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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Staying in the NHS, the multi`million pound contract


for care of the elderly which some feared would go to


The small scale bag seller versus the giant travel company, who's


Moving our military back hole, our special report


And the County Council cleaners who managed to erase a mural by Banksy.


An ?800 million contract to provide health services for elderly people


across Cambridgeshire and p`rts of Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire


Three organisations were on the short list to win thd


If they had won, it would h`ve been the biggest NHS contract to have


But in the event the contract's gone to the


UnitingCare Partnership which is run by two Cambridgeshire NHS Trusts.


Today, protesters fighting what they call the privatisation of the NHS


Almost every month for over a year, voices raised about what


campaigners said could be the sell`off of another NHS service


But today it was announced the winning bid for this massive


health care contract is a partnership between two NHS Trusts.


One of the problems is that so much of this has been done in secret


And yesterday was behind closed doors in an undisclosed vente,


We want to go forward to kedp the services public, and all


From April, UnitingCare Partnership will be in charge of servicds


like district nurses, mental health care, physiotherapists.


Their aim, they say, is to lake things easier for patients


Today, they said they were delighted the Clinical Commissioning Group had


selected them as the preferred bidder.


In our hearts, we've always had the care that people experidnce


in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough so our desire has always bedn to


think, how can we make it better?


Where can we go from where we are currently to the future?


And the decision we've made and has been taken will help us


At HealthWatch Cambridgeshire, they keep an eye on patient care.


They say a better, joined up service for


We are hoping that people are going to continue to


That it will be simpler for people to navigate the system becatse at


the moment it is really complicated, how you get from one part of the


health service to another p`rt of the health service, and then social


care, is incredibly complic`ted for people. So that anything th`t can


simplify that make that easher for people has got to be a good thing.


Campaigners say the whole process has been costly


and unnecessary, but they s`y the fact services will stay under


Until now, elderly patients have been treated by many differdnt parts


of the NHS including district nurses, hospitals or care homes all


operating reasonably independently of each other with patients being


Earlier, I asked a senior ldcturer in community nursing


It has always been a messy system for patients because you ard dealing


with different organisations. And we all know when you hand over care


from one organisation to another, there can be challenges. So, if you


have three large NHS organisations working together, you can actually


look at building care around the patient. Patient or money follows


patient, some of the patient gets a admitted to hospital, the money goes


to the hospital. If the pathent is cared for in the community, it's not


quite the same, but the mondy doesn't go to hospital. So by having


this integrated organisation, it means it doesn't matter where the


money is. It is about the p`tient, not the money. There were private


bidders involved as well, they lost out to the NHS, how significant is


it that such a big contract went to NHS providers? Giving the contract


or NHS organisations alreadx working in Cambridgeshire would possibly


give a better opportunity to have integrated services because you are


not dealing with different organisations. We know this is going


to be a five`year contract `nd usually these contracts are about


two years, what difference will that make? That will enable the providers


to really focus on getting ht right for patients. If you have a two`year


contract, it is very diffictlt, it is very short`term because xou spend


the first six months to a ydar looking at the services you're


delivering, whereas if you have a five`year contract, it is mtch


easier to be able to project and develop services that peopld need.


Finally, do you think this will be a contract that could develop as a


model? It is a very interesting contract and there is a possibility


it will be looked at. There are huge variations in the delivery of


services across the country, so it is one to watch.


Two teachers and a nursery worker were among those on a list


of suspected paedophiles handed to UK authorities by police in Canada.


The details have emerged following the conviction


of a doctor for abusing children at Addenbrooke's Hospital.


Of the dozens of names handed to police,


Neil Bradford has more detahls and joins us now.


We know there was a delay in the National Crime Agency passing on the


names to forces in our region, but what's happened to those people now?


Well, figures obtained by Look East revealed that just for people in our


region had been charged as ` direct result of this intelligence from the


Canadian authorities. A fifth person received a police caution. Now, 2000


names were handed to UK authorities by police in Toronto after they


purchased concerning DVDs and videos from a Canadian website. 76 of those


lived in Bedfordshire, King Richard, Hertfordshire, and Northamptonshire.


There are a number of investigations still ongoing, 13 of those were


found... Were charged in investigations unrelated to this


investigation. In Hertfordshire we are told that those arrested


included a nursery school worker, two teachers, and a communications


worker. But of the 76, 29, lore than a third, will not face any `ction at


all. We have also heard that in some cases police were prevented from


taking action. What can you tell us about that? In Essex, it has emerged


police wanted to raid the home of deputy head teacher Martin


Goldberg, 1 day before he w`s found dead there, but magistrates refused


to grant a search warrant. We have heard from Bedfordshire Polhce that


that happen to them on thred separate occasions. They wanted to


take action, applied for se`rch warrants but magistrates refused


saying the intelligence was out of date, and a great deal of thme had


elapsed between them getting the information and wanting to take


action. And that is bound to raise concerns about the delay in getting


this information from the UK authorities to local police


officers. Thank you. A vicar who admitted using


an online chat room to encotrage children to commit sex offences has


been jailed for two years. Reverend James Ogley was suspended


from his post at Saint Francis Church in Luton last


year after police raided his home The court heard the 38`year`old is


undergoing therapy His future in the Church of England


will be decided An international travel company is


taking legal action against Charlotte Jamme set up a colpany


making handbags four years `go. She called it Mia Tui,


which means "my bag" in Vietnamese. Now a German company, TUI AG, which


owns First Choice and Thompson, says Charlotte Jamme started the Mia Tui


handbag company when she lived In Vietnamese,


'tui' is the word for bag. In 2011, she relocated to


Milton Keynes, where the business Until a letter arrived in the post,


disputing the use of the word 'tui.' When I saw TUI AG,


I'd had heard of TUI AG, I googled it, and it came up with


their share option page, So then, I think, then I got


frightened because you realhse this is a David and Goliath battle


because they are a multi`billion When trademarker Vicki Benndtt heard


Charlotte's battle with the holiday giant on Three Counties


Radio, she offered to help. We've written to the tradem`rker,


Turners, who are representing TUI AG to see


if a negotiation is possibld, and if We've informed the


UK Intellectual Property Office that the proceedings are continuhng, so


the next step is for both p`rties to file their evidence in support of


the opposition and the applhcation. If, during negotiations,


we can't reach a form of settlement, the hearing officer at the


UK Intellectual Property Office will make a decision based


on the evidence that has bedn filed Most people say we've never even


heard of TUI, and how could you We will keep fighting now,


all the way until we can brhng this TUI does sell some


of its bags abroad online. In a statement, TUI says


the only decisive factor is whether there is a likelihood of confusion


between the trademarks concdrned. In the case under consideration TUI


sees this fact as being applicable. Well, with both sides not whlling


to back down, it seems this dispute Police have released CCTV ilages


after an arson attack They want to speak to a man seen


at the school in Peterborough. Images captured on the night of the


fire at Peterborough school. Police want to trace the man seen here in


the yearly hours of the morning after a fire destroyed part of the


building. The sixth form colmon room was the worst affected and now the


school is facing a bill of tens of thousands of pounds to repahr the


damage. We are lucky that the fire, the fire was contained in a separate


building. And that it didn't spread. That could easily have happdned and


on school sites that is oftdn a risk. But we were fortunate it was


contained in one place. The fire was started overnight on eighth


September at the independent School on Thorpe Road. The alarm w`s raised


in the early hours of the morning when the on`site security gtard


noticed an intruder on site, someone living nearby contacted the


emergency services, and even though they came straight away, thd bottom


floor of the building was completely gutted. Police say help frol the


public could be the key to the investigation. We don't havd a


motive. I would urge anybodx who can offer any information to make


contact with the police. It happened during the early hours of the


morning. There won't have bden a lot of people around at the timd, so


somebody may have seen something suspicious or might have sole


information that might give us some leads. The building should be opened


by the end of the month. Anxone with any information should call police


on 101. A two week gun amnesty in


Northamptonshire has been extended. More than 160 weapons have been


handed in over the fortnight. They included machine guns,


shotguns, revolvers, and rifles Police say it's been


so successful the amnesty h`s now To hand over a weapon,


people must call 101 to makd Still to come, both of our clubs in


the championship were in action last night. Plus the latest mural from


Banksy that could have been worth a fortune until the local council run


it out. `` rub it out. The long withdrawal of Brithsh


troops 13 years after the start of the


start of the often controversial deployment it will formally come


to an end in December. In the armed forces


they call it drawdown. The complicated process of loving


both gear and people out of the In the second of his special reports


from Afghanistan, our defence reporter Alex Dunlop looks


at the logistics of heading home. Imagine moving a town the shze


of Bedford back to Britain. Right now, that is what's


happening in Helmand. What's left has returned to


the Desert. When I first came here six xears


ago, Camp Bastion was a military metropolis, with shops,


eateries and gyms. You can imagine that this w`s


a camp of about 400 to 600 people. You had all the infrastructtre,


sewage and electrics in there. Now we have just handed it back


absolutely barren. All vehicles have to be deep cleaned


and decontaminated This Mastiff being loaded


up cost ?1 million alone. What isn't taken is sold


locally or disposed of. More than 10,000 in equipment,


armoured vehicles, even Chinook helicopters, are loaded


up onto transport planes. 90% of all the kit is going out


by air. It is quite incredible the `mount


of kit, equipment and number of We're now trying to get the job


done over the next month or so. For years these have been


the visual headlines One which has drawn in thousands


of people as service men and women, bomb disposal units from Essex


and Suffolk, and intelligence teams But the campaign has now focused on


four of the 137 bases that remain. Boys,


I'm going to come in from the side! Based at RAF wittering,


James Lewis's job is to help pack Parts


of vehicles that are badly damaged and can?t come home, radio sets


which are no longer needed, a lot of office equipment, as you can tell,


there are a lot of offices here As long as military planes take


off and land here, RAF gunndrs like When I came out here for thd first


time, it was really busy and This time it is still busy,


but there is more packing up. This war has lasted longer


than two world wars combined. A top commander says that


as the campaign winds down the scale of deployment that we have tsed in


Afghanistan may not happen `gain. We are at the peak


of our performance in providing that In spring next year,


12 years after they first arrived, hundreds of soldiers will rdturn to


help training these Afghan cadets. This is the nation with


which our military has a long And tomorrow,


in the last of his special reports, Alex meets the Air Force newlyweds


who serve in the same squadron and work in the same building


but hardly ever get together. In last night's football Norwich


conceded a late winner to Charlton The 1`0 defeat was their first


at home in the league this season. Despite that, they remain top


of the Championship. Two points behind them are Hpswich,


who drew with Sheffield Two months, 10 league games,


and plenty to smile about Since


the opening day defeat to Wolves, the Canaries have been clinhcal


and composed in front of go`l. They watched helplessly


as they missed chance after chance, Johnnie Jackson did this sm`sh


and grab. 25 yards and a score


in the 86th minute. They seemed to dominate the ball


in the second half. There were a couple of penalty


appeals and a goal disallowdd. We have done everything but score


in the game tonight. That is surprisingly


because that hasn't been The opening month


in the championship saw contrasting fortunes for Norwich and Ipswich,


with Ipswich having just ond win They have been piling


on the point of late. A six`game unbeaten streak has


seen them sprint up the table. 1`0 down at half time, and Johnny


Williams backed the equalisdr in the second half, scoring within five


minutes of coming off the bdnch Hard fought,


hard earned said the manager. He said they will be truly tested


against second placed We know that chimpanzees sh`re 5%


of their DNA with humans, btt now a new discovery by scientists in


Cambridge suggests the anim`ls learn Zoologists filmed chimps in Uganda


and noticed one chimp making a sponge from moss so it cotld


collect water and drink. But they also then saw other chimps


copying that behaviour, a trick which then spread throughout


the chimpanzee colony. He is the dominant alpha male of the


group. But he is doing, he has taken the mass of the tree and is going


down the water hole, at the base of the tree, and he is going to dip his


mosques bunt into the water hole and use that to extract the to drink.


That map the Moss sponge. And we can see that really closely. But it is


what the chip does next that is significant. Now he is gathdring


enough just as the other ond did. How do we know that he has learned


that behaviour from the first chimpanzee? If it were an isolated


case, then it could just be created systems, but because we are able to


the Gatt of the individuals who did this, we can see that all of them,


with one exception, did so `fter observing the behaviour. Thhs is


seen as a major breakthrough in our understanding of how chimps are


tracked and learn. We don't know how important invitation was in the


natural world. There is a lot of imitation in chimpanzee beh`viour


which might be a result of chimpanzee's copying each other in


different situations. But wd weren't sure if those behaviours were a


result of this social element or not. So the significance is that


this is the first time this learned behaviour has been captured on


camera? In a natural circumstance, yes. It has been studied in


captivity, but this is the first time it has been studied in the


natural world. Now scientists in Cambridge see if this learndd


behaviour is displayed in other mammals. Let us hope that it is


hoped research can begin on dolphins in Australia next year.


A mural by the world famous graffiti artist Banksy has been erasdd


by Council workers in Clacton who thought it was offensive.


He was born and raised in Bristol, he trained as butcher,


Today, works by Banksy sell for tens of thousands


Let's go live to Clacton and join our reporter Tom B`rton.


The work we are talking abott isn't the graffiti you can see on the wall


behind me. This has appeared in just the last couple of hours. The work


we are talking about is by the famous street artist Banksy. It


appeared yesterday, hopefully we can see a picture of it now. It shows


some pigeon sitting on a telephone wire holding up banners in the


direction of, what appears to be, a migratory swallow. The banndrs have


racist language on them, I will talk about that in a minute. It has been


vigorously scrub away. The paint has come off the wall in places. If you


look along here you can just see the remnants of the aerosol spr`y that


Banksy would have used when he was putting this on the wall. This is


work by an artist which can sell for tens of thousands of pounds and


which is famous for bringing tourists into an area. So what has


happened? This building belongs to Tendring District Council and they


have admitted that they are behind the removal of this. They s`y it is


because of that racist langtage We got a complaint yesterday that there


was some potentially offenshve or racist graffiti from one of our


buildings on the seafront. Obviously we have a duty to investigate. Our


staff came down, had a look, and agreed that it was potentially


offensive and therefore thex came back this morning and removdd it.


Now the council say they wotld have welcomed a Banksy back to Clacton at


any time in the future, as long as the work you producers is


appropriate. I'm not sure I like the stuff on the wall very much.


Make the most of the warm wdather over the next few days becatse by


the weekend it will feel quhte a bit cooler. At the moment we have a


weather front approaching, but it will keep temperatures quitd mild


overnight tonight. Moving in from the North West. It will not bring a


great deal of rain, just allowed. Already quite tidy across mtch of


the region. One or two light showers, though the look isolated.


Quite cloudy with some mistx conditions as we get into the early


hours of tomorrow morning. The risk of one or two showers appearing The


temperatures will stay miles tonight. A light northerly wind We


kick off tomorrow with quitd a lot of cloud. It adds of one or two


showers, particularly through the morning. It is likely to improve for


the day and things will turn a little brighter and we will see some


sunshine by the afternoon. On the coast it could just be a few degrees


lower, with a light easterlx wind. Not too bad with things brightening


up. It risk of one or two showers. We look ahead to the end of the


week. This is the weather front on its way to be with us by thd end of


Friday and into Saturday. It marks the boundary between the warm air we


have at the moment and something more often than not `` more like to


them coming through. This w`rm air squeezes away and the cold `ir will


flood across. `` more like often. Friday looks pretty good. There will


be some rain on Saturday. It will be cooler and quite windy condhtions as


well as bad weather front moves through. To Friday it starts quite


promising with sunshine, but some high`level clouds will move in as


bad weather front approaches. It will do any rain on Friday, but the


sunshine turns a little hazx as you get through to the second h`lf of


the day. The breeze picks up as well. By the end of Friday ht could


be quite windy. We get some rain for Saturday, and it looks as though


late warning into the middld of the day we will have a narrow b`nd of


rain lasting for a couple of hours. Of it, warm conditions behind. It


will turn cooler and their `` those cool temperatures remain into the


start of next week. It will feel like fall is here.


Families left without a pay packet at the end of the month.


Government borrowing on a scale not seen since the war.


Accepting defeat was never an option.


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