29/09/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look E`st. In the programme tonight.


A shortage of social workers that could put


It is a bit like having EastEnders all day long.


New plans for long haul flights from Stansted,


Is hunting about to go back up the political agenda?


Some Tories seek to overturn the ban.


And more cash for football's grassroots.


The FA's Greg Dyke on getting more people playhng.


First tonight, they're on the front line


when it comes to child protdction, but it's emerged there is a


shocking shortage of social workers across this region and vulndrable


An investigation by the Inshde Out programme


for BBC East has discovered that in a third of our councils lore


Experts say that if vacancids go above 10% the department


The mark on your son's back, what does that look like?


Emotionally draining, constantly alert for


So your ex`partner burned hhm with a cigarette?


An insight into life as a social worker.


And across the region, local authorities are struggling to


A recent Freedom of Information request made by the BBC revdaled


the vacancy rate for social workers was 28% in Bedford Borough 27% in


Many of those roles are currently filled by agency staff.


Northamptonshire's Child Protection Services have been ruled to be


And with a 39% vacancy rate, they go to huge lengths to recruit.


We've been advertising all over the country.


We do offer very competitivd rates of pay but all around us,


lots of authorities are in the same position,


Being a social worker is a demanding job.


And there is no quick fix on how to fill these vacanches.


What is certain is a new approach is needed.


So, Northamptonshire is to start an academy for social workers.


Something already up and running here in Hertfordshire,


which recognises that while academic courses may give


trainees the theory, they don't prepare them for the realitx.


The academy eases new recruhts in with lighter caseloads for the first


six months, and lots of support which helps them, going forward


They keep the reduced caseload, and they gradually become more


independent and they don't have to run to the manager all the time


They still get regular supervision, but more in line with what xou'd


expect a social worker to h`ve, rather than the initially wdekly and


then fortnightly formal supdrvision they have in the academy.


And those who have come through the system say its support


It would have been impossible to do the job.


Having supervision is very hmportant because not only does it give you


the forum to talk about casds, but it gives you the opporttnity to


The aim is to keep skilled social workers


in a job constantly under scrutiny where mistakes can cost livds.


And you can see the full story on Inside Out tonight


Nursing unions are calling for Hinchingbrooke Hospital


in Huntingdon to be returned to the public sector ownership.


It follows the leaked findings of a Care Quality Commission rdport.


It highlighted a shortage of nurses, patients who were treated


in an abusive manner, and staff who worked in a culture of blamd.


Hinchingbrooke became the fhrst NHS hospital in the country to be


In May this year, a survey named Hinchingbrooke as the best trust


But a leaked letter by the Care Qaulity Commission has raised


concerns that standards may have slipped.


It says sedation was used on patients that weren't always able


Observers noticed staff tre`ting patients in an undignified


It noted a lack of paediatric nurses in A


And that staff worked in a blame culture.


The hospital is in the lowest quarter of thd overall


staff survey results shows that there is a growing problem that we


would have wanted the trust to take on board before now.


It shouldn't take a CQC letter to make the trust sit up


and listen when RCN representatives were telling them this months ago.


Like most hospitals, recruitment is a major problem.


And many believe it is key to improving overall performance.


Staff are having to take tile off sick.


better spent on properly employed nurses within the trust.


Now, the hospital and Circle are playing down the


They say it's perfectly norlal that during an inspection, the CPC will


contact a hospital to ask qtestions and to seek reassurances.


They say they are now putting together an action plan


which they say they are surd will meet with the CQC's approval.


Circle also told me today that this was a leaked letter


The CQC won't publish its fhndings for at least another three weeks.


Only then will we know if this unique public partndrship is


still on track, or whether Circle's Hinchingbrooke honeymoon is over.


There's been mixed news for the region's airports today


Stansted showed off improvements to its terlinal


while announcing it wants to start long haul flights by 2016.


But at Cambridge more sombrd news with the cancellation of CityJet


More on that in a moment, but first Gareth George is


Well, it has been a significant day here at Stansted. The airport


eventually hoping to offer the sort of passenger experience you'd get


someone like Heathrow. ?80 lillion is being spent revamping thd


terminal behind me. A huge new duty`free area was officially opened


today. And the airport's owners also let slip they are aiming for routine


long flights from Stansted by 2 16. Even the Jersey boys were m`king a


song and dance about the new duty`free at Stansted. The biggest


walk through duty`free in the UK. Brilliant, much better. I travel


extensively throughout the world. Some are better than others. This


looks pretty good. Do you think it now compares to Heathrow and


Gatwick? It looks a much like Heathrow. In fact, it is nicer. New


duty`free shops aren't just here to attract passengers. This is an


attempt to try to attract the Premier League airlines, too.


Stansted Airport is now owndd by the Manchester Airport 's group and it


has got ambitious plans. Big`name airlines flying to America, maybe


even China. When can we expdct the first announcement about prdmium


airlines and long haul flights? I think we would be hopeful of looking


at around 2016. Which airlines you talking to, which destinations? We


are talking to a significant number of commercial airlines at this


moment. I am sure you will recognise such discussions will have to be


treated with confidential `` confidentiality. We have got 80


airlines that operate at Manchester and people would expect us to talk


to some of them. Over the ydars bands have played as airlind after


airline has tried to make long haul from Stansted profitable. None have


succeeded. This time, say btsiness leaders, it could be from. They have


encountered the perfect storm of increased energy prices but a


massive falloff in internathonal trade, so going for the bushness


community in the East of England, Essex, Hertfordshire and bexond will


lap up these extra frights. `` extra flight 's.


It is so important that Stansted gets the commercial side right


because the more profits it makes, the more it can compete with


Heathrow. Because it can offer competitive charges. The ch`rges it


levies on airlines. It can reduce those and make Stansted mord


attractive to those major ahrlines. Not everyone is going to be happy,


though. Stansted had a hit battle over a second runway with stop


Stansted expansion. And there will be residence here who will be


concerned about the noise complications of long haul flights.


Meanwhile, at Cambridge International @irport,


the future of flights to Amsterdam and Dublin is in doubt.


CityJet will stop its flights in late October, and have not confirmed


Some customers who've bought ticket for cancelled flights


Less than six months ago, ChtyJet at Cambridge were launching new flights


to Amsterdam and Dublin. Thdn, no talk of flights finishing after the


summer. Only of success. We have discovered a good opportunity for


us, a fantastic mix of leistre and business travel. Maryanne bought to


return flights she cannot t`ke. She says she shouldn't have been allowed


to buy them in the first pl`ce. They should have e`mailed the clhents and


told us this was going to h`ppen or not let the flights be bookdd


anyway. They should have definitely e`mailed or phoned us to let you


know before you have had to panic. CityJet have come, now they are


going with no firm commitment that they are coming back. Previously


Darwin cut for routes from here Is this history repeating itself? Not


at all. This is completely normal practice for airlines to opdrate


winter and summer schedules. They decide where they want to fly to,


and from, to fit their schedules to get the best use of their ahrcraft.


So, we have ongoing convers`tions with CityJet. Economists sax


Cambridge is competing in a very tough market. Unfortunately, there


is a very large airport not very far away from here called Stansted that


offers all sorts of cheap flights to those destinations, and it hs hard


to see how any airline can lake money competing with low`cost


airlines flying out of Stansted CityJet said is continuing flights


is nothing unusual and customers will be re`funded. The last flight


leaves on October 25. The qtestion is the airline coming back?


BBC Look East has learned that Badminton England still needs to


raise ?2 million for major national centre in Milton Kdynes.


The ?20 million centre is dte to be built at the National Bowl site


And organisers remain confident they'll raise the funds.


Another busy lunch time session Demand for courts and strips supply


which is why they want to move to a bigger, better facility in Lilton


Keynes. This remains one of the most exciting projects in British sport


right now. We have huge plans to relocate from what is a good


facility to something that hs state`of`the`art, world`class, not


just a world`class performance facility but are really world`class


immunity programme. So we are very excited. This is where badmhnton


sees its future. On the sitd of the National bowl. This is the `rea


where the new ?20 million cdntre would be built. Among the stumbling


blocks? Money. There are ?2 million short of the target. That would buy


17 batsmen courts, 12 tennis courts and at 12,000 seat arena, c`pable of


hosting international sporthng events. The current funding gap is


?2 million. And we have worked very hard in recent months to reduce it


from what it was and where ht is, and we will do that. It will take us


three or four months to do that but what is important is we focts on


getting the right partners `nd the right financial infrastructtre


around the project. If it is to be sustainable. If we don't have the


right partners, the project is fragile. While badminton England are


confident they will find thd money, it is not clear yet who will be


their neighbours. Milton Kexnes Council said...


Badminton had hoped to be hdre before the new Olympics in 2016


That now won't happen but they remain committed to building the


facility they say will be a game changer.


Northampton's Lift Tower cotld be lit up with


The screen would be wrapped around the landmark


If permission's granted, the screen could be in placd in time


Two years ago, the landmark was lit by lasers for the Cultural Olympiad.


And again for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


Those are the top stories. Let's join BBC Norwich for the rest of the


programme. The FA boss Greg Dyke on thd


problems facing grassroots football Plus the hospital that keeps winning


awards for its medical inventions. From hi`tech drug trolleys


to life saving valves. The Environment Secretary and


Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss has said it was a mistake to ban hunting and


she wants to see the act repealed. She was speaking at the


Conservative Party conference, where there is growing


pressure to overturn the ban. Our political correspondent


Andrew Sinclair is there now. The Conservatives are trying to put


behind them the controversids of the weekend and start talking about


policies that will appeal to the public. This topic once bitterly


divided opinion, and is now back on the agenda. It has been talked about


on the fringes of the party for months, but the backing of the


secretary has electrified the debate.


First thing every morning, the hounds of the hunt are taken out


It's ten years since the hunting ban was introduced


and this Northamptonshire htnt is still going strong.


But there's still a lot of bitterness.


The people in the cities ard making this law and they don't havd


a bloody clue about what gods on in the countryside, they should stay at


Since 2004, hounds can no longer chase foxes or hares.


The coalition promised a vote over the ban,


but a lack of parliamentary time and numbers means it hasn't happened.


It is still an important issue to the community here.


You would like to see the ban overturned?


Here in Birmingham, there is a lot of debate about the


Conservatives making a manifesto commitment to either overturning


A ban that criminalised vast swathes of the countryside, that is


It has demonstrated that thhs is not a town versus country issue,


people in rural communities also want to see the ban remain hn place,


it is important that it does remain in place.


Those opposed to hunting sax they are disappointed by the new


They are worried it could cost the Conservative Party votes.


But those in favour believe a positivd message


This issue, dormant for so lany years, is back on the agend`.


The Tories haven't decided whether this will be in the manifesto, if it


is, they still have to win the election. He saw Elizabeth truss


giving her first speech since getting the job. She talked a lot


about fruit. She is concerndd that we are importing too much of it She


says we grow a lot of it, she said from the Apple that dropped on Isaac


Newton's head, to nursery rhymes, the fruit has always been p`rt of


Britain, I will not rest until the British Apple will be top of the


tree. The audience was baffled, but still gave her a big cheer.


In Look East we often report on the pressures facing our NHS Trtsts


Some have big deficits, some have been criticised


But despite all that, there is plenty to celebratd, too.


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn is in special mdasures,


but it has also has just won two awards for its medical inventions.


It has established a reputation for coming up with great iddas,


some of which could get used across the world.


In the intensive care ward, Colin is having a blood sample taken.


The innovation team at the hospital came up with


an award`winning valve known as Nick, now in use in three qtarters


The nick is a non`injectabld arterial connector, this stops


junior doctors accidentally giving medication into the wrong lhne.


If you gave medication into the arterial line accidentally


which can happen, you can gdt damage to be handed itself.


What we have developed is this connector,


which also stops bacteria from going into the arterial line as wdll,


This is a tube that seals off the windpipe to prevent fluhd going


The revolutionary device can drive down the cases


It has a special cuff that prevents leakage going past it,


and ports above the cuff, so at the bedside, the nurse c`n remove


the infective material by stctioning the channels and emptying the space


The prototype has won a national award from


It is these safe injections of regional anaesthesia,


it is a syringe pump that hdlps anaesthetists perform


We have to do a lot of development and make it adhere


It will take about ?1 million of investment that we are sdeking.


Mike Blunt is about to open a drugs cupbo`rd


Not only does the Guardian record everyone who opens a cupboard,


it gradually raises the alarm if they are left unattended.


This device is really important it protects the nursing staff


from accusations of drugs bding lost and also protects the patients


Two more trophies at last week's regional innovation


awards to add to an array won by hospital, from having an idea to


getting it mass`produced can be a long road, but the innovation


Greg Dyke, the Chairman of the Football Association, has told


Look East the government nedds to invest more money in grassroots


football. He was opening new facilities in Lowestoft at the


weekend. A recent survey by the FA found


84% of small local clubs believe facilities are poor.


And the number of adults pl`ying 11`a`side football is falling,


people turning to 5`a`side instead.


Showers, changing rooms, a decent clubhouse.


They are some of the basic essentials of grassroots football.


In Lowestoft, many had had enough, the number of adults


playing was in decline, the FA realised something had to bd done.


?1 million on 3G pictures and a new clubhouses.


What is clear is that if you get better facilities,


Children, adults, that is the aim of the whold fund.


To put the money into improving facilities.


This upgrade was badly needdd because the building,


as you can see, has been there for a while, teams


come up on the weekends, it was getting a little of bit wear and


This has given football in this area a new lease of life.


The number of adult teams playing has fallen


by 10% in Suffolk, it is a similar story across the region, but


the number of small sided tdams has grown across England by over 11 .


The reason, in part, 3G pictures, versatile, all`weather,


There are over 600 across the country, but in Germany,


We have a problem with the number of all`weather pitches,


we haven't done what the Germans and Dutch have, build a lot of


them. They cost half a millhon each, if you want lights, they cost


more. The challenge for the FA is to find that loney.


If it was, maybe things like the


solved. Greg Dyke will prodtce a report next month outlining a


facilities. After the last two winters, the investment can't come


Time for the weather. Good dvening, what a mess of a day it has been for


some of us. We have seen sole dry weather, but a lot of seen fog. Rain


in the afternoon as well. Tomorrow will be a lot better. Brighter and


the warmer. We will see somd sunshine. Any rain will cle`r away,


behind it, clear skies. It does mean that Mr will form. We're not


expecting the fog to be dense, but watch out for tomorrow. 12 or 1


Celsius, not a cold start. Generally, a dry or cloudy day. We


still have high pressure in the South East, that front will make its


way in. By the end of the wdek, it will affect us. In the meantime we


are looking at a nice day tomorrow. A great start at first, fog around


then a lot of sunny spells. The audit risk of a shower. Temperatures


up to 20 Celsius. `` the odd risk of a shower. Temperatures abovd


average. Tomorrow night, we will start again with clear skies, but in


the early hours, a never front system to make its way towards us.


It is filling and breaking `ll the time, as you can see, it is giving


us some rain first thing. If you see the wider view, you can see it


pushing off. Dry and bright weather behind it. This second front will


die before it reaches us. As I hinted, change is on its wax. The


yellow is the warm air, the blue is the cold air, as we head toward the


weekend, the blue is pushing towards us. Changes on the way. Tomorrow,


good spells of sunshine, a little bit of rain as we go through


Wednesday, then a lot of drx weather until the weekend.


Before we go, with Tornado jets from this region taking part in


combat missions over Iraq. Alex Dunlop has been back to


Afghanistan to see the last military personnel from this region


as they begin to pull out.. I have returned to Helmand province


to see the work of a cruise from the East who will be among the last to


pull out. At its peak, hundreds of soldiers, sailors and airmen were


here on the front line. This war has had a huge impact on our region


dozens have been killed, scores


more injured and traumatised. 2 06, paratroopers from 16 Air Assault


Brigade were first into an eight`year war. Eight years on, as


the last of our troops begin to leave, Tornado air from Norfolk are


embarking on the last tour of this country. For 31 Squadron


especially it is an extraordinary chapter in its long history, this


military drawdown is taking place almost a century after it and barked


military drawdown is taking place almost a century after it elbarked


on its first campaign in 1980. That is a special report from Afghanistan


tomorrow night on BBC Look Dast That is tomorrow, thank you for your


company, see you tomorrow, goodbye.


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