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Hello, and welcome to Look Dast continues. The dream


After that historic vote in Scotland, we explain what it


We're in Corby where the independence referendum has


split local opinion among the large ex`pat Scots commtnity:


I love the Thistle, I give to this economy but I love the Thistle


standing next to the rose. We take you on a


behind the scenes tour of And we're counting


down to the weekend's big m`tch Scotland remains part of thd UK


but with a lot more powers. And England looks set


for some big changes too. The climax of the referendul


campaign certainly gripped Scotland. And, closer to home,


the large community of Scots in the town of Corby in Northamptonshire


eagerly awaited the outcome. The stakes were high, a votd on


the future of Scotland and the UK. And at the Grampian Club,


Corby's Scottish expats werd anxiously waiting to see how


the votes would stack up. Britain will be a far better place


together than everyone splitting up. It will be no good to no`ond in


Scotland, they need to realhse that. I do not believe that England


have helped us in Scotland. After a long night in Corby,


an early morning mist. But the result of the vote


in Scotland was clear. I love Scotland, I love the Thistle,


I give to this economy, but I like the Thistle standing next


to the Rose. People have had this opporttnity to


go independent, I think the heart went out


the window and the head came back


in. There are more than 7,500 Scots`born


people living in Corby. But


the result could affect even those Everybody seems to be agreed that we


need more devolved powers, not just to Ireland,


Scotland and Wales, but also to If we are going to really lhsten to


people's voices, and make every vote count, we would also have to reform


the electoral system. The Scottish Saltire could dase to


fly and also the Union flag in Corby, a reminder this referendum


result mattered not just a pupil in Scotland but elsewhere as well,


especially those living in this Northamptonshire town that they


still called Little Scotland. And nearby Northampton also has


an interest. Some 700 years ago in 1328,


a treaty was signed at It brought to an end more than 0


years of war between Scotland It is the first time in the form


of a treaty that England recognises It is important, because it would be


the basis of negotiations if ever Of course, for now, that's been


rejected by the people of Scotland. A relief for some of Corby's Scots,


but a disappointment for others Dr Sean Lang is a senior lecturer


at Anglia Ruskin University He is a specialist in the hhstory


of Britain. A short while ago, I asked him


if the referendum outcome in Scotland will have implications


for us here in the East of Dngland. What has happened now is th`t,


since the vote last night and this morning, the whole United


Kingdom, particularly England, The question of how this will pan


out for the rest of the UK, the implications, once you start


talking about extra powers for Scottish Parliament, obviously,


the question of England comds in. For any particular region


like our own, that raises qtestions, what will it mean


if you start devolving powers? Some sort of regional


representation. The eastern region has more


inhabitants than the whole Isn't it right we have more powers


to raise taxes, to make dechsions Indeed,


people will think in those terms. The biggest difference lookhng


in terms of population, East Anglia isn't quite the same as Scotland


in terms of identity, it is a region of a larger entity, England,


it is not a direct comparison. In strict justice terms,


the idea that if you are gohng to give a reward as people see, to one


party who has caused troubld, then it is only natural that people


will say, what about us? What are the benefits for the


eastern region The obvious thing, by definhtion,


is more control over the thhngs It will tend to be what you might


call bread`and`butter issues. We could be more responsive directly


to big demands like that, then that We give more money to Scotl`nd


than Scotland gives back to us. We have a powerhouse in


the economy of Cambridge, You are right, that question has


been raised by Wales just this Clearly, we will have to rethink


the basis of funding the various There are all sorts of posshbilities


raised by this referendum. It is exciting


but we have to get it right. For how soon changes will come, all


the signs were in terms of what they were saying to the Scots is change


would come in quickly, they talked David Cameron said changes dlsewhere


would be on the same timetable. Presumably, changes which wd could


see in the course of 2015. Our political correspondent Andrew


Sinclair will be giving his thoughts on the Scottish vote and wh`t it


means, later in the programle. It's been revealed tonight that


the Deputy Police Commissioner for Bedfordshire was forced to leave


her post, after trying to interfere At the time, the Commissiondr's


Office gave no explanation for But Look East has learnt th`t she


tried to exert her influencd Neil Bradford is following


the story and joins me now. What do we know?


The commissioner left her ?36,0 0 a year job rather suddenly at the end


of July. The reasons for her resignation were not made ptblic at


the time because they involved and active court case, a trial `t Luton


Crown Court, relating to an attempted murder of a Luton


accountant. The Commissioner was said to have


used her position to influence the judge. We understand that she was


asking him to impose reporthng restrictions regarding a kex


witness, to save embarrassing details of the case becoming public.


That witness was her fiance who is related to the accused.


It was decided that her poshtion was untenable. It comes in the same week


that her boss that that he will not face any further proceedings


regarding sharing information about a live investigation with hhs


partner. What happens next?


At the time, there was real concern this could interfere with the course


of justice. But the matter hs now fully investigated. Bedfordshire


Police say it is now a mattdr for the Police And Crime Panel which


scrutinises the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Thex may


feel that no further action is required, or that this constitutes


misconduct in a public office, and refer the matter to the IPCC. We


contacted the former commissioner tonight but she said she was unable


to comment further at this time Cambridgeshire Police are sdarching


for a burglar who raided eight flats They've released this image


of a man caught on CCTV outside It happened on the 4th of Sdptember


when ?1,000 worth The region's railways could come


back into state ownership, hf Labour As Labour members gather for


the party's annual conference, the idea of a partial re`nation`lisation


is gaining support. Those in favour say it's


the most effective way to control Labour think they have found


an issue which will play well with Despite small improvements hn recent


years, there are still regular complaints about the qualitx of


service, particularly on thd lines which run through Northamptonshire


and Cambridge into London. Labour says it is proof that


privatisation isn't working. It is time


for governments to intervend, and put


the public back in charge again What we are trying to do is have


a railway that puts the interests of passengers first,


not profits. We want a cap on rail fares,


allow a directly operated r`ilway to bid against


the private sector train opdrators. And devolve rail services


to local communities. The party points to the success of


the East Coast Main Line whhch runs Taken back into public ownership


after National Express pulldd out, it has made money, and customer


satisfaction has risen. Labour wants to see more


publicly`run companies biddhng to Those who support


privatisation say, if that happened, there would not be enough money to


fund improvements to the network. What happens


when a company takes on a franchise is they put up the money


to get things like new carrhages. That is what we need, particularly


on the Norwich to London line, in East Anglia, that


investment to get us a bettdr There is still confusion ovdr


exactly how Many in the industry say


partial renationalisation It would have been simpler to say,


let the franchises run out, take them back in`house,


and recreate a British Rail. There are some in the party who


would like to see the full renationalisation of the rahlways,


but Ed Miliband will not go that Even calling for partial


renationalisation gives votdrs Has privatisation worked


for the region's railways, or is it There will be more on that story,


and other coverage from the Labour Party conference, on this wdekend's


edition of Sunday Politics. It's at 11 o'clock on Sundax,


here on BBC One. Researchers in Cambridge have been


given more than ?2 million to look The grant will fund a number


of projects, including one to allow scientists to investigate r`re forms


of the disease. It will also pay for equipmdnt to


analyse brain samples Funding will also encourage new


scientists into The money was donated by


Alzheimer's Research UK. Still to come tonight,


Tom's here with all the sport including our football leagte new


boys Luton Town and Cambridge United Plus,


the arts festival that brings the circus onto the streets, and it s


going from strength to strength If you're driving


around the countryside and see a field full of silver then


the chances are it's a solar farm. They're springing up


across the region, a carbon`free way But they're also controvershal,


many people say they're a blot Now one of the biggest


in Cambridgeshire is fighting back. The owners claim that as well


as producing green power wildlife A Cambridge a field for harvesting,


but not crops, the son. Row after row, the gaps between the p`nels are


so these shades doesn't encroach on the light. How does this work? The


sun comes down and hit the cells, each of these cells is on a module,


and is ultimately linked into the inverter over there. From there it


goes into the National Grid. On a day like this, will it work? If you


feel it, the panels are not hot Although not hot, they are very


efficient. More efficient than in Italy and Spain, for exampld, that


is why in the UK we generatd more solar power. Today I visited just


one small section of it, installed recently. There are over 20,000


panels here. Over 31 acres, which can power 1400 homes a year. Solar


farms have been criticised `s a blot on the landscape. But here, largely


undisturbed, nature is workhng around it. While filming, wd saw


hairs, a kestrel, and evidence of a badger set. Some people aren't


comfortable with land being used for solar farms. Understandable, we were


very careful about using thd field, this is not a good feel for


agriculture, and we would ndver have seen a registered here a few years


ago. This is a great opporttnity for regeneration. This is the whole site


from the air. The country's largest solar farm is now six times the size


of this. When the lease runs out on this land and 25 years, the company


says the structures can be pulled down and recycled and the l`nd


return to crops. Sport now and six weeks into the


football season it's time for a progress report on our teams who


made it back into the Footb`ll League.


With that and news of two of our sailors in the world


championships, here's Tom. We'll start with football and our


sides aiming for the Premier League. Ipswich in 10th


after back`to`back wins for the first time this season have


to wait until Monday to plax Wigan. Tomorrow, Norwich are back


at home against Birmingham. Two away wins inside a week has


lifted them to second, another win I'm sure everybody now is


expecting it to be a formalhty. I have been


in the game long enough to know that If we go up


into this complacently thinking it is a case of how many we will score,


Birmingham will turn us over. Here are the games in Leagud One,


all our sides lost in midwedk. MK Dons' fans will no doubt give


an extra cheer tomorrow for one Midfielder Dele Alli has bedn


named the Football League's The 18`year`old has been linked with


several Premier League clubs but he's agreed


a contract extension with the Dons. I have enjoyed playing here,


hopefully I can help get thd club promoted. I would like to bd part of


that, it would be a dream. The people here are great, they help


keep my feet on the ground. people here are great, they help


keep my feet on the ground. Now in League Two,


all five sides are in action. The U's are expecting their


biggest crowd in over a dec`de. Both teams were promoted


last summer, so this will bd There will always be managers who


have turned around the club's fortunes. These two took Calbridge


and Luton back to the footb`ll league. It hasn't been as


straightforward in their new surroundings, they are still


settling in eight games in. Performance wise, I haven't been


happy, we need to add a few roles. We have had a fairly solid start. If


on the picture is room for improvement, Cambridge have had to


open a game of it. A new, user`friendly ticket system.


Progress for a club that st`rted the season with only two full`thme


members of staff. They are both ambitious clubs but have both been


in financial difficulty in the past. The key to their success is a


winning team on the pitch, how much they spend about getting in trouble


again. It is easy to throw loney at it but you collapse later. What we


are trying to do as custodi`ns of the club is, we owe it to the


supporters, when we leave it, the club is in a better position than we


took over. Both clubs have had to bring in reinforcements this week,


injuries have already taken their toll. With crowds of around 800 ,


looters have the deeper pockets but are two points worse off th`n


Cambridge. The standard has been better, there is more footb`ll


players, everyone is quicker, better, stronger, can read the game


better. It is harder to score a goal and easy to conceive. I do X`rated


differentiable games? What sort of question is that `` are you


expecting to finish above C`mbridge? The three points on offer would be


useful to both teams, but not vital. Cambridge are neglecting thdir


biggest crowd in over a dec`de as to old foes do battle.


To rugby, English champions Northampton head


to Newcastle on Sunday keen to learn from their opening defeat.


Star winger George North has told us they're determined to send out


a message to the rest of the Premiership.


A lot of teams are coming at us week in, week out wanting to smash


If you can't get motivated to defend your own house and look


after your own team, I don't think you should put the jersey on.


To the sailing World Championships in Spain,


Peterborough windsurfer Nick Dempsey has missed out on a medal.


The defending champion finished fifth.


But there's still hope for Saskia Clark from Essex as


The road to Rio begins here. After a dramatic coastline. The past six


days have been about qualifhcation, racing to make the cut. The top ten


are battling for medals. Nick Dempsey has been here enterdd


before, but the Olympic silver medallist struggled to come to terms


with the heavy conditions. Lother nature dished out strong brdezes,


that 20 fell out of contenthon for a medal but the climb up to fhfth I


came here with a realistic goal of finishing top five, I surpassed my


own expectations of how I would perform in the wind, that is great.


I was disappointed with my results in the strong winds. There have been


better news for Essex's Saskia Clark and her partner Hannah Mills, with


four top three finishers, they crossed the line second and fourth


husband morning listening to third overall. `` second and fourth


overall. For previews to all this wedkend's


football including team news, There's coverage of all the games


on your local BBC Radio Station You may remember there was


controversy in the summer when the arts council announced who


was it was giving funding to. Places like the Theatre Roy`l


in Bury St Edmunds lost out, but one of the big winners


a circus and street art event called It's been going for 7 years


and it's been going This week, the streets of


Great Yarmouth have been filled Dawn Gerber has been to see them


in action. It is iconic and represents Great


Yarmouth's Circus heritage, but tonight, the next generation of


performers get their chance to shine. This local lad gradu`ted from


Circus School recently and lixes debut performance tonight. There is


a history of circus in my f`mily, my uncle is a clown and perforled


here, growing up, he operatdd his own circus. I used to grow tp and


see that with my family. It is always in my mind. Performing to a


home crowd is scary. Especi`lly being back here, I spend so much


time here. I watched all thd shows, now it is my chance to be in the


ring. Tom is one of 200 arthsts performing at this year's Ott There


Festival. We have a huge variety of art forms, dance, music, circus


something for everyone and visitors as well. That is what we want to


do, something enormous, but for everyone. Away from the rehdarsals,


producers and promoters frol across Europe have been at a conference


discussing how to help performers at this country get into the


international scene. We will explain that if you have a UK company has


you can structure it and also what type of performance could tour in


other countries. Because yot can understand that maybe the ET and the


UK can be different to what is happening in, say, France. The


conference heard today is vdry international. I think that just


shows why we should back thhs. The festival brings around ?1 mhllion in


the local economy, attracting thousands of visitors and elploy


local people. It is starting to get recognition nationally and


internationally, adding to regenerate the area and put Great


Yarmouth back on the map. Back to tonight's main storx,


the decision by Scotland to stay We've already heard reaction


from people in the region. But where does this leave


the politics of the region? Andrew Sinclair is here,


how much has changed? Two things are going on herd, we are


part of the national story, a lot of MPs think we have given awax too


much power to Scotland. Thex are worried that Google is baton that


people in England `` that pdople in England will think they havd lost


out. MPs are saying don't forget about us. This is a potenti`lly big


row in the Conservative Party. There is the regional story as well,


people are saying that becatse Scotland has more powers, the


regions should have more as well. If we live in Cornwall or the


north`west of England, this would be a live issue. But in this rdgion,


there is no East Anglia and separatist movement. But whhle local


politicians might want to t`ke more power from Westminster, thex will


struggle to get ordinary people interested.


And yet the Prime Minister talked today about giving more powdr to


Yes, he said he wanted to do more to empower the cities, many of our


towns of our towns have alrdady been empowered, places like Cambridge


Ipswich, Milton Keynes, that gives councils more of a say over spending


and development. A lot of this region is verbal, indeed, the local


and government organisations pointed out that people in the countryside


often feel left out when it comes to spending decisions. Remember, we pay


more into government than wd get back. Whether we like it or not


there will be a debate in the years ahead, how do we empower people do


they want to be a debate in the years ahead, how do


with the heat and humidity building, it has all gone back. Thunddrstorms


across the region. This aftdrnoon, we have seen an intense perhod of


rainfall, some torrential downpours causing localised flooding. This


area is stretching from Essdx up to West Norfolk. Flashes of lightning,


anywhere is at risk of thesd in the evening and overnight. They could


pop up anywhere. Nowhere is free of them, but you might find th`t some


of the region might end up staying dry. Lots of missing moving in, fog


patches in the morning. `` ` lot of mist. A cold front will movd in


cooler, bright and fresh to the north. That will be with us by


Sunday. But for tomorrow, ftrther showers, any of them could be heavy


and fungi. If anything, as that when the front approaches, they could be


more frequent `` heavy and thundery. Still quite warm and humid,


temperatures could get you 20 Celsius, it'll get cooler and fresh


as different heads southwards. In the afternoon, showers will keep


going, gradually dying away as we get overnight. This is what is


likely to happen next, high`pressure, good news, it will


mean fine and settled conditions from Sunday onwards until the middle


of the week. To summarise, we will see further showers on Saturday that


could be heavy and thundery, then it will be quite a bit more sunshine on


Sunday, perhaps the odd coastal shower, most places dry, but cooler


and fresher. A drop in tempdrature on Sunday, but it looks as though we


will get if you days of dry weather. There will be patchy cloud,


but plenty of sunshine. A lhttle cooler by day and by night,


temperatures dropping to single figures, some cool nights, but not


as much mist. Thank you, Aldx. You knew it would rain, didn't xou? Yes.


Good night. devoting their time


to National Lottery-funded projects and, tonight, we're celebrating


the difference they make. as we see how important these people


and projects really are.


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