12/05/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello, first tonight - at least four hospitals in this


region tell us they have been victims of the cyber attack


A number of others have taken precautions to try to protect


Well, our reporter Stuart Ratcliffe has the latest on how


The first hospital to announce they had problems was the list in


Stevenage and the QE2 in the Wellens and then later on we also had


capturing and Northampton were also having problems with their IT


systems. It seems at 11:30am the Lister and QE2 suspected an attack


and decided to close their entire computer systems down to protect


them. That meant they had to cancel all nonemergency appointments and


they were also telling patients not to go to accident-macro unless


necessary. Similar message -- measures were put in Kettering but


they have not confirmed an attack actually took place there. We


understand the suspected cyber attacks have not compromised any


confidential patient details. Other hospitals in the region have not


been affected but some of close their e-mail systems as a precaution


and Peterborough City Hospital's website has been taken off-line to


protect it. It has been a ransomware cyber attack and tonight the cyber


crime Centre at Cambridge told us back in March Microsoft issued an


emergency warning their systems could be bombed rubble to attack.


In other news - An inquest jury has concluded that a string of failures


contributed to the death of a prisoner at Woodhill


45-year-old Michael Cameron was found hanging in his cell,


He's one of 18 prisoners who've taken their own lives there,


Michael Cameron had been charged with serious offences,


He was dependent on alcohol and known to take drugs.


The inquest heard that, while in police custody,


He was assessed as being at very high risk of self harm.


When he was transferred to Woodhill prison, we heard Michael Cameron


He was given a 2-3-minute mental-health screening but never


referred for an urgent mental health review.


I think a mental health assessment should have been done for him.


If he seen a doctor when he was there, he never saw a doctor,


I think Michael would still be with us today.


I'm so angry and nothing will bring Michael back.


The jury was told that, while at Woodhill prison,


razor blades were found in his cell and handed in to staff


Prescription medication was not always given because staff


were concerned he was under the influence of drugs.


And on the day he was found hanged, his cell-mate was moved,


The inquest heard that, on that day, Michael Cameron should have been


But he was found hanging 36 minutes after his last check.


He died at Milton Keynes Hospital two days after being found


in his cell, having suffered severe brain damage.


Today, the jury found there was a failure to carry out


Each of these failures contributed to his death.


Michael is the 14th self-inflicted death in the run of 18 between May


It is dispiriting to ask the same questions, the same witnesses


and have the same and have the same answers, and see the


It was the conclusion Michael's mother had been hoping


for but she said nothing will bring him back.


A judicial review looking at a high rate of deaths is concluding later


this month but the prison itself says there have been no


self-inflicted deaths at the prison this year saying changes have all


ready been made based on recommendations from the prison


ombudsman. Well earlier I spoke to Mark Day


of the Prison Reform Trust. I asked him how widespread


the problem of self-harm and suicide The statistics show that 47%


of women and 21% of men in prison have attempted suicide at some point


in their life and this compares to just 6%


of the general population. This is a worrying trend


and the number of suicides you say The causes are complex


and it is important to pay attention to the particular circumstances


of individual cases but we can certainly point to the decline


in the numbers of staff, this comes on top of systematic


overcrowding in the estate, we are at 20,000 people currently


housed in conditions overcrowded and we also have this very high


level of vulnerability Let's look specifically at Woodhill


prison, what are your concerns Well, a series of inquests


and prison and probation ombudsman reports have shown a failure


of the establishment to learn the lessons of previous deaths


and implement the recommendations of the inquests and the ombudsman


so there seems to be particular circumstances at Woodhill which have


contributed to this alarming level A crackdown has been launched


on anti-social behaviour Eighty pound on the spot


fines can be issued - for infringements including -


riding on pavements It's part of efforts to make town


centres more user-friendly. In rugby, Northampton Saints


could still qualify for next season's European Champions Cup


after Gloucester lost the European Challenge Cup final


tonight to Stade Francais, It means Saints are now


into a play-off where they'll face Conaught in the semi-finals next


weekend at Franklin's Gardens. Time for a look at the weather now -


and after a chilly week and rain today, let's hope it's


a good weekend ahead. A largely dry night with some clear


spells and a few isolated showers. For most of us, we stay in double


figures or bro spots could drop down to eight or nine Celsius. Saturday,


bright or sunny spells but a scattering of showers but I do not


think the showers will be for everyone but one or two could be on


the sharp side. In the best of the sunshine, temperatures up to 20 when


Celsius. Saturday night into Sunday, a cold front whips through producing


a couple of millimetres of rain but it should be gone by Sunday morning


leaving us with a day of sunshine and showers and some showers could


be on the heavy side. In a moment, the national forecast but I did with


the Outlook. Monday, rain in the morning and try and bright, Tuesday


dry but largely cloudy. A bit of a mixed bag earlier on


today, some of us were cloudy with rain. This is the view from one of


our weather watchers in Cornwall. But in the Highlands of Scotland, it


was completely different, find, sunny and warm. The satellite and


radar picture shows the variety of weather we have