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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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The Paralympian who had to wet herself during a train journey,


because the disabled toilet was out of action.


I was, you know, very angry and I just felt useless and honestly


The Government plan for more affordable houses and new garden


villages and towns but will they meet demand?


A new year brings higher rail fares but these commuters have


I travel in every day and it is a daily commute for me. It is going to


be a big hike in the amount I pay. I get an annual ticket now and it is


going to be a big difference. And a sting in the tale for railway


passengers after this scorpion stops the Edinburgh


express at Peterborough. First tonight, the Paralympian


left to wet herself because the disabled


toilet wasn't working. Anne Wafula Strike has represented


Team GB in wheelchair racing She was travelling back


to her home in Harlow She says she felt


robbed of her dignity. We'll hear from Anne in a moment


but first this report from our chief The 42-year-old wheelchair


racer is a board member awarded an MBE for her services


to disability sport. She was returning to Harlowe


from a board meeting in Coventry last month when her train journey


of almost three hours turned The CrossCountry train's disabled


toilet was out of order. A member of the train crew suggested


she get off the train at a station to use the disabled toilet


there but there were no staff She could not wait until the train


reached Peterborough. It was humiliating


but I had to do it. When that happened to me I just


realised that sometimes when you are different,


you are so isolated. The world disqualifies


you from having a life. It is as though when


you have a disability, you don't deserve to have equal


rights in the community. The MP for Harlow, Robert Halfon,


has taken up her complaints with CrossCountry Trains,


describing the service as appalling and totally unacceptable


in the 21st-century. I have never heard her complain


in this way about her disability. In fact, she is a very positive,


wonderful human being. It hugely saddens me that she has


had to suffer and be humiliated by A spokesperson for


CrossCountry said... Anne says she decided to speak


out in the hope of bringing Too many people with disabilities,


she says, suffer in silence. Earlier I spoke with Anne


from her home in Harlow and asked her if she'd heard


from the train company. They haven't apologised


directly early to me. They have sent a statement


to the BBC this morning. They have also sent a letter


to my local MP, Robert Halfon, but they have not actually


apologised directly to me. This is what so many


other people with You know, this is what it


means to really have a system that is letting you down,


have a system that is failing you. The CrossCountry trains


failed me big time. The least they could do


is at least apologise. Is that why you decided


to forward publicly, given that you have a profile


as a Paralympic athlete? I am not going public


because I have a profile as a Paralympian, I have gone public


about this issue because I do not You do not need to be a Paralympian,


you do not need to be in the public eye for the world


to listen to you. I think people who are suffering,


they need to rise up, they need Will you be travelling


by train again? I will be travelling by train


again and the reason why I will be travelling by train again is


because I really want to hold We have legislation that


actually supports passengers with disabilities, that


says their human rights or disability rights are met,


but what is the need of having legislation that is


so weak that companies and organisations and big franchises


will get out without paying fines? Police are searching


for the driver of a car that was involved in a collision


in which two men died. The incident in Yaxley,


near Peterborough, happened just after eleven this


morning and involved two The driver fled the scene on foot


and a police helicopter has been involved in the search


but the driver is still missing. The road is currently


closed in both directions. And a man has died after his car


was hit by a train at a level crossing in Lidlington in Central


Bedfordshire. The London Midland service


from Bedford to Bletchley struck Next tonight,


councillors in Northamptonshire say they're delighted at plans


to build a new village on the site More than 1000 homes could be built


at Deenethorpe, one of 14 The Government says it's responding


to local housing needs. And today, news of yet more homes,


this time for first-time buyers. During World War II it was home


to the US air force. Now, 1500 new homes


could go up here. An old airfield, a 3000 acre site,


around a fifth of it to become The church and the


community hall and a We need housing, therefore,


if we want housing here is much better than placing it on the edge


of towns or greenfield sites. This is a brownfield site


which is ideal for housing and it Planning for the scheme


will be applied for in May. The building of what they


describe as a green, sustainable village happening over


the next ten to 15 years. There is a ?6 million


Government fund to help with the project, to help


with the planning process, So can that small


amount help all those It has to fulfil a whole


load of criteria. More particularly, we are interested


in the provision of power perhaps through solar energy, hot water


through ground source heat pumps and all of these district


heating systems. You know, these are all


the sorts of emerging... Proven technologies we are aiming


to deploy into this site. Along with garden villages,


Harlow chosen among three Around 10,000 new homes proposed


on greenbelt land north of the town. When it last came to


public examination, the concept was thrown out mainly


on the basis of the lack of infrastructure plans


to support it. For example, the sewage,


water plants just were Plans to put homes on this airfield


in previous years have failed. Those in favour of


building one of the first garden villages here hope this


time building work will begin. This is the War Memorial for the


airfield. We are told this will be picked up and moved and become the


centre point for the green Village, if it gets the go-ahead. This is not


the only big housing initiative being announced. They are talking


about a 1.2 billion starter fund. That will benefit two of our


councils. If you are a first-time buyer, you could get 20% of the


property worth ?250,000. This is what the housing minister told us.


Well, they are going to help a significant number of people who


I think if you bring the price down by 20% it


It will not be the answer for everyone


and there are other things the Government is doing to try


This will aloow thousands of people who cannot get onto the


housing ladder the opportunity to so.


Both councils welcoming that scheme. The highest rise in the country. We


are told those first properties will go on sale in 2018 but we do not


know where they will go or when building work will begin. Thank you.


Rail passengers have been protesting outside stations today


Prices for the two main rail operators in the region


Greater Anglia and Great Northern will rise by 1.8%.


And even though that is below the national average, some commuters


will be paying around ?80 a year more.


This morning at King's Cross, a chorus of disapproval against rail


For many, this is the first commute of the year.


Passengers from our region travelling into the capital had to


The increase may be below the national average but they


I travel in from Huntington every day.


It is going to make a huge difference.


It's over ?7,000 a year to commute from Peterborough


Yes, it does, it affects me quite hard in the pocket.


When there are cancellations because of


the number of trains going back to Cambridge,


it means that I get in up to an hour later.


To make matters worse, many who paid more for their


journey this morning faced delays of up to 30 minutes


One commuter who has had enough is Tina.


When service is disrupted, trains often feel to stop at our local


station to make up time. She has launched a petition to remove the


franchise from the control. If the operator was to change, hopefully we


would go back to some kind of normality with our service. Some


kind of normality. That is all we're asking for. We not asking for


something magical. We just want to be able to get to and fro work at a


decent amount of time. They say they are bringing in more drivers to


reduce cancellations and more trains on. The body which represents


operators and Network Rail said the increases have been influenced been


influenced by Government policy. Every passenger once a comfortable


journey and to arrive on time and they want to know they are getting


the right ticket at the right price. The money we get from taxpayers and


customers helps us to achieve that. With taxpayers now paying more in


the year ahead, the expectations for services to include will also


increase. Up to 1,500 jobs could be created


in Peterborough this year as companies continue to invest


in the city. The organisation which encourages


economic growth says it follows a similar number of jobs


being created last year. Emma Baugh has been to meet one


of the cities biggest employers, A global form running some of the


biggest insurance brands in Britain. The already employs 600 people here


in the city, and are recruiting 200 more. There is a great diversity of


population, which reflects the customers we deal with at and the


major high street brands that we have. We have a good recruitment


pipeline for Peterborough and we want more of those people in our


call centre providing great service. The organisations say they hope to


build on healthy figures this year. We have seen a 1500 new jobs created


in the city, 8000 in all over the past six years. Fantastic growth.


Peterborough is one of the fastest-growing cities in the


country, yet our job creation rate even as patents that. -- outpace


that. We have seen a reduction in job-seeker claimants in recent


years. There has been criticism that workers are lower paid. They have


set up a special skilled service, working with schools and employers


to make sure young people have the skills they need to take on higher


paid jobs. Work is underway building a major new house of freezer


warehouse, which promises more jobs. A organic farming company is


expanding and making use of the city's prime location. One of the


reasons it makes Peterborough so special is due to the agricultural


land we have here. It is one of the highest grades in the UK. Our


location is brilliant. We have some really good transport links all


around from where we are situated and we are seeing a huge growth in


the number of people interested in organic Rogers in the area. It is


hoped in the year ahead more companies will move to the city and


firms will continue to grow. -- organic produce.


Peterborough City Hospital says its faced an


unprecedented demand for care in its accident


and emergency department within the last 24 hours.


A critical internal incident was declared yesterday and


Extra staff were called in to assess patients


Time to hand you back to David and Susie. Alex has the weather. I will


be back later on. Still to come, the weather for the


rest of the week in football it is only live there as Norwich city


celebrate a rare hat-trick at Carrow Road.


All this week on the programme, we'll be looking at some


Over the next four days we'll be looking at the worlds of business,


And we'll start tonight with business.


2017 will see the drugs company Astra Zeneca start


to move into its new global headquarters in Cambridge.


And there are also developments at Stansted, and two of our big


This from our business correspondent Richard Bond.


Taking shape in Cambridge, a building that will make this region


one of the leading centres of drug discovery in the world. Four years


ago AstraZeneca said it would move its Google headquarters to the city,


at the Cambridge biomedical campus facilities for 2000 workers are


being created. The first of them will move in later this year. At the


moment they are scattered around eight sites in the area, including


this office on the science park. There are many times in your career


as a scientist would you can work with designers and build your own


building, and it is dedicated to the sides are undertaking. It really is


a sense of real excitement for AstraZeneca as a whole and also the


scientists that will be working in the new building. It'll be a big


moment for the region's economy when this side of the global headquarters


of one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies.


Construction work is at its peak on the ?330 million project, once


complete the buildings will be powered by ground source heating


from this energy centre. The R centre will enclose -- include the


headquarters which was moved from London in 2016 so we will end up the


west to scientists, copper headquarters served by a very


sustainable energy centre. Two major wind farms reached significant


milestones in 2017. One field of North Norfolk should start to


produce its first power in the spring wealthy galloper field of


Suffolk goes into full-scale construction. This year we will


continue with the foundation installation that started last year,


we will use cables connect individual wind turbines, we will


also put in the second export cable from the beach at Sizewell, we will


start turbine installation and then of course we need the offshore


substation which is the large structure we put in around May so it


is all happening this year. The expansion of Stansted should


continue this year, the leisure airline jet to almost 83 flights per


week to the Essex airport. should hear this year whether it can


go ahead with the new ?130 million arrivals building to accommodate


more passengers. Our political correspondent


Andrew Sinclair has been talking to politicians on both sides


of the fence about what we can expect in the weeks


and months ahead. After struggling through autumn,


Colchester United finally found their rhythm as Christmas. They have


been beating allcomers and one player has been finding new ways to


celebrate. The player from Cameroon has rapidly become the new cult hit.


His antics have gone down a storm on Twitter, the club anxious to make a


song and dance of it, tweeting away action shots merrily. The man


himself loving it, he treated, I enjoyed that drumming, if any band


assured of a drummer boy then just shout. We don't's owner Ollie has


been reunited with his instrument, as I am sure his neighbours will


testify. But after watching his side win six of the last seven games why


not bang on about it? Everyone I spoke to was quite surprised,


drumming was quite simple but when you're doing it is hard to get a


decent beetle he was very good. Since the didn't we have not lost


the game, the fans love them and things like this because love her


more. Colchester were the region's star performer is, top of the tree


after three wins and three, just below Cambridge United are also


unbeaten claiming seven points from nine, Southend have a win and two


draws, a mixed bag for knowledge at MK Dons with a search page about


Northampton and wouldn't only managing three points from three


games. Stevenage had a shocker, bar at the bottom, Christmas for them


totally pointless. But for Cambridge wearing in red-hot form. They


Colchester they have taken 19.3 possible 21 to surge up the table


and into the play-offs. Yesterday's 4-0 win over Notts County kept them


in seventh. Deeply any manner that suggests they are genuine promotion


contenders, they are playing with verve and vigour and seemed to be


enjoying the football. Goal of the day, this one by Tom Lawrence for


Ipswich, a cracker but not a matchwinner. QPR sneaking a late


winner leaving town the wrong half of the table. Is that we played the


second have especially very well become quite close the game out, so


we need to work on that. Get back to winning ways next game. After a


miserable 2016 reason to cheer for Norwich fans, a 3-0 when using the


pressure on Alex Neill for now. A week ago I would have said Gore,


today I'm saying he can do it. It was a different team, they played


really well and I want to see more games like that. Nelson Oliveira the


toast of Carol Rhodes had, is hat-trick the perfect way to kick


off the new year. Finally tonight, we've run a few


stories over the years on the reasons for delays


on our railway lines. Among the favourites: overhead power


cables down and leaves on the line. But how about a scorpion


in the carriage. It happened on a London to Edinburgh


express train on New Year's Day. The service was halted


at Peterborough after the scorpion It was eventually taken


to an exotic pet refuge, All eyes busy and beady, quick to


acknowledge the new kid on the block. A story from Guatemala, this


scorpion fell out of a woman's rucksack on a train near


Peterborough. I was getting my glasses case out and noticed there


was a scorpion crawling on the glasses case. I dropped it on the


floor because I did not want to get stung and then kicked over the


glasses case to see it I could find a scorpion on the underside and


wasn't there so at that point we had lost the scorpion in the carriage.


Soon found the tiny creature less than one inch long was scooped into


a food container, British Transport Police took to the warmth of the


exotic pet refuge near Peterborough. It would not have lasted overnight,


there would have been no repercussions the next day. Other


lodges venomous it is only like two of the wasp sting so it is not


dangerous or fatal. It would only really sting if provoked. This


morning little bundles of scorpion joy, even harder to spot than the


month. There are three small babies that I can see, after they have


grown up little that they will sit on their mums back and head to ride


around with her, she will feed them for a couple days and then they will


feed on small box themselves. It is fantastic, we want to go and visit


the rescue centre in Peterborough so we should do that at some stage. My


daughter is really interested in animals and would like to study


zoology so we are very pleased. The train was delayed by only seven


minutes but the scorpion and her babies continue to make headlines,


they will live out their days at the refuge quietly away from the


cameras. No paparazzi!


Imaginative and laid eggs in the carriage and they hadn't known until


they got into the carriage tours overrun.


Alex was just seeing she had a wonderful scorpion fact.


Is it small clubs big sting, because small sting?


Someone will call and letters now. The producer agrees. If the producer


says it is true, OK. The best thing is now staying at


all, really. The best thing is not to have a scorpion on the


It is a bit call for scorpions perhaps. We have a cold start to the


day this morning, some cold on the grass in Cambridge as the sun rose,


and the beautiful sunset photograph taken. It will get a little chilly


tonight but not as cold as last night because of more cloud around


and although it is expected to stay mainly dry by the end of the night


there may well be some light rain or drizzle across northern counties. As


we go through tonight there will be clear spells developing,


temperatures close to freezing so we could get down to two or three


degrees so perhaps just the risk of a touch of frost but for most of us


we're staying above freezing temperatures as this weather front


comes in from the North will start to recover so those temperatures


rising to around four or 5 degrees for some of us as we start the day


tomorrow. We have this weather front coming in from the north tomorrow,


it is a cold fronts or wanted clear spirit it will mean a cold wind


developing, actually, and some bright weather around so expect a


cloudy start first is that weather front approaches and some might rain


expected but cleaning fluid quickly and then some pleasant spells of


winter sunshine, the bulk of the day looking dry and bright. Deventer is


perhaps feeling cold in that went, five or 6 degrees. These are average


wind speeds, and that will be a feature of the weather through


tomorrow particularly into the afternoon and evening and a certain


and wintry showers from the North Sea saw four counties in Norfolk and


Suffolk there could be the odd shower coming in for the evening,


including the quite quickly saw the Queen to be quite fleeting but just


a possibility and then you notice the blue on the map, by the time we


get to 5am on Thursday temperatures dropping quite sharply, a sharp


frost expected for tomorrow night. We could be down as low as -5 or 6


degrees in parts of the region as we start the day. I pressure will give


us some dutiful winter sunshine for Thursday, it establishes itself


across the British Isles for Thursday so lots of fine weather


around but you can see the weather front coming in from the north-west


and events that to move eastwards and as they get to the weekend the


weather front will come through and bring us rain and introduce some


milder air. Every cup for tomorrow, looking largely dry with the risk of


the showers coming in first thing and wintry showers later


particularly from the coast. If each of the weather tomorrow is the


strengthening north-westerly wind and then fine wintry sunshine after


the sharp frost on Wednesday night into Thursday, so it'll be a cold


day with lots of sunshine around, and eventually the weather front


starts to bring in some rain probably in the day on Friday, into


the weekend and then it turns slightly milder.


Susie was not listening, she was looking up scorpion facts.


Apparently it is mainly by accident the sting people. Goodbye.