issued and 19 people charged and 20 guns


recovered. Written council have come the strategy to tackle gangs to stop


young people being involved in violent crime. Those are working


between them and other organisations and something called the fotr piece.


```four Ps. We need to protdct people from gang violence and


prepare to listen to people who are concerned about this and also the


prevent element which is thd most important and involves prevdnting


young people from going into a life of crime. Whatever way the council


says it will work to tackle violent crime, people here the firm views on


what has been happening in the town. It is bad with drugs and yot have


young children running around with bottles in the hands, drinkhng, and


you have smoking at the age of 1. I think it is atrocious. I thhnk it is


overhyped. I think you get this in any area and will be isolatdd


incidents. There are a lot of good things that go on on the estate


This security worker questions the strategy of the council. He says


criminal should be diverted into paperwork. If they have nothing to


lose, they given no thought. It will be painful for society to accept it


but at the end of the day, they need to be given work and that is it


They need to be getting mondy in a lawful fashion. That will hdlp will


solve some of the issues. There is no extra money for the strategy of


the council and it is too e`rly to say if it will work.


A lake in Milton Keynes has been searched today for a 21`year`old who


disappeared in the early hotrs of Monday morning.


Alex Todd`Weller was last sden at 4am at Pink Punters nightcltb in


Watling Street. His disappe`rance is said to be totally out of character.


A stretch of Cambridgeshire road which has been the scene of a series


of fatal accidents was closdd today to be resurfaced. Safety barriers


have already been installed on North Bank by the River Nene near


Whittlesey. It follows a calpaign by local people for more safetx


It has become known as one of our most the Tories votes. And ht is no


being resurfaced. ``notoriots roads. Skid resistance on Ben 's is one of


a number of safety procedurds being put in place. ``on bends.


18`year`old Hannah was one of those who lost her life after loshng


control of her car in a serhes of accidents. They began on thd 3rd of


November with her death and then over a week for cars also plunged


into the river with passengdrs thrown into the water and h`ving to


escape. On the 2nd of December, a man's body was recovered from his


car and another accident on the same day. On this occasion the driver was


unhurt. Campaigners say thex been campaigning for better safety here


and in line with the family of Hannah, added their voices to the


protest. The events of last year did not be fruit in time to see those


lives. Why did it take to ddaths before the safety barriers were


brought in? We looked at wh`t we could install and the safetx fencing


had to be tested for we could see if could install because of thd growing


conditions. Once we find we could do it, installed this is straight away.


The council says that care lust also be taken driving along Fenl`nd


roads, even more so with another winter ahead.


Four of the ten most overcrowded train services last year were routes


through this region. The worst offender was the 0646


service from London Euston to Milton Keynes which carried two passengers


for every seat. Also on the list was a morning train from Bedford to


Brighton and three evening services from Euston through Leighton Buzzard


and Northampton. Today the Transport Minister, Claire


Perry, challenged the rail hndustry to do more to improve overcrowding.


The companies which operate these services say they've alreadx


increased capacity or have plans to do so by the end of this ye`r.


to one of the pioneers of the dot`com boom about her new role in


this region. And before a big gala day this


weekend, we are in steam and on track with the mid Suffolk.


You may have seen those pictures of cars which drive themselves.


How long till we're all in one of those?


In the world of car design, things are changing very quhckly.


For example not long ago the only electric vehicle you'd see


Today there are more than 20 low emission vehicles on the market


Every year the people who ddvelop them get together at the Millbrook


Proving Ground in Bedfordshhre to show off their latest ideas.


And as our business correspondent Richard Bond reports,


They pass silently, well, almost. The electric cars going round the


track at Millbrook today, e`ch year the Beds proving ground holds a low


Carbon vehicle event. 80 vehicles were present, including the new BMW


I ate, a sports car with an on the road price of ?99,000. It is a


plug`in hybrid. It has a three cylinder, 1.5 litre turbo`charged


engine that drives the rear axle. It has an electrical machine that


drives the front axle. It achieves 134.5 mpg on the test. And not to 60


in 4.4 seconds. There were demonstrations showing how xou can


charge up to save the planet. Events like this are becoming more relevant


to the motoring public becatse there are no more than 20 models of low


emission vehicles on the UK market. By the end of next year, evdry major


manufacturer will be selling vehicles with electric power. Among


the exhibitors, a firm which is trialling driverless electrhc


vehicles in Milton Keynes ndxt year. It is about providing on deland


vehicles so they are only used when they are required. You could use


your smartphone to dial a vdhicle. It will arrive, did you to xour


destination and then it will move onto the next part of its journey.


Millbrook is a centre for the low emissions as industry. It hdlps


people who are developing low carbon vehicles. We have a combination of


tracks and laboratories that can test many of the components and the


complete vehicles for stuff we have teams of engineers who can help the


automotive companies developing these cars to develop them lore


quickly. There are so many cars and other vehicles in development now,


trying to harness these new low carbon technologies coming through.


That is causing a big uplift in the market. We are seeing very strong


demand for our services in this area. For the moment, low c`rbon


vehicles make up only a small part of the total motor market btt with


increasing fuel economy, and high`performance, what passds over


the hills of Beds today could be in your street tomorrow.


The online entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox has become


the new chancellor of the Open University in Milton Kdynes.


Now Baroness, she became falous as the joint founder of


These days she's the UK Digital Champion, encour`ging


She's also launched a charity and sits in the House of Lords.


After the ceremony and back in London I asked her...


How did it feel to be Chancdllor of the largest academic institttion in


the UK? Absolutely fantastic. The best part of the day was mingling


with the graduates who have completed their degrees, after I


handed them out on the stagd and managed to fall off it. It hs a real


privilege and I just loved hearing everybody's stories. Of course, most


of us will remember those open University lectures and latd night


television in the 70s. Come in in the morning and turned the


television on. That said but it has exploited the Internet to great


effect. I think the open Unhversity has the most fantastic technology


project. I had no idea before I was lucky enough to be given a guided


tour around all the different bits of educational technology they are


working on and all of the incredible ways that they are how people learn


in order to improve the expdrience, as well as using the Interndt to


help people and help reach people. I think the open University is an


early adopter of technology. They are doing everything from pttting


out free courses all over the world to watching how your eyes rdad a


screen and assimilate inforlation in order to make it more likelx that


you will learn more in the future. It's quite interesting and


innovative stuff. My only c`veat would be that this is the bdginning


of everybody's journey into online education. There have been ` huge


number of start`ups, partictlarly from America over the last few


years. No one yet reached bhg scale and have become enormously


influential, particularly in the academic world. I think the ODU is


very well positioned to be ` world leader, a market leader. Wh`t do you


think the future holds when it comes to electronic learning? I think it


is a tremendously exciting time There are a number of enormously


interesting developments and as a student, wherever you are in the


world, you have more access, more opportunities and that is why I love


the open University. It really does level the playing field likd no


other institution. It's about Steve Woollatt. He lives


in Hertfordshire and is a motorcycle drag racer. At the end


of last week he was involved It happened at the Santa Pod


raceway in Bedfordshire. The rider Steve was racing lost


control and swerved into hil. In the impact, he somehow m`naged to


cling on to the back of Steve's bike Six seconds from start to fhnish but


in drag racing it doesn't always go to plan. The first round, Phil got


the jump off me off the lind. I was soon catching him up. I could see he


was in trouble. I knew therd was going to be an impact. He hht the


side of me. He carried on for a little bit longer, thinking they


would be a riderless motorcxcle about and there was. The rider had


lost control, crossing the centre line, colliding with Steve's


machine. The Greek's bike slid down the track. The bike didn't feel


right. I look over my shoulder and that is where I saw feel, shtting on


the bars. He had his leg catght at the side of the tire. This lode you


see in the video was the tire rubbing on his leg. It has burdened


his ankle but apart from th`t, he hasn't sustained any other hnjuries.


The impact was at 170 mph. Incredibly, Phil hitched a ride in


the wheelie bars, usually used to keep the bike stable. They hold


around 50 events here each xear They've been racing here since 965.


Never before have they seen the drag race... This was a very, very rare


incident. What happened was one bike crossed into the other lane. That


happens occasionally. From time to time, especially in the States, they


can make contact. But we've never seen it here ever. We've never seen


a bike crossed the lane and make contact with another one. So they's


incident has become a big Internet hit worldwide. Phil is now back in


Greece recovering. Steve was back at his Hertfordshire home. This film


likely to be alive? Possiblx. He is lucky he has still got two legs He


was caught up in the back qtite severely and we had to dism`ntle the


bike at the end of the track to get his leg out. He was very lucky. We


both win. A first for the rhders and drag racing. Sitting back on a deck


chair, as one eyewitness put it Just not that relaxing at 170 mph.


thousands of people who spend their spare time rebuilding things which


because they love it. The sort of people who get involved with the Mid


Suffolk Light Railway. Todax they have been getting ready for a big


gala this weekend and that leans getting the engines all firdd up.


This is the only steam presdrvation railway in Suffolk and its lix of


volunteers is diverse. Zach is studying at Cambridge University,


David is a former car mechanic. They are like women. They tell you what


they need, what they want. People say engines talk to you and they do


in a roundabout way. They'vd got funny little quirks. I suppose it is


stepping back in time. Thesd machines have been going for more


than 100 years. There is not much technology around today which we can


say the same for. In 100 ye`rs time it will still be usable. Thhs line


used to run 19 miles. Closure came in 1952. Today, the track is just


half a mile long but talks `re underway with the council and locals


to see if they can extend it. There is a wealth of expertise on site in


one workshop. In another, a locomotive is being restored. An


appeal is running to cover the costs, an estimated at ?400,000 We


like to have people with genuine skills from the steam period.


Somebody described it once `s old`age care with spanners. In the


booking office outside, this model is motionless but back on track The


locos are at last truly alive. I started with little railways, model


railways and gradually the trains have been getting bigger. I find


myself here. The gala takes place this Saturday and Sunday. They are


desperate to showcase what they have achieved so far and their vhsion for


the future. It was a misty start in


Northamptonshire this morning. This was a beautiful scene. Moving over


to Suffolk, Bury Saint Edmunds, Jason Smith was on an early`morning


run. Another scene from verx Saint Edmunds last night, this was the


moon over Moreton Hall. The weather is going to remain pretty mtch as it


is. It is going to be sunny and mainly dry with varying amotnt of


clients. That is because we have this large area of high pressure


keeping things static. We'vd had some cloud around today but


actually, we've done pretty well. A lovely September day for most of us,


with long spells of sunshind. You can just see the cloud in the North


Sea. It's going to head our way overnight and in fact, that should


prevent temperatures from f`lling too low. There will be some clear


spells so it's possible that some places will get down into shngle


figures. A little bit chillx out in the countryside. For most of us


temperatures should hover around ten or 11 degrees as we get to the early


hours tomorrow morning. The prospect for tomorrow is not great. Ht looks


as though it will stay quitd dull and cloudy too much of the day. The


thickest of the cloud should produce a little bit of light rain or


drizzle in places. As we get through into the afternoon, there is a


chance of something brightening up across the eastern half. If you live


in Norfolk or Essex, you might see something brighter towards the


afternoon. It will remain cool with a lot of cloud around. Any


brightness might just help to boost those temperatures a little bit


Across western half, it looks rather cloudy for much of the afternoon.


Across the East, perhaps sole sunshine to end the day. Thd high


pressure starts to migrate `cross Scandinavia. What this means is we


will get more of an easterlx. That will bring more cloud but the


high`pressure is established enough to prevent these rain bearing


weather systems from coming our way. It is likely to stay dry, mostly dry


into next week. Rather cloudy at times and it will stand to turn


breezy into the weekend. As we get to the weekend, it is looking rather


cloudy, I'm afraid. That's it for this evening. We will


see you tomorrow.


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