04/01/2017 Look East (West)


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In Look East tonight. Full after a festive influx.


Hospitals in our region at crisis point again.


Doctors warn about the dormant illness with no symptoms.


and temperatures dropping overnight, bringing a sharp frost. I will have


all the River details. Winter pressures are pushing our


hospitals to crisis point. Tonight the Lister,


Milton Keynes Hospital, Kettering General and Peterborough


are all on "black alert", meaning they are operating


at full capacity. And Northampton General has more


acute patients tonight than at Stuart Ratcliffe reports


on what is causing the surge and The NHS in this region


is feeling the pressure. We visited three hospitals today,


starting in Northampton, where every year for the last


decade, its A department


has seen an increase We have shades of black


almost now, like most In reality, what does it mean


if a hospital is on black alert? It means we stop a lot of things


that we would normally do and focus all of our attention


on the urgent care situation. We might be stopping


some routine operations But we are really spending


every degree of effort, discretionary effort, particularly,


on sorting this situation out. One particular pressure point this


year has been the number of patients problems which could have been


avoided had the patients sought help from their GP


before infection set in. We had a very large number of people


who required some mechanical support on ventilation,


which is a technique we can use now. But that got to the point


where we had to bring in more ventilators, we had to hire them in.


We did that and it was great. People had to change


what they were doing, in terms of teams supporting and caring


for the very sick people. They did a fabulous job,


but it was a lot of hard work. At Addenbrooke's in Cambridge,


the hospital is not only it is also now trying to cope


with an outbreak of flu. There are ten ward


areas currently closed because of patients


admitted with flu. We are putting restrictions on the


number of visitors to the hospital, in order to reduce


the risk Of people bringing flu into the hospital


and transmitting that to both Over in Peterborough,


the hospital is also struggling. It has gone beyond black alert,


operating at 107% capacity. The more patients you have,


the more difficult it becomes for us all to give the degree of care


and attention that we want for each individual patient.


So, it is certainly not a position any of us


would like to be in. But we and our system


partners are working as hard as we can, to try


and get the number down and to try and increase the flow


through the hospital and, therefore, reducing the pressure


on our emergency department. Our ambulance services


are also under pressure. Both the East of England and South


Central seeing a surge in demand. The largest increase has been


in the East Midlands. Over the Christmas


and New Year period, the number of red calls, that is,


potentially life-threatening calls, doubled and, in the first


six hours of 2017, the ambulance service received


1,153 emergency calls. What ambulance trusts


and hospitals fear now is a sharp drop in temperature,


which would undoubtedly bring Earlier, I spoke to Dr Adrian Boyle,


from the College of Emergency Medicine and a consultant


at A at Addenbrooke's, and asked why winter pressures this


year are so bad. This situation has been


building for a long time. We simply do not have enough beds


and we are seeing real problems within social care,


which means that outr Part of the reason for that is


that we just cannot get people The advice to patients can be


confusing, because you sometimes get told to stay away


from A, but when you phone 101, you are often instructed


to go to A Do patients receive


a clear enough picture? These diversionary strategies, such


as do not go to A, do not work. This is not really about people


who should or should not be going to A,


but is actually about people There is a big


difference between that. WHat about the longer term?


In 12 months' time, we do not want to be back


in this situation again. Is it just a question of resources,


to build more wards? The UK just does not have


enough hospital beds. We actually have the least


number of beds, per head of population, than any country


in Europe, except Sweden. And in Sweden, social


care is much better. We need more hospital beds


and we also need better social care, so that we can use our


expensive hospital beds sensibly. How can that happen?


We keep hearing that the health services are having to make big


efficiences all the time. You cannot really make


us more efficient. We have had all the fat trimmed


and now we are at the stage A 38-year-old man is being held


by police in Cambridgeshire in connection with a fatal collision


which left two men dead. The incident happened


in Yaxley near The men, who have not been


formally identified, The victims are believed


to be in their late Officers searching for the driver


of an abandoned BMW arrested a man It has been revealed that a level


crossing in Bedfordshire where a driver died yesterday


was due to be replaced The man's car was hit by a train


close to Lidlington, near Marston Moretaine,


at around ten o'clock British Transport Police


are investigating. Network Rail say a consultation has


already started to find a suitable The line is due to be upgraded,


as part of plans to improve east-west rail links


between Bedford and Cambridge. A leading supporter of the Leave


campaign in last year's EU referendum has told


Look East he is worried Peter Bone, the MP for


Wellingborough, says members of the establishment are hoping


to delay the process indefinitely. He says he will be pushing


the Prime Minister to proceed We know there are certain people


in Parliament who have made it clear that they don't accept the result


and they want to play the long game. The longer before the exit


from the EU, there's more chance of some event occurring


which would stop it. Doctors in Peterborough


say they are seeing a growing number of patients


with "sleeping tuberculosis". Unlike active TB,


there are no symptoms But health chiefs are keen


to ensure the bug does not develop - or "wake up".


Mousumi Bakshi reports. It is an airborne infection


that affects the lungs. Tuberculosis was a big


killer in this country Fast-forward to the 21st century


and so-called sleeping tuberculosis As long as we pick it up


early, it shouldn't cause At this clinic in Peterborough,


patients deemed to be at risk from the latent infection


are being invited in for screening. There is a lot of different groups


coming to Peterborough, so obviously, as their doctors,


we really want to protect them and we also want to protect our


other patients, as well. So, I think, finding a disease


like latent TB early and treating it helps protect both the patients,


but also the rest of The vaccine for TB was phased out


a decade ago, but rising levels of migration from high-risk


countries has seen health bosses in Cambridgeshire introduce a pilot


screening programme. We have got about 12 practices


involved across Peterborough and the pilot has been


running since May. We have had a fantastic


response from our GP teams. They have screened over 250 people


and we have now got 30 people in treatment for the latent form


of the disease that, otherwise, would not have known


that they had it. One of 60 programmes in the country,


it has sent in the highest number Data from the region's clinical


commissioning groups show that between 2013 and 2015, there were,


on average, 26 cases of TB detected in Milton Keynes,


42 across Northamptonshire, 63 in Luton, and 85


in Cambridgeshire - the highest number in this


part of the region. It is estimated that a third


of the world's population is infected with latent


TB and one in ten goes A century ago, TB was a big


problem in this country, but improved housing and sanitation


has seen a stark drop in figures. Scientists in this Cambridge


laboratory have sequenced the TB genome, looking at drug-resistant


bugs, in order to find In the United Kingdom,


the rates of tuberculous have declined over the last few years


and, I think, last year, there were about 6,000 cases,


which was down from about But tuberculosis has never


disappeared from the UK and is unlikely to do


so in the foreseeable future. While latent TB is not contagious,


doctors are urging people who have settled in this country in the past


five years to be tested, in order to help eradicate this


once-widespread illness. A writer from Cambridge has won


a major award for his first novel. Francis Spufford is best-known


for reference books But his latest publication,


Golden Hill, is his And it has won the Costa Book Award


for a debut novel. He told us it had taken him


years to finally pluck up I always thought I had


an appointment with fiction, Cowardice held be back for years


and years and years. It is only now, in my fifties,


that I felt that I would not make a total fool of


myself if I did it. And that is the late


news from Look East. We are back with news updates


during BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning from 6.30am,


but from me and the team here, goodnight and I will leave


you with the weather from Alex. Hello.


A cold night is expected for tonight, with clear skies


expected across much of the region. There have been one of two showers


over northern areas, but they will fade away


and we will be left with really Temperatures down to minus 2-3


Celsius in many places and perhaps We start the day


tomorrow on a cold note. But high pressure is building across


the British Isles through the day. Certainly, a frosty


start for all of us. Possibly, one of two showers first


thing across northern parts, but it is looking essentially


like a dry day, with some long spells


of wintry sunshine. We have still got a northerly


breeze, but a lighter breeze But for some of us, temperatures not


getting much above 3-4 Celsius, despite the sunshine.


So, certainly a cold feel to things. The national weather coming up,


but here is the outlook. Rain pushing in on Friday.


We are expecting wet weather later on Friday.


A milder air mass coming in for the weekend, so looking


milder, with a lot of cloud around. two and turning milder into the