16/02/2017 Look East (West)


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In Look East tonight: He is a liar and an actor.


Prosecutors tell a jury to convict Ian Stewart of killing Royston


Getting back in the saddle - the Newmarket jockey paralysed


in an horrific fall says he is determined to ride again.


And will the mild weather last until the weekend?


A liar and an actor - who preyed on his wealthy fiancee


That is how prosecutors described Ian Stewart today.


He is accused of killing the children's author Helen Bailey


and hiding her body in a cess pit under the home they


After nearly six weeks of evidence, the trial is coming to an end,


The prosecution told the jury the killing of Helen Bailey,


the planning that went into it, and the disposal of her body


They claim Ian Stewart, who met her online, have been


preying on the Hertfordshire author to win his way into her favour


Helen Bailey's body was found in a cesspit under her home


in Royston three months after she vanished in April.


Ian Stewart told police she left a note saying she needed time


and space and have gone to the Broadstairs.


He then changed his story, saying his partner had been


The prosecution called the story absurd.


Why would they choose to bring the uninjured,


drug body of Helen Bailey to that spot?


The Crown say that the defendant's evident on its own, any rational


consideration of it say that he's guilty.


The defendant's counsel asked what cause a mild mannered loving


The defendant's counsel asked what caused a mild mannered loving


family man to suddenly decide to kill Helen Bailey.


Responding to the prosecution case that Ian Stewart


killed his fiancee for her fortune, he replied he was in poor,


killed his fiancee for her fortune, he replied he was not poor,


he wasn't short of funds, he didn't need any more money.


The court was told Helen and Ian Stewart were in love


Closing speeches will continue tomorrow.


Police say that five people have now been arrested on suspicion


of the murder a 17-year-old boy in Northampton on Tuesday.


Liam Hunt was stabbed in St George's Street.


All those arrested are teenagers aged between 16 and 19.


Next, the Newmarket jockey who was left paralysed


from the waist down after a fall says he is determined


Freddy Tylicki came off in a four-horse pile up


In his first television interview, Freddy has been speaking


You know that as the individual rider, but you don't think about it.


You are going to get falls, that is for sure.


And when you do fall, it is how bad it is afterwards.


I got away with it a few times and unfortunately,


Freddy had been an emerging force in the saddle.


A former champion apprentice - last year, his best season yet.


At 30 years old, he was tipped for the top before tragedy struck.


Falling in a four-horse pile-up in Kempton in October.


Meaning he has no movement in the lower half of his body.


Being here, when you get to see people that have had all sorts


of accidents and all sorts of injuries and to be honest,


a couple of lads watched the race again and they said to me that


I was very lucky to actually be here because it was


After weeks in intensive care, Freddy's rehabilitation


Circulation and stretch on this one...


Experts at the London spinal cord unit keep him busy.


Specialist equipment keeps his muscles moving.


I love my job and I live for the industry, I lived for my job.


And I started riding a racehorse when I was 11 or 12 years of age


Once you start with it, you just can't stop.


Do you think there is a chance you could ride again?


I am going to have a riding lesson next Wednesday...


So you really are getting straight back on the horse?


Obviously, it's not going to be a racehorse,


But, look, as I said, life goes on and you have got


to make the most of it and roll on next Wednesday.


Now, how sport can keep your mind healthy as well as your body?


For the last few months, patients at a mental health unit


in Milton Keynes have been playing football.


And organisers say it is working, with fewer re-admissions.


Strangers who are suffering in silence, now a team


53-year-old Robin has been suffering for too long.


Battling depression for over 40 years.


Not wanting to get out of bed, overeating, just being very, very...


Basically wanting to jump off Beachy Head.


Around 11,000 people suffer with some sort of mental health


illness here in Milton Keynes and yet it is widely accepted


there is a lack of provision for those who suffer.


This three-year programme, which started in September,


costs just ?50,000 and is having a profound impact.


Taking in-patients from the ward to the pitch.


I have noticed that there is a massive gap for


So I took it upon myself to really bring these people along to try


something in the community because there is a lot of help


whilst they are in crisis and while they are in hospital


and they are protected there, but as soon as they have got to try


and do things by themselves, they don't really know where to go.


So it is creating something for them.


When our players play football, they play for MK Dons in the kit


and colours as you have seen today and they go out of represent us Mat


and colours as you have seen today and they go out of represent us


If I was just a regular grass-roots player, if I had my time again,


I would love to put that kit on and play for the Dons.


But we can make that happen for these guys.


Robin, have you ever thought what life would be


like if you didn't have football as an outlet?


It would not be a good place to be at all, really,


It's a whole team sport, the whole team environment


and also as I said before, it improves your health


A complicated illness but a simple game.


No pills, no counselling, just a ball, some mates


Well, earlier I asked Marguerite Reegan from


the Mental Health Foundation why exercise helps our mood.


It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.


It reduces the number of days people have to take off work sick.


And it has also been proven to be a great treatment method either


alongside pharmaceutical methods or as a replacement and it doesn't


have any of the negative side effects, such as weight gain.


So it is really useful for both prevention and promotion of mental


health, but also for treatment of mental health problems.


Does it matter what kind of sport you're doing?


A team sport like football or individual things like yoga


No, all physical activity is beneficial, if it's


in groups and a team sport, it has the added benefit of helping


with loneliness for the general population and social isolation


for people dealing with mental health problems, which is often


In Milton Keynes, they've invested quite heavily in this.


In partnership with the football club.


Why should they make the effort to invest in this kind of thing?


It is effective as a treatment and it is effective as prevention.


It's cost-effective, it's very accessible.


Sport has the end bonus of their is no stigma


attached to taking part, whether you're doing it for mental


It also is a great way to target people who won't necessarily talk


Men, for instance, are a key demographic that it's very


It's a great way to move things out of just the health system and get


communities involved and remove some of the stigma and continue some


Cambridge University students gathered in the city centre tonight,


handing out warm food and drinks to rough sleepers.


It is in response to a video posted online, reportedly showing a student


burning a ?20 note in front of a homeless man.


The incident attracted widespread condemnation,


but charities say it has raised awareness of the problem.


One of the positive actions that have been shown are several


Just Giving pages have been set up with Jimmy's as a benefactor.


We are proud to be associated with this and proud


At the moment, the pages have raised ?10,000.


Obviously that is something Jimmy's needs to look at,


as to how best help people on the street.


And that's the late news from Look East.


I'll leave you with the weather with Alex.


The earlier rain has just about given way.


There are a few spots over Southern counties,


but the rest of the night looks like it should stay dry with quite


Once more, temperatures not dropping particularly low.


Down to around 7 degrees for most of us.


We start the day with quite a bit of cloud around.


More cloud around generally tomorrow compared to today,


but they should be some bright or sunny spells as we head


Temperatures comfortably into double figures.


The weather will turn mild into the weekend.


It could be rather cloudy at times, but there should be some


Just a chance of the odd spot of rain for Friday night


of 11. Not too bad for the forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick


Miller with a resume of the National weather picture.


Hello, rain for some of us today although it won't make much of a


dent in the dry winter so far across much of the UK. A few threatening


clouds in Cumbria but more than a threat of rain across the pond for


Friday. The wettest weather system of the season is over heading into


California, and there have been a few, with copious amounts of rain


and lots of mountain snow. Record-breaking wet winter so far in


parts of California. In Los Angeles this might