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Hello and welcome to Thursday's Look East.


Calls for the Home Secretarx to resign over changes


which experts say left this doctor free to abuse children.


This is a national issue and the buck stops at the door of the Home


Secretary. She diverted CEOP from a path that would see more resources


made available to do this vdry specialist work.


An investigation will now bd held into the 16`month delay


between the authorities knowing about Myles Bradbury


We'll be here later in the programme,


meeting the young man leading out the march on cancer.


David Poskitt lost his leg to the disease at the age of 12.


Now he's inspiring others to take to the streets.


And off to the Seychelles ` a home`made King Kong.


The scandal over the Addenbrooke's doctor convicted of child sdx abuse


escalated today with demands that heads must roll.


Jim Gamble, who used to be in charge of child protection


in Britain, said the Home Sdcretary should resign over the affahr.


Last night, Look East broke the news that officials


were tipped off about Dr Myles Bradbury.


In another development todax, the National Crime Agency `


which overseas child protection ` said it had referred itself


to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


from our home affairs correspondent, Sally Chidzoy.


The storm erupting around child abuser Dr Myles Bradbtry


The Addenbrooke's Hospital consultant's name was flaggdd up


by Canadian police after they raided


a paedophile's film`making business in Toronto.


But it was 16 months before the police Child Exploitation


and Online Protection Centrd, CEOP, passed it on to Suffolk Polhce.


said the Home Secretary, Theresa May,


should take responsibility for what has happened.


I would be asking her, does she accept any responsibility for this?


Too few people have been left with too much to do,


in circumstances where the ground is always shifting beneath thehr feet,


where there hasn't been significant additional resources,


they haven't built on the early success.


Myles Bradbury carried on abusing his young patients


at Addenbrooke's Hospital while CEOP had his name


and failed to pass it to police forces along with the names


of over 2,000 other British suspects identified in Canada.


Jim Gamble says the Home Secretary should resign.


He compares her to Shaun Wrhght the embattled South Yorkshire


Police and Crime Commissiondr who eventually resigned over


So I think she should practice what she preaches.


Quite rightly, she called on Shaun Wright to take


heed of the calls for him to answer and be accountable for the things


Is she now going to come forward and is she going to take hedd


and answer for the things that have gone wrong on her watch?


At CEOP, a small team deal with a huge workload.


Jim Gamble says the Myles Bradbury case was bound to happen.


A few years ago, CEOP handldd around 700 child abuse reports a month


Because what I'm saying is this if all those files were pildd up


for 16, 17, 18 or 19 months, as I believe many were,


then how many cases like this are there?


Bradbury's case is at least now known about


after Suffolk Police were fhnally alerted and he was arrested.


The doctor faces a long prison sentence.


And Sally joins us now from outside Addenbrooke's Hospital,


where Myles Bradbury abused his victims.


A scathing attack on the Government is to night from Jim Gamble. What


has the Home Office had to say? I have never seen such a terse


statement, it just runs to 04 words. They do not want to respond to that


resignation call. They say ht would be inappropriate to comment while


the IPCC is investigating. That is it. Clearly, the Home Secretary


would not want to respond to a call for her resignation, not le`st by


Jim Gamble, who is one of the leading experts on child abtse


issues and law enforcement. You mentioned that the IPCC. Yot have


received a full statement from them. What does that say? They have


confirmed they have at a referral from the National Crime Agency, they


have referred themselves. It details a failing in action in 2012 that


they are focusing on. They will now assess what they need to do. They


also seek an inspiration for the National Crime Agency as to why they


did not refer the 16 month delay to them last November. Why now, a day


after the BBC broke the story? That is the question. Do we know what


that turning point was? I do. I have just booked into the Nation`l Crime


Agency. They say it is when we called yesterday and said, did you


know that Myles Bradbury carried on abusing patients during the 16


months you hold onto that police file? That is a significant part of


what will be that IPCC investigation. It is a model in the


investigation agencies at the top. And remember Addenbrooke's hospital


has a dedicated helpline open Monday to Friday `


the number's on your screen now Or you can call the NSPCC


24 hours a day. A care home nurse


who failed to help a resident when she fell and died has been


ordered to undertake more training. didn't call for an ambulancd


or perform CPR on the woman when she fell at the


Capwell Grange Nursing Home in Luton The nurse was also accused


of leaving an answer phone lessage to inform


the woman's relatives she h`d died. The Nursing and Midwifery Council


today ruled But with restrictions


for the next 12 months. Next tonight,


the ?150 million transformation After years of work, the new`look


Lister is almost complete. There's a new surgery unit


called the Treatment Centre, a new cardiac unit


plus critical care and A, as well as purpose`built


ward blocks, better parking It's part of a big shake`up


of services in the area, which has also seen inpatient


and emergency services lost Today,


Look East had a sneak previdw I gather you have come here with


pain in the stomach. This m`n was admitted with acute stomach pains.


It is the first time he has seen the new hospital. He did not know what


to expect. I was concerned with all of the building work going on. It is


actually an improvement. Whdn I came as a child, it was lower. This


woman's nearest Accident and Emergency was at Welling but that


has now closed. Everyone has closed down. State`of`the`art. In `nother


building, for purpose`built `` four purpose`built operating the`tres.


They can use these powered pendants. They have all of these gases you


need for operating in a the`tre That is attached to an anaesthetic


machine. They have these latest flights that allowed the surgeon to


get the perfect brightness they need and then overhear, a very ilportant


bit. This is the control centre You can control the lighting and


ventilation. Control the airflow and you can control infection. Ht puts


us with the very best. Thesd are purpose`built, fully equippdd


theatres and absolutely to lodern spec. There is nothing bettdr,


certainly locally and probably nationally. In 2012, Her Majesty the


Queen opened the new maternhty ward. Meeting new dads and new muls. This


is part of four years of buhlding at the hospital, costing more than ?150


million. Almost complete, the endoscopy unit. We look at the image


on a high`definition television Tiny cameras used to see inside our


bodies. This is a new facilhty that expands and increases our physical


capacity. We have time to grow into that and that makes the futtre


development of endoscopy very exciting. A revitalised hospital


serving a population of six and a thousand. It is almost finished ``


600,000. Four women have been shortlhsted


as potential conservative c`ndidates to replace South Cambridgeshire s


outgoing MP Andrew Lansley. Charlotte Vere is one


of those hoping to be selected. Heidi Allen lost out


in an earlier election Jo Churchill is a county cotncillor


and healthcare campaigner. Helen Whately is


the fourth candidate The selection will be made


on October the 11th. In the week that it was announced


that the Glamis Hall Care Home in Wellingborough


was recommended for closure, a second centre, just a few miles


away, is also now under thrdat. runs a drop`in centre


for the elderly. But, because


of changes to the way it's funded, the Association says it will run out


of money at the end of the lonth. Two centres, one town


and a familiar problem ` money. But the people here


are in no doubt ` money can't buy what


this place offers. It means a lot to me, sweetheart.


Without the centre, I have nowhere to go. We have friends that we see


on the street and say hello but we need somewhere to go and talk and


have a cup of tea. You have this in the pipeline for closing, rhght in


Wellingborough. Where will these people go?


This building is also the b`se for special needs sports cl`sses


and an Afro Caribbean Saturday school


and the fear is, if the day care centre closds,


there's a question about the future of other activithes.


It is a domino effect. If the Alderley Centre closes, we will have


to close as well. It is part of the community. It is the only place in


Wellingborough that people can go where they can meet up with people


that come from the same part of the world has `` as them.


The day care centre used to get its money


But now organisations have to apply for money


and a decision on future funding hasn't yet been madd.


My funding runs out at the dnd of September. We have a situathon where


we have to wait to see who wins the contract and it will be another


three months down the road. Northamptonshire County Council


says, by asking organisations to apply for money, "It will help to


ensure we achieve the best outcomes "We also work with groups


and charities to identify "where alternative funding streams


can be found." But, at the moment,


an alternative source of cash hasn't been found, so for now this


centre's future looks uncertain The Luton`based airline, Easyjet,


is boosting its fleet with an order


for an additional 27 Airbus planes. The airline says the new aircraft


has wider cabins and helps with faster


airport turnaround times. It makes Easyjet the largest


customer for the Airbus in Durope, after it ordered 100


of the more fuel`efficient version Let's join Stewart and Susid now


for the rest of Look East. Maureen Lipman joins us


in the studio. And four metres tall,


made of willow, Earlier this year the East of


England Ambulance Trust prolised It was one of six promises


designed around the Trust. New figures show


the Trust has now offered contracts And how is morale among


the rest of the staff? Mike Liggins has been out whth


one crew in Cambridgeshire. The Peterboro ambulance station at


6:45am. Paramedic Mark Chaplan is starting a 12 hour shift. In with


him is this student paramedhc, David Starkey. The first job of the day is


an emergency phone calls to an elderly lady who has collapsed at


home. It is a high`pressure job the trust has recruited around 400 new


student paramedics, 140 havd left in the last 18 months. 79`year`old and


is breathless and weak. A p`ramedic gets to her house first, thd two


paramedics close behind. We travelled to so many elderlx people


who have fallen down. My own mother died in July when she fell, and died


before the ambulance attenddd. I am mindful of the needs of elddrly


people. I will have to take you back a little bit. Don't be alarled.


David is a former policeman and lorry driver, but at 52 has decided


to try and change his career. He has done his basic eight week training


and 750 hours on the road. The large number of new recruits has put more


pressure on the old hands lhke Mark, that he is optimistic. I think


morale is on the upturn. We have been going through difficult stages.


Good times are around the corner, we are in a transitional time. With the


lady safely transfer to hospital, there is a brief stop at a cup of


tea stand`off point. You can tell he is still a student. The crew do not


get time to drink it. Anothdr phone call, another pregnant women has


collapsed at home. Is everything in East Anglian ambulance trust garden


Rosie? The answer is no. He is always `` pay is always an hssue.


The difficulty comes when you are getting to the end of your shift,


your shift can go on 13, 14 errors. `` 40 hours. Despite all of the


pressure, this is a job people still want to do. Very nice patients,


aren't they? Realistically, there are worse ways of earning a living


as well. Having started shift at 6:45am, Mark and David are due to


finish around now, along but rewarding day. That Iraq a long but


rewarding day. The actress Maureen Lipman hs here


today. She has been doing something very close to her heart.


Her husband died of a type of cancer called myeloma. This afternoon,


Maureen went to a centre in Norfolk to meet other people with the


disease. When she came to the Look East studio I asked her abott the


visit. Cancers in all of our lives, isn't it? My husband died of


myeloma, it is the one that we do not know about. At this wonderful


cancer centre, they have a lonthly meeting of myeloma group, and I went


and spoke to them. It was rdally nice, we had a fun and easy time.


The lady runs that centre is the mother Teresa of Norwich. I learned


more going there than they dver got from me. You have been speaking


before we started doing the interview, making people latgh while


they are there as well, as hearing stories? I simply cannot tell that!


Laughter and drama are ther`peutic. People have always needed it, they


always will, and particularly in times of strain, when all you talk


about is your illness, it is just great to be able to kick yotr shoes


off, have a cup of tea, spe`k to people and have a laugh. Dods it


bring it back to your loss when you go to places like that? You had such


an amazing marriage, didn't you It is ten years, and I am very happy in


my life, but it is like yesterday. And the glory of widowhood hs the


fact that I can go out and talk about Jack to any number of people,


and there is a reference. Most people who are widowed or would a


word, people start rolling their eyes after six months. It is not


sad, it is tiring, if you know what I mean. You are keeping it `ll down.


When people start to weep, `s occasionally they do, the tdndency


is to weep with them. I do dnough of that on stage every night. H do not


know where it comes from! Btt it is good for you. You expel toxhns. You


talk about Jack, even when xou are talking about Daytona. You lentioned


him and said something like, they will never get what you do. This


play, they do. Jack always said you make it too easy, you should hang


onto the curtains and look `s if you exhausted. He was right in ` way.


The kind of acting I like is one that looks naturalistic, yot cannot


see the joins. This play is the best part I have ever had in my life


because it allows me to be spinning on a sixpence from restraint, high


emotion, drama, comedy, and it surprises me every night. The author


is a dish. Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr Burns and 15 other vohces in


The Simpsons. The three of ts are a nice little team. You do not know


what has happened at any given moment in this play. Once you start,


two shows yesterday, followdd by an Indian meal, my gosh! I blew


straight here today! It is tiring, but that is what we do and love


doing, and that is what I whll do until I drop. It has been lovely


having you on the programme, Maureen. Thank you very much.


She really is fantastic. Every two minutes somebody hn this


country is diagnosed with c`ncer. Thousands more people will be


doing their bit to raise money for cancer research next month


as they take to the streets The March on Cancer events `re


taking place simultaneously in 15 locations across the country


on October 11th, Louise Hubball has been to leet


a young cancer survivor seldcted Like many teenagers, David hs


pondering his future after he finished school this summer. It is a


future he cherishes after strviving cancer. Cancer is such a devastating


illness, and the sooner we can get rid of it, the sooner thous`nds of


lives will be improved. Davhd knows the devastating effect of the


disease only too well. He lost his leg jeering treatment for a rare


bone cancer at the age of 12. `` jeering treatment. That must have


been incredibly hard. I did not know anything about the chemotherapy


treatment, I did not know it was going to be huge, several wdeks of


hell, to be honest. For that reason, it was particularly unpleas`nt.


Because I was young and didn't really understand the implications.


What are you looking forward to now? I'm still deciding upon my career,


you only have one life and xou need to think very carefully abott what


you're going to do with it. In my case, I am willing to take `ll the


risks and do the things that perhaps a lot of people, it could not be as


bad as having cancer, so, yds, I am quite motivated to get things done.


For now, David is focused on fundraising, and will be le`ding the


March on Cancer in Cambridgd on October 11, part of a national


event, a 45 minute evening walk with live music to raise money and


awareness of the disease. More people are surviving cancer than


ever before, but of current trends continue, one in two people will be


diagnosed with cancer. We w`nt to do everything in our power to lake sure


we can save as many lives as possible. And with his life saved by


research and treatment, Davhd says this is a fight he wants to be part


of. It is not very often we get a giant gorilla on this progr`mme It


is very unusual to get one lade from willow and bronze. One of them has


gone on display for one day only before it is shipped to a ndw,


permanent home. King Kong, as he's known, w`s


created by a sculptor living near Beccles in Suffolk, and was


commissioned by an anonymous client She used a bit of willow to get the


detail, to get that effect. King Kong is the creative work of


Robert Yates. Normally he m`kes Bissell book `` bespoke fences. The


gorilla was commissioned a client living in the Seychelles. Robert got


the order when a London architects are some of his creations at an


exhibition. I was sent a drxing and asked, do you think you can do this?


I said, I will give it a go, but if I am going to do it, I must make a


model first of all. I wasn't sure if I could do it. The gorilla hs eight


feet tall and ten feet long. He is also 7.5 feet wide and weighs 4


stone. The face was made by Robert's wife, and the whold


sculpture took three months to complete. It is a labour of love, it


really is. We had to create a stainless steel armature for it


That alone was around 150 khlos Then I was put into my studho and I


started working on him. I started first of all on his hands. Fingers


and toes. They were the really fiddly bits. Really tricky. Robert


does not know very much abott the client to commission this


magnificent beast. The gorilla will be created and shipped out to the


Seychelles, where he will spend his days in an air`conditioned room in a


very large house. Would you cull that handsomd?


Exactly that word, yes! The weather forecast.


This was the scene if you wdre up very early, a lot of mist and fog


across the region. But for ` few hours, we were bathed in sunshine.


The temperatures are not bad for a mid`September day, Cambridgd was


warmest, 25 degrees in a nulber of places. But that's north Norfolk


coast line, Cromer, a lot of mist still unsure. It is redeveloping


through this evening. `` a lot of mist still on shore. Another thing


to contend with is heavy and thundery showers moving up from the


channel. A lot of us will mhss them, if they affect anywhere, it will be


the western half. They do gdt further east so you may hear a


rumble of thunder through the night. Quite a muggy night, temper`tures


will be around 14, 16 degreds. Mist and dense font `` fog patchds, that


could bring its own feeling of dampness and drizzle in places. It


is all tied into this weathdr front, coming up from Francd at the


moment. This will still be `round through tomorrow. They are looking


quite isolated, and should be a lot of dry weather. First thing it will


be really quite cloudy, a lot of mist and fog to clear. Low`level


cloud, likely to remain quite cloudy all day. Perhaps a little glimmer of


Brighton is here and there, but these showers looking as though they


could affect parts of counthes in the region `` a little glimler of


brightness. A lot of dry we`ther, if rather cloudy. It will not be quite


so warm, but it will feel htmid perhaps at Upton Butcher of 23


degrees. `` perhaps the top temperature of 23 degrees. There


could be a few showers lingdring on Saturday morning, but quite a


shifting weather pattern. Tonight will bring finer weather, btt cooler


and fresh air will be introduced. Showers to clear first thing on


Saturday, then it is looking largely fine. We will still say quite warm


and humid, but it will be brighter for Monday but much cooler `nd


fresher. That is the forecast. Thank you very much. That is all


from us, have a good evening. We will see you tomorrow night.


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