11/05/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello. Welcome to the programme tonight.


15 years on, the first residents move in to


Northstowe in Cambridgeshire, so will housing play


It's very tough, saving for a deposit is the hardest thing about


it. Seconds after this photo her balloon


hit electric wires, now Rebecca meets the medic


who saved her life. I Joshua Roddy electricity going


through my body and thinking that I'm just going to die. It was just


A new junction for the M1, what difference will it make


And we get a preview of what to expect with the sights


First tonight, more than 15 years after plans


originally went on display, the first residents


are moving into Northstowe - the new township being build


When it's finished, it will have ten thousand homes and was a big


factor in the construction of the guided bus-way.


Plans for dealing with the housing crisis are set to play a significant


part in the general election and we'll look at the scale


But first Anna Todd has been to meet one of the new householders


This is Sebastien's new house in the new town of Northstowe.


He couldn't afford Cambridge or anywhere nearby,


When we came here for the first time, it was just a flat


piece of land with a few machines digging holes in the ground.


Then after five months, they built a home.


We came here few times and we could see the house rise from there.


Today marked the launch of the very first homes on the old


Plans for the new settlement were first mooted back in 1998.


Of course, there have been some tricky moments,


The economy has not been as friendly as it might have


been and we had the A14 in and out of the programme.


All these things have been sent to try us, but


those of us who have been in it for the duration, we've held onto


the dream and the reality is all around us.


Hunting through the BBC archives, it was


back in the summer of 2003 that the name Northstowe was agreed.


Back then, the plan was to have 6000 homes built by 2016.


As you can see, it's only now that the first


Were the developers waiting for land prices


We've always tried to proceed with the development of


Northstowe and the sale of land as quickly as we possibly can.


It's in no-one's interest to hold onto


the land and to keep those costs of servicing that land.


It's in no-one's interest to do that at all.


Of the 10,000 homes, 40% will be affordable.


With many people priced out of nearby towns,


We have been really surprised that most of it has come


These are really houses for local people.


The fact that the bus-way already exists


and you can get straight into the centre of town


and to Cambridge North Station as well.


That has been a key factor for people's accessibility.


But also the way out for facilities Northstowe will offer.


Sebastien knows we will be living with the builders for


decades to come, but this afternoon, a collective sigh of relief.


Northstowe is finally a real place to live.


So, what are the challenges for the housing market


Our political reporter Mousumi Bakshi has been


Well, it's no surprise that the houseprice slowdown in some


areas of the region has had little impact on the housing market.


Last year, across the East, more than 21,000


so there was a still a shortfall of around 8500 homes.


The lack of available land to build on.


One of my asks from the next Government would be to help with the


land availability and they can do that in a number of ways.


Firstly, by actually creating some flexibility


So, there are sometimes some regeneration sites that need


cleaning up before they can be built on.


Sometimes land needs to be assembled in a way that makes a site


Then there needs to be some investment in infrastructure.


So how has a lack of supply affected house prices?


Well over the past year, prices have gone up by 3%


in Cambridge, 17% in Bedford and 19% in Milton Keynes.


The highest change was seen in Luton where average house prices have


Tough conditions for first time buyers.


My budget, I'm looking at somewhere between ?200,000 to ?258,000.


I don't really want to go that high, so maybe ?230,000


Saving for a deposit is the hardest thing about it and then going


Because they ask you every question and it is very difficult to justify


To what you're spending, and things like that.


So with house prices still going up, what about so-called


Well, according to the Hundred Houses Society in Cambridge,


220,000 low-cost homes need to be built every year in England.


But last year, 40,000 were built which suggests


political parties will have to make ambitious election pledges


And if there's a burning issue for you in this election,


Get in touch by phone, by email and tweet us


A teenager has been found guilty of stabbing a police dog and his


PC Dave Wardell and his German shepherd Finn


were attacked on duty in Stevenage in October.


Both have since made a full recovery.


A 16-year-old boy from London, who can't be named for legal


reasons, was found guilty of actual bodily harm and criminal damage.


A woman who suffered horrific injuries when the hot air


balloon she was in crashed in Northamptonshire


has had an emotional reunion with the paramedic


The balloon hit power lines and burst into flames.


Today, Rebecca Fry spoke publicly for the first


time about the accident, to the BBC's Louise Hubball.


Captured on camera, the moment a hot air balloon hit power lines


Burst into flames and crashed to the ground.


Just moments before, she had taken this selfie.


After the balloon hit the electric cables, she


Severe burns to her face and legs,


I just remember the electricity only through my body and


thinking that I was just going to die.


It had all my muscles tense and it made me clench my teeth, so I


was screaming through a clenched jaw.


I just remember holding on, just hoping it was just going to go


The last time I saw you, you were wrapped up and we were


Today, she was reunited with the doctor who saved her.


Rupert Hurrie is an A doctor but also volunteers with MagPass,


the air ambulance service called to the emergency.


At the crash scene, he rapidly had to assess.


Three, potential electrocution as well.


Yeah, it doesn't take a medical person to consider what


What has it been like seeing Becky today?


I'm just really happy, because I don't often get


to see my patients once I've treated them, but she looks


I'm glad to see here, walking, talking,


after the accident which helped her focus during her recovery.


I have a really strong memory of Brett


sitting next to my bed, rubbing cream on my hand while I had my eyes


closed, trying to get through the pain.


He said, "Come on, you need to get this hand healed so you can


When I recovered, I was like, "Come on, then, Brett.


Rebecca still thinks about the accident every day.


Her wedding planned for next autumn, so


the sun won't be too strong on her burns on honeymoon.


And thankful to the doctor who made that possible.


Louise Hubball, BBC Look East, Cambridge.


Well, cold callers all the bane of a lot of people's lives.


A marketing company - based in Dunstable -


which made nearly 100 million nuisance calls has been fined


a record ?400,000 by the Information


Keurboom Communications made automated calls


to people encouraging them to make insurance claims.


The call, the click on your line and then the recorded


Today, Keurboom Communications was fined ?400,000


1000 people complained. One said... Knees called the shops mineworker,


cause necessary, unnecessary anxiety and make me very angry. One said it


was a stalking complaint and they were harassed by their ex-partner


right calls and text messages, so unsolicited calls cause anxiety.


They said companies can only call with permission. Keurboom


Communications did not want maybe Colvin LA. It has now gone bust and


a not pay the fine. It seems the action on cold callers would be a


popular move. It is rude to call people are in the middle of the day


when they are in the middle of something and persist to keep on


your phone. I find rude. I would never do it to someone else. It's


not OK. As soon as I put it down, say no, take me off, I want to be


all, they will phone back. The industry itself welcomes tighter


regulation. Jimenez, it may have well be in a bad place and people do


not trust calls. -- at the moment. If we can get rid of nuisance calls,


it would re-establish itself for sure. But something finds are not


enough and only leave their democratic present company bosses


built with the stock to nuisance calls. -- the threat of prison to


the company bosses will put a stop to it.


So how can people protect themselves against cold callers like Keurboom?


Andy Curry from the Information Commissioner's Office


First of all, by being careful about where you give your information


about. I know it is a chore but check the small print. APC able that


says, are you happy for us to share information with unnamed third


party? Do not take that. Complain. That is how we can take the action


we have taken to day. -- do not tick it. Some people use coal blockers.


Find them very effective as dot-mac. -- call blockers. It is complex to


find solutions. But in the case of Keurboom Communications, people were


doing all of these but still getting calls. The director was sourcing


information from all sorts of places, including people who had


ticked those boxes. He operated in a very indiscriminate way. Keurboom I


understand has gone bust so well you get the fine? We don't take these


likely. When we issue a fine, we expected to be paid. Liquidation


should not make any change there. We will pursue it really caught, look


into specialist recovery agents. We expected to be paid. Can you pursue


the bosses at the moment? Now. The element is proposing... The Alaska


governor proposed to change the law to extend our powers to fine


directors up to ?500,000 each. That is got cross-party support. -- alas


Government. Would you like to see more regulation? There is a proposal


in the now digital economy act. That is to make a code of practice on a


statutory basis that all direct marketing companies will do follow.


That is what we will take forward next year. Are other companies doing


the same kind of thing as Keurboom? If so, how do you catch them? This


case was the worst one we have ever seen. We do have other


investigations into other companies, not just ones that have done the


wrong thing and not paid much attention, but real rogue operators.


We are taking those forward. You can expect to see more finds from the


ICO in the future. -- more fines. You're watching Look


East from the BBC. Coming up: Alex is looking


ahead at the weather All the colour of the carnival -


we get a preview of Luton's biggest But before all that and as you may


have seen on the national news... The big election story of the day


has been the leaking We've already heard about its plans


to scrap tuition fees and But it also talks about doing more


to help the regions - especially when it comes


to communications Our political correspondent


Andrew Sinclair reports. This is only a leak, the plans may


yet change but Labour looks to have big plans for the election. The


draft manifesto claims Conservatives have taken broad communities for


granted, with chronic underinvestment in transport and


public services. It said labour will borrow to fund infrastructure and


transport will be a priority. And it endorses the plans to improve rail


links. Superfast broadband will be available everywhere within five


years. And there is a problem dot-mac promise of -- promise of an


inner dropped phone lines. Labour says they will give money to every


part of the region. -- an interrupted. And points to the east


coast rail line that rationalisation can work, but only when existing


franchises come to an end. More from Andrew now.


So, Andrew how will Labour's plans go down in this region?


Well, there are some policies in year which will go down very well in


our part of the world. Rail new renationalisation is always an issue


which does get many commuters excited. Labour also promising to


keep the ban on fox hunting, which will please some people. It also


said it will change the law to stop banks and post offices to close


branches. It is also promising the scientific community that they will


ensure they still remain part of the important European research


programmes but the trouble with that last point is that it all depends


how the Brexit negotiations go. The problem at all these proposals is


there are no costings with any of this, so it's very hard to know how


much money exactly is on offer and how these proposals will work.


And the deadline has passed for anyone who wants


Yes, if you wanted to do so, too late, you missed your chance. We


know Labour and the Conservatives are standing every seat in the


region. The Greens are standing in almost every seat with one or two


exceptions in Cambridgeshire. Ukip have not given us a full list yet.


They are not standing in the woods in north because they want to back


Kelvin Hopkins, which we spoke about last night. There are if few other


seats that they are not standing in, not for any particular reason, but


more because they don't have the money to run a particular campaign.


Thank you. The long-awaited Dunstable bypass


opened to traffic this morning, It links the A5 to the M1, north


of the Bedfordshire town. The ?160 million project,


also includes the new junction Mike Cartwright has


been to find out. Nearly three miles long, three year


is and ?160 million in the making. A new bypass joining a new motorway


junction. We will be able to take heavy goods vehicles out of


Dunstable and the villages surrounding us. That'll make a huge


difference to the quality of life for those residents and of course


the air quality on those high Street as well. Taking traffic away from


the town. In Dunstable, fewer cars and eventually melt rocks. -- no


trucks. Drugs are coming through today but that will stop.


Numberplate recognition will be used. We will only see then a there


has been a closure or they are delivering. Road networks made to


stop the traffic bottleneck hair. I came a week, it was full. There were


loads of lorries. I could not see any to day. Yeah, glad to have it


open at last. I tried it. What did you think? Good, quick. Yellow mac I


will just straighten it and trim it up for you. The hairdressers hope it


will tempt more customers into the town. Hopefully they can get in and


out without being stuck in traffic for ages. We always have customers


telling us they will be late because they are stuck in traffic, it will


be five or ten minutes. It is never five or ten minutes. Hopefully they


can getting quicker. First spoken about 60 years ago, now open for


business. J's new bypass. -- Bedfordshire.


It's just about the most colourful and loud event


in the region's calendar - every year Luton comes


alive with the sights and sounds of the carnival.


It's taking place on the Sunday of the late May bank holiday


weekend, and today we were given a taster of what might


I spoke to Clary Salandy, artistic director, and asked her


Well, the highlight of this carnival is a fantastic array, full of


fabulous costumes. Special float designs. -- parade. We have artists


coming in from Germany coming UK artists who will be performing. We


have a large range of the dissidents who have been working so hard to


make absolutely fantastic costumes. -- large range of participants. Why


is this so popular? It is for everyone. It is a beautiful cultural


experience. Children have fun, there was lots to see. There are huge


design, costumes are magnificent. It is a great family day out and


everyone wants to be there. No one wants to miss the carnival. To


people outside of the area come deservedly for the event? Yes, we


get a lot of visitors from both sides. Going east, west, north,


south coming to the carnival. What of local people as well, as well as


people outside and from Europe because we have links with Denmark


and Nice. Visitors as well. Is it good for the economy, putting the


region on the map? Lutein is now known as one of the creative centres


in the UK. -- Luton. The carnival is part of that. Young people can be


creative. Not just creating, being very good at what they do. The


standard is very high. It will only be getting better. Our focus is on


creating the best quality with young people developing their artistic


talent. Last year, it was marred at the end with some violence. Police


in stab vests. Partygoers then want to see that, they want to feel safe.


Are you improving safety this year? That is not quite a right way of


describing what happened. The carnival finished at 6pm and the


issue that happens at the town centre was at 8pm, had nothing to do


with the carnival whatsoever, but we worked very closely with the police


and we have a very strong health and safety company involved. We are very


much looking... Making sure the carnival is safe. It was safe last


year and will be saved their share. Looting is bidding to be the UK's's


city of culture 2025. -- Luton. How big and offering is the carnival in


Luton? Lewis Daynes having a hair is not an accident. Luton is an access


to Europe. -- Luton having it here is not an accident. It is synonymous


with the identity of looting. We are generating a carnival that is


reflective. -- Luton. Reflective of all the different places in the


world, so we can see that we want to world, so we can see that we want to


go to Luton carnival because there is something for everyone.


Finally - take a look at these pictures -


Greengrocer Penny Benedict has opened a stall at


Kettering General Hospital selling fruit and vegetables.


The hospital's allowing her to operate rent-free


She's there Monday to Friday between ten and four.


Weather time now - and it's been a fairly


Let's see what the rest of the week has in store - here's Alex.


Hello. A chilly start to the game is some places below freezing but would


cover the the afternoon. Many places up to 19-20dC. We are continuing to


import some warm and humid air from the south, so we continue to see


those warm temperatures and blue skies for two days. Lovely photo


here on the sand dunes in Norfolk. First thing this morning in


Northamptonshire. This warm air is moving up from the south, southerly


winds and also bringing with it some slightly unstable air. The chance on


some heavy, possibly thundery downpours as they go through the


evening and overnight. Not for all areas, but there will be some


potential for flashes of lightning as they go into the early hours of


tomorrow morning. It'll be much much milder than last night as well. We


can see temperatures recorded as low as 8-9dC. We start the day tomorrow


with this weather system gradually clearing to the north. This area of


low pressure continuing to feel quite humid and muddy through the


day. The chances of further outbreaks of rain in the morning. --


muggy. Possibly some sunshine, some scattered showers and these could


potentially be quite heavy in places. Temperature wise, likely to


get similar temperatures to today. Perhaps anywhere between 18-20dC.


When rationing from the south during the course of the day. By the


afternoon, they shall as begin to be more isolated. Into the weekend,


slightly fresher appeal for things that this weather system pushes


through that day night into Sunday. Likely to be some showers around on


the weekend. While it does look a bit fresh air and we have that


humidity, temperatures will climb to around 19 Celsius. We have that rain


clearing thirsting for Friday, brightest skies and showers. Be


aware of the potential for some of these to be quite heavy, possibly


thundery. Then in two weekend, looking largely dry of the day on


Saturday but the gentle and isolated shower, some rainfall moving through


a light into Sunday, clearing into Sunday. Potentially a cloudy start


Sunday but the chance of some scattered showers developing through


the afternoon. A bit cooler as he thought the region next week with


height of just 16 Celsius. Not a bad outlook. There will be possibly some


rain but also some sunshine, too. And that's how the news and weather


are looking here this evening. Until then, enjoy your


evening, and goodbye.