20/04/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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thank you. That's it from us. They will be


continuing coverage throughout the continuing coverage throughout the


Labour's Shadow Chancellor hits the road in Luton, as the election


100 extra police officers in Northamptonshire


are to be trained and equipped with tasers.


And cloudy conditions continue, but slightly warmer conditions tomorrow.


Join me later for all the details. Labour began their election campaign


in Luton today with a visit from Shadow Chancellor,


John McDonnell. He was supporting Luton North MP


Kelvin Hopkins ahead But with both Luton seats,


Labour strongholds. Marching to battle at the very start


of this 49-day election campaign. Shadow Chancellor John McDonald


here in Luton North with MP Kelvin This is one of only three Labour


seats in our region. Labour won this seat


by a comfortable majority in 2015. The aim today and for the next


seven weeks to make sure those who voted


Labour stick with Labour. In 2015, the constituency


of Luton North had a Neighbouring Luton South,


a slimmer majority of 5,700. You should never take


people for granted. She has called this election


I think for party political purposes, not for the interests


of the country and she has seen the polls and I think she is taking


people for granted. That is why, when I campaign,


I go to every seat - whether it is Labour, Liberal or Tory,


because people need to know what our I have never been part


of the establishment myself. I have always campaigned


on that basis. I have spoken my mind,


or I have voted according to Sometimes not with


the whips in my party. But do those who voted Labour last


time believe the party can deliver? I vote Labour, I have


always voted Labour. I think I am going to carry


on dealing with them a lot. I have been doing it


for years, and I think Labour's own supporters


here may be confident The bigger battle is


convincing the rest Earlier, I spoke with our


political correspondent Andrew Sinclair about why Luton


was so significant to Labour. I think there are two reasons. The


first is that Labour knows that has a fight on its hands in the


selection and needs to round up support in its existing seat. They


want to start the campaign on a positive note indices that have been


Labour for a long time. The second reason is campaign tactics. Labour


and the Conservatives always grappled with the M1 corridor. In


these seats, you have a whole pile of marginal swing seats like Luton,


Milton Keynes, Northampton. It is said that if you can win over voters


in these seats, you stand a very good chance of winning the election.


That is why Labour is going to focus a lot of firepower in this area. The


Tories this time around don't seem concerned. They said that the last


time these seats were up for grabs, our majorities went up. They think


they are going to be OK this time around. Labour believe they have a


distinctive message and the going to be taking it there as much as they


can. Debenhams has announced it is going to close a major distribution


centre. That pits 200 jobs at risk. It is part of the plan to reduce


stocks and closing some of its stores.


Police in Northamptonshire say that 100 extra officers are to be trained


Until now, only officers in the regional unit


covering four counties were able to use the device.


But now, local officers will be trained to use them and it's hoped


they'll offer a faster response to incidents.


In 2015, we filmed with Northamptonshire Police Constable


He had been called to a domestic disturbance, only to be confronted


PC Prentice was hit in the stab vest.


If the knife had been any longer, it would have caught his neck.


Afterwards, he told BBC look east, a Taser could


It doesn't make it just safer for myself, and


my colleague dealing with the incident,


it makes it safer for the


If you have to strike with batons, it can often


lead to broken bones and long lasting injuries.


If we were able to have the flexibility or option to


have a taser present, it would mean that it could all be


It's normally limited to specialist and firearms units,


but now 100 front-line officers are being trained to use taser.


figures from our region, for taser being deployed but not necessarily


Hertfordshire has seen the highest jump, from 60 incident in 2015 to


Bedfordshire rose from 70 to nearly 110 and Cambridgeshire


In Northamptonshire, Taser was deployed


over 100 times, only fired on eight occasions.


But the force says more taser capability will increase


It allows the officers to use greater distance,


not have to get so close to an individual who has a weapon for


It serves as one of the number of tackle options available


to the officers and they will have to use a good decision-making and a


proportionate use depending on the threat that is proposed.


Nationally, 64 police officers are assaulted


Northamptonshire Police hope more tasers will afford them


Next tonight, the latest in our series looking


at the candidates vying to become Cambridgeshire's


The winning candidate will control a multi-million pound budget,


with direct powers over housing and growth.


Tonight is the turn of the English Democrats.


Their candidate is a former Peterborough city councillor,


who's "pro-car" and if elected, will invite the US President Donald


Our political reporter Mousumi Bakshi put Stephen


I am Stephen Goldspink, running for the English Democrats


and the first thing I would do if elected their is


collect information from residents about traffic problems and issues,


transport issues, around their area and try and get in and solve them.


How much money has been set aside for affordable housing?


?170 million, of which 70 million are to


Tell us one thing that people might not know


People might not know that I am a fan of the 1970s pop


group The Sweet and that I invited them to Peterborough


in 2004 and set up my own concert.


Because I understand what people want in Cambridgeshire.


I will do my best to make sure that any houses that we build are


accessible to the majority of the population.


Where is your favourite place to go in Cambridge?


My favourite place to go in Cambridgeshire...


I guess that would have to be out on the Fens where I live.


I just love driving across the Fens, the big open spaces.


And we'll hear from the other candidates next week.


But before that, there is a special programme called


A Mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough tonight straight


after this bulletin on BBC One at 10:45pm.


A new bike share scheme in Cambridge is proving controversial,


The O-FO project allows cycles to be hired out via an app.


Users can then leave them anywhere in the city once they've


But there are concerns it could lead to bikes being dumped.


With congestion on four wheels a problem in Cambridge, there is a


Many of us use our bikes to get around here, but now


there is something new in this old university city.


Fresh from China, where the company claims to have 30


million active users, with Ofo, you simply tap


the bike number in the app, unlock, and off you go.


We chose Cambridge because it is the cycling capital of the UK.


Once you finish your journey, you literally kick the


stand out, put the bike to one side, lock the back wheel and end


But it is precisely because there is no


docking system like so-called Boris bikes in London that it is causing


At City Cycle Hire, they already rent out more than 500


bikes and they are worried about safety.


We rigorously check our bikes after every use from a customer.


I can't see how this is possible with the Ofo scheme.


Cambridge has already had a cycle share scheme go wrong.


More than 20 years ago, many of the green bikes


Although Ofo say they know where bikes have been left


because of GPS on the smartphone app, some still have real concerns.


It could be a dump-anywhere scheme if


people aren't careful and what we don't want is for all of the


responsibility effectively to fall on the council,


because there aren't even phone numbers on these bikes


The local council says Ofo haven't answered


all their questions, so I put one to the firm.


How are you going to ensure these bikes aren't


left in irresponsible places or even just dumped?


We have actually paid positions, we will be an employer


within Cambridge, employing an on the ground team


to round the bikes up and make sure that they are


evenly distributed around the city where they are needed most.


The project is being trialled for three


weeks in the city, but more yellow bikes


With the local council watching how the scheme will work in practice.


A lot of cloud across the region, temperatures not as low as last


night. The thickest of the cloud could produce some spots of light


rain or drizzle. Some clear intervals, so it is possible that we


will have lows of five or 6 degrees. Temperatures rising by the end of


the night. The picture for tomorrow is relatively cloudy with this


weather system coming from the north. That will introduce cooler


here, but the day itself is relatively mild. Despite cloud cover


and the lack of sunshine, there may just be some brighter spells at


times, but it does look generally cloudy. We still may record


about that and the UK outlook, Helen Willetts.


The sunshine make such a difference this time of year, only 12 or so


degrees under the cloud today but 19 in eastern Scotland not far away


from St Andrews. Also in north-east