27/01/2017 Look East (West)


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First tonight the huge business deal centred on this region: Tesco has


agreed to buy Wellingborough based wholesaler the Booker Group for


Booker supplies food to seven hundred thousand businesses


including independent High Street names like Budgens and Londis.


Tonight the Wellingborough MP Peter Bone told Look East he hoped


it would mean more jobs at the HQ and warehouses in his


Today, they gained a whole lot of weight.


Taken over by Tesco in a deal worth ?3.7 billion.


the two together the leading food business.


From the distribution centre, Booker supplied 200 cash and carry,


more buying 5000 convenience stores, pubs, restaurants, cafes.


bY buying into this business, Tesco are taken on a whole new market.


Londis and Budgens are part of Booker.


This man owns this shop, along with a pub and a coffee shop here,


He calls them the backbone of his business.


It'll be a stronger supplied chain, we will get more stock


and hopefully that prices will be good for the consumers


I'm looking to open new stores with Tesco's and Booker to help


We are told workers have welcomed the news.


The company employing 1300 people, it has 1.3 million customers


and suppliers 700,000 small businesses.


It is exceptionally good news and it will hopefully lead to more


jobs and more growth for the combined group.


A company built on supplying small independent shops, now swallowed up


by the biggest. People predicted the demise of retail businesses


overtaken by Tesco and now, 2017, Tesco is buying the right to supply


the retailers. Booker, part of the shop steel, now


being budgeted by the food industry. The deal is still to get the


go-ahead. Police in Cambridgeshire have today


arrested a man as part of their investigation


into historical allegations The BBC's Jozef Hall has been


following this story. We know that the man arrested today


by Cambridgeshire Police in their ongoing investigation


into abuse in football is Michael Sean Carson,


better known as 'kit'. 74-year-old Mr Carson is well known


in footballing circles both here in Cambridgeshire and indeed


internationally - for what has at times been


described as his 'pioneering' He joined Norwich City


as Youth Manager in 1983, leaving ten years later to take up


the post of Academy Director Following eight years at London Rd,


Carson moved to Cambridge United becoming Head of Talent Development


between 2001 and 2006. Following a spell with


Histon Football Club, Carson began coaching youth teams


in Finland from 2012 - it's unclear whether he's still


actively involved coaching there. relate to his work at


Cambridge United and Peterborough United -


police confirming they arrested a man in his 70s at his Cambridge


home and took him into custody on suspicion of indecency


with children, and indecent assault. He's currently being questioned


at a police station in the county. Police saying that anyone with


concerns should call them on 101. This week we've been


celebrating the 50th birthday of Milton Keynes but being one


of Europe's fastest growing towns Currently Milton Keynes


Hospital has 526 beds were delivered there last year


and more than eighty-four thousand Stuart Ratcliffe has


been to the hospital 2pm on a Friday afternoon, what is a


situation like today? Three empty beds which will be filled shortly,


an additional 20 or so definite discharges and a further ten


potentials. I have 50 patients in ANA, ten of which definitely need


beds. With pressures building, it is the obvious first port of call.


Still on red. We flipping a bay to create capacity for the male


patients. She manages 526 beds in this hospital and it is a constant


juggling act. A new ward with 20 beds is due to open next month. It


is part of a multi-million rebuild but with Milton Keynes population


booming, will it be enough? We believe the building programmes we


have here, the significant investments we are making will allow


us to cope with demand. As it stands, do you think the NHS model


is sustainable in the future? I absolutely believe it is. The values


that drive the NHS, the staff that work here, the level of care, the


quality of care is still without question one of the best if not the


best in the world. The chief executive also admits the winter


pressures means this hospital and the wider NHS are coping but only


just. Back on the wards, that means the search for beds and the juggling


of resources continues. Events have been taking place


across the world today to remember the millions of victims


of the Holocaust. In Cambridge, an exhibition


at Newnham College tells the story of the children who managed


to escape the Nazis to make Among the 10,000 Jewish refugees,


around 100 came to live Hello, overnight some clear spells


but cloud, too. Further outbreaks of light and patchy rain. Not as cold


as last night, temperatures no lower than two or three Celsius. Tomorrow,


we start cloudy, further outbreaks of rain at times but not as cold as


the last couple of days. Temperatures up to seven or 8


degrees. We may see the cloud break before the day is done in parts to


allow late sunshine and brightness but the most diverse it would be a


cloudy day from start to finish. In a moment, Helen with the national


forecast. Sunday, another cloudy day, uncertainty as to how far north


the rain will spread, Monday is try with drizzle and more rain on


Tuesday. Good evening. Not many would argue


that January hasn't been dry, but today, many of us had our first


significant rain for some time, because the transition is on from


cold, Continental dry air to milder Atlantic air, but the transition is


a slow one. So we have had ice today, and freezing fog, in northern


England. We had a little sunshine as well in Norfolk, but we still have


the cold air around and about in the north. All this rain you can see,


which is giving is a wet day in some areas, 10-15 millimetres of rain has


fallen, as it comes north there could be some winter it issues. Snow


already falling over Scotland, possibly over northern England,


possibly some sleet over lower areas and fog. Not particularly nice, and


some icy conditions to contend with late in the night across Northern


Ireland, as the rain clears away. Again, a word of warning there could


be some ice around in the morning if you are heading out, in fact this


evening and overnight.


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