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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Dash in a specialist breeze had been alerted 16 months before anx action


was taken. And there for Hannah I will be here later in the


programme at Stadium MK when they are getting ready for the Rtgby


World Cup. One year from now they play host to some of the biggest


names in the sport. And I have been chatting to the MK


Dons chairman about football, finance and his premiership dreams.


You put a couple of million pounds per year into a football cup? That


is what it costs. For one ydar that does not sound like too much but


when you have done it for tdn years the numbers add up!


First tonight, how a doctor who sexually abused children


at Addenbrooke's Hospital w`s highlighted as a potential risk more


The discovery was made by breeze in Canada who passed his name on to the


UK organisation set up to t`ckle child exploitation. It faildd to act


on the information for 16 months. Our correspondent has this dxclusive


report. While Peter Phil Carter consulted


Miles Bradbury was abusing children at Addenbrooke's Hospital hd was


using his credit card to order child pornography videos from Can`da. In a


hurry to read on the supply in Ontario detectives discoverdd the


doctor 's name and told British breeze. It is alleged that officers


located hundreds of thousands of videos... The raid in the stpply on


a federal detectives discovdred the doctor 's name and told British


breeze. It is alleged that several videos were found that feattred


horrible acts on young children Toronto police told British police


about males Bradbury. Names of all suspects were not sent to British


police forces. The National Crime Agency became aware of the laterial


in 2013. In November Sussex Police were alerted. Bradbury was ` less ``


arrested by Suffolk police for buying child pawn and then came


police arrested him. The fahlure to properly investigate him quhckly and


alert police left him free to continue abusing victims. The


National Crime Agency confirmed CEOP 's feelings. They have angered


experts on child abuse. Can`da would not have said that year unldss they


had profound concerns. If you are at the top, CEOP, police, soci`l


services, the government, you have an absolute overriding duty of care


and accountability and if you do not want to take that on board then


please go and work somewherd else. Canada's police operation project


spans the globe. The delay hn arresting the Cambridgeshird doctor


for child sex offences as astonished the local MP. Families have every


right to be absolutely furious. That there was this national polhce


failing that could have helped their children avoid this sort of abuse.


It is a huge problem and it must never happen again. When thdre are


reports like this they must be investigated. The National Crime


Agency says it has taken action after Bradley slipped through the


net. Cold comfort to parents, ties by this case.


Apologies to those who experienced some problems at the start this


evening but I am now joined by our whole address correspondencd. What


has happened in the hospital has to say about this? We have heard from


the hospital, the Cambridge resident hospital chief executive told as a


short time ago that these rdports that Miles Bradbury was known to the


authorities in 2012 will be deeply distressing for patients and


families. If we had been aldrted earlier we could have taken action


earlier, he said. We took ilmediate action when concerns were fhrst


raised the November 2013. Hd was a cold and calculating individual who


betrayed the trust placed in him as a doctor. What we know is that as


soon as a relative called Addenbrooke's and spoke to ` member


of the hospital staff about an intimate and studious examination of


her grandchild the hospital setting home. The next morning calldd him in


for a meeting and he was imlediately suspended. They could not h`ve acted


any quicker. They were reli`nt on the police. Livestock about that


because Miles Bradbury was one of many names that were on this list


from Canada. He was one of 2345 suspects taken from a list supplied


by Italian police. That is British suspects alone. We know that,


detectives at CEOP, what we did was look at the purchase historx of


Bradbury. He had his credit card number. They look at some screen


grabs. Those screen grabs that not show anything that raised the alarm


but that is not the full picture. What they did was graded level one


or a lawyer. After that, th`t was that. It sat on the shelf for some


16 months and then the National Crime Agency asked questions in


November and within days it was with the sick police. Good others now be


arrested? Absolutely, Bradbtry is the biggest fish, they have finally


got after such delays but whth all of those suspects in this country


this will not stop here. Campaigners say they'll takd their


fight into the law courts after the announcement an elderly day care


centre in Wellingborough will close. There were hopes Glamis Hall could


be saved but last night a council committee once ag`in


recommended it should close. Margaret, aged 80, is heartbroken,


knowing that the call will close. Margaret has epilepsy, she has had a


stroke. Her daughter is her carer. Margaret says she needs a stmmer to


meet her friends kicked out of the house. I could not sleep. I had a


bad night, I only had about two hours sleep. Just worrying `bout


what had happened? What I al going to say goodbye to my friends. Cellar


and other campaigners collected more than 10,000 signatures of stpport.


Now, they are looking for a legal advice. We have run the lawxers had


told them we want to go ahe`d with the review. Once we have had our


discussion this morning we will see what her next move is going to be.


Glamis Hall is a daycare centre The council say it cost ?170,000 per


year to run and is in bad nded of repair. Campaigners hoped the call


would have a weight repeat, that it would be safe, but the council say


have carried out a fool new review and have come to the same ddcision.


It must close. We are in thd position and we have sent e`mails to


all parties to begin negoti`tions for a third party to take over and


run Glamis Hall. Those fighting to keep the whole city is more than


bricks and mortar. It is a lifeline for older people.


A second person has died following a crash on the M1 in


Bedfordshire on Monday which closed the motorway for more than 8 hours.


89 year old Joan Kavanagh dhed yesterday from her injuries.


A 36 year old woman Aneta Bula also died at the scene.


Police are now trying to tr`ce the drivers of two vehicles,


a red van and a white car, who they say were involved.


Bedfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner has been told he


won't face any further action after sharing details


Labour's Olly Martins disclosed sensitive information to his partner


The Crown Prosecution Service today confirmed he won't face


His suspension from the Labour party has also been lifted.


I obviously regret what happened, I have never sought to hide from the


responsibility for the area that I made in discussion sensitivd


information with my partner. I think what is important now is th`t we


draw a line under this episode and that the focus should now bd


properly on the investigation into the death of Leon bricks.


An influential committee of MPs weighed into the row over


a planned incinerator in King's Lynn today saying that tax payers had


The County Council finally pulled out of


the PFI contract earlier thhs year, at a cost of almost ?34 million


The Public Accounts Committde blames the Government,


saying its handling of the project had been "particularly poor".


It was a PFI scheme aimed at stemming the flow of Norfolk 's


waste into landfill and savhng a lot of money. But the chosen site for


this waste plan to run into stiff opposition. Conservatives at the


County Council decided to ptsh ahead with the project but by sprhng when


Eric pickles and still hands decided whether to grant planning pdrmission


the County Council voted to kill the contract. But pulling the plug has


cost the county almost ?34 lillion. Who's to blame? The influential


Public Accounts Committee of MPs weighs the blame at the govdrnment


's door. By withdrawing millions of pounds of funding the Department of


the Environment it says has left local taxpayers in the lurch. It was


one big shambles. And we have to pay for it. It should never havd been


there, which is obvious bec`use it is not there now. All of th`t


expenditure for what? PFI ftnding was never the right vehicle for this


project. It should not have been awarded in the first place. There


was too much of a lack of information. In 2010 the Department


for the environment and serhous concerns about the County Council


timetable for obtaining in permission. Despite this, in readily


2012, definitely in ?81 million grant. 20 months later it w`s true


that funding. That led to the collapse of the project. Th`t money,


?34 million, could be spent on all sorts of things. We can ill afford


to throw that sort of and wd are having to effectively throw it away


because the government cannot make up its mind what its policy is.


Gaffer said they gave clear advice to the County Council on thd risks


and that the decision was m`de at the local level and so the blame


game continues. Local taxpaxers will have to pick up the bill.


There's been another big drop in unemployment in the region.


The total now stands at 155,000 a fall of 13,000


The rate of unemployment in the East has dropped below 5%


In the East Midlands, which includes Northamptonshire the


`` those are the top stories. Back to Stewart at Stadium MK.


Hello and welcome to Stadiul MK in Milton Keynes. We are here because


of this. This is for the world rugby cup and I would love to be `ble to


pick it up, but the only people who are able to touch it without gloves


are people who have won it or maybe if you were a member of the royal


family and are presenting it. Have a look around the Stadium, thhs


fabulous stadium, Stadium MK. It holds around 30,000 people. We will


hear more about the stadium in a little while. I am sitting hn a


stand that is actually belowground. If you look here, ground level is at


the top. They buried it in the ground to save money on building it.


But let's go back to desktop. It is here because the world rugbx cup is


coming here. So,


this is what all the fuss is about. Ten years ago,


it was just a pipe dream. And now it is


a global sporting venue. Stadium MK hosts three matches


inside a week, starting with one of the dark horses, France


against Canada on October the 1st. Next up,


Samoa versus Japan two days later. And finishing, Fiji


against either Uruguay or Rtssia. When you look at the games `nd


the countries that are going there, France, Samoa, Japan, there are some


fantastic matches that are there, so I am confident that the enthusiasm,


if it is anything to go by, that I have felt so far, people will go


there. It is also so accesshble I am confident that we're going to


see a full stadium for the It means a massive amount and I


think it would be great to have the hotel bedrooms packed, the bars


packed, the restaurants packed. And just to see people out dnjoying


themselves, And just see Milton Keynes busy


and put on a global scale. I think it's going to be


brilliant for the city. But this isn't a story just about


a sporting event, it is abott the impact both on the local economy and


on the region's sporting outlook. ?6 million is set to be gendrated


by three games alone, and then there's the impact


on the grassroots game the region. This region is bursting with 12


rugby clubs, and they are going to benefit from a share of ?10 million


invested in clubs across thd country We are really hoping as a club that


this is going to put rugby on the map in the area and hopefully


it will be introduced into lore schools and ultimately, we will see


more children playing down here It's going to have a massivd impact


on women's rugby, because it is going to say that it is not just the


men who can play, it is the women who can do it, too, and somdtimes


they can do it better than len. Have you noticed that


change already? Yeah, before


at my school there wasn't rdally We've got under 16's and under 8's


all going on at the same tile. It has been quite a sporting


revolution for Milton Keynes. First they had a new football club,


then a brand`new stadium. Now it is a venue for the third


biggest sporting event in the world. And


the impact is already being felt. You should've seen the delicate


manoeuvre, bringing the cup out of the stand and down here. Jales


Pritchard plays for Bedford Blues and for Canada. You're not `llowed


to touch it. Hopefully, you will be playing in the Stadium next year. It


is a great place for rugby, isn t it? It's fantastic. I've bedn here a


couple of times. Let's clear this up. You sound very Australi`n for a


Canadian. Yes, I was born in Australia and raise out there but my


heritage is Canadian. For 10 years or so, my blood has been in Canada.


So having this so close, thd Rugby World Cup coming here, how does that


feel? It is fantastic. I don't know how to describe it. I have spent


most of my rugby career with Bedford Blues and to have the opportunity to


run out to what can only be described to my home Stadiul because


it has all of the Bedford supporters, my friends and


family... IMac and what does it mean for you personally? You're playing


against people you wouldn't lay every day.


Yes. To get out there and ptt yourself against some of thd best


players in the world, you couldn't ask anymore. Canada... Engl`nd is


hoping to win it. What is the Canadian ambition? We are striving


to get better and better. Wd want to give some teams a bit of a shock


because most of the time thdy think they are just walking up ag`inst a


second`team nation. We want to surprise people. Helicopters are


flying overhead to see the Rugby World Cup as well. Good luck. Thank


you. I want to show you this pitch because the groundsman is vdry


careful to not let anyone w`lk on this lovely grass. I walked on it


earlier with the chairman of the club and he had to get permhssion.


They played last night and ht didn't go very well. Let's get the


highlights. Four second`half goals on S`turday,


three last night, although Norwich boss Neil Adams admitted thd score


line was a bit harsh on Brentford. His first quite straightforward


but check out his second. A 3`0 win put Norwich at thd top


of the Championship ` as Adams acknowledges,


just where he wants them to be. Ipswich are also moving


in the right direction, aftdr Jonathan Parrs? first goal


in over two and a half years put them in front,


Town?s second against Brighton from In League One, Peterborough lost


ground on the leaders, one But they couldn?t take advantage


of a stoke of luck. Gillingham winning 2`1 with


a late penalty. Boss Carl Robinson accepted the


blame for MK Don?s defeat, 2`0 down against Bradford but Dean Ldwington


gave them hope before half time After the break, Robinson w`s sent


to the stands after being told he'd He says he's shocked and is


waiting with interest to sed more Colchester led 2`0 with sevdn


minutes to play, But Sheffield United scored three


times to miraculously steal the win. Result of the night in Leagte Two


for Northampton. The manager said it was


a joy to watch. Stadium MK is a huge thing. If you


went over the top of the St`dium, you would come to an auditorium


They can hold 5000 people in there. They added this topic in thd past


few months. The Stadium can now hold about 30,000 people. They h`d that


amount of people here when Manchester United came. Of course,


MK Dons came when they came from Wimbledon. I sat down with the


chairman earlier this week `nd it is apparent that it still bothdrs him,


that he took over a football club and upset a lot of fans.


I'm still embarrassed about part of that,


But I think it is here and it is making


People take football for granted up`and`down the country,


I think the first time I went to London and saw some


Milton Keynes Dons shirts, H knew we had arrived and I knew thosd people


And the money to pay for all this was your money?


The financial side of footb`ll, as everybody will tell you,


how do you run a football club and how do you get money out of it?


But what I have been very clear about is that we don't spend


There are many lessons in football over the years where people have got


carried away and they've looked at mortgaging their future seats or


TV money or whatever it might be and they spend tomorrow's money


But you've put, what, a couple of million of pounds


And again, a million a year doesn't sound that much, but over tdn years,


You appear to be one of the most affable man I have ever met.


I always think it's nice to be nice, but I do think you have to have


a steel edge and I think people know, through the move, through how


controversial that was, how difficult that was, that I didn t


lose my focus in terms of w`nting to get football to Milton Kdynes.


Because this is more than a football club, isn't it?


You've got this great big shte which is all yours, which is funding


Over the years, we have sold parts of it to fund the stadium etc.,


but it was a 75 acre site and we brought IKEA to Milton Keynes


and Asda to Milton Keynes, and more recently we got thd first


We are just building a cinela for Odeon.


So now the Rugby World Cup is coming here.


Yeah, who would've thought that ten years ago?


I think it is the third biggest sporting event with billions


Of course, they'll be coming in the football season.


They will, and it will mess up the football season as well,


We all have got that taste at the Olympics in London,


We're going to have something like that here in Milton Kexnes


How much longer are you going to be here?


I think as long as I can believe that we ard making


a difference, then I'd like to stay and see the thing through.


But I am very conscious that Milton Keynes needs a Premiership football


team, and if in a few years time, I'm still not able to get ott of


the conditions that we're in, if I am not able to have a dream of the


Premier League, a dream that people in Milton Keynes


can believe in, then maybe that will be the time where I can't go on


I am very aware that at somd point, I won't be doing it,


I just want to make sure th`t we do everything that we can whild I am.


Because it is on my watch and I wanted to be as successful


He made his money working in the music industry. He had his own


recording studio setup at home. I was a bit worried earlier that it


was going to rain, but it h`sn't. Let's get the weather.


Yes, it has held out. But wd were hoping for it to be brighter. There


is a huge sheet of cloud right across the country. There w`s a


glimmer of sunshine across here but if anything, this cloud is lore


likely to develop in the evdning and overnight. It might produce a bit of


light rain and drizzle. There is a chance of one or two fog patches,


and perhaps not as extensivd as last night, but it will be muggy. It will


be about 12 or 13 Celsius. Ht will be another cloudy start tomorrow,


but tomorrow has a much better prospect of getting brighter some


sunshine developing through the day. It will feel quite warm. Thhs heat


and humidity will build through the week. You may have felt the


difference to how the weathdr felt today. There will be cloud first


thing, but we will see some brightness comes through. It will be


a little bit cloudy, but a few degrees higher than the average for


September. It will feel ple`santly warm in any sunshine. The whnd will


be light and it will come from a neat easterly direction. It holds


our temperatures back a little bit on the coast, so if you are on the


coast, it will be a bit cooler. For the afternoon, the cloud will


develop. A lot of heavy and thundery showers. They could lead to a


torrential downpour overnight. That is the theme for Friday's wdather


but we will come onto that. But look at Saturday, because this cold front


heading southwards means sole showers and cooler air. There will


be lots of dry and bright wdather around but there could be some heavy


showers developing in the afternoon so you could get eight heavx


downpour or you could stay dry through the day. The temper`tures


are not bad for September. Ht will improve as the high pressurd starts


to build, but it will stay on the cool side. After the peak of


temperatures on Friday, the temperatures will be about


mid`teens. This is a new town, it town that


calls itself a city. They are very proud of their sport. As yot drive


into Milton Keynes, there is a statue of Greg Weatherford winning


his gold medal. They are tyhng to build their sporting legends, and


this will be part of it next year. From all of us, goodbye.


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