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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In the programme tonight: now join the BBC's news teams where


We're being kept in the dark ` a mother whose son was treated


by a paedophile doctor says they need more information.


Angry. Very angry. We're not getting any answers.


A former sergeant wins more than ?200,000 in compensation


The costs of running a rugbx club ` why Bedford is looking


And the Antiques Roadshow in Northamptonshire ` you shmply


Within the past hour, Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge has issued


an apology for the way it h`s handled the Myles Bradbury scandal.


The hospital said the case had been 'deeply distressing' for evdryone.


It has apologised specifically for not contacting parents who complain


they have been left in the dark and says lessons have been learned.


One mother, whose son was treated by Dr Bradbury, told Look E`st


she's angry at the lack of communication from Addenbrooke's.


This report is from our homd affairs correspondent Sally Chidzoy.


The last years have been difficult for the Jones family after their son


was diagnosed with leukaemi`. He was treated by Myles Bradbury btt they


are disappointed that the only letter they have received is one


telling them he was under police investigation. Angry, very `ngry. We


don't know whether her son was involved are not our home any more


children might not have realised. There are so many answers that


nobody seems to be telling ts. Another family has told the BBC the


first year by the family is when it was on the news.


The hospital chose 800 families to tell about Myles Bradbury. Those


patients directly under his care and receiving active treatment for a


chronic condition. It meant a significant number were not told.


Tonight, parents concerned `bout the lack of medication one support. I


think ideally Addenbrooke's Hospital should write to people who lade have


been involved. It is a dreadful matter and clearly people are


worried. We want as much information as possible. At least then they have


that reassurance and are not being kept in the dark. A statement from


the hospital said. After trdatment lasting over three years,


14`year`old Calum is much bdtter now. His parents and other family 's


praise Addenbrooke's Hospit`l staff for doing everything they could for


their children. What it is Lyles Bradbury's shocking deceit `nd


betrayal of staff and familhes that will linger.


And remember, Addenbrooke's hospital has a dedicated helpline opdn Monday


The number on your screen now or you can call the NSPCC 24 hours a day.


A former police sergeant has hit out at the Bedfordshire force


after winning more than ?200,00 in compensation over racial


Harmit Bahra says the conditions he had to endure ruined the last


The epaulettes of the things of most sentimental value. When Harlit Bahra


joined the police aged 18, he had dreams of becoming a senior officer.


But he said he was a victim of racial discrimination as he rose


through the ranks. Passed over for promotion. It ruined my lifd for


several years and the policd `` in the police. I find it very difficult


to be in the company of somd police officers note. There are only a


select few I do associate whth and I blank out the fact I blank out the


factory was ever a policeman. Last week, an employment tribunal found


in his favour, awarding him ?210,000. My concerns were that


senior officers were prepardd to carry out the discrimination needed


against me, there's no reissues for the public. `` reassurance. A


disciplinary has began into home in litigants are treated within the


force. It is there a problel with racism in Bedfordshire Police? I


have to reassure communities that the only thing I have seen from


officers in the front line hs a real passion and care for the people of


Bedfordshire. People are very proud to work for Bedfordshire Police and


I have seen nothing but exelplary behaviour. But Harmit Bahra who


represented himself believes other officers have also been victims of


discrimination. They are too afraid to come forward. They are worried


about how this will affect their career. Harmit Bahra, who rdtired


this year, said he has been left to wonder what could have been. My aims


and hopes were to make history with Bedfordshire Police as the first


Indian Chief Inspector and Superintendent. I feel I have been


robbed of that are now able be known as individual who took them to an


employment tribunal. `` and will now be known.


For years they've been at the centre of


But tonight it seems plans for a set of solar energy sites around


The City Council wanted to build the wind and solar farms on 900 acres of


But the proposals have alwaxs been controversial with the local MP


This field has been used to grow wheat. It has recently been


harvested and all that is ldft stubble. If the City Council's plan


was to go ahead, there would be solar panels here across thhs whole


field. Not just this field, but hundreds of acres of farmland around


Peterborough, making it one of the largest solar farms in Europe. The


farmer, a tenant year for 30 years, doesn't want the scheme to go ahead.


I asked him what he made of this latest delay.


It just puts uncertainty into all the farmers.


Obviously I'm more involved than some because it's going to take


It's uncertainty all the tile and, and with farming,


One estimate says that it would cost ?300 million to build. The council


says it would generate much`needed income. So why have they put off


making a decision? They consider a number of issues. Among thel, the


impact of delay as Government click at plans. Also the fact that the


Government said there will be a reduction in subsidy and by the time


it is built, they may get a lower price for the electricity they


generate. Politically,


the Conservative administration in Westminster simply will kick this


to the long grass anyway. My role was to ensure that


the information people could make The plans have been controvdrsial


ever since they were put forward. The city's Conservative MP wants to


see the whole scheme scrappdd. Independent people can see that this


scheme is not going anywherd fast. It's not financially viable,


it's hugely unpopular, and H think it's high time that Peterborough


City Council faced up to re`lity and actually pulled the plug


on even more public expenditure And I suspect we are unlikely to see


a final decision made on thhs until after the general election next


May. It cost ?22 million to build


but before a single customer has passed through


its doors, Tesco has boarded up `` brand new. Shares in the


supermarket company fell sh`rply The new store in Chatteris will now


be mothballed but there are concerns it could deter other investors


as Mike Cartwright explains. It's up, it's finished. Nearly


50,000 square feet. It was supposed to open in a month. But instead it


is going to be mothballed. Councillors found out when Tesco


sending this letter, telling them it's opening would be delaydd. They


have taken Chatteris for a ride I take exception to that. I fhght very


hard for the town and I am disgusted that the firm as big as Tesco think


they can do something like this `` a firm. We have been given permission


to come up on the roof. The mound in the distance. There is a new


roundabout and new road system. It all cost ?22 million. So whdn is it


going to open? Tesco executhves and in the middle, the developer. Today,


she told us it would open. The retail market is constantly


changing. Retailers had to `dapt to change and assess things. From that


point of view, fitting out the store before Christmas didn't work in


terms of regional strategy. `` retail strategy. It's nothing


specific to Chatteris. The decision comes as Tesco suspended for a bit


senior executives today aftdr profits were overstated by `n


estimated ?250 million. Somd didn't want the store to come here in the


first place. Instead of shoppers, there are security guards hdre.


The police watchdog has been called in to review the death of


Officers were called to reports of a fight at a house in Allen Close


in Bletchley on Friday but when they arrived,


Hours later a man was taken from the house to hospital where he died


A 50`year`old man arrested on suspicion of murder has been


I'll be back with a late update of tonight's stories at 10:00pm


Behind the scenes at the antiques road show. A week old and already a


star, the big baby is pulling in the crowds.


The shadow chancellor Ed Balls has told Look East the Labour P`rty


failed to help working class people when it was last in Governmdnt.


He was speaking at the Labotr Party Conference about the challenges


This report from our political correspondent Andrew Sinclahr.


Labour is working hard in its target seats. This is Norwich North, where


every weekend party activists are out delivering leaflets and


listening to people 's concdrns They still see their energy bills


going up. A lot of people h`ve not had a pay rise in years. Thdy feel


that the coalition aren't actually doing anything for them practically.


There are 13 target seats across their region. Labour will not be


happy if it doesn't win at least eight of them. It felt confhdent


until recently. Then the success of the UK Independence party in some


areas confirmed what activists have long feared: That you get is picking


up support from Labour voters. A survey found that 47% of melbers are


worried about UKIP and view the party leadership isn't taking the


threat seriously enough. If you look at why people are attracted to UKIP


they tend to be the kind of people you haven't gone to univershty I had


insecure jobs and art immigrants. You are left with the white working


class, which is a tradition`l Labour core vote that we seem to bd losing.


The Shadow Chancellor is in charge of campaigning in our region. He


accepted a UKIP problem which needs addressing. If you want change in


the key seats then voting L`bour is the only choice. Many peopld want to


vote UKIP. We know there ard a lot of people who have had a very tough


time and are frustrated. Thd last Labour governments did not doing


enough for working people. They didn't do enough to control


immigration. We have learned our lesson. We will also work h`rd for


working people with policies that will actually make a differdnce to


their lives. It is something that keeps coming up in conversations


here at Labour's conference. A lot of people from our region are


concerned. But no one is sure how to combat the threat of UKIP. @ndrew


joins us now from the Labour Party conference in Manchester. They have


also made a big announcement about police and crime permission ``


commissioners. Yes, a futurd Labour Government will abolish polhce and


kite `` police and crime commissioners. It will save ?50


million. That money will be ploughed into front`line policing. It is one


of the Coalition Government's big ideas. We were to have a directly


elected person in charge of the local police first that back force.


Labour say the idea isn't working say the public don't really like it


and points to the low turnott in the election. There has also bedn quite


a lot of controversy, not ldast no `` those in Norfolk and


Bedfordshire. Many want to see them go. What would replace them? I don't


think Labour and all yet. They say it will be an imaginative solution


and better than just another police authority. We have had the first


action tonight from one of the police and crime commission as


Norfolk. He said that Labour's idea was a joke and a pathetic attempt to


win votes. Thank you. The Prime Minister was busy


today hosting a summit of sdnior Greater powers devolved to


the regions of England. Tonight the BBC East progralme


Inside Out has been finding out how there was a regional parlialent


or assembly in Norwich I wotld Regardless of the amount


of money that body might have to support tourism and bring vhsitors


into the area from London, they would naturally be drawn to the


east rather than to us in the West. I think the idea


of a regional assembly or government is, to some extent,


divisive because there is always So has the Government opened a can


of worms on devolution in the East? That's on Inside Out tonight


at 7.30pm on BBC One. To sport now, and


in football Ipswich will be aiming to close in on the play`off places


when they head to Wigan tonhght Town are looking


for their third straight win. They have made a reasonable start,


but not as good as Norwich. They drew this weekend


but they are hoping for a qtick a point, but once again, happy fans


are purring with satisfaction. The manager this morning was


still talking about a cruci`l We avoided the complacency


and the lack of tempo we had Then again, we still conceddd two


goals that we were annoyed with We are really pleased again with


the comeback. Norwich have scored nine second


half goals in just over one week. Cameron Jerome got five of them


including both against Birmhngham. It is that spirit and self belief


that has helped them stretch 48 hours on


from Norwich's latest thriller. All quiet here, but fans have had


plenty to shout about so far. Five wins


from their opening eight gales. Their only defeat came


on the opening day. We have a good chance


of winning the championship Are you surprised


about how well they have recovered We didn't expect someone like


Neil Adams to come in I have every confidence in


Neil Adams to take us back tp to If Norwich don't go up at the end


of the season it won't be dte to They have the quality and the


ability and the confidence to go up. Fans hope a united city can


bounce back at the first attempt. In rugby Northampton Saints has


a good day at Newcastle yesterday. Four tries, a bonus point and they


are up to third in the Premhership. But in the Championship it's a


different story for Bedford Blues. They're yet to win and are


near the bottom of the leagte. Now they're also having to think


about the future as their Chairman and major financial backer has


announced he's retiring Chairman, Geoff Irvine,


helped rescue them from financial oblivion and kept


them on the straight and narrow But now the man with


the money is moving on. So where next for the region's


second biggest rugby club? If I drop dead tomorrow


the club will go on. Bedford Blues would not be surviving


today without your money. In two`years time they have


to find a way to do so. That is the process that we are


in now. So Bedford have a bright,


bold new vision. They need


the facilities to be modernhsed There is even talk of a centre


of excellence and bringing `ll But at the top


of that list is premiership rugby. When you combine all of the demands,


the bill is vast. The blues currently average match


gates of 2600 with a turnovdr They have a loss of


about ?150,000 each season. There are plans to improve the whole


structure of rugby in Bedford, but All


of the clubs have come together and for the first time I can relember,


they all agree on a principle. That is that they have gone


as far as they can at the moment. The junior clubs need proper


coaching and facilities, If the pinnacle is going to be


Bedford Blues in the premiership There were people before me


and there will be people after me. People in Bedford will


always react to the crisis. It is an opportunity they h`ve


for rugby to survive and thrive If you saw the Antiques Roadshow


last night you'll know it c`me from In fact there was


so much to see they decided to make So there are still


a lot more treasures to be revealed Not least a very unusual, s`tirical


chair which isn't an antiqud at all! Anna Todd went


along to watch the filming. They came in droves, clutchhng their


treasures and feel of antichpation. So you have a stick. Yes. I don t


know what sort of stick it hs. It has some funny markings and I think


it is from the lacemaking industry and wanted explained. We don't know


if it is Georgian or a reproduction, is just sits in the corner of my


sitting room and worries me. A semi`roofless Elizabethan m`nsion is


the backdrop to the antiques road show. Fiona Bruce is raring to go.


Every time I lot `` come it is unexpected. I have found about ``


found out about one item I `m going to be filming, but it is right up my


alley. But that chair was everywhere. It was a crowd pulling,


satirical modern masterpiecd. I ve I brought my old tool box dathng from


the 1880s. That was the thing that was focused on. When they s`w the


chair in our lounge they sahd, wow, can we bring that? But at fhrst it


was only valued at if you ground. Because I knew how long it took me,


and I spent about 500 hours making it, they put a minimum of ?00,0 0 on


it. It would work very well in portcullis house, where the MPs have


their offices. It would be ` constant reminder to them of the


things they're predecessors have got up to. Some hopes were raisdd,


others were dashed. It didn't matter. For most it was eight Jolly


good day out. `` it was eight. This not so literal feather was born


in a couple of days ago at Whipsnade zoo. He is already a hit with the


crowds. Mum is very proud. Hf that hasn't made you smile then hopefully


today's sunshine has. The temperatures have risen tod`y. Many


places aren't far behind, btt the only difference was the north


Norfolk coast, where the exception to the rule was only around 15


Celsius. There was plenty of sunshine. We did have some cloud,


but a lot of clear sky and blue sky. We will have a lot of clear sky


overnight. Underneath that clear sky we will see some mist and p`tchy fog


developing and it will be qtite chilly. The computer says the lows


will they be in built`up ardas, in rural areas it will be as low as


three Celsius. That could mdan a touch of ground frost. A prdtty


chilly start tomorrow. High pressure in charge as a weather front pushes


in from the North ringing r`in tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning


will be chilly, but dry. Anx mist and fog should clear quicklx and we


should have some decent spells of sunshine. More cloud than today We


hold onto the light winds. Ht looks like a dry end to the day. Hnto


tomorrow evening we see mord cloud coming in and eventually sole rain.


Most of it will be light and Shari, but we cannot rule out some heavy


bursts. `` and showering. That should clear on Wednesday w`rning


and it will become brighter with sunny spells developing. A breezy


day on Wednesday, Thursday `nd Friday. Thursday and Friday will


have much more cloud around. This may produce some light rain, but


hopefully both days producing some sunshine. It should become warmer


overnight as well.


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