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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening and welcome to Tuesday's Look East.


Another Chinese takeover ` the Cambridge start`up that's been


snapped up, but at what cost to the local economy?


70 weapons in seven days ` `n Uzi machine gun is amongst the haul


A plea for the Virgin of Sorrows, but can the public afford this 7th


We'll be here later in the programme asking shotld they


Our police and crime commissioners are hitting back at Labour's plan


And, batting into the top flight ` it's crunch time for Essex cricket.


First tonight, one of Cambridge's blossoming


companies has been bought ottright by a Chinese communications giant.


Neul, which is based in Histon and employs 30 people, has been bought


The Cambridge firm has been making its mark in new technology to power


A way of using the internet to monitor everyday


issues like traffic flow and the number of free parking spaces.


The takeover is part of a ?1 billion investment by Huawei.


But what does all this mean for Cambridge?


Litter bins letting us know when they are full. Fridges tellhng us


when they need filling. Knowing where the queues are beforehand


because cars are communicathng with the roads. The so`called Internet of


things. It is technology already using existing cell towers like that


one for our mobile phones and other devices, but in two years or so


tens of thousands of differdnt appliances and machines could be


communicating by those as wdll, telling us exactly what thex are


doing. Huawei is China's biggest tennis comms company. Now looking to


invest ?1.5 billion in Brit`in. The downside to this deal is th`t here


we had a very innovative, vdry smart new British company in a technology


that is supposed to be the future of the Internet, and it is alrdady in


effect handing that future to a Chinese company. It would bd nice


once in a while to see a colpany grow under British ownership, and


grow into a global giant took complete with the likes of Huawei.


Neul's technology is now behng trialled. Centres tracking


everything from traffic movdment to the flow in water pipes. Technology


the Chinese are buying into in a big way. In 1999, the Chinese government


set up the going out policy. That is designed to encourage Chinese firms


to go outward. I see this as part of that policy. If you look at Huawei


technologies, investment at Neul is to grow and lead them to acpuire


technology which they can use in their home country. A company now


only three years old, swallowed up by a telecoms giant, keen to get


hold of this new technology. A man has died


after a mid`air collision One of the aircraft came down


in fields off the A1 at Tempsford The second managed to land safely


at Thurleigh Airfield. Our reporter Emma Baugh is


in Tempsford for us now. What started as a morning flight,


now an investigation scene. The microlight finally came down near


Rectory farm, but police believe the actual midair collision at possibly


around 3000 feet could have happened far nearer to the busy A1. The pilot


may have tried to steer awax from rush`hour traffic. Due to the


weather conditions, it is too early to say whether he deliberatdly took


evasive action and came down in the field. They're in the field. They


remind, and he would have thme some time to manoeuvre his plane to land


in a safe location. The light aircraft the microlight flooded with


was able to carry on flying to an airfield some miles away. The pilot


was not injured. Throughout the day, emergency service is have bden at


the scene, where debris frol the aeroplane fell over at least one


mile. Police hope the investigation will bring some comfort to the


family. Our thoughts are with them at this time. Obviously thex have a


number of pieces of the jigsaw they are trying to piece together to


understand the exact circumstances and how this tragic accident


happened. That scene is now under the control of the air accident


investigation Branch, which is continuing to try to work ott


exactly what caused the two aircraft to collide.


After years of planning and millions of pounds of t`xpayers'


investment, proposals to buhld one of the world's largest aquaria


The project would have seen land in Stewartby transformed into ` visitor


attraction four times the shze of the Eden Project in Cornwall


It was always controversial, but now even its supporters are


demanding that the company behind it, Nirah, pays back the lo`ns.


Waseem Mirza has more of the details.


This was meant to be more than just a giant aquarium.


It was set to be a site for scientific research,


a major international visitor attraction with a cinema,


three hotels, restaurants and conference facilities.


That doesn't come cheap ` the estimated price tag was ?60


Now Nirah, which is an aquatic research institute, was granted


outline planning permission for the project back in 2009 and that's


They had five years to submht detailed plans and now that deadline


is up, and they've failed to bring the project to the wicket.


But they've already spent around ?4 million of taxpayers' money getting


the scheme this far, and many say Nirah must pay that money b`ck.


We work hard for our money. That money was given to these people


where is it? It needs to cole back. They need to be brought to task If


it is ?4 million nine years ago and it is now signalling pals whth


interest, where is that mondy now? There needs to be an investhgation.


Of that ?4 million, ?2 millhon came from central government, and a


further ?1.6 million was lo`ned by what was then Bedfordshire County


Council. That's not to menthon any interest owed on top of that. But


it's not only that money whhch has a big question mark over it today


It's also unclear what will happen to the land at Stewartby whhch the


It was always understood that it would


revert back to Bedford Borotgh and Central Bedfordshire Councils, who


could then, in theory, develop it. But it now seems the council may


have to buy the land back from Nirah, something which has `ngered


even those who once supportdd the project.


comment on the situation, btt the government has told us it's in


discussions with Nirah over the money and the land and that "its


goal is to ensure the best potential outcome for local people and to


It's capable of firing around five bullets a second and it's now in the


A machine gun is just one of 75 weapons handed over in seven


Today, the Northamptonshire force was demonstrating just how deadly


the guns are and why they fdel it's vital they're destroyed.


A deadly demonstration. Showcasing the power of the weapons from the


last week's amnesty. These `re not the surrendered once. That would be


too risky. But every shot is a warning of what could happen in the


wrong hands. This is represdntative of a human torso. Two separ`te but


it holds here, different types of ammunition. If I put my finger


inside here, I can feel a htge cavity before it passes out of the


back, and this tiny hole here, just look at the damage it has done. It


is all manufactured legally, but some of the weapons we have had


handed in our only one owner away from somebody with criminal intent.


To get those of the street hs the part of the amnesty, and it makes


this county a safer place to be In just one week in Northamptonshire,


75 Westerns were handed over. Eight this morning, including eight sheen


gun that was hanging over someone's mantelpiece, and a miniaturd


revolver fully loaded. Here, rifles, revolvers, a bolt gun for shooting


animals, and a self loading pistol like James Bond's. And, behhnd every


weapon, usually an innocent person. A lady called into ask us to recover


an item. She was so concerndd that she would be arrested or be in


trouble for having this weapon, and so relieved to know she had passed


it to somebody who would make it safe. More guns are likely to be


given up over the next seven days, but police warned people not to take


the weapons out in public. Get in touch, and they will come and get


them. More than 208,000 people have now


signed an online petition c`lling for a review of the Governmdnt's


policy to withhold benefits from people who don't attend


meetings at job centres. It follows the case of


David Clapson, a former soldier from Stevenage


who died from a diabetic condition His sister has taken her calpaign to


the Labour Party conference She says she's been overwhelmed


by the response. All I have wanted from the very


start was lessons to be learned No one else to die. And their response


has been they followed procddures, no errors were made, no lessons have


learned, and people are still dying. I hope this will make a difference.


The Fitzwilliam Museum in C`mbridge says it needs to raise thousands of


pounds by Sunday in order to acquire a rare 17th Century statute.


It's appealing to the public for money to help secure thd Virgin


But, some people have questhoned whether museums should have to


Created 350 years ago, the Virgin of Sorrows, with eyelashes madd from


human hair, is a 17th`century Spanish masterpiece. Currently on


loan from a private dealer, the Fitzwilliam is appealing to the


public to raise a further ?03,0 0 by Sunday to keep her. What is your


view on having to rely on the public to secure this? I think it hs rather


good. The vast majority of the purchase price for this has been


raised from the museum's own funds, from generous benefactors. However,


it is like a gauntlet thrown at the feet of the people of Cambrhdge and


visitors to the museum, thex can contribute to this to help bring


this extra ordinary work of art to form part of our collection and they


have responded positively. The Fitzwilliam was built on donations.


A massive public appeal two years ago, secured this special p`inting.


Critics argue this reliance on the public's generosity, so`called cloud


funding, reduces the amount the authority spends on culture. It is


the equivalent of 22p per pdrson per week. The museums Association is


backing a campaign for each area to boost that spend two 50p per week.


It recognises that, in a clhmate of cuts, cloud funding does offer


museum is a solution. It shows you how inventive museums and g`lleries


have been in the present financial situation in trying to develop their


practice in trying to make sure that the public has the best offdr it can


get. But things backfired for Northampton Borough Council when


they sold this 4000 `year`old Egyptian statue to pay for `n


extension to the museum. Arts Council England withdrew its


accreditation. Instead, the Fitzwilliam are relying on the


allure of this arresting pidce of art to get the public to dig into


their pockets. Figures for Luton's ?90 million


guided busway fell well short of predictions and were "embellished",


according to a councillor in Luton. The original business plan


anticipated 9,000 trips a d`y, but there are currently fewdr than


4,000 daily users. The busway is one


year old this week. Councillor Dave Taylor told


BBC Three Counties this morning that the numbers were exaggerated to


secure government funding. The busway's use is to be extended


to include a service to I will be back with a late tpdate at


10pm. Still to come: Ipswich town are up


to seventh place after their third straight win.


And a great start for Essex in the cricket. A step closer to promotion


in their last game of the sdason. Police and Crime Commissiondrs in


our region are hitting back at the Commissioners earn up to ?84,00


a year Labour claims the next PCC


election would cost ?50 million They say the money could be


better spent on the front lhne. They are the people who dechde how


money is spent within our police forces. They have the power to hire


and fire the chief constabld in each county and to set the amount that


you pay towards local polichng each year. But Labour plans to scrap


police and crime commission as if it wins the next general electhon. The


trouble is, they are a costly vanity project. This is the conservatives


trying to impose a new tier of elections in a country that doesn't


really need them. I think the public want to see more police on the


streets rather than more politicians running the police. The


commissioners were first eldcted almost two years ago but on a low


turnout. These roles were created by the coalition to replace thd old


police authorities that are made up of councillors and members of the


public. But now the commisshoners themselves could be replaced. We


asked some of them in this region why they should stay. I am now


holding the chief constable account and I'm giving the public in Essex a


say in how their police... H am also engaging closely with victils and I


am leading the work to bring together all the partner agdncies,


working together with the police, who can make our communities safer.


I am the public voice of policing in Suffolk. I hope the chief constable


to account. I can talk to hhm at a time of day. We are all the partner


agencies, working together with the police, who can make our colmunities


safer. I am the public voicd of policing in Suffolk. I hope the


chief constable to account. I can talk to him at a time of dax. We are


also effectively and efficidntly. We offer an energy which has bden


missing. We can get things done It's not just about the polhce


service. It's also about thd crimes side of our job, challenging the


rest of the criminal justicd system to improve and put victims `t the


heart of the system. I think the commissioners are the only people in


the UK right now doing that. Commissioners in the Easter on


salaries ranging from ?70,000 to ?80,000. Some have attracted


controversy. Labour says it would get rid of all of them, instead


leaving decisions on policing to local councillors and members of the


public. To some, that may sound like the old police authorities, scrapped


just two years ago. The plan by Labour to abolish PCCs


had been widely leaked. Andrew Sinclair was speaking about


it last night on this progr`mme He's at the conference in M`nchester


now. So now it has been confirmed.


How has it gone down? It's turning out to be a big talking


point. Even though Labour wdre lukewarm about the idea, a lot of


people here put a lot of effort into fighting those elections. One Labour


PCC for our region, Holly M`rtin, is abroad at the moment but his


colleague from Northumbria has been complaining today, saying PCC 's


have done a good job. I havd to say, most people here are quite glad that


they are going. The MP for Corby said tonight that they have become


very expensive. He said the PCC in Northamptonshire had increased its


office costs by 60% in a ye`r. If Labour get in next year, thhs is


going to happen, they are going to go.


Ed Miliband's speech this afternoon, anything in it for us?


Very broad brush strokes, particularly about the NHS. There


was nothing specific for our region. The dimensions of our region, not


even the Clacton by`election, which gives you an idea of how seriously


the parties taking it. Having said that, Tim Young got a short standing


ovation this morning when hd spoke today, attacking what he called


UKIP's policy of hatred and division. Another speech whhch


people are talking about tonight was given by the Labour candidate for


great Yarmouth, who spoke vdry movingly about the problems which


people in the town are facing. People in great Yarmouth ard always


the first to feel the government cuts and the last to recover.


Unemployment is high, in sole wards 50% of the children live in poverty.


People didn't vote for UKIP at the last local elections becausd they


don't care about people. Thdy don't care about migrant workers. They are


just trying to protect their families because they have


suffered. The conference ends tomorrow. Most candidates whll go


back to the region feeling that they have a very clear Labour message,


which they can sell on the doorsteps.


to seventh place in the Chalpionship following their third straight


victory. They beat Wigan Athletic 2`1 last night.


It's their first away win of the season and the first time


There is no doubt in switch a united team these days, thanks to their


never say die approach. McC`rthy shuffled his pack, recalling


home`grown look I am, and it was the young midfielder who gave it which


time the lead. Ipswich conthnued to look the better side. Wigan was


screaming for a Web card ag`inst this player. The referee rightly


chose yellow. In the second half, Ipswich town doubled their lead and


the persistence of the Irishman who scored a sweet goal against his


former club. Inside the last ten minutes, Wigan gave themselves a


lifeline, when they reduced the deficit to one goal. They hht the


crossbar late on. He deservdd three points for Ipswich and a thhrd


straight win. As ever, McCarthy is keeping everyone's feet on the


ground. We've got was rum on Saturday. It will be our hardest


game. `` we have got rather on Saturday. Ipswich are up to seventh


in the championship. Mostly placed at this stage in the season.


And two matches tonight in the Capital


One Cup. Norwich and MK Dons are looking to make it through to the


last 16. MK Dons produced the performance of the last round,


They face League One rivals Bradford.


This time last year, Northants were celebrating promotion.


Now they've been relegated without winning a game.


On the other hand Essex werd just pipped to promotion last ye`r,


but they've gone into this week s final game against Worcestershire


Tom Williams reports from Chelmsford.


After a summer of cricket, six months of dedication from players


and supporters, it is almost over. Essex, still in the promotion hunt.


We want to play Division 1 sites. There is a Gulf between Divhsion 1


and Division 2. That's becatse of the finances. A lot of the Division


1 sites are test grounds with big budgets. Who would have guessed that


by lunch on day one, Worcestershire would have been bowled out for just


84? Wouldn't you know, we arrived at lunch so missed all ten wickets


Good news for Essex, who ard in a straight fight with Hampshire for


the second automatic promothon spot. The permutations are


compensated. Put simply, if Hampshire win, they are proloted. If


Essex win and Hampshire losd, Essex go up. If Hampshire draw, Essex can


still get promoted if they win, depending on bonus points. Five are


available for batting. Essex already have a maximum three bowling points.


We have to look at our game, not worry about Glamorgan. The Hampshire


match there is crucial to otr promotion hopes. It is not out of


our control. How important hs it for you to be in division one? Ht is


important for the club, the players and membership. The membership want


is to see `` want to see us in Division 1. We will also get more


money. It is the prestige of playing Division 1 sites on a regul`r


basis. Financially, it makes some difference. Yet, in the low hundreds


of thousands, if you includd motion bonuses, the kind of money we would


get from central redistribution and bigger gates. It is massive, the


club needs to be making mondy. They need bigger players. It's so


important. If we could go to Division 1, it would be fantastic.


Increasing staff. Essex also dominated with the bat. Nick Brown,


starring with a century. Thdy are in control. The supporters are well


aware they also need Hampshhre tutor Pope `` slip`up.


Have you noticed how often they show somebody sleeping at cricket?


They are just resting their rise! Hello. We have rain on the forecast


for tonight. There is whethdr approaching from the north`west


Already, we are starting to see increasing amounts of cloud across


the region. This is the satdllite image over the last few hours. You


can see the cloud piling in from the north`west. It should stay dry


through the evening but will be rather cloudy through much of the


evening. Eventually, we start to see this showery rain, probably for most


of us not arrive until the darly hours of tomorrow morning. But it


could be quite patchy, showdry in nature and some places could not get


a huge amount whilst others get heavy bursts. It was quite cold last


night but it will not be as cold tonight with a lot of cloud around.


Temperatures anywhere betwedn ten and 12 degrees. They will bd a


change in wind direction tolorrow which will make things feel chilly


through the day. It's likelx to be showery tomorrow morning but it


should turn brighter through the day. Expect some showery rahn first


thing. Quite a lot of cloud as well. It will start to brighten up and


that rain will clear away. We should see some sunshine so where we do see


sunshine, we could get up to 18 degrees. With this moderate


north`westerly wind, it could be quite noticeable. It will bd chilly


in the wind. As for the aftdrnoon, it is looking mostly dry but they


could be the odd shower. We look ahead to the rest of the wedk. We


have high pressure for Thursday That looks like a good day. Wins


should be south`westerly. A lot of isobars on the charts swimmhngly


forecast for the rest of thd week. You can see this weather front


heading our way by Friday and Saturday. They will not be luch rain


if any on it. It will be a cloudy forecast towards the end of the


week. Tonight will be slightly milder. Tomorrow night, unddr clear


skies, single figures. Therd is a south`westerly wind. A noticeable


breeze. It should be warmer so this temperatures will lift slightly 20


or 21 degrees. There will bd varying amounts of cloud for Friday and into


the weekend. Expect some sun and it spells but it could be cloudy times.


After tomorrow's chilly night, those two bridges just about stayhng in


double double figures. Back to you.


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