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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Hello and welcome to Thursday's Look East.


The failings in the system that led this young


Today his widow tells Look Dast the professionals let her husband down.


I felt I was a bit ill`informed really.


Had I known all of the facts, I wouldn't have allowed him


Back on the road ` the controversial Ely southern bypass finally gets


We'll be here later in the programme.


Charley Hull brings a touch of celebrity to her old primarx school.


And celebrating the BBC Introducing. Turning undiscovered talent into


household names. First tonight: The serious failings


that led a vulnerable man to take his own life. Graeme Price, a father


from Bedfordshire, died frol multiple injuries after falling from


a Luton car park. Despite ndeding treatment for a serious mental


illness, he was discharged from hospital. The 33`year`old w`s


diagnosed as suffering from depression with psychosis on June


the 9th last year. He should have been admitted to a mental hdalth


unit, but there were no beds available. He remained on a hospital


ward until July the 2nd. Seventeen days later, he took his own life.


His family say he was failed by the system. Neil Bradford has spoken to


his widow. There is a massive stigma attached


to mental health and unless people educated... Through adversity, Linda


Price appears to have found an incredible strength. Last ydar, she


was with her husband when hd took his own life. With dignity `nd


composure, she wants her story to help others. He was an amazhng man,


he was very educated, very confident. He enjoyed travel, food,


love work and loved his famhly. Graham was 33. A father and a


project manager from Bedfordshire. Without warning, he suffered an


enormous break down. he camd home from work one Tuesday, two days


later he was psychotic. He started imagining that people were coming


for him and he got very par`noid, very anxious, very scared. @fter a


short stay in hospital, he tnderwent risk assessment and there w`s no


plan for his care. Just 17 days later, while on a shopping trip in


Luton, he fell from this multistorey car park. he just jumped out of the


car and ran straight to the ledge, I heard him fall. It wasn't rdally the


outcome I expected, but at that point, when I saw him jump out of


the car onto the ledge, I knew I was in trouble and I knew it wasn't


going to tear out the way I wanted it. He was very ill. Today `t an


inquest, the coroner ruled the failings in Graham's care rdsulted


in lost opportunities. The health just responsible has expressed his


condolences in a statement this afternoon. They said:


there was no real explanation. It was more just that he was gdtting


better and he will get bettdr. I felt I was a bit ill informdd and


had I known all the facts, H would not have allowed him to comd home.


Linda is now determined to raise awareness about mental illndss and


to campaign for better care. The lasting legacy of the husband she


misses so much. A man who subjected his babx


daughter to a violent attack has today been jailed for life for her


murder. 23`year`old Aurimas Medvedevas beat, shook and bit his


nine`week`old daughter Auksd in September last year. Her mother


returned home in Clifton Avdnue in Peterborough from work to fhnd the


child dead in her cot. Medvddevas had claimed the child had f`llen out


of her cot, but changed his plea to guilty two days into his trhal. We


need to remember this was a particularly vulnerable


nine`week`old child and this man, he's shook her, he's thrown her


he's hit her and he's bitten her. What would possess someone to do


that, I don't know. But tod`y's sentence does provide some dlement


of hope for the mother ` it allows her to know what happened to her


daughter and make the first steps in her recovery. It will be with her


forever, but it certainly allows her to move on with the next st`ge of


her life. The decision came this afternoon


after the Government gave The 1.7 kilometre bypass


will cost ?30 million. Supporters claim it'll ease


the city's growing traffic congestion, but opponents s`y it'll


ruin an historic landscape. Our reporter Emma Baugh is hn Ely


for us now ? Emma. Well, one of the pressure points


near to the railway station here. And when the crossing barridrs come


down, traffic can be brought to a standstill. It can be going nowhere.


They had been waiting for a bypass it for 30 years and now fin`lly


they may be getting one. Great news,


great news for the people of Ely It's been a long time coming


but it will solve a long`term problem which is about the railway


with the trains which will be more And also it will enhance thd area


around the railway station, as well. The council says it has alrdady got


the money and if you look at these pictures, we can see what it may


look like. I have been speaking to people in Ely tonight. It is jolly


good. We live just here and the traffic I goes by is amazing. The


traffic going down broad Street shakes all the old houses. Ht is an


excellent idea and has been crying out for this bypass for somd time.


It will make commuting so mtch easier. the sooner it gets done the


better. It is a wonderful place to see and visit, is Ely. I'm ` bit


biased because I don't really like to see things change, I must admit.


As you can hear, not everybody is happy. Least of all, English


Heritage to say it will destroy an iconic view of Ely Cathedral. The


council says it will go ahe`d and we could see bulldozers on the ground


as early as next year. A racehorse owned by the Quden


and trained in Newmarket has been stripped of a second`place finish in


one of the world's biggest races. Estimate finished runner up


in July's Ascot Gold Cup and was one of eight horses


which tested positive for Morphine. A ruling by the British Horseracing


Authority exonerates the Northamptonshire firm ` saying


feed it provided was contamhnated Thank you the Queen at Royal Ascot.


Here with Estimate in the p`ddock. Her Majesty learned today hdr


racehorse will be officiallx disqualified after tests detected


morphine. He came from horsd feed from here, Hodson Dorrell near


Kettering. Security guards were outside its gates today. Thd horse


racing authority said the contamination had come about


innocently. It may have comd from poppy seeds or some other p`sture


plant. But if you look therd, you can see the royal coat of arms they


have been supplying Her Majdsty with horse racing feed since the 198 s.


There is inevitably talk, though not from the Queen at this stagd. There


has been talk among some of the other racehorse owners involved of


seeking compensation from Hodson Dorrell. The company told us


long`standing relationships in the racing industry remain important.


Any compensation issues are in the hands of the insurers. Caroline


Bailey is a racehorse traindr Neil but Northampton. Contaminatdd food


cannot serious financial consequences she says. It is a big


concern, we must abide by the rules. We are running our horses to


win and if you lose these r`cers get placed bat`macro getting pl`ce, it


has a knock`on effect. `` gdtting placed. The Queen's trainer was not


blamed or find today. But hdre, they will be hoping their relationship


with the horse racing industry has not been tarnished.


Police investigating a violdnt robbery during which an elddrly


couple were tied up and thrdatened have released CCTV footage of a man


they want to speak to. The couple were attacked at their home in


Addlecroft Close in the Kingsthorpe area of Northampton at the dnd of


July. They answered their door to two men claiming to be paraledics


who took cash and a credit card The card was later used by this man at


the Sainsbury's in Weedon Road and the St James' branch of Barclays.


It's been ten years in the laking, but now researchers from


Addenbrooke's Hospital are nearing the end of one of the biggest health


studies of its kind in the country. It's called The Fenland Study and


has involved some 12,000 people across Cambridgeshire betwedn the


ages of 30 and 62. Gathering details about everything from body fat, diet


and levels of physical activity the results will help shape Govdrnment


health policy for years to come But why the Fens? Well, it has `


population of 9,000. And, according to Public Health England, h`s higher


than average rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Anna


Todd has this report. Ten ydars ago, Mark Cromwell, then 49, gavd up his


lifestyle anonymity to science for one week. He allowed researchers to


drill down into the nitty`gritty of his existence. Today, he is back to


see how things have changed. I was slightly fitter ten years ago, I did


a lot more exercise. The last few years, my work has consisted of more


paperwork rather than being out moving around, so, obviouslx, that


has had a knock`on effect, H would have thought. The scanner which


measures body fat, shows th`t Mark is still fit and well. But, as we


can see, that is not always the case. People would have probably put


on a little bit of weight, lost people. Not everyone, but on


average. Most people probably have decreased their activity levels and


it is thought young people `re generally more active than older


people, so we expect that change. But we don't know how fit you were


before we actually started. That will be a long process. And that is


what is happening now. 12,000 people across the Fens gave up thehr time


for Phase One. Now, it is hoped they will come back for Phase Two: the


results. What makes this sttdy unique is the level of scientific


detail, creating a very precise very real picture of you. Rhght down


to the last plate of chips that you ate to the last ounce of fat that


was gained. With fast food `nd frothy coffee on every corndr, it's


not surprising that obesity is the buzzword in medical science. But it


is the socio`economic factors that make Fenland ideal for this study.


Over a quarter of adults ard obese, the large towns of Cambridgd,


Wisbech and Ely bringing together wealth and poverty. If you `re rich


enough to be able to afford to live in the centre of Cambridge, it is


much easier for you to walk or cycle to your place of employment. If you


live in Wisbech or Ely, that may not be case. Similarly, if you have a


high income, you may be mord likely to afford healthier foods and have


better access to healthy foods, possibly. They could take ydars to


complete the Fenland study. But scientists hope the evidencd of


diabetes, obesity and heart disease will jolt the Government into


action. Our modern lifestylds are as serious a threat as any othdr.


Staff at Luton`based Monarch Airlines have voted FOR a p`y cut as


part of plans to restructurd the company. More than 90% of the


workforce voted in favour of pay cuts of up to a third. Strike action


had been threatened over pl`ns to cut a thousand jobs. News of the


vote comes the day after confirmation the company cotld have


new owners next month. The company is in talks with an investmdnt firm


with plans to transform it hnto a low`cost airline.


James Burridge will be here with your late update at 10.30pm. For now


We go back to school with golfer Charley Hull as some of the world's


best golfers gather in Scotland for the start of the Ryder Cup.


And celebrating the success of BBC Introducing.


The under the radar, unsigndd, and undiscovered acts, some of whom


Brewing is a growing industry in this part of the world.


Most of the barley used for brewing beer comes from farms


So the raw materials are right on our doorstep.


There are 114 breweries across the East nearly 10%


And most of our 4,300 pubs sell cask ale


So we grow it we brew it and we drink it as Ian Barmer reports.


This Norfolk ale is typical of a small brewery springing up `cross


the East. Just outside Fakenham she brews 3 billion years. It is a small


operation producing around 4,00 pints a week. Already she h`s won a


Gold award from the campaign for real ale. Ebola more interested


about their food and drink, where it comes from, what goes into ht.


Therefore, that has contribtted to the rise of interest, and the


excitement. What is cask ald? It is unpasteurised and contains live


Easter so it continues to fdrment in its cask in the pub cellar. It isn't


fizzy, only containing natural carbon dioxide. It's what m`ny


people know as real ale. Adnams is one of the biggest producers of car


scale in the east and that dquates to more than 18 million pints a


year. Brewing here is high`tech but the process doesn't change. This is


rinsing the Bali to extract all the sugar, which is then converted to


alcohol. This is the special place where we store Bali. Adnams use


barley grown in Norfolk and Suffolk. It is the Champagne region for Bali.


This is the black mortar colour up some of our beers. Interesthng beer


is growing. This is one of the brewery tours and more interest has


translated to record sales hn 2 14. It is a fantastic time for cask


beer. We are growing, most breweries at growing, there are three


breweries opening up in the UK now each week. In Newton near C`mbridge,


they are proud of their cask ales. Sales are good, interest is growing.


There are more microbrewerids being set up. We have won over thd hill in


Haston, who is doing great guns And that helps to improve the


experience. 70 million pints of car scale are drunk in this reghon every


year. And that is keeping breweries in business and helping pubs to keep


open. `` 70 million pints of cask ale.


Members of the UK Independence Party are on their way to Doncastdr this


afternoon for their annual conference.


UKIP says it will deliver "a strong clear and simple lessage


The party, which already has a strong presence


on many of our councils, will target several seats in this region


Our Political Correspondent Andrew Sinclair reports.


Members of the UK Independence Party are on their way to Doncastdr this


afternoon for their annual conference.


That was obvious in Clacton last night.


More than 700 members of the public came along to


And nearly all of them were not party membdrs.


I am concerned about immigr`tion, all these people coming in here


People in Europe telling us what we can't do in our own country.


You've got Cameron and all that they all stutter the question,


Nigel Farage was here to calpaign in the Clacton by`election


We are sick to death of being governed by this political class.


Of all the parties, UKIP will be feeling most optimistic


It now has more than 100 councillors in the east.


UKIP says this proves it can be trusted with power


and responsibility, but other parties often complain


that the new councillors ard not really up to the job.


They've got simplistic solutions to difficult questions.


You have to understand the brief, the meat on the bones and follow


these things through and understand the process and try to come up with


They are constantly looking for a simple answer.


But their party leader isn't worried.


He says they'll gain experience over time.


Most of these UKIP councillors h`ve only


My advice to every UKIP councillor who was elected was don't rtn


That actually applies to politicians from all parties.


Back in Clacton, UKIP has also courted controversy


over its decidion to drop its elected candidate, Roger Lord,


in favour of Douglas Carswell when he defected from the Conservatives.


Sometimes in life someone better comes along.


Opponents say UKIP has vagud, inconsistent and ill thought out


policies, although that does not seem to deter voters.


Nigel Farage knows that as the election gets closer,


You can see a full list of the candidate 's on the website for BBC


Essex. Look East has been


following the extraordinary progress of teenage golf sensation Charley


Hull for more than a decade. Today on the eve of the


Ryder Cup Charley went back to the school where that journdy began


her old primary school in Who can tell me, which country is


this? That is Morocco where I won my first


tournament. She's a bit too old for this geography class. The sdat s,


too, are smaller than she rdmembers, but Charley Hull is happy to be


back. I spent my childhood hn this school. All my family used to teach


here. I've got a big historx of this school, it is brilliant. It's open!


Today, she opened the new extension at her old primary school. Once a


shy nine`year`old, now very much used to the limelight. Can H have a


`I've? We heard that when she was four, she hit a golf ball over a


house. That is amazing, acttally. It's didn't feel real because you


see her on telly, and peopld that were treating her like the Pueen,


but she is a normal girl. I remember quite clearly one Monday morning,


her coming in to share a trophy with the rest of the cars, and she pulled


out the BBC Young Person 's sports personality award which was as her.


This was her nine years ago. She had just won the ladies amateur title,


and had come back especiallx four Roman day only to face the cameras.


2014, she has already won hdr first professional tournament, helped


Europe when the Solheim cup, and is taking on the world. I have had a


great season so far. I finished fourth last week. I'm consistently


being in the top ten as well. I have got a lot of experience unddr my


belt. Hopefully going on to the future. Before she left, tile for a


quick lesson to a grateful xear six. Some, though, clearly have work to


do. When she was four, she could hit the


golf ball over the house? Good job she didn't top it!


We're celebrating BBC Introducing today.


In case you don't know, it's about putting unsigned and undiscovered


Artists like Ed Sheeran and George Ezra got exposure in the early part


of their careers with Introducing on BBC local radio in our rdgion.


Seven years after it started the brand goes


The Norfolk band Kill It Kid with their new single,


Now signed to the Warner Brothers label, BBC Introducing helpdd give


It gives exposure to some extent, but it's more the sense


There is a fraternity of musicians, and you join a network locally.


Ed Sheeran with a BBC Introducing film from 2010, the A Team,


which went in to become a hht around the world.


He spent a year when he plaxed almost one gig a day, and that


It is definitely off his own back, but it is exciting to have been


Bands upload their music vi` the BBC uploader.


You can upload your music, it can then be heard by your local


team at your local station, and they then feed it through to


My advice to any new musici`n is believe in yourself,


take as much advice on board as possible, not just from friends


and family who will tell yot you're brilliant, but from people xou don't


Across the region, bands ard taking advice and uploading hundreds


The Moose Funk Squad are just blowing up at the moment.


People like Scuff, who played at Glastonbury.


Lonely the Brave who realeased their album, The Day's War.


Just incredible music coming out of the city at the moment.


But for this band things are starting to happen.


They have a European tour ndxt month and an album out in November,


but they are not about to forget how it all started, or that thex are


And just a reminder that BBC Introducing in the East


is on between eight and 9pm on Saturday nights on


Very good it is as well. We had the barometer last night, so just a


forecast today. It was a beautiful is to thd day


today. That is Yaxley today. Absolutely beautiful. These are the


sorts of temperatures we recorded last night. Our usual spots, down to


three. Norwich down to six. It isn't going to be as cold because we have


a lot of cloud moving in. And the last few hours show how much cloud


there is so quite a lot of cloud across the region, just enotgh to


produce some rain or to resolve Predominantly, it is dry. All of us


in double figures. Some places not lower than 15 or 16. We start


tomorrow quite cloudy with `nother weather front coming in, me`ning


there is a breeze. There ard good prospects. It. To brighten tp, and


we see some sunshine through the day. The wind swings round, bringing


in some warmer air. Temperatures could be quite comfortable, 20 or


21. It is looking largely dry for the afternoon as well. Lookhng


ahead, you might be thinking about the weekend, and it is going to be


quite Easson. A week area of high pressure could keep things settled,


but there could be quite a lot of cloud around, so expect a forecast


that is cloudy at times. Yot will seep brightness and sunshind, but it


will also feel quite warm. The jury is out on whether Saturday or Sunday


will be the better of the two days of the weekend. There will be


cloud, but also some sunshine around. As we start to get hnto the


beginning of next week, there are signs that the temperatures will


cool down, a little bit mord cloud around as well, but after l`st night


was Mac cold night, we are lild tonight, and then temperatures


staying in double figures for the next couple of nights.


That is all from us. Have a good evening.


On my sofa this week, hot new singer/songwriter George Ezra,


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