17/05/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East. Coming up in Wednesday's programme:


Calls for action on financial abuse -


after a couple conned their elderly neighbour out of her life savings.


We just knew that they were no good but without proof


As the election draws closer - what issues will get our Polish


Because I'm feeling like it's my home and I'm growing a future


with this country, and I want the best for this country,


and I want the best for my business as well.


She lost 18 stone to be named slimmer of the year -


stay tuned to find out Tracy's dieting tips.


And after a day of rain will the dilution continue? All the details


later. First tonight - the vulnerable


dementia sufferer. Marjorie Webster from


Peterborough had given power meaning she could make decisions


about the pensioner's finances. But little did she know that


the woman she trusted to help her, was actually stealing thousands


of pounds from her account. Remembering her friend of 40 years


almost a year on from her death. Marcia knew Marjorie had made


a mistake giving her and describes Kim Riley as a very


cunning and intelligent woman. She saw the vulnerability of


Marjorie, and as Marjorie's health declined she became closer


to her but was always borrowing money from Marjorie,


and Marjorie was so kind to them because of that


personal circumstance, We just knew that they were no good


but without proof there The financial abuse began


here in Peterborough. With no family of her own,


Marjorie befriended her neighbours over


a period of 12 years, to the point


where she trusted Kim Riley enough to legally look after her financial


affairs she lived in this house in


Peterborough, and she put all her faith in Kim


and believed that Kim Kim played the daughter


Marjorie never had, she showered her with affection


and love, but it was fake. Only when she died, did


the executor to her will discover that her neighbours


had cleared out Marjorie's bank The care home that


she'd been living in got in touch fairly


quickly after she died to say that the care


home fees hadn't been


paid for six months. Now, we knew at that time


there should have been enough funds in the estate to have paid


those care home fees, The firm of lawyers then


reported their suspicions Funds were being used


for all sorts of things, family holidays, pubs, restaurants,


concert tickets, supermarkets transactions, anything and


everything, holidays in Egypt, and over a period of three years it came


to about ?150,000 which equates to Kim and husband Neil


Riley were found guilty earlier this month,


and are tonight behind bars, for living the high life


at Marjorie's expense. However, Marcia believes


the financial abuse could have been avoided had Marjorie


instructed two people instead of one Charities who campaign for older


people are now calling for measures to stop this kind


of thing happening again. I asked Stephen McCarthy,


from Action On Elder Abuse, Firstly, we're were


looking for additional criminal charges to make


an aggravated crime of elder abuse,


so that's regardless of whether it's financial in this situation, or


physical, or psychological, We think that as a starting


point we think there is a real lack of deterrent


at the moment. What about the lawyers, or financial


sector, could they do more to prevent that happening


in the first place? Banks should be able to keep an eye


on this sort of thing. You would have thought they know


when someone has made an attorney, they know what that relationship


is and you would expect banks to be able to pick up on large sums of


money transferring from the actual rightful owner of that money


through to that attorney, and to then raise those concerns


with the police or social services, but most importantly


it is about raising that concern. So what sort of thing should people


be watching out for, then, whether they work


in a bank or perhaps work and social services


and have some contact People pick up often


on the disparity between the living conditions that the person might be


in and their supposed financial situation.


That's one. As well, people are not


often able to pay bills all of a sudden


when that shouldn't really be the case,


and I believe that was a factor


in this case as well. With older people needing help


with their finances, If you are going to set up


a power of attorney for yourself, to maybe look at more


than one person to be attorneys. That way, one person


can keep an eye on It's all about setting


power of attorney up correctly, but even within that there


are limitations to power of attorney, and how safe someone


can keep themselves financially. And are there a lot


of people that come into contact with an older,


vulnerable person who might be able Is it a question of them


communicating more? Yes, absolutely, it


could be friends or family, as I say, but it


could be a social worker, it could be a doctor or a nurse or,


you know, the sort of people that older people are likely


to come into regular contact with should be looking out


for those signs, look to have those sorts


of conversations. And then, if they are in any doubt,


as to whether there might be some abuse financially


or otherwise going on, to get in touch with the police


or to get in touch with social services, social


services do have an obligation to look into these situations


when there is David Brickwood was a 74-year-old


grandfather who was attacked That was over 20 months ago, and his


killer or killers still haven't Today, an inquest in Northampton


heard how Mr Brickwood had 35 wounds on his body,


including multiple stab wounds. The coroner ruled that he had


been unlawfully killed. In the early hours of 26th September


2015, David Brickwood was attacked in his own bed,


and repeatedly stabbed. At the inquest today, police


and paramedics described arriving at the house to find Mr Brickwood


covered in blood, and also how they desperately tried


to save his life. It was abundantly clear


from the evidence that we heard here in court today that


David Brickwood was a well-known and well liked


and well loved man. He had lived in the area for over


40 years, and he was described as being a pivotal part of


Abingdon, and his son described him as being the absolute


backbone of the family. Mr Brickwood's family and friends


sat and listened to the horrific details of his last moments,


and today spoke of the effect of his It's damaged us, and obviously


we're never going to get You've took our father,


you know, mum's husband... Everyone is suffering


in one way or another, whether it's depression, not


sleeping right, not eating right, And I get asked all


the time, you know, You know, what do


you say to children? But despite a substantial reward,


an appeal on Crimewatch, and a recent search of a local lake,


the police say they're I can't stress the importance


enough of people coming forward, but people that have got


evidence, there's been a lot of rumour and a lot of


speculation, but somebody out there must know


what happened, and it's those people


that we want to come forward. So why do you think


they haven't come forward I think people sometimes think


that we will crack it Well, we haven't, we are 20 months


down the line, and those people with that key


evidence are really, really important, they


are even more important


now, and we need them. The coroner today ruled


David Brickwood has been unlawfully killed, and also told the family


he hoped the assailant or assailants And that need for justice and


closure is something that the Brickwood family said they were


desperate to have. The police told me here today in Northamptonshire


that they are incredibly frustrated that the lack of progress here in


this case, but they told me they just need that one key piece of


evidence which could lead to a conviction.


The search for the body of missing airman Corrie Mckeague at a landfill


site near Cambridge will continue for another three weeks.


Mr McKeague went missing after a night out in Bury St Edmunds


Police believe he may have climbed into a commercial waste bin


that was then emptied at the Milton landfill site.


Kim Riley is outside the site tonight with the latest.


Terrible conditions here today, pouring rain and there have been


weeks of delays before the search he was actually begun because police


were originally given the wrong information, told the bin lorry


wasn't Harry enough to have been containing a body so the search


began in February. A specialist search officers have been searching


for 11 weeks and haven't had a single link with Corrie McKeague,


not a single item of personal clothing or a keepsake, nothing like


that but there is a positive side to that, throughout the search there


have been finding items relating to the time and date he went missing


and also to the key location in recent Edmunds where he was last


seen. When the hunt began police identified a cell on which they


would focus, a quarter of an acre is across. To a deep depth, a depth of


eight metres. In a tips like this, they move, apparently, the rubbish


moves around, it is not clumsily bare and police have been noticing


that and what is happened is that waste relating to this key dates,


relating to Bury St Edmunds, the waste coming from that, they have


been found outside that central area they first identified. So in week 11


based on the advice from people here research is being expanded so the


painstaking work likely to go on as you said for another three or four


weeks continuing, progress constantly reviewed here.


As you may have seen on the national news,


the Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto today -


the second of the three main parties to do so.


Our political reporter Mousumi Bakshi has been assessing


how their pledges might affect our region.


Lunchtime in the city known as the heart of silicon. More than 4000


people work in Trinity area in Cambridgeshire. I am the father of


two young children so the future is something that is important to me


because I had to consider some of their well-being and welfare and


what they are actually really don't you do when they grow up and really


the rate of change within technology is so great that we really don't


know what sort of jobs in the world and Britain is going to look like in


another 20 years' time. The Lib Dems are also promising to protect the


science budget but in such a narrow focus on a specific sector the right


cause of action for voters? They are right to focus on science and


technology. If you look at where the income and all the value and the


jobs come from, it is very uniquely around Cambridge, from deep


technology. Science is both critical for Cambridge but essential for the


broader UK economy so I ink they are very right to focus on that. Taywood


voted -- Cambridge voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.


A measure of success for the Liberal Democrats is if this manifesto will


win back tightly contested like Cambridge. As well as focusing on


Brexit they revealed it would build up to half a million a affordable


homes over the next five years but will it be enough in places like


Cambridge where the average cost of a home is over ?400,000? As well as


the affordable homes building programme, the party also announced


it would create a new start-up allowance which could play well in


parts of this county. Last year, over two and a half thousand new


companies began trading. And while it may go against the rest of the


country reversing Brexit plays well for this start-up company. We have


80% of our employees non-British citizens. Over 50% are -- of our


users. It isn't so much that we are hiring followers that are


foreigners, but we have had a hard time finding horrified employees. --


qualified employees. Staying with the election,


but now to the views of people who've moved to this country


and made it their home. Polish migrants make up the largest


foreign-born group across the East. In Peterborough more


than 6,500 Poles have moved Some have become British


citizens, giving So Emma Baugh went to ask about


the issues that matter to them. Gosia Prohal in her


Peterborough radio studio. She's been in the country


three and half years, But she says many of her listeners


have applied for a British passport. Polish people in the UK,


they are now waiting They don't know what to


expect and that's why much more people apply


for the British citizenship. Listnener Robert Szatkowski


has been here 14 years, a citizen for four.


His vote is for the economy. As a sole trader I would


like to be concerned only about the business, so economic


aspects of political parties' programmes, this is


the most important part. Latest census figures show


that in ten years more than 6,500 people moved


from Poland to Peterborough. We don't know how many of those have


stayed, how many have become citizens, and of those how many


have registered to vote. One of those who's registered


is shop owner Annie Igeemorrow. She's lived in the UK 15 years,


a citizen for four. For her - she's voting


for a soft brexit. To stay in single market,


actually to grow the I want the economy to


grow to be good for my business because most


of my grosses come from Europe. Because I'm feeling


like it's my home, and I'm growing a future with this country


and I know I want the best for this country, and I want the best


for my business as well. So what are we going to do,


muffins, you said? Lukasz Moorafski has lived


in the UK for more ten years. but his five-year-old son,


Xavier, has. Now he's looking to get


more of a say himself, and a number of issues


are important to him. Everybody is talking


about the NHS these days, Some people say that even


people from European countries, their children might be paying for


the education, which is I don't know,


it's a big question, but I really don't know whether it's


actually going to take place. And immigrants as well,


like, people coming to this country


and living in this country, Whether people have a vote or not,


this election will have a great impact on those who live and work


here, and how much their And don't forget we'd like to hear


what else would Get your vote Here's how -


by calling 03457 630630. You can also e-mail us -


the address is look.east@bbc.co.uk. Or if you're on Facebook,


just search for bbc look east - and you can send us messages,


or write on our page. Or Tweet us - @BBCLookEast


using the hashtag 'getsmyvote'. Onto other news and unemployment


has fallen in the East, Figures out today show the total


at one hundred and twenty two Figures out today show


the total at 122,000 a drop of 17,000 on the previous


three months. The region's unemployment


rate fell to 3.9%, well below the national


average of 4.6%. The dilemma over who should restore


one of Northampton's most famous The Eleanor Cross was erected


by King Edward the first in the 13th century


as a tribute to his And after a wrangle over


who actually owns it, Northampton Borough Council says it


has now applied for permission to carry out maintenance work,


and is considering quotes You're watching looked east, with


the weather shortly. And this super slimmer has lost an incredible 18


stone. Tonight, museums and galleries


across the region are opening their doors to try and attract


new visitors by offering something Museums at Night is a national


campaign to offer an interactive, social evening and to get people


to engage in the arts. The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge


is offering a full sensory viewing of their successful


Renaissance exhibition. This whole exhibition has been


designed to look like an Italian Renaissance home, and tonight it


really is like stepping back We've got the sounds, you can hear


the bell tolling there, Renaissance Italy was probably


quite a stinky place but Irini is here to tell us how


they made it smell a Yes, when they came


home from church or the workplaces, Renaissance men and


women would have had something like this, a rosary, in their hands


at home, to perform some of their devotional prayers, and in order


to distract them from the stench outside, they would have sprayed


the beads with rose water. The name rosary comes from the...


word roses, that would have been given from


devotees to the version, and so The same scent Renaissance men


and women would have had while saying


their prayers at home. Wonderful, I shall keep this


with me while I'll have a look around, and tonight is all


about evoking the past, and who better to do that than a writer


of historical fiction? Sarah, you manage to create


the past so convincingly. Well, I use all my senses so I talk


about smells, the nasty ones And I also talk about sound,


it is very evocative, but I also want to get


you in the mind of what it is like because 500 years ago the world


was a very different place and


so I look at the art as they might have looked


that it, and women of the Renaissance


with have seen pictures like this, this is a religion that


is based on the birth of a baby,


something they It also contains


within it the idea this baby grows up and dies,


and the mother has Both of these things might have


been experience that women had 500 So it is my job to try and bring


you in not only to the sounds and noses and ears but also


to their feelings and their minds, and I think an exhibition like this


does it really brilliantly. Fascinating stuff, Sarah,


thank you very much. Wonderful rose scent


really is doing the trick If you like what you've seen


tonight, this is part of a chain of national events and there will be


events running across the region during the evening right


up until Saturday. Imagine losing over


half your body weight. That's exactly what's


happened to Tracey Topping Tracey started putting on weight


after having children. And in 2014 tipped the scales


at almost 30 stone. But her weight stopped her living


a normal life and made her miserable And do you know, I think


we could possibly both fit inside it,


we could actually make Tracy Topping is half


the woman she was. 30 stone and size 36,


she piled on the pounds aged 16 Three decades later, she could


hardly walk and rarely went out. I just couldn't do anything


with my kids or my grandchildren, and I loved


doing things with them. And it was like when my


grandkids were born, I struggled to even hold them


because it was just... Because I was quite big and trying


to put them on my lap because I had a big belly,


and I just couldn't The turning point came


on a family holiday. Tracy nursing swollen ankles


while the family had fun. As soon as she got back,


she joined a slimming club When was the point in your weight


loss that you really noticed it? It was quite a long time, even


sometimes now I think gosh, you're big, but everybody kept saying I can


see the difference in you. And it is, well, I can't see it. It


must have been about five or six or seven stone that I had lost before I


went into a shop and stood there in front of a mirror and thought oh, my


God. Over two years Tracey lost 18 stone. She has just been named


slimming world the greatest loser of the year. I am just so proud, I am


incredible to see the difference. She is a total different person, a


quiet person, yes she smiled, she was happy when she was losing the


weight. But she wasn't really the real person and she has progressed,


she has lost the weight, she has really come out of her shell. Tracey


now has two jobs, two dogs, and three grandchildren. She can keep up


with them all. There is no way I would ever go back. This is me, this


is the new me and is going to be the staging me. What an achievement,


well done, Tracey. Rain has been the main theme


of the day weather-wise hasn't it - which is good news for farmers


of course - but for many And there could be a deluge


on the way tonight. Let's get all the details


now, here Alex. Hello there. Today some much-needed


rainfall across the region. Up to 25 millimetres of rain has already


fallen with scope for more as we go through the evening and the night.


It is all associated with this low pressure, and the associated weather


system and it has picked up speed and headed eastward more gradually


clearing through the evening and overnight. Big trouble is he on the


ground in Cambridgeshire, and a wet start to the day here in Norwich.


This whole weather system is gradually tracking eastwards, some


heavy and possibly thundery rain before it clears. The second half of


the night looks as it will become largely dry with some clear spells


developing. A much cooler that Micro cooler and fresher regime that --


sets in. Lows of around nine Celsius, and a light north-westerly


wind. Starting the day tomorrow on a much drier and brighter note, that


weather system well out of the way. A largely dry picture, perhaps just


an isolated showers somewhere but once any cloud has broken up in the


morning we will likely see some good spells of sunshine through the day.


It will feel a little cooler and fresher, still with that


north-westerly wind, a light wind, and stamp it is perhaps in the


sunshine in some parts of the region not getting higher than around 18


degrees but an overall higher expected of a Dean Celsius. For the


afternoon it looks like it could be largely dry with spells of sunshine.


Looking ahead, low pressure back on the scene, so before Friday and


looking ahead to the weekend it will look a little unsettled. We are


likely to have quite a cool and fresh Fields youth things. Some dry


weather around, some sunshine but also the potential for showers, any


of them could be heavy and possibly thundery. For tomorrow, sought


answers of isolated showers most dry, but cool and fresh. Friday,


outbreaks of rain start the day, brightening up with some sunshine


but then also some showers likely in the east, potentially thundery, and


heavy, and the risk of those showers continues to the weekend although a


little on the cooler side with highs of 15-17 degrees. Dry weather around


with some sunshine but also some showers, and right through the


weekend any of the showers could be heavily, possibly thundery, even


with hail mixed in and some chilly nights on the way.


Not looking that's bad for the weekend. That is as from the team.


Thank you for watching, goodbye. The choice you now face


is all about the future. Whoever wins on the 8th of June


will face one overriding task - to get the best possible deal


for this United Kingdom from Brexit, because making Brexit a success


is central to our national interest and it is central


to your own security and prosperity. Because, while there is enormous


opportunity for Britain if we do not get this right,


the consequences will be serious and they will be felt by ordinary


working people across the country.