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Today's findings will do little to allay the concerns of embattled


Already facing a judicial review over its safety procedures,


Woodhill's high suicide rate has now prompted calls for better staffing.


The report underlines the prison's ongoing problems with recruitment.


Inspectors found the mental health team was insufficiently staffed,


with just three registered nurses and one lead clinician.


Half the roles within the main healthcare team remain unfilled.


The conclusion - that there was a potential risk to patients.


There are glimmers of hope in this report.


There are plans, for instance, to open a specialist 12-bed mental


health care unit and all prisoners entering Woodhill at the weekend


are assessed for signs of mental illness -


an improvement, inspectors say, on the previous regime.


Mental-health staffing and the staffing complement,


whilst essential to delivering appropriate interventions,


If it was an easy question, we would be able to solve


What we see is an ageing population, we see an increasing number of novel


psychoactive substances within our prisons, including Bice,


including -- spice, which we see


And also the complexity of the environment.


That's there in mind that this is a category a male prison.


Therefore, the complexities of the prison, the complexities


of the environment are slightly unique in themselves.


Improvements that came too late for Kevin Scarlett.


Found hanging in his prison cell in 2013, an inquest


found the 30-year-old, who had a history of mental illness,


Nobody actually believes that he wanted to kill himself -


The prison guards should have found him, should have


treated him medically, and then should have dealt


Last year, it emerged Woodhill Prison had recorded


the highest suicide rate amongst inmates over the past three years.


The authors of today's report seemed to suggest those numbers could drop


Mousumi Bakshi, BBC Look East, Milton Keynes.


A huge housing, leisure and retail complex has been granted planning


permission on the site of Luton's old Vauxhall car plant.


the site will also include a new medical centre.


This, is a vision for Napier Gateway, a mix of nearly 700


one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, a hotel,


medical centre and gym, all capitalising, the developer


says, on the town's current momentum.


Luton is a great hot spot right now, and many people are travelling


The area is expanding, the job creation that is


going on within Luton, especially at the airport


and Vauxhall and other key businesses within Luton,


is really expanding the area and making it a real hot spot


But back in 2002, a very different story, when the vast Vauxhall car


Only now has planning permission being granted


Yeah, I think it will be good for Luton, yes.


It will be a good lease of life, I think.


We need a change around here, it would be nice.


I guess they don't want to look out of their living room and bedroom


windows and see a 21-story block of flats.


Even though it's going to be 350-odd metres away,


I'm not really sure I would want to be looking at that all the time.


Most, though, focused on the employment, housing


and investment opportunities this transformation could offer.


Louise Hubball, BBC Look East, Luton.


The demolition of a former football stadium in Northamptonshire


Nene Park was the home of Rushden Diamonds and Kettering Town.


The owners say it's dangerous and a fire risk.


But residents say they'll lose a leisure facility.


?Nene Park in happier times, Rushden Diamonds celebrating promotion.


Andy, when you look at this place now, it is a sorry state


Yes, it is really rundown since I was last here,


My heart is telling me what a fantastic time I had


here and all my family and friends and the people we met,


and to see it like this is really, really sad.


The demolition of ?Nene Park is the final chapter


The question locally, however, is what happens next?


When I spoke to the owner Keith Cousins, the man


who used to run this club, he did not wish to comment,


but the cruel irony is that a club which was designed for the local


community, for the county, is set to be taken away and replaced


-- a leisure facility will be taken away.


Do they really have any say today in what happens in their area?


At the moment, this is totally taken out of our hands


I would urge the developer to pause for thought,


engage fully with the local community, identify what the needs


are, and see if they can come up with a mixed-use scheme that


would protect at least some, or all of the ?Nene Park Stadium.


Also deliver on some of the wider objectives that they have


for the site and make it a real hub for the community.


The demolition could begin by the end of January


A separate planning application is then expected, bringing to an end


James Burridge, BBC Look East, ?Nene Park.


A decade ago, production of Aston Martin cars


But now, it's re-starting with a special model - the DB4.


A run of 25 DB4 GT's are being built to original specification


They will be built by the brand's historic arm, Aston Martin Works,


where the original car was constructed from 1959.


It's the first Aston Martin model to be built there since 2007,


when production of the last Vanquish S finished.


Well, the deluge of snow never arrived here, but there was enough


for a little light dusting fun, and a few mini snowmen.


Here's Dan with a look ahead to the weekend, and beyond.


Bitterly cold night out there with the skies.


Temperatures at the moment just above freezing for many,


but they'll continue to drop through the early hours.


Maybe one or two isolated snow flurries coming into parts


Just feeding in from the Cheshire gap.


Minus one or minus two by the morning.


For Saturday, it should be a fine day.


Some of dry weather with some good spells of sunshine.


Again, we'll have that chilly north-westerly wind.


Many places dry, just a small risk of an isolated shower.


And by the afternoon, temperatures just climbing up


Obviously feeling colder given the strength of that wind.


For Sunday, a slight change in the forecast.


Some rain coming in from the west preceded by a bit of sleet.


Cold underneath that rain, but eventually,


by the end of the day, we might just reach the dizzy


Into next week, and it stays mainly dry, with some


And if you're heading further afield, John Hammond has more


stays cold into the beginning of next week as well


stop Good evening, a cold, icy night, but


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