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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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MK is already one of Europe's fastest growing cities.


But now, there are plans whhch would see it bigger than Cardiff!


Buy 'em cheap, sell them on for millions.


The secret of success for Peterborough United,


And, taking to the track, in a truck.


Why would anyone want to race in an HGV?


the Rugby World Cup is on its way to Milton Keynes.


Tickets went on sale today for the matches, including the three


games which will take place at Stadium MK in October next year.


Prices range from ?15 for the cheapest seats when Fiji


face Uruguay or Russia, up to ?150 for the most expdnsive


There have been concerns expressed that cyber criminals will try


and buy up tickets to sell on the so`called secondary larket,


but organisers say they're working hard to make sure genuine f`ns are


In a moment, we speak to thd chief executive of the Rugby World Cup.


But, first, this report frol Mike Cartwright in Milton Kdynes.


Sporting giants have come to Stadium MK before.


Man United defeated by the Dons here only only last month.


In this scrum today, Dylan Hartley of England


Stadium MK hosted his team in the Rugby Heineken Cup.


A great atmosphere, a cauldron, everyone is right on top


Stadium MK, the venue for three World Ctp


the first in October next ydar, the French take on the Canadians.


On the sixth, Fiji versus Uruguay or Russha.


At the corporate level, there are boxes available and food and drink,


The cheapest price for an adult is ?15 for one


If you want more, you can always pay.


25% of the stadium will be for those at the cheapest prices.


At a Dons game, the average crowd is 9,000.


The capacity of this stadiul is more than 30,000.


Come the Rugby World Cup, can they fill the seats?


The Rugby World Cup is coming, do you know about it?


Part of the stadium, this hotel where Fiji and Samoa will bd based.


Their presence here and the World Cup, good for MK.


I want to be sure everyone hn Milton Keynes can get a ticket,


The real legacy will be about young people, sport,


It will be about the spotlight on Milton Keynes,


Today, at Twickenham, the great and good lined up to


Come October, the rugby elite will be competing here.


Well, earlier we spoke to the chief executive of Engl`nd Rugby


2015, and first asked her why they had chosen Stadium MK as a venue.


We chose Stadium MK as a great venue.


Secondly, we have had fantastic support from the city


They are really excited about the event.


Aligned to that, it is accessible, easy for spectators to get there,


If you put that package togdther, it wasn't a difficult decishon.


People talk about the Rugby World Cup coming to England but it is


the regions it will affect, particularly around Milton Keynes.


What impact do you hope rugby can have?


To raise the profile of the regions within the country,


We have team bases there, a way to take rugby to the regions


We are looking for ideas whdre they can engage with the community.


We have the venues and teams going there so we can


Tickets, how worried are yot about the ticket prices?


They start as low as ?7, but go up to ?150. Are you worried


people who want to go may bd put off by the prices?


I've always said we have to be realistic.


I was passionate about keephng prices at the lower end


and ?7 is a good entry pricd for the under`16, ?15 for adults.


We had to align accessibility with the economics of raising


There are a lot of tickets that have fair prices.


It is an even spread for each of those categories.


When people look at the prices and the matches on offer, it is fair.


There has been talk about ticket touts, fears pdople


What I want to happen, we haven't got legislation,


we have put in place as many things as we can to ensure


those fans do get the opportunity to get to the games at face value.


In big events, not just sporting events, the touts will come in


and two minutes later they will be on ticket sites for a lot more.


That is why it is a fair ballot a maximum of four tickets per person.


A resell platform is through our own site.


The other thing I would say is the only way to be sure that ticket is


genuine, and valid for entrx, is if you buy through an official site.


The World Cup is certainly putting Milton Keynes on thd map.


Now, new plans are being considered which would see it grow to


The proposals are for another 38,000 houses.


and is looking at how the new town should dxpand


It's the latest stage in the town's remarkable development.


In 1967, Milton Keynes had a population of just 60,000.


At the last census in 2011, that figure had more than qtadrupled


In 12 years' time, it's set to grow again by another 5,000.


And, by 2031, the population could have reached 350,000.


Wherever you look, it is obvious this town is experiencing ydt


It is the biggest successes in the South East,


From someone who's lived all their life here, what was once


an expanse of green fields, now houses and factories, fantastic


MK has already identified several sites for more houshng.


If it wants to avoid development in the wrong areas, it has to have


We would be subject to hosthle developers who could proposd


building in the open countrxside and sensitive areas.


If you don't have the plan hn place, you do have hostile developlent


then you are obliged to givd consent to those.


38,000 houses are planned in the next 16 years.


The people who will live in these homes will also nedd jobs.


MK has never had a problem attracting companhes.


What makes Milton Keynes so attractive to businesses is


It is halfway between London and Birmingham, halfway


That means, within a 90`mintte drive, they can


In the last ten years, despite the recession, MK h`s


The challenge now is to continue that growth in business


PlanMK consultation runs until December.


A ?6 million pound state`of`the`art secondary school has been


The new Technical School is geared towards pupils who have


a strong interest in subjects such as engineering, electronics


It aims to build close links with local companies to offdr


It is the fifth secondary school to be


opened in Corby which is a fantastic town.


We hope we get great educathon throughout the town,


We recently achieved an outstanding in our Ofsted grading


in April this year, we are pleased to put ourselves officially


A campaign's begun to raise three quarters


of a million pounds to try to save a community garden in Peterborough.


The Green Backyard, near London Road, is used by people across the


The council owns the land, but wants to sell it to devdlopers


A real grassroots charity, that it how the Green Backy`rd


It has been running for five years but, now,


The input from the community has been huge.


We are now used by schools across the city, people frol outside


Volunteers, hundreds and thousands of pdople


throughout the year benefithng from this space in so many ways


The loss of people's hope and pride in what they invested is


Campaigners trying to save the gardens say the Governmdnt is


now also recognising the value that urban gardens can give.


There have been a number of reports looking at urban green spacds.


One from the Federation of Community Gardens which believes


they are so important they should be built in to city plans.


The council which owns the land says it had little choice whth


Funding from the Government to support these schemes is dwhndling.


We are having to look at assets in the council which are not


The ?24 million over five ydars we need to deliver,


The Green Backyard has six lonths to come up with the money,


otherwise it will be leaving here by next summer.


The number of prison officers at one of our maximum securhty


prisons is falling, despite a rise in the number of inm`tes


The figures from the Howard League for Penal Reform show the ntmber


of officers at HMP Woodhill near Milton Keynes has fallen to 290


The Government insists staffing levels are safe for the number


But the charity believes safety could be compromised.


Cambridge University has succeeded in raising more than ?1 million to


The Codex Zacynthius is a Ndw Testament manuscript which features


It's been in the Cambridge University Library since 1984, and


it was offered first refusal when the manuscript owner wanted to sell.


Later, Alex is here with the weathdr.


Let's join Stewart and Susid now, for more from the region.


Still to come, Alex will be here with the weather. And what happens


when HCB vehicles take to the race track.


New figures released this wdek showed the growing number of people


It's often seen as a condithon which affects the elderly.


But Phil Barker got in touch to tell us about his wife Lisa, who was


diagnosed with early onset dementia two years ago at the age of 45.


Phil, who's from Norfolk, wanted us to tell Lisa's story.


That is Mike and Jane's swilming pool. Phil and Lisa Barker looking


at photographs of a summer holiday in America. Sadly, Lisa can't


remember nothing about it. @ll of us went to see Jane and Mike in Texas.


The holiday was two weeks ago. Lisa asks me what we're having to eat in


the evening and I will tell and then she will ask me again and again And


if I have to answer you 20 times, then I will answer you 20 thmes so


that short`term memory is the biggest indication of what hs going


on. Originally from Liverpool, Lisa was a nurse. She was diagnosed with


early onset Alzheimer's two years ago at the age of 45. Lisa `nd


Phil, the chief engineer in the car industry, have two sons aged 15 and


11. We get by with the support of our fantastic friends. Both other


families are up in Liverpool and the visit when they can, but certainly


with the friends we have got around us, in the immediate vicinity, we


have got many, many friends we can count on, we can call up anx time of


day or night. Surely lives opposite and she's a great help. I asked to


see some photographs and Lisa's Mum finds a wedding photo. Can xou


remember your wedding day? No. Lisa's eyes fill with tears, as they


often do. She is trying to remember something, anything, but shd can't.


Lisa's dad also had Alzheimdr's so it is particularly hard for her mum.


Well, I had noticed for somd time, but you hope against hope that it is


not happening. You can't believe it's happening again, and it's


heartbreaking. The thing th`t upsets me most is the boys, they h`ve lost


a loving mum. Because she w`s so good and cared so much. Now it has


all gone, really. She knows them and give them hugs, but something has


gone. We like laughing and joking, so that's still there. We'rd doing


better in some ways. Lisa c`n do very little now. She likes to watch


television, but even that appears to be a struggle. It is the kindness of


friends, families and health care professionals which keep Phhl and


Lisa going. Hugo de Waal is from Norfolk


Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. He's one of the leading figtres


in dementia care. Particularly aggressive in xounger


people, dementia? It is. If someone gets it at 85 years old or hn their


40s, while there are many similarities in those situations,


the younger person will go ` far more destructive course of the older


son someone who is 85. We are seeing the figures are going up, I'll be


any closer to identifying what causes it or are we spotting it


earlier? There has been trelendous progress over the past 15 ydars We


now more about gene involvelent and all that sort of stuff, but what we


don't know yet quite is how the cascade of things that go wrong


leads to the illness in the end and we know it is not just one hllness,


it is many different forms. While there is a lot of progress, that is


still a lot to be done. I know you are looking at different waxs of


helping people through it. Tell me about some of those. In the absence


of a cure, what we're trying to do is maximise the sort of support we


can give to people who are living with the illness, and that leans we


try to put people in a position where they can to some degrde live


well with dementia. The main problem is after diagnosis, when people are


talking up the illness, then things go quiet, because specialist


services, health or social care then to spring into action when


things are really quite critical. But for many years, people will post


along as best as they can, trying to make the best of it, but without the


support and that is what we are looking to achieve. And you are


trying to find out a lot about their lives before dementia to help them


when they get it quite badlx. Precisely, because when people are


further into the illness, they can communicate about themselves as


easily as they did before, so we have a development called Mx Brain


Look, which tries to capturd essential information about a person


after diagnosis in a very friendly way. Music, personally history, the


things you don't want, the things you do want. That travels in the


system we are designing with the person as the illness progrdsses and


is accessible to carers, who might not be able to get to know xou as


well, but have this precise record of what makes you tick.


Life has rarely been dull for fans of Peterborough Unhted


They've enjoyed and endured three promotions and two


And at the moment they're top of the league.


So now is the time to build for the future.


The ground is being redeveloped and they are one


of the best clubs in the cotntry at finding and developing t`lent.


When it comes to recruiting talented young players, there is nobody


better. Darren Ferguson has become the master, finding rough dhamonds


in non`league, polishing thdm up to become a little gems in the football


league. You are not buying them to sell them immediately, you `re


buying them to have success. The players fully understand thdy get


the opportunity here and we don t stand on their way. Obviously, with


international weekend just gone we had about 23 scouts at our game so


that just choose people know we do well without younger players. Few


had heard of Aaron Maclean, George Boyd. Over 200 goals later, they


were sold for millions. It hs a policy that appears flawless. These


players cost less than ?3 mhllion. Beta brewers sold them on for around


?17 million. Their latest b`rgains scored five goals already this year.


What they are doing is brilliant and people like me are getting ` chance.


I don't want to rest on my laurels and settle here, I want to go on as


they are far can go, but for the time being, this is where I


differently want to be. Off the pitch, the finishing touches to the


newsstand. Seats will be installed soon and it should be open by the


end of September. With the team on the up, these reporters: Wh`t is a


mortal cup `` they need supporters to come and see their local club.


Peter Brewer needs championship football. They encompass will help


them become sustainable long`term. Right now, it is down to hil to get


them promoted. home tomorrow. In fact, all


of our league sides are in `ction. We'll have the goals


in our teatime bulletin on Sunday. Here's a sport we don't havd on Look


East very often ` truck rachng. When the sport started in the 1 80s,


they used just normal road`going But now the racers have


something more purpose` built. We're talking 1000 horsepowdr `


capable of reaching 100mph. Jonathan Park has been to Snetterton


to see them in action. Trucks will never match sports cars


in the glamour stakes, but when it comes to sheer horsepower, there's a


lorry load here. What is thd secret to driving something as big as this


round a track? It is all about momentum. It is five and a half


tonnes of wheat, you have jtst over 1000 horsepower, but once you have


slowed that either as an most of the racers are hauliers during the week.


These trucks might have been the ugly ducklings of motor sport, but


I'm told they can fly. Stew`rt didn't waste any time showing me


what his machine could be c`pable of, which is quite impressive. A


normal truck has around 500 horsepower. These are doubld. Zero


`60 quicker than a portion. `` Porsche. I wanted to try racing


and I choose truck racing. H really took to it. Ryan was throwing his


wife in around with plenty of enthusiasm today's practice


session. Those watching the racing this weekend can expect thrhlls and


spills, but least because the grid is decided by reversing the results


of the previous threes. The quickest start at the back. Generallx, when


somebody comes with an eagld, they're not here very long. The


trucks race five times over the weekend and the British


Championships, when friendship in the paddock gets put on hold for


some no holds barred racing. It looks like fun. But then solebody


would ask me to have a go and I don't want to do.


Let's get the weather. And going to start the beautiful


photograph showing the Northern lights across Norfolk. Therd is a


very small chance we could see them tonight. If you do get out, look


North and make sure you are away from any light pollution and let us


know if you get lucky, parthcularly if you get any photographs. The


cloud cloud is a benefit today. We have recorded pleasant tempdratures


for September, a lovely sunny afternoon. We ended a fine with


breaking cloud. Around 1am hs the best time to catch a glance of the


Northern lights if they are there. But then it starts to get cloudy and


there could be missed and folk actions. If there are clouds, it


could go a few degrees lower. Restart the weekend on a cloudy


note. But then it looks likd it will shift and it doesn't look that the


bad forecast. Cooler temper`tures might be recorded at the co`st, but


it is looking like a reason`ble day, if a little cloudy at times. Looking


ahead to Sunday, a slight shift with the weather pattern. You'll notice


the breeze more on Sunday, but it does look like it'll stay l`rgely


dry and bright. There are shgns it could turn quite unsettled by


Monday. But Sunday looks re`sonable. The risk of showers as we gdt to the


start of next week and by mhd week, Edwards is all it will turn quite


unsettled, but before then, we have reasonable September sunshine and


temperatures. Sunday Politics returns this weekend


at 11 a.m.. Have a good weekend.


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