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The missed signs of abuse that left a five week old girl


A report finds hospital staff missed chances to intervene.


Then a child is presented at a hospital with injuries like this


over a period of time that is so short on any subject out.


Comedian Rory McGrath admits harassing a married woman


for 14 months, but he escapes prison.


This has been a dark time, and thankfully it's now over. I wish to


thank the judge and apologise to my wife.


Getting the youth vote out - how the government's building


And I'm here in Stevenage where astronaut Tim Peake is inspiring the


next generation. First tonight the missed chances


that could have prevented a couple inflicting catastrophic injuries


on their five week old daughter. Baby Isabelle may never


regain her sight and will have to be fed through a tube for the rest


of her life. Last year her father


Rocky Uzzell and mother But today a report said that if rib


fractures had been spotted by Kettering Hospital,


she could have been removed from their care.


Here's Sally Chidzoy. They were parents who inflicted


horrific injuries on their baby. Rocky Uzzell and Katherine Prigmore


were seen to laugh at the hospital where five-week-old Isobel lay


in a critical condition. Prigmore's seen on the right,


who filmed her partner violently shaking and


squeezing their daughter. This serious case review


highlights major failings Baby Isabel was admitted here six


times in five weeks. Yet not once did staff even consider


that her parents could be Had they recognised them,


they could have taken steps to have her removed from her parents


to prevent more serious injury. The warning signs are all here,


and touched on in the report, yet they were missed time


and time again. On March 6th 2014, Isabel


was admitted with leg pain. There was an x-ray,


no injury was detected. Three days later, she was readmitted


after turning blue. On March 12 she was in hospital


again, vomiting and floppy. On March 20,


she was back in hospital. She was limp.


Injuries were finally identified. The next day,


the parents were arrested. I think what is of particular


importance is the repeat presentation to hospital over a very


short period of time. That should bring an immediate


child protection flag, and immediate child protection


concern, really, The couple, who were jailed last


December, lived in this Shocked neighbours say


they rarely saw them. I knew something wasn't


right, because they... I saw them out with a pushchair


once, that was it. Unable to walk, talk,


see and swallow, she is with foster parents, and is not expected to live


beyond her teens. Kettering Hospital declines


to give an interview, but said there was profound regret


over the missed opportunities It said it has introduced


improvements to procedures So, how was this allowed


to happen to baby Isabelle? I asked head of the Northamptonshire


Safeguarding Children There was not sufficient information


sharing between agencies, although I have to stress that


in itself wouldn't have necessarily More particularly, we are very


concerned that the people at the accident and emergency


facility were not serious enough -- curious enough


about whether the reasons for admission to hospital


were safeguarding linked or not. They were not curious


enough about whether abuse One thing that stands out


in the report is that an x-ray was done on the child's chest,


and broken ribs were missed. I'm told by the medical experts that


actually it's quite hard to tell in small babies whether a rib


has broken or not, but the issue, as I understand it, and has come


through in our report, is that the x-rays were not examined


by a paediatric radiologist. If that examination had taken place


as it should have been, it is very likely that the child,


the baby wouldn't have been Very likely wouldn't have gone


back to the parents, and this awful outcome would have


very likely not have happened. How does this case compared


to other safeguarding cases I would say this is one of the most


serious cases I have personally dealt with both in terms


of the severity of the injuries, and And also, in terms of the fact


that the report does say that it is very likely that this


could have been avoided. On a scale, I would say this


is very serious indeed. And so what are you recommending


to try and stop it happening again? There is a different arrangement


now for the examination of x-rays in babies and young children,


for example, and the sharing


of information, particularly information about


fathers has been really reinforced, and that is all


backed by training programme for the relevant staff,


and we as a board are also monitoring and auditing


the impact of that. So are you 100% sure that if a baby


was brought into the hospital today that it would be picked up


and it would be acted upon? In safeguarding, there are no,


not ever 100% guarantees. What we are assured as a board


is that that curiosity that I had been talking about would be enacted,


those questions will be asked, and safeguarding will be


considered as a priority. The television entertainer


and comedian Rory McGrath has been give a suspended ten week jail


sentence today after admitting harassing


a woman for 14 months. The court in Huntingdon was told


McGrath and the married woman The harassment started


when she ended the affair. Mike Cartwright's at


Huntingdon magistrates' court now. Rory McGrath told the woman he


harassed that this would make a wonderful court case. Well, in that


court today, we heard in detail what he did. The actions he thought would


remain private became very public indeed.


Arriving at court, his wife by his side.


Rory McGrath who the court was told pursued a course of conduct


After harassing a married mother in her 40s for more than a year.


the two having an affair for more than five years.


The woman wanting to finish it after McGrath, she said,


had become difficult and unpleasant company.


The two had shared intimate messages and texts.


Rory McGrath threatening to publish glossy images of her.


The judge was told of his deep remorse.


his solicitor spoke on McGrath's behalf.


This has been a dark time, and thankfully it is now over.


I wish to thank the judge, and apologise to my wife.


And family, and thank them for their incredible support


In a Cambridge Park, Rory McGrath tailed the woman as she went


He contacted her husband and her new partner.


Police say harassment cases are on the rise,


encouraging victims to come forward.


I would urge them to pick up the phone, ring us, tell us.


Call the police, we can help you, we can put you in touch with other


agencies and support services that can help you in both the short-term


On TV from the 90s, he became a household name.


His behaviour, likened to a midlife crisis.


His actions described as bizarre and increasingly desperate.


In sentencing, the judge told McGraw it was a persistent controlled


imposition of yourself on the victim and those close to her. He was also


ordered to pay ?200 in costs and a five-year restraining order was


imposed. In just over three months voters


in Cambridgeshire will go to the polls to choose the


county's first ever elected mayor. And one of the first tests


for the new role will be how many people turn out to vote


in May's election. So, today a government


minister was in the county, hearing ideas from young people


about how to get as many people Our political reporter


Tom Barton has the details. Our political reporter


Tom Barton has the details. Back to the classroom to hear how


sixth formers think young people can be encouraged to register to vote.


The Minister for the institution was at long road College in Cambridge


today. At the top of the agenda, the election of a mayor for


Cambridgeshire this May. Do you believe that there is a worry that


turnout will be lower a bit like in the police and crime commission is


election? We look at these new established position such as the


combined mayoral authority. We need to make sure that people are aware


that this is taking place on the 4th of May this year. So what do these


politics students think of this new part of the political system? I do


think you can have one person to represent thousands of people. If it


represents amateur and the surrounding areas then it will be a


good point coming from that. I don't think you can represent


Cambridgeshire as one. Hopefully the mayor will be in touch with his


local community and know exactly what it needs. We now know who five


of the candidates for the election will be. Ukip have selected Paul


Bollen. But casual is representing liberal Democrats. Peace door is


standing as an independent. The Green candidate will be Julie


Howell, and the Conservatives selected last week James Palmer.


Labour are currently voting to due to their candidate will be. Whoever


wins the election here in Cambridge in May will get a significant range


of new powers over training, over where new housing is built, and


crucially over the county public transport network, but while all of


that power and significant money is coming here to Cambridgeshire, the


same is not true elsewhere in our region. This is, you say, a good


thing for Cambridgeshire, but for other parts of our region,


Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, there is a mayor,


there is no new powers, there is no new money. This is an inconsistent


policy, is it couldn't write? This is crucial to be bottom up. We need


to come forward with workable arousal for devolving housing


budgets, transport budgets, that we will list going forward, but it has


DBE for local areas to be able to decide how to do its best. In


Cambridgeshire the countdown has started. Some of these students will


be among those choosing the counties that ever electro mayor. At first


ever elected mayor. Local elections traditionally get


much lower turnouts than general elections....is there any sense


that this might be different ? Welcome you heard in my report a


student asking the minister about the police and crime commission


elections and went those elections were first held back in 2012, you


saw the lowest ever turnout, 12% in some places, of people bothering to


vote. And even the second time those elections were held back in 2015,


only about 30% of people voted, even those at those elections were held


on the same day as the general election. Council turnout is often


quite low as well, regularly below 15% that are 50%. There is a risk


can ahead, that the new mayoral role could struggle to persuade people to


turn out and vote, but this mayor is a big job with a big budget and a


lot of response ability and I think the minister's visit today shows how


did the government is that you will have decent turnout at this


election. So people in Cambridge are actually getting a vote on it all.


What about the rest of the region? Elsewhere in the region, at the


moment there aren't any serious discussions going on, there were


proposals kicking around for both Bedfordshire and for part of


Northamptonshire. They, though, came to nothing, and there is a plan for


devolution in Norfolk and Suffolk, very similar to the camera deal


which collapsed last year, but the minister as he saw there said that


the government is open to suggestions, so it is possible that


we could see more mayors elsewhere in our region in the future. Tom,


thanks very much. Police are appealing


for witnesses after a car was stolen in Cambridgeshire


with a baby inside. Police have released CCTV video


of the incident in Kimbolton A passenger pulled up in a vehicle


near the mother's car which she'd left parked outside a shop


with the baby strapped in the back. The man jumped in and


drove the vehicle away. He abandoned the car a hundred yards


away on London Road. Cambridgeshire police have raised


concern over CCTV footage showing a near miss incident between a van


and woman walking her two horses. The video, which has been watched


more than 400 times, was taken on Red Fen Road


in Little Thetford Police are warning drivers to take


extra care on country roads and to always approach a horse


at less than 15 miles per hour. The Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner has


become the first member of Jeremy Corbyn's front-bench team


to say he will defy an order to vote The Labour MP, whose constituency


voted overwhelmingly in favour of Remain,


said he will respect That's all from me -


I'm back at 10.30 with more on our top stories -


but for now here's Stewart and Susie And the moment this Essex


photographer thought he'd never see. Around 20 lucky children had a day


they'll never forget today. They met the astronaut Tim Peake


in Stevenage at a new educational centre aimed at inspiring


the scientists of the future and today, we were told he's


going back into space sometime But in Stevenage, it was all


about getting young hands For a man who was blasted into


space, it was a suitably out of this world opening. Strand putting us


from Stevenage to Mars. This testing yard at the heart of the interactive


centre, all about inspiring the next generation. It is all hands on with


a teacher with unique qualifications. It's really exciting


meeting him and everything is very fun to play with. He is a bit famous


so that is really exciting. I asked him about the Northern lights and he


sought them about to authorise -- two or three times a week. What more


expiring for these children than to be standing next to someone who has


been into orbit, looking out to the future of space exploration. If you


can get them excited about science at that early age, that is when they


will make the decision to study those and we can grow our workforce


for the future, which will be of huge benefit to the UK. And there


was a nod to today's news that he is set to return to orbit. Space is a


wonderful place to live and work. Every astronaut would love to get


back up there. The Airbus Centre will be won by North Hertfordshire


College. Access to live space research and extraordinary asset. It


is rare to see a business open the doors of its most incredible


projects to help inspire the next generation. These would-be


scientists filling an important void. For our burgeoning industry in


the UK which is the right thing we need a good strong pipeline of our


own engineers and scientists and technicians coming through, and


these sort of programmes are an excellent way to create that talent


for the future. When he was a boy, Tim Peake dreams of being a pilot. A


message to these youngsters, anything is possible.


When the national living wage was brought in last year,


there was a warning that it would have an effect on care


there's evidence that it's forced up the cost of care


and been a factor in some homes closing.


The living wage came in last April and will go up by 30 pence an hour


One nursing home in Essex has already put up its weekly charge


to more than ?1,000 to pay for the increase in the cost


This from our business correspondent Richard Bond.


Rising wages are always good for morale and when the living


or minimum wage rises in April, many of the 80 staff at this nursing


Lucy Young works in the kitchen and is chuffed by the prospect


I enjoy working here, but getting more money would be brilliant.


Cheviot nursing home has 31 residents and is


It's run on a not-for-profit basis, but as wages rise, it


A year ago, the price of a new bed place here was ?939 a week.


That has had to rise this year to ?1,036,


an increase of 10% and the boss says that is down to the living wage.


The national living wage has gone up by 11.5% in the last two years,


so it has had an impact on the amount we charge people.


I'm sorry about that, because it must sound


like an enormous amount of money if you are in the position that


you are looking for care for someone you love.


Yes, and believe me, we are not making a profit.


The strain of higher fees falls on people like Ken.


His wife Maureen has been here for 18 months


She needs round-the-clock care, but it's hard for the couple to pay


the fees with interest rates on savings on the floor.


If you have made sensible plans for retirement and relying


on and investment income and the income from the investments


drops to virtually zero and yet your commitments continue


to rise, I cannot see anybody being in a position where they can


It's part of a charity and has the resources to survive,


but many smaller homes may not be so lucky.


Everyone likes the idea of higher pay, it's just footing the bill


The cost of caring for the elderly is high and rising, and those people


paying the full cost themselves are actually subsidising


Most homes are a mixture of people who pay for themselves and those


whose care is paid for by councils. The cost is going up and councils


have been unwilling or unable to pay the full increases, so we have been


in this situation for some years were bills for Private people have


been rising at a faster rate than for councils. It has reached a point


where each private residence is subsidising each publicly funded


resident to the tune of up to ?8,000 a year and clearly the increases in


the living wage are going to add to that number and it's a situation


that many argue is unfair and unsustainable.


Norfolk's Alfie Hewett has made another major tennis final.


who won his first Grand Slam title with Gordon Reid


has now reached the final of the wheelchair doubles


He'll play against his British doubles partner


Alfie and Gustavo Fernandez from Argentina


beat the number one seeds in the semifinals.


This region has another World Champion.


has won the Ladies World Indoor Bowls Championship


Ellen Falkner from Cambridgeshire in the final at Hopton


She first won the title three years ago,


making her the youngest ever champion.


Coming back here every year has been an absolute pleasure. This is the


start of the year, could not be a better start. It was an incredible


fame and to be up against Alan, it is what a lot of people would have


asked for. I am a bit lost for words but rather than talk about my


performance, I would rather talk about Catherine and say well done,


well played and enjoy the moment. If you saw Winterwatch last night,


you'll have seen the Wind in the Willows character Ratty


as you've never seen him before. The remarkable wildlife


pictures were shot in Essex They were taken by local Film


maker and photographer it took a lot of time


and a lot of patience, we thought you'd like


to see them again. We're on the River Colne,


it's a chalk stream. I knew that it was a special site


when we first arrived here. A lot of people walk past this place


and don't understand Spend a few minutes,


observe and it comes to you. The voles are fairly


nervous and you've got to be incredibly still,


so you are freezing and being very cold in the water, but just don't


move about and as time goes by and you do more days of it,


they'll become more relaxed and then Sitting right in front of you,


you know, chewing away, they are always here,


every single day, but some of those special shots you need,


they happen just once and you've got One of the most satisfying things


is, because we have this beautiful chalk stream,


you can see these little silver bullets which are the water voles


underwater with the air trapped The life of the water vole is very


short, most of them don't get very far into a second year,


so a huge steep learning curve. On first coming to the site really,


it was this idea that possibly, possibly we had caught water voles


that were climbing trees. The evidence on the tree really most


people would put it down to squirrels and I think


it was worth spending some time, and then they started to climb


and they were going up along the branches and I think


they were probably six I thought that was


quite interesting. Maybe not so steady on their feet


and then to my commencement they just kept climbing


and climbing and climbing. I don't know what the difference


was between bark at the bottom and the bark at the top,


but they just like to go higher. And the last programme in this


season of Winterwatch is on BBC Two It was very cold today. Yes, we have


all been complaining about the cold today. These were our top


temperatures. Some places not getting higher than minus two


Celsius and then factor in the wind-chill, it felt colder. Another


cold night on the way. Not many photographs today because not many


braved the outdoors to take them. Grey and overcast through much of


the day but just as the sunset, the glimpse of a blue sky. Over much of


the region there will be clear skies developing, so another sharp


tonight. It looks as though many of us will get down to minus two


Celsius but you can see on the map, a bit more cloud coming to the south


by the end of the night and the possibility of light sleet or snow


into counties like Essex. Gradually tomorrow we will see something


milder coming our way. Although it will be a cold start to Friday, with


a widespread frost, it will recover. This weather feature heading


northwards through the morning. A very light covering of sleet or


snow, not expected to settle. It clears the way. The middle part of


the day dry and bright and then it tends to cloud over again.


Temperatures around four or 5 degrees but by the evening, we could


be up at around seven or 8 degrees as that milder air works its way


northwards. We still have the chance of patchy rain arriving by the end


of the day and overnight, and then we're into an unsettled weekend.


There is a bit of uncertainty about this weather feature but it looks as


though it will bring us strong winds, cloudy at times with the


chance of rain and shall this. I had this dream that we were going


upstairs and the boss said, tonight, we will go somewhere warm to present


the programme. Don't think it will come true. Good night.


Einstein replaced Newton's theory of universal gravitation


with a more accurate theory - general relativity.


So, why's my apple falling? Well, it's not.


It is the ground that accelerates up to meet the apple.


So that's why the chair that I'm sitting on now


that actually feels as if it's accelerating up


It's really changed my relationship with this chair. Mm-hm.


The FA People's Cup - a free five-a-side tournament


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